Out of work! Ratner ally BUILD got just 15 jobs for black Yards supporters

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The organization that promised to deliver jobs for black supporters of Atlantic Yards has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from developer Bruce Ratner to help train workers for the positions — but has only secured work for 15 people at the $5-billion mega-project.

The mostly black members of Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development who were promised some of the 1,500 jobs per year over the project’s 10-year buildout loudly supported Atlantic Yards during the approval process, often appearing in hard hats at rallies and hearings and presenting a contrasting face to the project’s mostly white opponents.

BUILD’s President James Caldwell said that the group has helped 400 people find work around town — but he admitted that only 15 of those positions were on Ratner’s Prospect Heights development, which currently consists of only the under-construction Barclays Center near the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues.

Residents filed a lawsuit against Ratner and BUILD last Tuesday in federal court, claiming that executives at BUILD and Ratner’s company falsely promised them union memberships and jobs in exchange for completing a “sham” 15-week training program run by the Downtown nonprofit in 2010.

Caldwell disputed the claim, and blamed his failure to secure more Atlantic Yards jobs for local residents on the economy and lawsuits from Yards opponents.

“There would be [more jobs] had all these things not taken place,” he said. “The bottom fell out of the economy.”

But the Great Recession didn’t hurt BUILD’s bottom line: the organization’s annual operating budget increased from $191,721 in 2007 to $279,395 in 2009, according to the latest available documents from the Internal Revenue Service.

Approximately 85 percent of the money is spent on the salaries and benefits of Caldwell and his chief operating officer Marie Louis.

Ratner has covered a significant portion of those funds; including 77 percent of the group’s operating costs this year, according to Louis. BUILD runs a storefront office on Hudson Place that offers job-training and resume- and interview preparation.

The developer began paying the organization in 2005, after BUILD and seven other groups signed a controversial “community benefits agreement” that promised jobs, jobs-training, housing, and other amenities to supporters.

In exchange, agreement signatories are contractually obligated to speak favorably about Atlantic Yards — a clause that provided Ratner with critical support for the project as it went through the public approval process that year.

Similar agreements in Los Angeles, San Diego, Pittsburgh and other cities have been hailed because community groups were able to pressure developers into fulfilling their promise to create benefits like jobs. But that’s not the case in Brooklyn.

“I don’t see how you can pressure [a developer] if you take money from them,” said Barney Oursler, whose organization negotiated to get 300 jobs at the new Pittsburgh Penguins arena, which opened last year.

“In the best of circumstances everyone involved ought to get something of value,” added David Marcello, the executive director of The Public Law Center, who studies community benefits agreements.

Ratner’s spokesman Joe DePlasco said that 779 people are working on the arena, which will open next fall. Of those, roughly 20 percent are from Brooklyn. DePlasco did not say what percentage were minorities. He confirmed that the developer has provided money for BUILD, but declined to comment further.

Ratner’s allies said that the developer should not be held responsible for the project’s slow start.

“If in fact the project is not living up to what it has promised with regard to the jobs than those who opposed the project bear some of the responsibility [for that],” said Rev. Herbert Daughtry, pastor of the House of the Lord Pentecostal Church in Boerum Hill, who was given final say over the distribution of free tickets at the arena.

But Atlantic Yards opponents criticized BUILD and the developer for failing to deliver more jobs.

“The jobs [promise] was all hype from the beginning,” said Democratic District Leader Chris Owens. “If BUILD can’t hold Ratner’s feet to the fire for these jobs than it says a lot about the credibility of Ratner or the lack thereof.”

Reach reporter Daniel Bush at (718) 260-8310 or by emailing
Updated 5:28 pm, July 9, 2018
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Reasonable discourse

Annie from Prospect Hts says:
Ratner told some folks that BUILD failed to hold his feet to the fire...that was the phrase they used...and that's why he didn't do more. It sure doesn't excuse Ratner, the "liberal good guy developer" who shouldn't have to be forced to keep his commitments!

This should be a lesson about everything else he promised! Where are the parks? The open space? The affordable housing? If he needs to have his feet held to the fire, let's get some coals ready for his shoes!

And great to see some well written journalism in here for a change!
Dec. 1, 2011, 6:21 am
jj from brooklyn says:
Anyone who paid attention and wasn't blindly supporting the development would have known that these jobs were never going to happen.
Dec. 1, 2011, 6:46 am
Norman Oder says:
Some more analysis, and clarifications, here:
Dec. 1, 2011, 7:38 am
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
Good piece by Bush [consistent] and good comments so far, but let's see who lacks the shame, who dares use the word "obstruction" again to obfuscate these [emerging] facts.
Dec. 1, 2011, 9:21 am
Gib Veconi from Prospect Heights says:
Rev. Daughtry has no grounds to blame people who were shut out of negotiations for the failure of the CBA to hold the Forest City Ratner accountable.

FCR was able early on to convince the CBA signatories, as well as the Mayor, four Governors, and the ESDC to put all eggs in its basket. The mess from the broken eggs now touches them all, and can't be blamed on the economic downturn or litigation. See
Dec. 1, 2011, 10:41 am
judahspechal from bedstuy says:
Read todays article about the longshoreman Unions & there in lies some of the reality of this problem.

The fact that van loads of construction minority workers used to invade construction sites to get work ( this tactic eventually got co-op by criminal elements,some who are jailed) have masked the fact that Construction Unions are filled thru nepotism.

When BUILD & Ratner signed there agreement they forgot to get one from the Union that was to staffed this site.

What would be fair to all involved would be for this writer to get some figures on minority workers on this site & what r some of there duties

I would bet that most of them are flagmen, security guards, or clean up staff, such as the gentleman whom I almost ran over on Dean St as he was cleaning that small turning lane w/ a wheel barrow & push broom. I suspect that upon review many are nowhere close to the union or their pay scale.

What this situation expose that this writer, paper,anti-AY, & some pro AY folks , & elected trolls failed to shred light on, is the systemic racial problems in many private unions across this country.

I would bet those other jobs that BUILD found those workers across this city are sites where one might find giant inflatible rats.
One would have to be blind to not notice the reality across construction sites in this city, be it school, roads or private development site & who staff them.

The Unions site's (mostly white men)
Non- union Site's ( mostly undocumented immigrants & minorities.

I supported this project mostly because , BUILD & other groups I thought were trying a different approach to getting some minorities on large development site such as AY, instead of showing up with van loads of unemployed minorities men w/tools in hand, or protesting with the my way or the highway Anti-AY groups.

Truth be told this is why one would find so many minorities in public Municipal Unions ( the ones that are being slashed from the government payroll nationwide)

Make no mistake I will shred my blood for the survival of Unions in the country ( only way we have a Middle class), but I am not blind to the effect that nepotism in most private unions have had on the depressed economic situation of minorities in this country. ( as I was saying to the FDNY the other day.)

Yes, I riled again the 1%. But our system stinks from head to the sole of it's feet.

Let's not get it twisted!
Dec. 1, 2011, 11:02 am
Jimmy from Cllinton Hill says:
Judah, project opponents never warned that the unions have a racial problem? I think you've got that backwards. It was BUILD and Ratner who never responded to that very criticism from project opponents.
Dec. 1, 2011, 11:06 am
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
Well, Judah--even though we occasionally disagree I appreciate the growing thoughtfulness of your posts.

While your arguments about the internal racial dynamics of the union/s are significant, they are not entirely central to the most immediate issue, and that is union support for the Ratner project that seems, as we can gather from this point [and confirming the "anti-Ratner" warnings to this point], to have backfired against that support. You continue to support this project--how and why, given all we are continuing to find out?
Dec. 1, 2011, 11:08 am
Dave from Park Slope says:
"'If in fact the project is not living up to what it has promised with regard to the jobs than those who opposed the project bear some of the responsibility [for that],' said Rev. Herbert Daughtry...."

No, Reverend, you and your cronies and Bruce Ratner, who shamelessly touted these phantom jobs to poor people of color in the surrounding community, bear ALL of the responsibility for that. But you can work that out with your Lord.
Dec. 1, 2011, 11:10 am
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
I also think, Judah, that instead of tooting your own horn against "the 1%" [a claim that can be made by the 99% of us] as though that is unique and reflects an exemplary character, you should apologize for characterizing Ratner's opposition as "obstructionist" since that canard stuck unfairly and clearly weighed on people's minds as they cast or withdrew their support. Admit that the "opposition" had a counter-proposal, which flies in the face of "obstruction."
Dec. 1, 2011, 11:19 am
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
Also admit that the persons most ultimately responsible for "obstruction" is Ratner and his supporters, since they mischaracterized the racial dynamic of the juxtaposed parties, AND they negated competition [which is the actual definition of "obstruction"] with back-door deals in the Mayor's Office and other pertinent agencies that deliberately imperiled and ignored a counter-proposal that was better for all the parties involved--not the least being the very geography the project will weigh its ugly crown of bricks upon an entire community.
Dec. 1, 2011, 11:21 am
judahspechal from bedstuy says:
Dennis you are quite the facist I see . Or are you just another am always right hippy? If I have an ideology it is not one that limits my views, or thoughts. I am far from narrow minded.

All of you anti-AY folks from day one have been nothing but crusuaders to defeat this project, for some it was Robert Moses all over. When I think of all the retired hippies who've settled in Park Slope/Prospect Heights I would expect nothing less.

You are all "Obstructionist. You'v accomplish what? ( death by delay, death delay, which ran right into the eco-crisis) yet what have you achieved?
DDDB got their $$$ ($3mil), Ratner is getting his.

But look who got left out? The ones who always do regardless of which side they stand on.

The "Obstructionist" was never about unions hiring practice, or jobs for the unemployed. It was about your ideality vision for Brooklyn.

Note to you Brooklyn ain't Mayberry!

As their opposition got weak then the racial element was brought in. I remember these community groups were branded as sells out by the well to do "Obstructionist"

Barclays Bank slavery days was also highlighted. And when I asked what major Corp. in America have not benefited from slavery not a peep from the "Obstructionist".
And if you were anti because of the Union's nepotism, we can go protest any # of Unions sites in this city that get tax $$.

obstructionism |əbˈstrəkSHəˌnizəm, äb-|
the practice of deliberately impeding or delaying the course of legal, legislative, or other procedures.

You are what you are "Obstructionist".
Read some you learn something about group think
Dec. 1, 2011, 12:11 pm
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
I have no idea where you get the basis for your arguments. I have not expressed any interest in knowing what your "ideology" is and none of my statements suggest otherwise. Maybe someone has challenged you as to these issues in the past, but your personal business and your personality and your psychology and what you think people think of you and what people actually think of you has no bearing to the discussion.

All of these arguments you are bringing up about who "you" are and what "everyone else" is is profoundly narcissistic and negates the validity of any particular legitimate thought you may have. You're a rigorous thinker, but you don't have the foundation to withstand saying "I'm wrong."

And you are. Not just about Ratner and Atlantic Yards, but about too many things that require more attention than I'm willing to give.

My concern here is Ratner. I think that concern is shared by many. Even though I don't live in the immediate area, Williamsburg is undergoing a similar controversy involving similar parties [i.e. "CPC/R" and "New Domino"]. So how Atlantic Yards plays out will clearly resonate.

My concern about you in all this is that you erred in your support for Ratner. You chose the wrong side. And you can't be man enough to admit it, but instead suddenly discharge all this psychological detritus for everyone to see in public.

You should be ashamed.

p.s. Words are multivalent. And because they are so, one must look specifically at the valence of a word from within the lexicon, or at least the discussion setting, of a particular controversy. In this theater, "economics" [having the most immediate and negotiable power in the controversy], the word "obstruction" and "obstructionist" are nihilist. One obstructs for obstruction's sake. There is no subject that compels obstruction but the very action of obstruction. But nihilism means one is not compelled by any item or reference whatsoever--this is false in our case. There is an item compelling here, and so the Ratner opponents are not nihilists. THEY ARE COMPETITORS FROM AN ECONOMIC STANDPOINT. They have an item and a reference, HELLO, DDDB's counter-proposal.

If you really read your Foucault, you would understand that what you're doing, by eliminating the item or reference without arbitration is called AMNESIA and/or WILLFUL IGNORANCE.
Dec. 1, 2011, 12:27 pm
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
Does anyone else have anything to say about Ratner? And please, let's leave the personal aggrandizement at home.
Dec. 1, 2011, 12:29 pm
judahspechal from bedstuy says:
I will say this to the Democratic Party & their elected trolls. I get it, you find it easy to not fight for minorities when it comes to union membership. I get it, really I do, because the unions are organized voting block. So you take minority support for granted.

I will say this to the GOP, when you finally come to terms with your divisive social agenda. You will find within the Black Community across this nation, the most conservative bunch of people .
Scary Conservatives! It is what truly scares some of the elected pimps who masquerades as & are designated black leaders
Dec. 1, 2011, 12:29 pm
Tom from Brooklyn Hts says:
Judah, you have what's called a very convenient memory. The AY opponents had RALLIES where they highlighted all the sleaze; the union connections and limitation, the Barclay's connection, all of it. And at every one Ratner and his convenient BUILD dupes, AND ACORN, AND Rev. Daughtry, would picket and try to drown out the folks who actually lived in the neighborhood. You can actually find them on this paper's website.

Ratner played the race card, and he had some very willing collaborators in BUILD, ACORN, and Rev. Daughtry. Yes, there was a racial dynamic at work, but it sure wasn't DDDB and the community, who were totally inclusive. It was Ratner and everyone who jumped on his bandwagon with their eyes wide open and their ears tightly shut.
Dec. 1, 2011, 12:31 pm
Evan from Boerum Hill says:
I'm a journalism student at NYU working on a piece about Atlantic Yards for class. If anyone would be willing to talk to me, please contact me. It wouldn't take much time and would be greatly appreciated.
Dec. 1, 2011, 12:31 pm
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
Let me offer another example to illustrate the point about the difference between an "obstructionist" and a "competitor." Unlike Atlantic Yards, the CPC/R "New Domino" debacle never had a significant counter-proposal, but for two minor "statements" [by myself, and parties close to the so-called "Williamsburg Independents"] advocating for a museum and another, that I authored during my time at Ex-Static Press in Bushwick, for a civic engineering and environmental science university. It was to my regret that the latter did not receive support in the community. I blame much of that on the sword of desperation that seems to be hanging over the heads of many Puerto Rican and Dominican families in Southside Williamsburg. But the minor significance of both these "musings" was not the emphasis of the "anti-CPC/R" approach. The emphasis by this group was pure obstruction. Coupled with this obstruction was an attendant demonology of the largely Hispanic groups that comprised the semi-public advocacy for developer CPC/R--Hispanics were maligned in discourse, flagrantly and ugly. Why? Many of the anti-CPC/R people were not beholden to any liberal doctrine--they derided the Hispanics for advocating for affordable housing. They called their legitimacy into question. They dug up private information on figures and assassinated characters with impunity. Not once did they consider that it was ludicrous to direct the Hispanic community to undermine the affordable housing process EN TOTO to support initiatives that clearly called for gentrification, offered no housing, no work and no recognition whatsoever even that Hispanics even existed there.

That is "obstruction."

So don't get It twisted. I know what I'm talking about.
Dec. 1, 2011, 12:39 pm
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
Evan from Boerum Hill, why don't you use these threads as the platform for your inquiry? I'm not sure if you're also including me in your call for sources, but I'm weary of academia. I find that anything that doesn't publicly deny gentrification only fuels its engine, and the spirit of the college campus runs through gentrification. It's cynical--what can be said but that It is True.
Dec. 1, 2011, 12:54 pm
Tom from Brooklyn Hts says:
Please! Don't try to use these boards for academic research. Evan, the way you made your inquiry is great, and people who are interested in helping will contact you. But don't do your research in a public forum; it isn't good research or good journalism, as I'm sure your instructors will tell you.
Dec. 1, 2011, 1:13 pm
judahspechal from bedstuy says:
Tom read your own words, "convenient BUILD dupes, AND ACORN, AND Rev. Daughtry".

For you Daughtry are people who had different view from yours at AY. For me these are people who see the struggles of the poor in Brooklyn. These people and organizations have been in the fight protest this system long before you could piss on your own son. Long before AY was a sketch. Get a grip.

THey aren't in the struggle for street cred, or photo op, or zeal to fullfill some angst fill existence, or to march & protest to march and protest. They know of them many kids who went & is going to bed hungry. And know of the grown men and women in the community who are lost in world of lack of information.

For you is Ratner & AY for them is trying to give some sort of Ave to beat poverty.

Sorry, your little exercise in "Obstructionist" does not qualitfy you to disparage any of these folks..

But am not surprise, it hs always been the mantr of the nti-AY crowd. If your are minority or poor & you are pro-AY, then you've either been dupe, bought out or brainwash.

Anti-AY crowd touted how they came in & saved a drugged out area they labels themselves "pioneers". They overlooked the hard working people in the community who were on the frontline, in the line of fire and survived. Only to have the "pioneers" come in and finished them off with their pocket books, where the cracked 80' & 90's filed.

Ratner was just a "bigger fish" that ate you. Get over it, ask the people in Willie' B who can no longer have a concerts, or use some drugs or drink brew is they so please, because "bigger Fish" are eating them to.

We live in a free world be greatful, we can fight for & against & I can have my own opinions, beliefs & choices.

Save yourselves, not me!
Dec. 1, 2011, 1:21 pm
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
Believe me, Judah, when I tell you I know how worthless and snide and snarky and envious and theatrical the "opposition" often has, especially those who preface their statements with "Please!" Believe me I know why they are often misunderstood as "obstructionist" because their need to pander while simultaneously being crabbish appears nihilist, especially as they desperately snap at bait, but you're doing a disservice by rationalizing the motives of the liar Ratner. Don't fall into the trap of Achan [Joshua 7]. Don't play footstool for a liar.
Dec. 1, 2011, 2:33 pm
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
But I never said these public boards are grist for "academic research." I simply said they are a "platform for inquiry." And believe me, MORE SO than academic research are these threads the pulse of the Public Mind. Anyone who suggests otherwise is playing Pharisee.
Dec. 1, 2011, 2:37 pm
EDoggy from Prospect Height says:
Good piece Bush!!!!
Dec. 1, 2011, 4:06 pm
Tal Barzilai from Pleasantville, NY says:
Only 15 jobs, and not the 15,000 Ratner and his cronies kept on replaying? Then again, that's Ratner for you. In reality, everyone who believed what Ratner said was actually duped. I am so tired of hearing such comments as if you oppose this you have to be racists when in fact that there are also blacks who oppose this project. As a matter of fact, there were a lot of other minorities living in what is the planned footprint. If anyone read what Bruce Levine said on Counterpunch not that long ago, he mentioned that it's Ratner who is playing the race card, not the opposition.
Dec. 1, 2011, 4:16 pm
Friend of Marty Mashugana from Borough Haul says:
At first glance I thought EDoggy said "Good Bush!!!"
Dec. 2, 2011, 2:54 am
anabdul from cobble hill says:
Why is this reporter mentioning the races of the protestores? Mr. Bush, what is your ethnicity and religious persuasion? Please let me know so I can then have an opinion of your report.
Dec. 2, 2011, 6:43 am
Editor from Newsapaperland says:
Exclamation Point! Brooklyn Paper Headline Writer Needs to Mix Things Up a Bit More
Dec. 2, 2011, 9:49 am
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
Ay Dios, bendita sea su Nombre, with all that goes on, this is what You have your creation fix on? Your multi/verse baffles. For Real.
Dec. 2, 2011, 10:36 am
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
*Your creation.
Dec. 2, 2011, 10:37 am
Tal Barzilai from Pleasantville, NY says:
Ratner playing the race card isn't something new. He has done this when he wanted to get MTC built in downtown Brooklyn as well. The very same things he said for the AY was done here in the claim that they will get the jobs just for helping him when in reality he will just use them in a bait and switch. Also, he pretends to be a crusader for local and small businesses in saying that they will benefit out of his projects when in fact they will get snubbed later on in favor of corporations instead. The truth is about Ratner, is that he is no saviour, he is nothing more than a developer that just uses others to help clear the way for him only to be left out later on.
Dec. 2, 2011, 10:57 am
Joey from Clinton Hills says:
how many jobs for black people did Develop Don't Destroy create? You've been served!
Dec. 2, 2011, 12:01 pm
Jonny from Park Slope says:
Joey, how many did they promise and how many hundreds of millions did they get to create jobs? Zero and Zero. Overhead smash return.

See BUILD claimed to serve the black community when it came to Atlantic Yards and a paltry 15 jobs for a 4.9 billion dollar project is...pathetic.
Dec. 2, 2011, 12:47 pm
Judahspechal from Bed-stuy says:
My last comment on this topic. Inspired by the response here or lack there of to my main point, private Union Membership. just like, the media, elected officials , people of this country, people who love being on the front line "for the poor, & social equality" & those who r on the anti-union bandwagon. nepotism in Unions & it's effects on the mobility on the lower class.etc.
Where I fault Ratner & these Community Groups, knowing this was a Union Site, what discussion did they have/not with the Unions?
In Eco-situation, Johnny Union is goin to take care of his Son,nephew, cousin In-laws & his pal Joey. And I can't be mad at him, it's a human trait, not racism ,but when the system is structured as such, & so call leaders, elected /not, & society is blinded allowed this to fester , then this infection can be called anything but it's a societal ill to be sure.
To the unions unless u are in, u are the van load of unemployed workers showin up, in other words a "scab"
I can comment on this article's lack of depth.
However, like my support for AY, it ain't about Ratner, or an arena that may or may not fit, buildings that don't fit, eminent domain, tax giveaway. That was your fight.
Although, I was "shocked" find out that Ratner, the Developer was getting a huge tax handout. this goes on I the USA? U f'ing serious? Is the media aware of this? Something must be done? Let's occupy something.
My fight is for the poor in Brooklyn,USA who are misrepresented &sometimes used @ other's convience like their neighbors, elected officials, media, Bloomberg's army, etc.
Yes most poor people have made poor life decision like most of u miscreants. Ea. bad decisions = devastation.
Union r there not just for Johnny & his kin. They r their for the mobility of the poor also.
You folks r still drunk or Ratner causin u can't c arena is almost done? U want to occupy AY, other. Sites against netopism in unions holla @ me. That's my fight!
Dec. 2, 2011, 3:04 pm
Judahspechal from Bed-stuy says:
Truth be told Ratner again beat u to the punch for the "poor people photo op that is vital to a protest. The poor on DDDB side got same result. DDDB got theirs, an a Oscar nomination, they r celebs now. DDDB ought to research that old dude in China who refuse to sell his land and was bulldozed around. Great photo & stance in protest history. Unfortunate DDDB miss their close up Danny boy u should have sent family to inlaws and chain ur self to ur property. That would have been powerful.
Remember folks don't be fool again the fight ain't about fairness, it's about power!
Dec. 2, 2011, 3:17 pm
Tal Barzilai from Plesantville, NY says:
Judah, do you really think that Ratner cares for the poor and hard working? The exact opposite is actually the truth. Many of his projects aren't even welcoming them, but rather corporation and sometimes government offices. He doesn't care about them, he just uses them to do his bidding and nothing more. BTW, how would you feel if this was being done on your property and some people were protesting something like "Judahspechal has got to go" like they did to Goldstein. I am sure you wouldn't like it, which shows that it only matters when you are the victim or at least someone you know is otherwise you tend show a lot of apathy to others. If this was on my property, I would fight tooth and nail, and if really needed, I would super glue myself to either the wall or floor making them tear it down with me in it if need be.
Dec. 2, 2011, 4:30 pm
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
You think it's powerful to play footstool for liars? To contribute to the gentrification of communities of color? To promise those same communities jobs and futures to leverage against that coming tide of gentrification, and then not delivering them? To focus on the infelicities and lack of utility in your opponents' arguments, while excusing the wholesale liquidation of your community by your employer?

Fairness is power. Don't twist It. Don't equate, now that the Sun shines on sinner and righteous alike, your myopia for will to power.
Dec. 2, 2011, 4:38 pm
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
The people who support you that swell Ratner with his ill-gained security should reconsider their participation, since clearly, as the future now looms, imminent, it is hazardous to well-being and quality of life. You can't tell someone about the benefits of a place if they have been deprived by displacement. It's ludicrous, and no amount of obfuscation will change that, no matter about this article over here and that article over there talking about things happening in other situations that may have some bearing but are not center stage in this particular moment. Forget about the parties involved in those situations. Concentrate on the parties involved in THIS situation. Have they purported integrity? Have they betrayed any of that. Those are the questions you should be concerning yourself with, and how the result of those questions are echoes of the whiteness of the longshoremen's unions--not subordinate to, just coincident to.
Dec. 2, 2011, 4:52 pm
Dennis sinneD from Williamsburg says:
Just for the record, and reflecting off the record, Ratner is lying. There is no justification for the depth of his broken promises. Sure, issues of race and ethnicity are germane, but again, let's not twist It--your enemy Judah are not your neighbors [Matthew 5:23]. Ratner uses you and betrays you. Whatever disagreement we have, my interest is not in your displacement or disappearance or exploitation. Think about that the next time you weigh the value of "agreeing" with Ratner, who does the exact opposite.
Dec. 2, 2011, 4:57 pm
Tish Anuspoo from Crown Heights says:
Jobs for black. Blacky blacks makin' da money!
We gettin' paid!

Who's the knick-knack patty whack nig-nog now?
Not us, we've Got black people jobs!
Dec. 3, 2011, 11:30 am

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