Locals want cops to search every bag on the Boardwalk

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Brighton Beach residents are demanding that cops step up security on the Boardwalk — including the drastic step of searching all bags for weapons — to make sure that another shooting like the one that killed a 16-year-old two weeks again doesn’t happen again.

Residents demanded the increase security on the historic beachfront plank at a meeting with cops on Monday night at Tatiana’s, the Boardwalk restaurant where a diner was hit by one of the stray bullets in the June 9 gang gunfight.

At the meeting, dozens of locals called for a number of post-9–11–style security initiatives — including stationing cops outside a nearby subway station as a show of force and bringing in more mounted police — but several demanded the ultimate safety measure: searching beachgoers and strollers before granting them access the public Boardwalk.

“You should set up barriers and do random checks on bags,” said local Russ Miller.

The neighborhood’s top cop said he’d consider the possibility of implementing the measures, some of which are rarely seen at outdoor, public venues. Currently, for example, mounties only ride through the area on big holidays like July 4.

It’s unclear if random bag checks at a public park are legal, given a little thing called the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, which protects “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Legal experts see little wiggle room.

“People have a right to not be accosted in free, public spaces,” said Chris Owens, a Democratic District Leader from Park Slope and a lawyer with Advocates for Justice, a civil rights law practice.

But residents are desparate for solutions, as they say summertime crowds have gotten too big for the current police force to handle. Capt. Peter DeBlasio of the 60th Precinct disagreed, saying that the community is already well-guarded, thanks to the NYPD’s annual deployment of additional officers to the beach every summer.

“The shooting was horrible, but it was an isolated incident,” DeBlasio said.

In fact, it was anything but.

The shooting of Tysha Jones was actually just one of three bloody events on the first hot day of summer, when kids off from school for Brooklyn–Queens Day flooded the beach and its surrounding communities.

First, at around 4 pm, a thug slashed a teen across the neck on the Boardwalk near W. 16th Street. Cops believe that the incident led to the retaliatory shooting that claimed the life of Jones and injured four.

The day’s violence continued during the ensuing exodus to the subway: another man was stabbed on the Q train, police said.

Cops eventually arrested 19-year-old Coney Island resident Iloune Driver for the shooting at Brighton Sixth Street, but that didn’t stop the calls for more security.

Of course, some ideas were better than others.

“Let’s train an auxiliary of strong Russian men who know how to box and can patrol along with police,” said Isabella, who declined to give her last name. It is unclear if DeBlasio is seriously considering hiring a force of Ivan Drago-like strongmen, but he said that he’d explore implementing certain suggestions, such as baggage checkpoints.

“We’ll look into any idea from anyone and do our best to explore how we can implement it,” DeBlasio said. “And we welcome people to start neighborhood watch groups.”

Updated 5:24 pm, July 9, 2018
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Reasonable discourse

al pankin says:
it's agood idea to have more security..these kids come looking for trouble..people who come to enjoy a day at the beach are entitled to be safe..what's the fourth amendment say about beach safety?
June 24, 2011, 7:07 am
adamben from bedstuy says:
after 9/11 the police searched everyones bags at high-volume events. i don't see why they can't do it in brighton, however it would have to be everyone not "selected" people.
June 24, 2011, 7:11 am
someone says:
stationing more police and having checkpoints is just a short term solution. if the kids can't do it in brighton beach they'll do it somewhere else. we should focus on the causes of the violence and aim to eliminate those.
June 24, 2011, 8:17 am
anywho says:
Fascism is no solution to crime.
June 24, 2011, 10:36 am
Homey from Crooklyn says:
Sounds like "someone" is advocating genocide.
June 24, 2011, 2:19 pm
Conchita from lower Manhattan says:
"someone" and "anywho" are both correct.

There have NEVER been searches in public places in New York City, not even in high crime areas. This is totally unconstitutional and opens up the possibility of many violations against the civil rights of the public, including racial profiling and illegal detentions. THIS IS A BREACH OF THE 4TH AMENDMENT as the article plainly points out. What is wrong with you people who are writing about what a great idea this is! The shootings WERE ISOLATED. Brighton Beach has never been a place frequented by gang bangers nor known for violent activity. Random searches and checkpoints before entering the beach ARE FASCISM, and if the climate amongst teenagers in Brooklyn and Queens is one of rage and violence on the first day off from school then obviously something is afoul in our pubic school system as we already know!!! So as "someone" stated we need to focus on the causes of the violence. (Thank you Bloomberg for your unjust and outrageous Charter School System for billionaires on public funds and the closing of schools in low income areas!!).

MORE IMPORTANTLY, BRIGHTON BEACH belongs to THE PEOPLE OF NEW YORK, NOT to the BUSINESS OWNERS on the boardwalk or neighborhood. The police currently has NO AUTHORITY to conduct these searches and ANYONE WHO ALLOWS THEMSELVES TO BE SUBJECTED TO THEM is not only a fool, but a DANGER TO DEMOCRACY.

Interesting that the post-soviet union immigrants who own most of the local businesses (and many of who somehow managed to line their pockets with riches no sooner did the Soviet Union fall) are anxious to subject themselves and others (or is it only others) to police state tactics. Perhaps they miss the the old guard back in the U.S.S.R. If the local "top cop" as the article stated is ready to implement the measures that the so called "residents" are crying out for, it's only because some restaurant owners linked to organized crime are lining "top cop's" pockets. Gimme a BREAK. Sounds like Gotham City at its best. Thank Goodness Captain DeBlasio has some common sense and decency in his approach.
For those of you too young to realize this and for those zombies who suffer from generalized amnesia, the petty-bourgeois shop owners on the boardwalk of Brighton Beach have only been there since the early 90's (immediately upon the heals of the fall of the Soviet Union) and they behave as if they own the entire PUBLIC beach. This waterfront belongs to ALL NEW YORKERS. To these business owners I say SHUT YOUR IGNORANT TRAPS and just focus on making the dang BORSHT and ESPRESSO taste good and be thankful that there's a demand for so many LATTES and overpriced seafood, otherwise get the hell out of NEW YORK's Brighton Beach, give it back to the hot dog stand entrepeneurs (the Franks used to be great and so were the Knishes, Fries and Italian Ices) and you go create your little Russian Riviera elsewhere you racist, narrow-minded, ungrateful propagators of totalitarianism. I REPEAT--THE BEACH BELONGS TO NEW YORK NOT TO YOU BUSINESS OWNERS!
June 24, 2011, 11:49 pm
Jin from sunset pk says:
Homey just keep giving blacks guns and they kill each other no need for genocide which you probaby don't even know the meaning of the word. But it sounds good....
June 25, 2011, 6:33 am
Conchita from Lower Manhattan says:
It seems by your comment that you disagree with the idea of police searching everyone at Brighton Beach (that's a good start) but then you sink your credibility by lashing out with a racial remark against blacks. Our purpose here on this earth is to evolve past racism and infighting amongst human beings. To open our eyes and see all the ways in which our "system" is completely hypocritical and unjust. The lust for power and wealth and abuse of that power and wealth is what keeps us divided and is furthermore destroying our planet. Do you think that with your immigrant name, you advance the evolution of human beings in our society by aligning yourself against blacks? Does this make you feel superior? Do you think this raises you up on the social ladder? It's easy to make these cruel and unfeeling remarks on a web page... why don't you go to the White House and tell it to Obama or go on the Oprah Winfrey show and say it?? You'd probably feel too intimidated or embarrassed because deep down you know that what you said is wrong. The worst war being waged right now is by the corporate capitalists who run our government against working class and low income people. Our purpose during these crucial times is to come together as a TRIBE of MANY COLORS and unveil the lies of our government and the ruling class (yes we have a ruling class, they are the ultra elitists and ruling bodies of the G20 countries and they want to get rid of most of us by starving us and getting us to fight amongst ourselves while they systematically take away our rights, including our right to feed ourselves and live in peace with a little elbow room). I hope your comment made you feel terrifically superior for a few seconds. Now why don't you get to work educating yourself and encouraging teenagers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds to do the same so we can arm ourselves with knowledge and compassion against our real enemies--the GREEDY POWER MONGERS.
Finally, for all victims of New York's horrible public school system (of which I am one, but then I was lucky to have landed in a decent elementary school, which is where it all starts, and this was many years ago, when overall they were better), GENOCIDE is defined as follows: "the systematic, planned annihilation of a racial, political or ethnic group." An angry person firing at another or into a mob is NOT committing GENOCIDE. On the other hand, the systematic, though clandestine (disguised) persecution of people of color by the NYPD under orders of their police commissioner Kelly...IS a form of genocide. Go to criminal court, look at the faces in the court room, listen to the cases before the judge....mostly a preponderance of false and illegal arrests aimed at continually putting people of color and other low income people at a disadvantage. I know because I WORK IN CRIMINAL COURT! Even policemen are victims as they are subject to filling arrest quotas and are threatened with disciplinary action and termination if they don't arrest a certain number of people within a certain amount of time, even if the people are completely innocent. When cops have objected to this they have been put on disciplinary probation, threatened and one was even locked up in an insane asylum. The best thing we can do right now is stand up for the rights of police officers who have had the courage to stand up against police corruption and brutality....and in turn, this may help to unify our city and we recognize the common ground amongst all working class people.

Gang bangers of any color are never going to "kill themselves off." The reason is that they are UNIFIED amongst their own gang, even though they're twisted. They live by certain principles...believe it or not. They are only emulating the greed and power lust of the powers that be...after realizing there parents can't afford to send them to college and their summer job at McDonald's isn't going to get them very far, for example, they may turn to gang life. Gang banging is a CULTURE, a destructive culture born out of the cruelty and inhumanity of our society and the powers that be. It will never go away except by a change of heart in each one of us, and an effort to unify based on common human needs and compassion. Gang bangers risk their lives on a daily basis because they feel they have nothing to lose. They live for as long as they can with their homeys watching there backs...and even though some are twisted and corrupt murderers themselves...they see this as an alternative to working a lifetime of minimum wage jobs, and getting harassed by cops on the street every time they gather to talk to a couple of friends. I am not defending them nor justifying their actions but for any problem to be solved it first has to be understood. They are not very different from the Italian, Jewish and Russian MAFIA, except the latter integrated into society to cover up their crimes and paid off the local police on a regular basis. The gang bangers wage a full frontal attack and don't bother to disguise's a desperate CRY FOR HELP. To punish someone for a crime is one thing (and anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be discouraged from further crime and make amends whether by punishment or rehabilitation)...but what the cops are ordered to do by their commissioner is to commit a slow, clandestine genocide of all poor people and people of color, and the gang members, however MISDIRECTED and sick they are, feel they are defending themselves against evil forces and surviving they best way the can. But please UNDERSTAND, that every racist remark you make or action that you take only EMPOWERS gangs of that particular ethnic or racial make their own point for them. Our society is teeming with IGNORANT racists who don't care about young people of color or poor gang bangers are gonna keep doin' what they mistakenly feel they NEED TO DO.

New York City is still one of the safest cities in the U.S. Crime is on the rise now (especially theft) because of the economic crisis...the two always go hand in hand. If you want less crime, start pressuring congress and the white house for economic reforms to get Americans a living wage. Remember that most of what the police force is asked to do is because of Homeland security and our phony "war on terror." You know what's even scarier than a lawless society, full of crime and chaos? A full fledged police state where they send out the national guard to round up civilians and put them in concentration camps under the excuse of "suspicion of terrorism." Some call it FASCISM, others call it COMMUNISM, but what they really mean is TOTALITARIANISM. That is the philosophy of every dictatorship and oligarchy. And that's where we're headed. Ignorant people who want the police, and airport security to search them, xray them (which is a real threat of cancer) and feel them up, because they think this will guarantee them some kind of safety...have some serious personal issues in my opinion. SAFETY BEGINS in your own heart and mind. Love and compassion not only keeps you safe most of the time....but it makes you COURAGEOUS. You don't have to crap your pants or get your panties in a bunch every time you see a group of angry teenagers or dangerous looking people. When your heart is open to the INFINITE side of life, God, Jesus, Great Spirit, ALL THAT IS, or whatever you choose to call know intuitively how to protect yourself without becoming some whining, puling, cowardly little racist crying out for TOTALITARIAN style protection from DADDY POLICE and DADDY GOVERNMENT.

But back to the issue of race, JIN, I pray that you open up your mind and heart. Here's a good quote from Benjamin Franklin who was often wrong but sometimes right: "Those who would sacrifice FREEDOM for short term security, deserve neither freedom nor security." (That's why I was shocked at the ignorant, elitist attitudes of the brighton beach restaurant owners from the formerly totalitarian U.S.S.R.)
Finally, in elementary school and in junior high school, as a light skinned Hispanic, I was often picked on and beat up by angry African American students who were having a hard time in school because of their troubled backgrounds...but this did not turn me against an entire race--I OPENED MY EYES and could see there were plenty of black students who were peaceful and getting along with everyone.
Asian Americans who speak out against blacks are dangerous and ignorant, just as African Americans who speak out against undocumented immigrants are dangerous and ignorant. Humanity is in crisis and WE ALL NEED TO OPEN UP OUR HEARTS...and our minds will follow.

June 25, 2011, 1:26 pm

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