Tish, Tish: Fined for finance faux pas

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Councilwoman Letitia James has been fined by the city for overpaying a campaign worker with taxpayer money during her 2005 re-election campaign — and for trying to hide details of a payoff to a political consultant linked to disgraced party boss Clarence Norman.

The Campaign Finance Board also demanded that James (D–Fort Greene) refund to city taxpayers a $5,000 payment she made to her paid campaign manager for “field operations” conducted by his outside consulting firm.

That $5,000 payment went to Visibility Consulting Services — whose founder, Moses “Musa” Moore, was James’s campaign manager in October, 2005.

The Campaign Finance Board pounces on such double-dipping as possible misappropriation of the city’s generous public campaign funds it oversees.

Candidates who accept public funds are restricted in how they can pay staff. The goal is to prevent candidates from lavishing taxpayer-financed bonuses on their team.

In this case, James’s campaign lacked sufficient documents to back up five grand it paid to Moore’s company.

Moore’s consulting services came under scrutiny in 2005, because of his friendship with corrupt former Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Norman, who is serving a three- to nine-year sentence for extorting payoffs from judicial candidates. In several cases, Norman-endorsed candidates for judgeships hired Moore for campaign work, though Moore was never charged with any impropriety.

In addition to the suspect payment to Moore, the Campaign Finance Board fined James $500 for paying a campaign fundraiser more than she was contracted for. The board tacked on another $200 fine for James’s failure to respond to a request for more information.

James attributed the penalties to a “misinterpr­etation of the rules.”

“They fined us and we paid a fine. That’s it,” James told The Brooklyn Paper.

Good government groups say that publicly financed candidates have to accept a high level of scrutiny in exchange for the taxpayer money for their campaigns.

“When there are public dollars involved, the [Campaign Finance Board] has an obligation to see that public dollars are used as agreed upon, and if not, there’s a problem,” said Dick Dadey, executive director of Citizens Union.

Updated 5:06 pm, July 9, 2018
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Reasonable discourse

t.jenifer from Crowns Height says:
A message from a different reality: Councilwoman Letitia James didn't get a indicted and do the time? If I recall Clarence Norman, Jr. was indicted for double dipping but was acquitted because he followed the rules crafted by the very Speaker, Rabbi Sheldon that testified against him, so it seems to me what is good for the goose should also be good for the gander.

Second, simply because people are thrown together in politics does no means that Clarence Norman, Jr. recruited them or is responsible for their values system, and it certainly does mean they are friends. Individuals' well-developed moral and ethical values, either they have it or they don't and in either case the responsibility falls on parents, churches, synagogues and the educational system, combined it seem that all have failed and since Clarence Norman, Jr did not create this Kingdom he is not responsible for the behavior and conduct of the flock, and I would not hold the "real' God responsible either, each has free will., so that brings us back to self appointed masters who sits at the head of the table when times are good, and disappear when they smell trouble. Hevesi, Spitzer and Diane Gordon were not so lucky. However, karma is not done yet.

Third, as the above article relates to Moore, Carl Andrews introduced Moses “Musa” Moore to the councilwoman, not the alleged disgraced Norman, Jr. So, please give Carl his honest credit for all his efforts.

Forth, let's return to Letitia James and her payment to Moore. Carl Andrews, it was noted, by Wayne Barrett , July 25, 2006, "Andrews Amnesia: Why are the media giving the scandal-ridden Norman pal ( my insert: more accurately Norman's mimesis) a pass?" Carl, writes Barrett, "acknowledged that he'd recommended Moore to Letitia James and others, suggested that the media and prosecutorial questions about his, Carl Andrews' hiring history were racist. "When blacks do it, it seems like it's something illegal, something wrong," he said, pointing to a white political operative active in Brooklyn reform politics, Gary Tilzer, and saying, "No one says anything when he does it." Tilzer, who managed the successful campaign of surrogate candidate Margarita Lopez-Torres last year, earned a total of $28,000 from her campaign and three others." Shirley Patterson nominated Moore to replace him, and the executive committee of Norman's countywide party instantly installed him.
Andrews's congressional committee has paid Moore $11,000 so far this year, 2006, and other candidates tied to Andrews—including Eric Adams, who's running for the senate seat Andrews is leaving; Karim Camara, who succeeded Norman in the assembly; and Dena Douglas, a Brooklyn civil court candidate —have also retained him. Moore is running himself as well, trying to get elected Democratic district leader in Norman's old assembly district. When Norman was forced to resign that position as well last fall, Norman's co-leader Shirley Patterson nominated Moore to replace him, and the executive committee of Norman's countywide party instantly installed him. Moore, who was still on Andrews's senate payroll when he became district leader, says he told Andrews that "I thought I should be leader, and Carl said, 'You've earned it.' "
According to Wayne Barrett, Cynthia Boyce, a black Harvard grad who, aided by her mother, loaned her own civil court campaign $110,000 last year, paid Moore $81,105 of the $155,755 she spent. She lost anyway, and told the Voice that it was Andrews who first recommended Moore. She met with Andrews early in the campaign and, right after he agreed to endorse her, he urged her to hire Moore. "Let me make it clear," Boyce remembers Andrews telling her, "you make your own decision," never connecting his own endorsement to Moore's hiring. Moore acknowledges that "Carl introduced me to Boyce," adding that he did the same with civil court candidate Bernard Graham in 2004, the first campaign Moore coordinated. Boyce says Moore "sincerely worked hard and was very visible," though she conceded that she did not know how Moore spent what she paid him, most of which was supposed to pay for a field operation. "It would be nice to have a better breakdown of the finances," she said. Undoubtedly, Carl Andrews served as the proxy for the Political regimes' lesser-G-d's and G-desses, Clarence Norman, Jr. in reality judiciary endorsement meant nothing, since the executive committee hide their selection behind his name only so that whenever their selection became scandal ridden, then Clarence Norman, Jr, solely was to be blamed, while these crooked parasitic woodworms retreated back into the shadows concealing themselves in the crevice of the woodwork In fact, the Judges operate and rule at the behest of the Cult higher order. .
So, in 2001 while Carl Andrews and Jackie Ward, closer to the synagogues and church than either were to "Junior." Wrap you mind around that, because appearances are deceiving. They used Norman's Thurgood Marshall Club to loot and laundry Greene money with a nod from tribal leaders in hiding. Of course, the Media propagandist worked daily to aid and abet in the conviction process of Clarence Norman, Jr. Driving home its verdict decision and ignoring the evidence and even reframing from connecting the dots. . Typically, , as Jacques Ellul note in Propaganda, " The aim of modern propaganda is no longer to modify ideas, but to provoke action. It is no longer to change adherence to a doctrine, but to make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action. It is no longer to lead to a choice, but to loosen the reflexes. It is no longer to transform an opinion, but to arouse an active and mythical belief." That mythical and slanderous belief is noted in your article and the same phrases have been continually repeated when everyone in the machinery knows it's untrue, namely:
 disgraced party boss Clarence Norman.
 corrupt former Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Norman
 extorting payoffs from judicial candidates
 Norman-endorsed candidates for judgeships hired Moore
As noted by J.P. Avlon of the New York Sun in an article entitled “New York Behind The Curve:” “Independence and integrity are the eternal enemies of the political machine." Therefore, excuse me for thinking and for questioning your innuendos masked as facts, considering the whole life and career of Clarence Norman, Jr. has been reduced to mendacious sound bites. The superficiality of political judgment aimed at annihilating reality is stunning, yet understandable. However Ellul points out the propagandist aimed, he says," To begin with, what is it that propaganda makes disappear? Everything in the nature of critical and personal judgment. Obviously, propaganda limits the application of thought. It limits the propagandee's--the public, field of thought to the extent that it provides him with ready-made (and, moreover, unreal) thoughts and stereotypes
It orients him (the public) toward very limited ends and prevents him from using his mind or experimenting on his own.." Since propaganda works on the group or the crowd, it is ineffectual at brainwashing the mind of strong individual, like me.

In other words, the question ought to have been asked, what truly was the reason for Clarence Norman, Jr down fall considering his entire 24 years resulted from activities that his underling did during 2000-2001, when Hillary, Spitzer and Hevesi were running? Here are some clues from the examples promoted by the Frankfurt School of social engineering, its member Lord Bertrand Russell laying the foundation for mind-control dictatorship he described the program in a 1931 book, The Scientist Outlook—a totalitarian manual:

…The scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power…In order to produce (contentment among the ordinary people) it , all the research of psycho-analysis, behaviorism; and biochemistry will be brought into play…al the boys an girls will learn from an early age to be what is called “co-operative,” i.e., to do exactly what everybody is doing. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, (arranging in-kind contribution, for example) and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them..

“Except for the matter of loyalty to the world State and to their own order

Members of the governing class will be encouraged to be adventurous and full of initiative…”

. Norman, Jr. trials clearly suggested that the techniques that was instituted:

On those rare occasions, when a boy or girl who has passed the age at which it is usual to determine social status shows such marked ability as to seem the intellectual equal of the rulers, a difficult situation will arise, requiring serious consideration. If the youth is content to abandon his previous associates and to throw in is lot whole-heartedly with the rulers, he may, after suitable tests, be promoted, but if he shows any regrettable solidarity with his previous associates, but the rulers will reluctantly conclude that there is nothing to be done with him except to send him to the lethal chamber before his ill-disciplined intelligence has had time to spread revolt. This will be a painful duty to the rulers, but I think they will not shrink from performing it.”

Taking the above into account, we know that every system operates from an archetypical model, and this one premise its arrangements around the parent and child replica. Following the prescription laid out by dead masters for the future flock, one can except a paradigm —— to occur away from individual choice and responsibility and toward, tribal thinking. As circumstances would have it Norman, Jr.'s spiritual lady was just as astute when he entered politics. She was well educated, independent, experienced spiritually as well as professionally, so these masters were not dealing with fool. These closet masters ran into true constitutional equality and their alchemistic equal which meant Norman, Jr. might have looked a fool, but he too had these abilities that were suppose to be out of their reach. There battle cry was, "All men and women are created equal." This would not sit well having the point man make such utterance, further the compound women tend to be excited by bullies, although they pretend to have been fighting for the past 30 years, for this so-call equality, which nothing but a ploy when you look at the men they choose, having the god given ability to exercise free will, and what do they select? Contradiction or what?
Anyway, this supposedly specialized secret knowledge of a few that is used to usurp power from the masses, was never a secret to Norman, Jr. and his "real' wife-- they were born with awareness which is threatening in politics. .Therefore, as an intellectual equal, he surpass his pseudo-superiors or authoritarians, and Carl Andrews and phantom wife were rushed in to study the experiment on government money. Friendship and relationship began to surface from nowhere, which Norman, Jr. and his real wife found comical as they watched their replacement take the political stage with the full support of the machinery. In their House, metaphorically speaking, the masters can do whatever they desire; visitors do not get mad, when the House wins and they get kicked out.
Therefore, when Norman, Jr. was confronted with a choice to either brings in his equal-partner once and for all to the political wizards, or abandoned their union after the long test of failed political skills, psychological wits and mystical bullying designed to pressure her into compromising her integrity, it was time to discard all efforts which were becoming too costly and render no benefits after 24 years. Since, she was never in the system and owed the machinery nothing, in fact, they owed her, it is understandable that drastic measures had to be taken. To manipulate her into the political compound where she would be under their control, and to force conformity tribal rules on Norman, Jr.'s free spirit and his ace in the hold, who had also surpassed these folks in consciousness, as noted above, to paraphrase, Lord Bertrand Russell, there was only one regrettable thing to do,

"The rulers conclude that there was nothing to be done with him (Norman, Jr.) except to send him to the lethal chamber before his ill-disciplined intelligence and maturity had time to spread revolt."
Now my friends, this is glimpse of the backside of the Political game. Sometimes losing aint as bad as one thinks, because in another reality one wins, it all in how you view this elephant. In a Phantom system manipulation of the mind and depersonalization of individuals is essential; hence, as Ellul says, "the propaganda process deprives the individual of his true personality., thus, considering the current state of mind desired by New York's machinery, Ellul points out, " Modern man deeply craves friendship, confidence, close personal relationships. But be is plunged into a world of competition, hostility, and anonymity. He needs to meet someone whom he can trust completely, for whom he can feel pure friendship, and to whom he can mean something in return."
Ordinarily, the system takes controls of all relationships via family, friends and colleagues, and it arranges introduction with individual pre-approved. I can assure you this was not the case with Clarence Norman, Jr To rattle his prison bar cage--mind and spirit, the machinery will have go through his Spiritual lady and real wife, of 30 years, Bonnie D. Mincey-Norman, Jr. if need be just ask Jeff Feldman And, I might add it aint over until she laughs, and the way it stands, she is already smiling, "A Change is a coming… Yes we can.!
June 28, 2008, 2:26 pm
Henry from Clinton Hills says:
Are you saying Barack is going to pardon Clarence when Barack becomes president?
July 19, 2008, 9:47 am

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