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The city has banned one of Brooklyn’s largest animal foster groups from saving dogs and cats from euthanasia in city shelters, sparking an outcry among animal lovers from Park Slope to Williamsburg.

The Park Slope–based Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, which has rescued more than 1,000 dogs and cats in its two years, was banned in November because “there were numerous complaints,” said Charlene Pedrolie, the new head of the Center for Animal Care and Control, which put down 15,768 cats and dogs last year.

Pedrolie refused to elaborate.

The result of the ban is “the needless euthanasia of adoptable animals,” said Network Executive Director Laurie Bleier, whose group was one of 150 that work with the Center for Animal Care and Control to get animals adopted. More groups, not fewer, are needed if the city has any hope of cutting back on the still-high euthanasia rates, animal advocates said.

Bleier, who has been rescuing animals for more than 20 years, is a frequent sight in Park Slope, showing pups and pusses on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Fourth Street.

That’s where Tracey Davidson found her tan-and-white pit-bull-mix named Maxx last September.

“I was grieving that week, and I was walking along a little aimlessly,” said Davidson. “I just bent down to say hi to this emaciated dog with the cutest face I’d ever seen and then he just put his head on my knee and rolled onto his back.”

And so she adopted him, and claims the dog has done more for her well-being than she has for his.

Bleier assisted her with veterinary bills, Davidson said.

“She’s obviously in love with animals, dogs and cats alike, and wants to help them,” said Davidson.

Before her animal rescue banishment, Bleier even revamped the CACC Web site for free.

“Laurie was instrumental in providing technical know-how and information to improve our Web site and was the impetus behind the ad campaign,” conceded Richard Richard Gentles, a spokesman for the agency, mentioning Bleier’s role in the “Sheltered animals didn’t do anything” campaign, which featured mug-shots of dogs and cats.

Approved groups that work with the CACC are allowed to charge $200 to adopt a dog, and $100 to adopt a cat — money that subsidizes the care of animals who are rescued from backyards and city streets.

“[Now] we won’t be able to function,” said Bleier.

But some of Bleier’s critics say that’s for the best.

“Ms. Bleier is well known to be a tireless animal rescuer and advocate for several years now — however, she is a very difficult, if not impossible, person to collaborate with,” Garo Alexanian, of Companion Animal Network, wrote in a widely circulated e-mail that defended the city ban.

A woman who adopted a dog from Bleier said that at first, Bleier was helpful. But when the woman revealed that she was looking for a new home for the dog, Bleier got “hostile and verbally abusive.”

Other Brooklynites interviewed for this article expressed support for Bleier.

“I wish we had 20 more like her out there,” said Bob Ipcar, of FIDO, a Prospect Park dog group.

State Sen. Eric Adams (D–Park Slope), who co-hosted an animal adoption event with Bleier in JJ Byrne Park last summer, was similarly supportive.

“People call me bizarre because I love animals, but she superceded me in her passion,” said Adams. “There seems to be a reluctance by the city to explain if she did anything wrong at all.”

Difficult personalities come with the animal-rescue territory, said animal lovers.

“Every rescue group has horns in some form or another,” said Laura Bonavio, a rescuer who has worked with Bleier. “There may be bad things associated with Bleier, but I can’t help thinking about the dogs that are dying because she is no longer able to help them.”

Former CACC head Ed Boks, who now heads up its Los Angeles counterpart, said it is important for agencies like his to work with the sometimes-ornery animal rescue community — not fight with it.

“It really does take a community to care for all the lost and homeless animals,” said Boks.

“Whenever you see an us-versus-them dynamic developing, it can be very problematic — and the ones who suffer are the animals.

Updated 5:05 pm, July 9, 2018
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Reasonable discourse

Elena from Simon says:
What your article fails to mention is that starting in November, SEVEN count them SEVEN reputable NYC groups and rescuers, including BAFN, were suddenly banned from removing animals from the euthanasia list and placing them in qualified foster or adoptive homes.
March 13, 2008, 9:57 pm
Laurie Bleier from Park Slope says:

After a 9 months search to hire a new executive director, the Department of Health hired Ms. Charlene Pedrolie, a nationally-recognized business consultant with NOT a shred of sheltering or animal medical experience.

Within weeks, 3 veterinarians and several vet techs resigned because of her misguided change of protocols. To add fuel to the soon to be raging fire, Ms. Pedrolie fired a vet tech. Last week I was told by an insider that many of this medical team who resigned were bribed into returning with offers of large pay raises at a huge cost to this already grotesquely under funded system that euthanized 20397 dogs and cats in 2006. Since Ms. Pedrolie's arrival more than 13 people have resigned and many are looking for new jobs.

An enormous turnover of staff. The core of what was a decent organization.

The resignations came from:

Liz Keller Director of Operations
Dr. Cruse, DVM
Dr. Demmerli, DVM
Dr. Opperman, DVM
Dennis Owen Behavior
Katie Dawson New Hope Coordinator
Peg Guilotta
Christine Torezz
Maria Onorato
Jenny Temba
Charney Fayer
Lisa Boden
Mark Halvorsen

This massive kill shelter system with a yearly intake of more than 44,000 animals is now under the control of a woman who’s egregious errors in judgment have thrown the system into chaos. ie. Euthanasia which was normally done in the morning, was now directed by the corporate-saving business woman to be done at night with skeleton crews on hand. Fortunately, this was reversed. In another cost saving measure the administration of antibiotics to prevent upper respiratory infections was discontinued. Ms. Pedrolie was warned by the Cornell Institute that this program's demise would be very bad for the animals but she ignored them. And now the animals are sicker then ever. Which puts them on the euthanasia list. Of course their numbers don't show up as euthanasia because the shelter "rarely" puts down adoptable animals. Sick animals are not considered adoptable.

But this was not enough damage for Ms. Pedrolie and the Department of Health.

A few weeks after she arrived, 7 major NYC rescuers and groups were banned from pulling animals from the shelter as partners of the New Hope Program. The animals these hard working people pull are the larger or older dogs, many Pit Bulls, Pit mixes and shepherds, the animals at the most at risk of euthanasia.

My name is Laurie Bleier and I am the director of the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network. My group is one of those now banned. In two years we removed more than 1,000 animals from NYCACC as New Hope Partners and through our Care-A-Van adoption events with State Senator Erik Addams. Every weekend Spring Summer and Fall you could see us on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope with 15 or more animals we just picked up from the shelter on Linden Blvd. My group would stay until every one of those homeless dogs, cats, puppies or kittens found safe homes. It was extremely rare that anyone went back to the shelter. And if one did we put a hold on the animal and pulled him/her a day or two later.

Ms. Pedrolie told me that my group was banned because one of my dogs in foster care was found to be emaciated. After a thorough investigation by the ASPCA's Humane Law Enforcement those charges were found to be baseless and the case was dropped. You can call Joe Pentangelo at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450 for confirmation of this. Just as a reporter for a major ny newspaper now working on this story did. In my estimation, Ms. Pedrolie made this story up in an effort to discredit a group that pulls pits and mixed breeds.

Now 3 months after our exoneration we still cannot pull from the shelters. She refuses to give us back our New Hope status. We have 33 new applications to foster and we have no animals to deliver to them. MANY MANY dogs and cats are needlessly being put down because 7 rescuers are being unjustly prevented from doing what they have been doing for years. And doing it quite successfully.

Where is the due process in my case? No response to letters written to the board members.

Ms. Pedrolie's charges for banning these hard-working rescuers which save hundreds of animals every year, were either of such minor criteria — or based on outright lies.

I believe that the Department of Health (DOH), which overseas the AC&C, and hired Ms. Pedrolie, has finally found a director who will do their bidding. DOH Commissioner Frieden, has continuingly been allowing his department to under fund AC&C's contract by 50% and has been so far successfully ignoring a NYC law, passed over 7 years ago in 2000, which mandates that each borough have its own full-service animal shelter by 2002. And here it is 2008.

I believe that banning groups who do not discriminate against non purebreds, particularly the Pit Bull and Shepherd mixes and the older and the infirmed, is in line with Dr. Frieden's belief that it is cheaper and safer for the city to perform euthanasia on these adoptable animals than prepare them for rescuers with free spay/neuter and bringing the animal up to date on shots. Although this is no "official" policy that is written down, it is my opinion and the opinion of many others that this is what is taking place.

While the groups who save hundreds of animals every month are banned, every day that passes with their suspension means death to more and more innocent animals.

Lastly, in the last two years my company, Brainstorm LLC redesigned the website pro bono. The website which could not be found on google searches a year ago now gets more than 4 million hits a month. Brainstorm produced countless fliers, e-blasts and posters for NYCACC. All pro bono. I tell the Board of Health, the board members of nycacc and Charlene Pedrolie -- if this is how you treat your allies I shudder to think how you treat your enemies.

The famous journalist H. L. Mencken once wrote that the job of any good journalist is to "afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted." That being said this letter and the postings I see at Craigslist today are going out to every media outlet in the boroughs.

I ask you good people of NYC, what happened to the NO-KILL MANDATE of NYC?
PLEASE call Charlene Pedrolie on her direct line and demand the rescuers and groups who have been suspended from the New Hope Program be reinstated.

Here is her direct number 212 442-2059.

Laurie Bleier
718 –789-6865
718 789-1465 Fax

Sheltered Animals Aren't Criminals
Please visit
March 13, 2008, 10:02 pm
Get Charlene Pedrolie from Out of NYCACC says:

Sign this very important petition to bring the banned groups back!
March 13, 2008, 10:24 pm
Honesty from Los Angeles says:
Ed Boks' comment is a tad hypocritical. He fired a volunteer who rescued animals and redid the Department website in LA. That volunteer was very easy to work with, never "ornery." He approved of the firing of a few very hard working volunteers who were a tad ornery. They were the hardest working volunteers in the Department. LA has a very, very strong us vs them dynamic with employees vs rescuers, volunteers and the public. He should take care of this problem here in LA before preaching to New York.
March 13, 2008, 10:26 pm
Fired volunteer from animalshelter says:
I was fired as a volunteer because I reported one employee for not doing his job. They told me my report was anonymous but it wasn't. He then told the Director that I stole dog food. I didn't, don't even have a dog!

I cried when I was fired. It was humiliating and embarrassing. I've had horrible nightmares ever since of animals dying and I can't save them. They are burning to death in a house. I rush in but every time I find one, it's already dead. I can't sleep or eat. Why did they do this to me?
March 13, 2008, 10:48 pm
Bob Pomilla from Yorkville says:
So are Mayor Bloomberg and New York City reneging on their promise to go "No-Kill"? Simple equation: less rescue groups pulling animals from Animal Care & Control = more animals being euthanised. Compounding the problem, is the fact that, the rescues that have been banned, are the ones who would pull and find homes for the larger dog breeds, such as pits, chows, shepherds, pit mixes, et al, that experience has shown are more difficult to find forever homes for.

If Ms. Bleier is "difficult" as contended by Garo Alexanian, it may be, in fact, a virtue. Perhaps that's what gives her the ability to understand and reclaim the poor creatures, also deemed "difficult", by those lacking Ms Bleier's empathy and merely relegated to the euthanasia room.
March 13, 2008, 11:35 pm
The letter circulated by from Garo Alexanian says:
In your life, you will be hard pressed to find a more pompous, more disliked, self-important ego-maniac than Garo Alexian. His screed, as much as anything, is an opportunity to remind us just how essential he is to the animal movement. Just look at all the self-referential comments!!: "As the one who was the force behind creating the NYCACC", "I took on the task", I am in a unique position", "I sued", "I......wrote and introduced state legislation" (how someone who was never actually in the state legislature can "introduce" legislation, is beyond me), "to accomplish what many had previously tried and failed", "others are not as principled" (as he), I, I, I, I, ad nauseum. His missive is not so much a critique of others as it is a pud-pulling love letter to himself. Knowing the proportions of Garo's ego, when one reads his note, how can one but laugh at the patent self-serving stroke job that it really is?

This is the letter he sent out: Recently Ms. Laurie Bleier from the Brooklyn Foster Home Network has been distributing emails calling for the replacement of the NYC Animal Control Executive Director and its Board of Directors, whose Chairman is the NYC Health Commissioner.

As the one who was the force behind creating the NYCACC when I took on the task to terminate the ASPCA's long held animal control contract with NYC in the early 1990s, I am in a unique position to provide proper perspective AND accurate assessments of the progress in NYC. For those who are not aware, I sued then NYC Mayor David Dinkins, the ASPCA, the Police Dept, the NYC Health Commissioner, and other city agencies and wrote and introduced state legislation to accomplish what many had previously tried but failed, including Gretchen Wyler, the actress and member of the ASPCA board. Therefore I think it would be fair to state that I would be the least likely to have personal bias to defend the NYC Health Dept, which controls NYC Animal Control.

Ms. Bleier is well known to be a tireless animal rescuer and advocate for several years now, however, she is a very difficult, if not impossible, person to collaborate with. Not knowing the details of the reason for her recent suspension from pulling NYC animals, I cannot comment on the cause, however, knowing Ms. Bleier from several attempts to collaborate with her, it is my opinion that she could better help animals by working with other rescue organizations rather than with a governmental organization. Ms. Bleier's inability to "get along" with most people is a detriment to her love and good work for the animals. I am being very charitable with my assessment of Ms.
Bleier's "issues."

Another one of the "seven" so-called "pit bull rescuers" who was suspended from further pulling dogs, of which Ms. Bleier complains, is someone whom I had recommended to the ACC almost two years ago to be suspended. Why? Because she was "rescue dumping," and several of her dogs ended up at other animal shelters because she would trick people into "fostering for 2 weeks" and then abandon the animal on them. The ACC did not suspend her per my recommendation two years ago, when she did that tactic on me as I would never surrender to a shelter and adopted them all out to the best homes, however, others are not as principled. Eventually the ACC was forced to do so due to her continuation of such behavior.

As for former Supervisor of NYCACC shelters Liz Keller, whose virtues Ms. Bleier extolls and calls for her re-hiring. Here are the facts:

I founded, and my organization administered, the country's first animal control based surrender prevention program, called the Safety Net Program. As a result we realized that the ACC intake staff was misleading, misinforming, and not being truthful with potential surrenderors by making false assurances such as "the animal will be put up for adoption" and "if he is friendly he will get adopted," and "I will adopt that one myself." For three years we complained repeatedly to Ms. Keller to better train and control her staff, and after numerous assurances, she was unable or unwilling to do so.

Finally, we took the matter to the Board of the ACC, as this issue alone would prevent thousands of surrenders, giving the other surrendered animals more time for adoption. We were able to have a three line script mandated to be read which accurately advised people that "the animal may lose its life" and referred them to our Safety Net Program. Another major accomplishment for our organization, or so we thought. Soon we realized that Ms. Keller's staff was refusing to read the script, which was even taped to the intake counter and laminated. We approached Ms. Keller again and again on this issue and she was again either unwilling or unable to get her staff to follow these simple instructions either.

The same occurred with numerous other issues with Ms. Keller, such as the staff playing blaring disco music over the speakers at night and leaving all the wards' lights on so animals and pups and kittens could not sleep, the staff leaving the front counter and disappearing for half an hour at a time leaving the front counter with no one and a line of 10 people waiting, staff congregating and having personal conversations for ten minutes while half a dozen people are waiting with dogs barking in their hands, New Hope paperwork and medicine missing at least 75% of the time causing the staff to make more calls, emails, etc., thereby reducing staff efficacy.

To all of this Ms. Keller's sole answer was "not enough money, not enough staff." Needless to say that her inability to properly manage her staff's time was the REASON for her "excuse." I can safely state that the few times Ms. Keller "promised" to "look into it and get back" to me she never did, not once. When I would follow up she would not return calls. It has been clear to those of us who ARE good organizers that Ms. Keller was disorganized, unable to juggle many balls at once, and did not command the respect nor attention of her staff.

Subsequently, I had publicly called for Ms. Keller's replacement. Therefore, Ms. Bleier's pronouncements that Ms. Keller should be re-hired can only be concluded to be self-serving as Ms. Keller was not helping the ACC improve. I do not question that Ms. Bleier had a good personal relationship with Ms. Keller, however THAT alone should not be the determinative factor whether or not Ms. Keller's tenure at the ACC was a success or a failure.

Finally, I caution animal caring people against "jumping on the bandwagon" to criticize a governmental agency just because it is a governmental agency. NY City's Health Department has been incredibly supportive of the animal rescue community. For the majority of the rescue community to not acknowledge that would be a betrayal of the trust this city's leadership has placed in the animal community, and counterproductive to the successes which have resulted.

The record speaks for itself.

1. Euthanasia in NYC went down from 31,701 in 2003 to 17,500 in 2007.
2. Rescue transfers our increased form 5,519 in 2003 to 12,100 in 2007.
3. Adoptions increased from 12,819 in 2003 to 25,200 in 2007.

In order to "go where no animal has gone before," a low-kill or no-kill city, NYC's animal control agency needs a director who is willing to leave the ways of old behind and demand that the city agency operate similar to a for-profit company. Only by such savings will the inefficiencies of personnel and monies traditionally wasted by government will the animals benefit. Rather than calling for "more money, more money," which will never be sufficient for those asking for it, the humane community should ask for "more results, more results." Keeping the same old staff, the same old managers, the same old critics will not accomplish more results, to the contrary it will assure that the improvements cease.

Garo Alexanian
Companion Animal Network
March 14, 2008, 6:42 am
Jane Stern from Park Slope says:
Garo Wrote:
“Ms. Bleier is well known to be a tireless animal rescuer and advocate for several years now — however, she is a very difficult, if not impossible, person to collaborate with,” Garo Alexanian, of Companion Animal Network, wrote in a widely circulated e-mail that defended the city ban.

Who the hell is Garo Alexanian, and who cares if Ms. Bleier is difficult to collaborate with. Certainly not the hundreds of animals who will pay with their lives because Bleier along with many other groups can no longer rescue them from certain death.

Bring the suspended groups back into the fold and replace the board of directors of nycacc who hired Pedrolie. And do it now!!!!!!
March 14, 2008, 7:24 am
Sandra from Boerum Hill says:
Overcome personaity difficulties in favor of animal rescue Being confronted with the tiredless face of death on a daily,yearly basis must have an extra hardening effect on an individual in order for them to continue. Let Animal Foster Network Survive...or is this a political maneuver with animals being sacrificed in the middle?
March 14, 2008, 9:08 am
D from Fort Greene says:
I fostered a dog through Laurie and I can see how it may be difficult to work with her on a daily basis, but what truly passionate person is easy to work with? Rescuing animals isn't office cubicle work; every action has an animal's life hinging on it, and Laurie acutely feels that burden.

There must be a better solution than cutting her off. Push more standardized protocols for all organizations to follow, get a spokesperson for Laurie to act as a liaison with NYCACC--there's so many more options. And Laurie, I know you won't give up, but if the NYCACC still won't work with the BAFN, I hope you bring your passion and talents to another new york foster organization and help them reach the same admirable goals you have achieved.
March 14, 2008, 1:01 pm
Joy from Kensington says:
Thank you for letting us know about the petition at I just signed it, and I hope many, many others will too.
March 14, 2008, 2:37 pm
B.Davidson from Ft. Lauderdale says:
After reading this report. I find MS. Pedrolie is one dispicable individual. I live in the state of Fla. I am A Senior Citizen. I adoted a cat at the age of 5 mos.old from the Humane Society. I Nurtured him, he is healthy and a personable cat.All they need is love and attention. He has brought me much COMFORT AND LOVE. Ms. Laurie might not have the personality people agree with, but from what I understand her love for these animals should overcome her personality. I think she does one hell of a job. Hooray for her.
March 16, 2008, 10:38 am
Deborah Case from Kensington says:
Until the number of euthanized animals per year in NYC drops from 17,500 to zero, Charlene Pedrolie has absolutely no justification in excluding BAFN from the CACC's New Hope Partner Program. In the meantime, row upon row of sad-eyed abandoned cats and dogs need a strong-willed, compassionate and persuasive advocate like Laurie Bleier to come to their rescue.
March 16, 2008, 5:55 pm
Liza from DUMBO says:
Animal rescue is emotionally exhausting work. I didn't last more than a few months before I simply couldn't take it anymore. In that short time, I saw horrible things and I'm still easily triggered and have flashbacks. I commend anyone who can do this work for any extended amount of time. I don't care what Laurie Bleier's personality is, though it's been my experience that animal lovers are generally nicer, more caring people. Even so, it doesn't matter if Ms Bleier is "impossible to collaborate with" or if she is a raging rhymes-with-witch. She is doing hard, emotional work that saves animals. That job will give you thick skin and a rough edge, because that's what it takes to deal with it.

I can picture the people who have complained: they came to a shelter with an air of entitlement, assuming they deserved a pet, on the spot, no questions asked. When they learned about pre-screening or a waiting period (I don't know the policies of Laurie Bleier's shelter, the one I worked at had a 4-page application and a 24-hour waiting period), they begrudgingly obliged, but all the while they were oozing righteous indignation. Assuming this was just a formality, because obviously they deserved a pet, their answers were either incredibly vague, incredibly stupid, or just raised a lot of red flags (outside alone 12 hours a day? you'd give the dog away if you had a baby? your last pet died or parvo?). When they were informed of their application's denial (usually over the phone), they argued and played the "well that's not what my answer MEANT" game. The incredibly feisty, or at least incredibly self-righteous ones will come to the shelter in person. They walk in the door with a biggest chip on their shoulder you have ever seen and immediately demand (not ask, demand) to speak to the director of the shelter. Any lowly front desk help will be disdained and spoken down to. The director will be yelled at, threatened, and insulted in this person's attempt to change their mind. For the most part, the shelter director will handle this with incredible grace and calm, saying she is sorry the person is upset, but our decision is final. This will intensify the insults and threats, and this is most likely the director's breaking point. This person is making the shelter look bad, because they are obviously doing this out in the open at a peak time, Saturday afternoon is usually prime. The director will probably shoot back specific reasons why the person cannot have a pet and inform them that they will never adopt from us. This person, having exhausted all possibilities at the shelter, will file a complaint that paints the director as an abusive monster and themselves as a simple victim who only wanted a pet for their family, never mentioning their terrible pre-screening answers or the scene they caused.

I was the lowly front desk person, so my only dealings with these people involved agreeing to get the director for them to speak to. I've witnessed the scenes, and I don't envy anyone who has been on the receiving end of them. So I commend Laurie Bleier, she has probably dealt with more problematic people than anyone can feasibly imagine.
March 22, 2008, 2:32 am
Elle from UWS says:
There's more to this story. I just got off the phone with Charlene Pedrolie. She was more than happy to elaborate about the allegations made against Laurie Bleier's group. So, there is definitely more to the story than what Ms. Bleier is stating. I encourage people to call Ms. Pedrolie, to call the SPCA investigator and to make their own informed opinion, before signing any petition that makes such serious allegations. I understand that these allegations may be true ultimately, but I need to be convinced by more than what one side alone is contending.
May 30, 2008, 7:58 pm
rose from upstate new york says:
I do not understand why, this woman has been banned from saving lives!! This is a horrific plight, and these wonderful adoptable animals need all the saviors possible!! I think it is wonderful how many lives have been saved because of this selfless wonderful, caring, woman. If more people were as compassionate as her, there would be far less animals dying on a daily basis. Too many people look the other way, and try to pretend this is not a problem, but it is a huge problem that needs to be addressed , and should be on a daily basis in the news. When the media puts these animal in need stories in front of the public , that is when people will come forward to help, and save that animal. The public needs a constant reminder, and faces to accompany the reminders, and then their hearts will open, and often their homes as well!
Aug. 9, 2008, 10:08 am
Milly from Queens says:
Zani's Furry Friends in NYC should also be banned from taking animals. One foster apartment has up to 75 cats which is too much for one person to have. Unfortunately, these animals get sick infect and reinfect each other and what does this person have enough pans for all of them. When you contact this group for a particular cat, they try to steer you towards another animal. You never see the place where the animals live. The person comes down to you. I would never adopt a cat before seeing the conditions that it came from. Almost always, you are now going to a vet for more care that was not provided by Giselle-the founder of this group.
April 28, 2009, 3:53 pm
kronkite from the Slope says:
Laurie loves dogs. Dogs love Laurie.

Give peace a chance.

It's people who are the bitter ones.

April 29, 2009, 1:37 am
SOL R. from BROOKLYN says:
As a person that have dealt with ms.Blier for a while i must state that even though she probably does have good feelings for animals she happens to be an emotionally disturbed alchohol dependent individual whose actions will do more harm than good for poor stray animals.Same goes for many other so -called "rescue groups".Some of them care only about adoption fee,some are just plain hoarders.Poor animals can't talk and suffer in silence.(i did foster for BAFN and other groups so i know what i am talking about)The bottom line is that BAFN and others are non -profit organisations which entitled to receive public funds as well and the public has a right to know what they doing.MY ADVISE:if you really care ,go to ACC and adopt/foster an animal and stay away from psychos.
May 15, 2010, 9:13 pm
Tatiana from Brooklyn says:
Garo Alexanian is a phony who uses animals to fill the void in his lonely life. He treats his employees very badly and does not even allow a break. He talks very badly about his own staff, NYCACC, its staff and the community which he is supposed to be helping. I was present when he said recently "Put the cat in the cage and if it dies, it dies." That was said after an owner left her cat on his mobile unit and he could not find the owner." The owner eventually returned, but by then he had surrendered the geriatric cat to Brookyns ACC. Safety Net is a program he designed to avoid surrendering animals, yet he had no problem risking that cats' life. Please help me get this story out to the community.
Aug. 19, 2010, 3:41 pm
Arabella from Poconos PA/n.e.NJ says:
I have seen these troubleshooters take over a working shelter, usually during a political transition, firing the staff and in 48hrs. find themselves up to their behinds in dogs and owners. Who can make the decisions? What are the decisions? The placement shelters work tirelessly to find homes. They know that there is a valid place for euthanasia, the euthanised dogs are a part of this industry and only the most experienced and compassionate staffer can handle this part of the job.They are rarely recognized in the paycheck, and though a necessity in many shelters, it is not spoken of.Folks want to see the dream. This is a shelters' revenue. If these consultants knew how many dogs and cats, come thru in one week, every week,their heads would spin.The above 'kill' statistic from the year 2006 wants me to ask, how many were placed, moreover, how many came in that year! Most SPCA,& shelter staff, have been w/it many many years; Only the most compassionate, educated and decisive person can run a shelter effectively. They must know the area, the Ppl, the trends, the incomes, etc. Euthanasia is part of this system and it is not taken lightly. I have seen pharmacuetical reps pick 2-3 older dogs for use cos the dogs weight is close to a humans. Some dogs have lived a full and blessed life, is this how they should end-up? Or can euthanasia be ever seen as viable? Don't we all end-up at God's door. "NO KILL" is a political buzz word. Without the efforts of Ppl who go the extra caring mile, here is what a no-kill doggie goes thru: These shelters are all connected. A pup spends time in one, then gets moved to another. I've seen the same dog come back around after 18mos. By then he had bad kennel cough and was so depressed that he did not show well for any adoption. I took him and he lit-up like a Xmas tree. I placed him w/the perfect family and he does not leave the boys' sides. Following them to the busstop and going to work w/Mom! It takes a strong, knowledgable heart to run any shelter and a consultant isn't capable of knowing how deep these decisions can be. There's reality of it. Both sides!
Oct. 15, 2010, 9:07 am
brooklynjo from gravesend says:
Ms bleier does not take responsibility for her mistakes and attacks anyone who disagrees with her or whom she perceives to be in disagreement with her. she lacks good ethics and wants to make a point of saying that certain animals are killed needlessly by the cacc but there is a voicemail and email circulating attesting to her own cruel ways of disposing of helpless kittens who she deems "septic" without the benefit of a veterinary visit.

was she Hitler in anther life?

see for the voicemails and email posted
Jan. 24, 2012, 2:50 pm
brooklynjo from gravesend says:

she claims she cried when fired by cacc but her very first missive focused on the money she would no longer be getting from pulled animals. i have that posting from craigslist.

god help the animals - keep her out of the cacc - she has been seen sneaking dogs out with insider help
Jan. 24, 2012, 2:54 pm
food from Manhattan says:
Um ... turning over 13 people if your staff is 2 since 2009 is terrible. Turning over 13 people if your staff is 500 since 2009 is actually pretty darn good. In finance or high tech, it's assumed you'll have a turnover somewhere like 8-11% per year as "normal" (5% per year is really good).

I've been through 8 -- count 'em -- 8 -- rounds of layoffs, not with the NYACC. I've lost friends and coworkers to downsizing as well as people who have left on their own, in the last 5 years.

So I really don't have a problem with 13 people resigning or leaving the NYACC.

The NYACC is down to only 6000 animals killed in 2011.
Sept. 5, 2012, 12:02 pm
neighborhood watch from ParkSlope says:
go by her house she smokes marijuana and cigarette all day and she has pets in the house how loving can she be. She should be ban from having pets or being around them. She is a sick woman.
Sept. 16, 2013, 8:25 am

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