Flagrant Fowl, with Crummy the Pigeon

Crummy will summer in Coney and forget the Nets

Nets: Crummy will be sitting talons up, crushing Thunderbirds and enjoying all the throwaways the Coney Island Boardwalk has to offer. The players on the Nets, on the other hand, will not be enjoying any part of their summer. Comment
Nets: The Nets needs to win at Barclays tonight, which means the Nets needs Deron Williams on his game, says our avian NBA commentator. Comments (2)

Crummy asks: Do the Nets want to win?

Nets: Well, if they do, they better start getting the ball to the Big Lug. Comment
Nets: Look, when you put pigeon in charge of your sports department, things will ultimately devlove to garbage. Comment
Nets: It’s getting closer to playoff time, and Crummy is doin’ the pigeon! Comment

Crummy’s hopes high, thanks to Brook Lopez

Nets: This week, our avian Nets columnist shoots from the beak. Comments (1)
Nets: Crummy says the teams struggles in its own nest. Comments (2)

Crummy realizes that he wasn’t high all this time — the Nets are just slow

Prospect Heights: Our curmudgeonly Nets columnist recounts his years of medicating with marijuana — and gives District Attorney Ken Thompson a special shout-out — as a way of assessing the late-season Nets. Comment

Crummy’s big reveal: Worked as covert carrier pigeon for prominent pol

Prospect Heights: Our curmudgeonly columnist tells all — namely, that he works as a carrier pigeon for South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. Comment

Crummy lays off the sauce — a little bit

Prospect Heights: The Nets’ play post-trade gives our columnist something to hold onto. Comment

Trade winds blow: Garnett gone, but Brook Lopez will stay

Prospect Heights: Brace yourselves for an extended winter, Brooklyn. The Nets didn’t pick up much by the trade deadline, and that won’t change in the coming seasons, our curmudgeonly columnist writes. Comment

Plumlee dunks like the Nets play — okay

Prospect Heights: Our curmudgeonly Nets columnist saw the All-Star big picture from the rafters. Comment

Crummy’s All-Star guide, and why James Dolan is an insufferable jerk

Prospect Heights: Our curmudgeonly Nets columnist contemplates the Knicks owner’s fan attack as it relates to the Nets’ resurgence, and points out some players to watch this weekend. Comment

Crummy on Nets turnaround: Don’t get your hopes up

Prospect Heights: Our curmudgeonly basketball columnist’s take on the recent Nets turnaround is cautious pessimism. Comment

Snow job: Crummy pecks Nets for canceling ahead of storm

Prospect Heights: Our curmudgeonly basketball columnist takes issue with the NBA’s better-safe-than-sorry attitude, and vows to crush mascot-bashing Trail Blazer Robin Lopez. Comment

Trading days: Crummy mulls what it would take to unload some dead weight

Prospect Heights: Our curmudgeonly Nets columnist takes a hard look at what advantages are to be gained by continuing to stink at basketball. Comment

Garnett comes out swinging, and Crummy makes his Nets-purchase pitch

Prospect Heights: Our curmudgeonly Nets columnist on the crack in Kevin Garnett’s mystique, and why he’d be a good owner of Brooklyn’s home team. Comments (1)

Two big to fail: Crummy’s prescription for entertaining Nets play

Prospect Heights: Our curmudgeonly Nets columnist asks that the Nets put in the two big guys, even if the combination has not so far been a winning one. Comment
Prospect Heights: Crummy sums up the weird predicament our boys in black are in as they head into the new year with benchwarmers starting — and doing all right. Comment

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