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Simon says: Assemblywoman tells BPR a buried Gowanus Tunnel can still happen!

Podcast: What was supposed to be a talk about the replacement of the BQE’s triple cantilever turned into a traffic infrastructure extravaganza on this week’s edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio! Comments (8)

Nuns on the run: Ridge councilman-elect lashes out at sisters on BPR!

Bay Ridge: New Bay Ridge Councilman Justin Brannan takes on the nuns who sold the Dyker Heights Angel Guardian Home campus to the highest bidder! Comments (2)

What killed the A&S name? How about ‘Miracle on 34th Street’?

Podcast: Author Michael Lisicky tells Vince how a movie made Macy’s more popular then “A&S’s.” Comments (4)
ON BPR ►Audio

Noah Hurowitz and Ross Barkan discuss the downfall of DNA Info and Gothamist

Podcast: The journalists joined Brooklyn Paper editor-in-chief Vince DiMiceli — and some callers — for a scintillating in-studio discussion on the changing face of local news. Comments (1)

Deep thoughts wth Dean Haspiel

Podcast: There aren’t any original ideas. But hasn’t that been said before? Comments (1)

Take a constitutional! Listen to Brooklyn Paper Radio now!

Podcast: Guests Curtis Sliwa and Assemblyman Bobby Carroll go at it over the vote to hold a state Constitutional Convention. Comment

It’s a Bay Ridge takeover on Brooklyn Paper Radio!

Podcast: Satirist (and Bay Ridge resident) Dan Hetteix and journalist and wannabe politician (and Bay Ridge resident) Ross Barkan join the all-Ridge episode. Comments (1)

Gersh is gone — but Brooklyn Paper Radio endures

Podcast: It’s the end of an era — and the beginning of a new one! Comment

Inside the News: Gersh talks Tronc’s deal on Brooklyn Paper Radio

Podcast: This week’s Brooklyn Paper Radio had big news — make that News. Comment
Podcast: On this week’s show, host Gersh Kuntzman said he will pull no punches when it comes to Nazis, plus a talk with filmmakers Cary Murnion and Jon Milott, whose new film, “Bushwick,” eerily centers on a white supremacist takeover of the hipster neighborhood. Comments (5)
What would happen if white supremacists attacked Bushwick? Find out today on Brooklyn Paper Radio. Comments (3)

On BPR: Kelly Barbieri of the pro-marijuana website ‘The Fresh Toast’

Podcast: It was high times on Brooklyn Paper Radio! Comment

Today on BPR: Kelly Barbieri of the pro-marijuana website ‘The Fresh Toast’

Podcast: It’s high times on Brooklyn Paper Radio! Or is it? Comment

On the Radio: Buzzy O’Keeffe speaks of the River Cafe’s 40th birthday — and his time as a spy eyeing Russia!

Podcast: Who knew the owner of one of Brooklyn’s most celebrated restaurants had so many opinions on so many things? The Lennon and McCartney of Community Journalism, that’s who. Comments (1)
Podcast: Well, at least this is what we wished this week’s episode of Brooklyn Paper Radio was about. Comment

Good-government guru calls out councilman on BPR!

Podcast: Citizens Union chief Dick Dadey tells Gersh and Vince that Councilman David Greenfield’s decision to step down and choose his successor was an “F-you” to voters. Comments (3)

Gamby: Don’t blame Fonzie for horrible Cyclones season

Podcast: Look, the Cyclones stink. But it isn’t the manager’s fault. Comment

What’s going on with the subway! Gersh, Vince, and Lenore Skenazy talk trains on BPR!

Podcast: What’s wrong with the MTA, should drivers be allowed to park for free on city streets, and in what line of work can our hosts and guests make a living? Comments (2)

There’s no dancing around it: Councilman Rafael Espinal talks cabaret laws with Gersh and Vince

Podcast: On the latest edition of BPL, a councilman attacks a silly, racist law, Kuntzman interviews Kuntzman, and a Brooklyn Cyclone talks baseball! Comments (4)

Get your Gersh on as Gersh interviews Gersh!

Podcast: In this clip from the latest episode of Brooklyn Paper Radio, Gersh Kuntzman interviews Gersh Kuntzman about a new book written by Gersh Kuntzman. Comments (1)

O’Malley! Moses! The devil of Brooklyn is crowned on BPR!

Podcast: On this week’s show, author Jerry Podair makes the case that Robert Moses — and not Walter O’Malley — is to blame for the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn. But host Vince DiMiceli says he’s dead wrong. Take a listen and find out how Judge Gersh Kuntzman rules! Comments (3)

We figure out who is to blame for the Dodgers’ move west!

Our editor says it was Walter O’Malley’s fault. Our historian guest, Jerold Podair, says Robert Moses. Today, they’ll make their case and Judge Gersh Kuntzman will rule. Then, Sal Albanese joins in on the fun. Comments (1)

Gersh and Vince take on bike rentals, Ydanis Rodriguez, and Ryan Rzepecki

Podcast: The Lennon and McCartney of community journalism are at it again! Comment

Friday on Brooklyn Paper Radio: Powerful councilman breaks his silence on CitiBike!

Podcast: Tomorrow at 4 pm — Ydanis Rodriquez talks live with Gersh and Vince! Comments (3)

O’Hara on the Radio: Revenge a motive in my run for judgeship!

Podcast: Cruicified Brooklyn lawyer John Kennedy O’Hara explains to Gersh and Vince why he is runing for civil court judge in the County of Kings. The answer? Sticking it to the man. Comments (1)
Podcast: The boys were joined by their former colleague, who had a lot to say about the future of the bike rental program. Comments (5)

Walter Blakenship talks Kensington Stables on BPR!

Podcast: This guy wants to hold onto your horses! Comment

The franchise! Assemblyman says 17-year-olds should vote!

Podcast: Teenage voteland? Comments (10)

Also on the Radio: Carroll says Malliotakis has not shot at becoming mayor!

Podcast: He doesn’t like Nik. Comment
Podcast: There’s always time to listen to Brooklyn Paper Radio, and you won’t want to miss our latest edition! Comments (38)

High times! Radio listeners get a dose of Gersh and Vince on pot

Podcast: Jake Plowden and Leland Radovanic of the Cannabis Cultural Association explain their plans to get black folks making money in the soon-to-be legal pot industry! Comments (1)

Brooklyn Paper Radio helps raise $20K to save Sunny’s Bar

Podcast: Who says radio is dead? Our podcast got lovers of all things Brooklyn to reach into their wallets and help save Sunny’s! Comment
Podcast: Help save Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook just by listening to Brooklyn Paper Radio! (Oh, and giving money). Comments (1)
Podcast: How will a closure of the jail affect Brooklyn — specifically it’s own beloved “House of D?” Listen to Brooklyn Paper Radio to find out! Comments (7)

On Brooklyn Paper Radio: Why New York needs to rip up its constitution!

Podcast: Former state Sen. Seymour Lachman tells Gersh and Vince just how corrupt Albany is — and how to fix it. Comments (1)

Today on Brooklyn Paper Radio: Where have you gone, Obamacare?

Podcast: In two action-packed segments of Brooklyn Paper Radio, a former Brooklyn Paper reporter says Obamacared saved her — and her husband’s — life. And now she faces thousands of dollars in medical bills if Donaly Trump’s new healthcare plan becomes law. That, plus historian and academic Joe Dorinson on Jackie Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, and a new baseball exhibit at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Comments (2)
Podcast: On today’s show, Brooklyn Rep. Nydia Velazquez condems her immigrant-hating colleague Rep. Steve King! Comments (12)

Pulitzer and Polk winner Alec MacGillis joins Gersh and Vince!

Podcast: In what can only be called a coup, the boys landed MacGillis and had a spirited discussion about all things Trump, and the importance of The Brooklyn Paper and the people who work there. Comment

Katie Goodman breaks down — with laughter — on BPR

Podcast: In a bonus edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio, the boys sat down in-studio with Brooklyn comedian and musician Katie Goodman, whose new album “Halfway Closer to Dead” features such instant classics as “Nazis Get All the P----.” “Boobs Look Funny When You’re Having Sex,” and the seminal “Give Me a Man Over Forty,” a clear reference to single-and-dating behemoth Gersh Kuntzman. Comments (1)

Who ya gonna call? BPR talks with TrumpBusting Coucilman Brad Lander

Podcast: A Park Slope lawmaker had a stirring and eloquent rebuke to Americans who support Donald Trump’s mass deportations of low-level or even non-criminal aliens over the past few days: Open your heart. Comments (5)
Podcast: The author of “Here I Am” joined Vince and Gersh in studio for the latest and greatest episode of BPR! Comments (1)

Trumpbusters: Nadler takes on The Donald on BPR!

Podcast: Rep. Jerry Nadler (D–Bay Ridge) spent most of Saturday at John F. Kennedy Airport fighting the President’s executive order barring refugees from entering the country, and a portion of Tuesday talking to us about it. Comments (5)

Pledge of a grievance! Beep says all community board meetings should begin with a hand over the heart

Podcast: In a surprise appearance on Brooklyn Paper Radio, the beep said he will send a letter reminding community board members that they can say the pledge before a meeting, but he won’t demand that they do. Comments (3)

John O’Hara on his vindication thanks to The Brooklyn Paper

Podcast: Former felon John O’Hara tells Vince and Gersh how The Brooklyn Paper helped clear his name 20 years after he was found guilty voter fraud. That, plus Life in a Blender’s Don Rauf discusses exactly “What Happened to Smith.” Comment

Brooklyn Paper Radio today: Driverless cars and jokes about Trump!

Podcast: Cars are killing machines — we all know that! — but do driverless cars need to be? No, says the city’s leading transportation activist. Comment

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