Carmine’s Sunday Screech

He’s back! Carmine reappears like Jason in those ‘Friday the 13th’ movies!

Perspective: This week, we bring you Carmine’s first-ever column — written a few months before his 10th birthday! Comments (8)

It was a week ago today that Carmine went to Walmarts

Perspective: That and other interesting anger in this week’s Carmine, which may be one of his last. Comment

Carmine’s still here — until you replace him!

Perspective: Look, we asked for a Carmine replacement last week, and still haven’t found one yet. So here’s this week’s instant-classic! Comments (2)

It’s over! Carmine’s column canceled, replacement sought

Perspective: Oh, man, wait until Carmine reads about this! Comments (14)

Carmine loses power — and his mind!

Perspective: In this week’s Screech we find out what happens when Carmine is trapped in his apartment without power or water. Fact is, it gets pretty ugly. Comments (6)

Snowblind! Whiteout cancels Carmine’s awards night!

Perspective: This week, the Screecher can’t tell you what he ate, because the snow ruined his night! Comment

Carmine takes a tumble in front of pol’s office, finds sanctuary inside

Perspective: A terrifying sidewalk scooter accident becomes a love-fest for Councilman Mark Treyger’s staff in this week’s riveting edition. Comment

It’s March, and Carmine comes in like a lion!

Perspective: You hear that screeching? That’s Carmine, dabnabbit! Comments (2)

Carmine: Al Gore lied about global warming, and I’m freezing!

Perspective: “Why can’t politicians ever keep their promises?” wonders the Screecher. Comments (22)

Why can’t Carmine get the information he needs?

Perspective: The Screecher is a Yellow Pages man in a Google world! Comment

Hoots and hijinks with Carmine!

Perspective: Sunday, on Carmine! The Screecher gets stuck in the snow! Will he survive? Did he bring enough provisions for the trip? Did he wear his diaper? Find out on this week’s Carmine! Comment

Carmine says fire the weatherman!

Perspective: Yeah, right. Like you didn’t see this one coming from a mile away (not that it’s hard to see Carmine coming from a mile away, him being so large and all). Comment

Here’s your reminder to read Carmine this week

Perspective: You didn’t think he could do it, but he did — Carmine does it again! Comments (1)

There are hundreds of reasons why Carmine won’t change a bit!

Perspective: In this week’s Screech, Carmine explains how he stays the same way no matter what anybody says — even Katherine Hepburn! Comments (2)

Christmas memories whet Carmine’s appetite!

Perspective: This week, the Screecher recalls his greatest Christmas dinner ever — the ones he had this year! Comment

Another year, another Carmine

Perspective: Some of you ask us, “When will this end?” The answer? When Carmine stops screeching! Comment

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