Cleaning Our Waterways

Tunnel vision: Giant underground tube along Gowanus Canal could replace long proposed water-storage tanks

Gowanus: City officials may scrap a long in-the-works plan to bury two massive sewage tanks beneath Gowanus Canal–adjacent land — some of which officials recently seized via eminent domain — and instead construct a giant tunnel to collect storm-water runoff in the cisterns’ place, according to Feds with the Environmental Protection Agency. Comments (4)

EPA: Gowanus Canal is cleaner than it has been in 150 years

Gowanus: A section of the fetid Gowanus Canal is now cleaner than it has been in more than a century, after workers this month finally wrapped a pilot dredging-and-capping program as part of the channel’s federally led cleanup. Comments (2)

Reel conundrum: New signs ban fishing in toxic Gowanus, but some say they don’t do enough to discourage sport

Gowanus: New signs banning fishing will likely soon line the fetid Gowanus Canal after a group of Gowanusaurs on Tuesday voted to approve the placards following several months of debate over their language — which some locals said they still aren’t happy with. Comments (6)

Locals: New designs for water-filtering headhouse along canal better, but not there yet

Gowanus: Gowanusaurs cheered city engineers for scrapping a metallic-grey palette in favor of a yellow-brown bronze for the exterior of the new water-filtering headhouse they must build along the toxic Gowanus Canal as part of its federally led cleanup, but some locals want to see even more tweaks. Comments (2)
Gowanus: Residents at a Boerum Hill public-housing complex told the Feds to sink their proposal to put a temporary pool on a parking lot there when Gowanus’s Double-D closes as part of the Gowanus Canal cleanup, claiming they lost enough spots already after the city ceded other pavement at the property for a pair of privately owned towers. Comments (5)
Gowanus: The ground beneath a seating area outside Gowanus’s Whole Foods started sinking towards the toxic waterway it abuts after equipment workers used in the Superfund site’s scrub shook the land around the store, forcing employees to rope the space off indefinitely, according to the Feds leading the canal’s cleanse. Comments (4)

There’s a catch: Signs can’t ban angling in Gowanus without data on how putrid canal affects fish, state says

Gowanus: State officials cannot sign off on placards that ban all fishing in the fetid Gowanus Canal, which past federal studies found filled with life-threatening chemicals, because they lack any actual data on how those toxic substances taint species that swim inside the channel itself, according to a bigwig from New York State’s Department of Health. Comments (7)
Gowanus: City officials want to spend unnecessary cash to make a water-filtration facility required for the cleanup of the toxic Gowanus Canal bigger than it needs to be, according to the Feds overseeing the cleanse. Comments (9)
Gowanus: The city and Feds may be headed toward a showdown over a parcel of land where the former plans to erect two towers filled partly with so-called affordable housing, and the latter suggested as a site for a new public pool promised after Gowanus’s beloved Double-D swimming hole closes as part of the ongoing scrub of the Gowanus Canal. Comments (2)
Gowanus: City engineers must rip up their plans for a new water-filtration facility called a headhouse and its adjacent public space on the Gowanus Canal, according to many Gowanusaurs, who blasted the recently proposed scheme as ill-conceived. Comments (7)
Health: New signs warning anglers about the dangers of eating marine life caught in the fetid Gowanus Canal will soon line the toxic waterway after members of a neighborhood-advisory group asked the Feds overseeing its cleanup to put up a dozen placards in English and Spanish at prime casting spots. Comments (6)
Gowanus: Federal officials overseeing the ongoing cleanup of the Gowanus Canal could save the so-called historic Gowanus Station building from the wrecking ball as city leaders seek to raze the structure in order to install a subterranean sewage tank on the land it occupies, according to the man spearheading the scrub. Comments (10)
Gowanus: The long-awaited cleanse of the toxic Gowanus Canal got stuck in the muck yet again last month when workers hit a roadblock during one of the simplest parts of the cleanup, according to the man in charge of it. Comments (4)

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