Transit Issues

Fixing the BQE: Brooklyn Heights residents will breathe in toxic chemicals for years if the city moves forward with a plan to turn the neighborhood’s Promenade into a six-lane speedway for gas-guzzling cars and trucks during the looming reconstruction of the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway’s triple cantilever, experts warn. Comments (22)
River of Tears: Christmas may come early for local L-train riders, who are now waiting with baited breath for Gov. Cuomo to reveal findings from the late-night — and arguably last-minute — tour he took of the subway’s superstorm Sandy–ravaged Brooklyn–Manhattan tunnel on Dec. 14. Comments (5)

Report: Cops cuff man for killing off-duty firefighter in apparent fit of road rage

Blind Spots: Police reportedly arrested the man whom they suspect killed an off-duty Coney Island firefighter during an apparent bout of road rage that turned deadly after his and the victim’s cars collided on the Belt Parkway on Dec 9. Comments (7)
Mean Streets: Police on Wednesday arrested a driver for hitting a cyclist on Jay Street Downtown, after she swerved out of the road’s bike lane because cops parked a police van in it, according to the victim. Comments (29)

Straight shooter: Coney pol blasts city for painting squiggly yellow lines to divide stretch of Neptune Ave.

Bay Ridge: This agency needs to get in line! Comments (9)
Blind Spots: Cops are hunting for the hit-and-run driver who killed an oldster after smashing into him on E. 28th Street in Sheepshead Bay on Saturday. Comments (8)
Fixing the BQE: City officials are considering a new scheme for their looming fix to the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway’s triple cantilever, which proposes creating a temporary roadway near Brooklyn Bridge Park for expressway traffic during the repairs, instead of sending those cars and trucks on a speedway that would replace the Brooklyn Heights Promenade for much of the years-long fix. Comments (27)
Red Hook: City transit officials are installing four crosswalks across Columbia Street in Red Hook that they said will help pedestrians safely navigate a 1,100-foot stretch of the road that currently bears no such markings. Comments (7)
Mean Streets: The city revealed a long-awaited plan to improve safety at a treacherous Kensington intersection where two drivers fatally hit pedestrians in the last five years. Comments (1)
This reporter recently test-drove two start-up companies’ new forms of alternative transportation — Bird’s battery-powered scooter, and Revel’s Vespa-like motorized two-wheeler — that both firms hope to roll out across the city in order to give frustrated subway rides a more convenient, and fun, way to get around. Comments (4)
Brooklynites headed into Manhattan during the morning and evening rush can now hop in yellow cabs at half off via the taxi-hailing app Waave. Comments (2)

Williamsburg biz leaders talk L closure at awareness event

River of Tears: Williamsburg entrepreneurs worried about keeping their doors open when officials shutter the L train’s Brooklyn–Manhattan tube next April can prep for the looming closure with the help of local leaders at a Wednesday awareness event. Comments (4)
Park Slope: State transit officials must install an elevator at Park Slope’s Seventh Avenue subway station as part of their recently unveiled plan to make more hubs accessible across the city, locals and pols demanded. Comments (8)
Fixing the BQE: Kids penned letters to Mayor DeBlasio on Sunday begging him to spare the beloved Brooklyn Heights Promenade from becoming a six-lane highway for no less than six years during the looming reconstruction of the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway. Comments (5)

Cops: Driver who hit and killed kids in Slope found dead

Blind Spots: The driver who fatally hit two kids in a March Park Slope collision was found dead at her home on Tuesday, police said. Comments (23)

Train wreck: MTA’s million-dollar makeover of Kings Highway hub didn’t fix problems, pol says

Gravesend: A Bensonhurst assemblyman blasted the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for spending more than $40 million to install countdown clocks and make other cosmetic changes to a subway station in his district instead of fixing chronic problems such as leaks and mold. Comments (1)

Money walks! Uber offers discounted carpool rides to locals who skip door-to-door service

Kings County Uber users willing to walk a couple blocks to catch their next carpool ride can now save a few bucks on their commutes. Comment
River of Tears: Officials on Tuesday announced they will stop Brooklyn–Manhattan L-train service on April 27, 2019, to begin their 15-month repairs of the subway’s East River–spanning tube, roughly six and a half years after the infrastructure sustained significant damage during superstorm Sandy. Comments (10)

Man dies days after SUV driver smashes into him in W’burg

Mean Streets: A man died on Oct. 23 after a driver hit him in the middle of a Williamsburg street five days earlier, police said on Saturday. Comments (2)
Fixing the BQE: Brooklyn Heights residents are inviting locals to show how much they love the neighborhood’s imperiled Promenade by taking chalk to the walkway and covering it in messages stating what the esplanade means to them. Comment

Police: Driver smashes SUV into parked cars, flips it, then flees D’Park scene

Mean Streets: Cops are looking for the driver of a sport-utility vehicle who on Saturday smashed the car into two others parked on a residential Ditmas Park street, flipping it, and then fled the scene. Comments (8)

Promenade in peril! Mayor says replacing walkway with highway is better option for fixing BQE

Fixing the BQE: Mayor DeBlasio would prefer to turn the Brooklyn Heights Promenade into a speedway for thousands of vehicles to zip through the neighborhood instead of sending that traffic down local streets during the looming repairs to the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway, he announced on Friday. Comments (25)

City sanitation driver cuffed for hitting and killing man while going wrong way on one-way street

Blind Spots: Police arrested a Department of Sanitation driver who hit and killed a man in Crown Heights after turning his city garbage truck the wrong way on a one-way street early Thursday morning. Comments (6)
Downtown: State transit bigwigs recently opened a new elevator-equipped entrance to Downtown’s Hoyt-Schermerhorn station, improving the commutes of wheelchair-bound and stroller-pushing locals looking to catch a ride, a straphanger outside the hub told this newspaper. Comments (2)

No words: Driver who killed kids in Slope, now free on bail, silent after latest court hearing

Blind Spots: The driver who struck and killed two children in Park Slope in March returned to Supreme Court on Wednesday for a hearing she later walked out of as a free woman after making bail last month — but refused to answer questions while leaving the Jay Street courthouse. Comments (20)
Southern Brooklyn may have a faster way across town. Comment

Driver fatally strikes Bath Beach man crossing street a block from his home

Mean Streets: A driver hit and killed an 87-year-old Bath Beach man who was crossing the street just a block from his home on Sept. 27. Comments (2)
Fixing the BQE: Transit officials must keep their hands off Brooklyn Heights’s beloved Promenade and return to the drawing board with their plan for rerouting Brooklyn–Queens Expressway traffic during the looming repairs to its triple cantilever, hundreds of fired-up residents demanded at the first of several public meetings about the job on Thursday. Comments (30)
Canarsie: Mayor DeBlasio spent the past two years assuring Canarsie residents that their neighborhood would definitely be considered when the city looked at sites for new ferry stops, but the agency spearheading the study says that there actually isn’t a list of contenders, and it will be relying on suggestions from the public to decide what sites to include. Comment
Fixing the BQE: It was a dream come true for Brooklyn Paper editor-in-chief Vince DiMiceli, who got a chance to see just how decrepit the BQE really is — or isn’t. Comments (23)
Downtown: Big Brother just moved in to this corner Downtown. Comment
Prospect Heights: Debris plummeted from above inside Atlantic Terminal station on Friday morning, forcing Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials to suspend 4- and 5-train service in both directions, and leaving irate straphangers scrambling to find alternative commutes. Comments (5)

Dry-ice truck flips on Gowanus Expressway ramp, injuring one

Mean Streets: A tractor-trailer filled with dry ice flipped over on a ramp connecting the Gowanus and Brooklyn–Queens expressways on Friday morning, injuring one person, according to a Fire Department rep. Comments (1)

Police slap unlicensed driver with summons for hitting boy in Borough Park

Mean Streets: Cops slapped an unlicensed driver with a summons after she hit a 3-year-old boy with her car while he was crossing 44th Street in Borough Park on Sept. 19, police said. Comments (6)
Fixing the BQE: The Brooklyn Heights Promenade — the historic walkway that some say makes the Heights the Heights — will become a speedway for Brooklyn-Queens Expressway traffic, sending cars, trucks, and buses zipping by at eye-level during the reconstruction of the crumbling roadway beneath, transit leaders announced on Thursday. Comments (29)
River of Tears: State transportation leaders want to pack even more passengers on the dedicated Brooklyn–Manhattan ferries they plan to sail across the East River when the L train’s underwater tunnel shuts down for 15 months next April, according to a Williamsburg pol. Comments (6)

MTA bus driver cuffed after he hit and killed senior in Bensonhurst

Mean Streets: Police arrested the driver of a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus after he fatally struck a Bensonhurst woman crossing Bay Parkway on Sept. 5. Comments (1)
Mean Streets: Speeding drivers are back to being caught on camera. Comment

Feds to mayor: Don’t count on our money for your trolley

Red Hook: Mayor DeBlasio shouldn’t count on getting the federal cash he needs to roll out his beloved Brooklyn–Queens waterfront trolley line — which he on Thursday said will now cost more money, include less stops, and take years longer to build — according to three Brooklyn congressional reps. Comments (24)
Bay Ridge: Call it water under the bridge. Comment
Mean Streets: This agency gets the job done — almost! Comments (22)
Mayor DeBlasio put the fate of his pet $2.5-billion waterfront trolley connecting Sunset Park and Queens in the hands of his frequent sparring partner President Trump, doubling down on a need for federal funding for the scheme after first claiming the transit system would pay for itself via tax revenue generated by a surge of development along its 14-mile track. Comments (24)

Just you wait: L closure a minor nuisance compared to BQE repairs, Hizzoner says

Fixing the BQE: Locals dreading delays when the L train’s Brooklyn–Manhattan tunnel shutters for 15 months next April can expect an even more-hellish commute when the city kicks off its repairs to the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway’s crumbling triple cantilever, according to Mayor DeBlasio. Comments (8)
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DUMBO: Some preservationists are crying foul over a city scheme to remove and reshape historic Belgian blocks from Dumbo and Vinegar Hill streets as part of a plan to make changes to a plaza that they said neighbors don’t even want — and never signed off on in the first place. Comments (14)
Brooklyn Is Angry: Brooklynites already lamenting the fast-approaching end of summer have even less reason to look forward to fall because officials are hiking fees for metered parking across the city, beginning in Kings County on Sept. 4. Comments (28)

The new Ninth: City begins safety fixes on street of fatal Slope crash

Blind Spots: City workers will begin installing protected bike lanes and sidewalk extensions along Ninth Street in Park Slope this week, roughly five months after a driver killed two kids and injured their mothers and another man as they crossed the street at Fifth Avenue. Comments (3)
Mean Streets: Electric-powered scooters started cruising Brooklyn streets on Monday when the founders of a Bushwick-based transit company launched a pilot program to give locals a new way to putt-putt around. Comments (1)
Downtown: A piece of plaster plummeted onto the Brooklyn-bound 4- and 5-train platform inside Borough Hall station on Thursday afternoon, roughly a month after a partial ceiling collapse above the hub’s Manhattan-bound 4- and 5-train platform sent debris raining down on straphangers. Comments (7)

Bleeding hearts: ‘Marie and Bruce’ is a breakup comedy with edge

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: These characters cut deep. Comments (2)

Backpedaling! City delays rollout of dockless-bike plan in Coney

Bay Ridge: The city is delaying plans to bring a dockless rental-bike pilot program to Coney Island until later this year, the Department of Transportation recently announced, citing ongoing construction projects and the area’s large summer crowds. Comments (5)
Mean Streets: The city is giving straphangers who need to cross the East River during the impending closure of the L train’s Brooklyn–Manhattan tunnel more rental bicycles to hop on, some of which are equipped with batteries that will help power the two-wheelers when riders get fatigued. Comments (9)

Better backpedal! Coney community board blasts city’s dockless bike-rental program

Bay Ridge: The city must put the brakes on its recently announced pilot program to bring 200 dockless bikes to Coney Island this summer, locals and board members told officials at a Community Board 13 general meeting on Wednesday. Comments (11)

Slamming the brakes: Golden casts aside speed camera bill in push for stop signs, traffic lights near schools

Mean Streets: Bay Ridge and Marine Park state Sen. Marty Golden is now supporting a bill that would increase the numer of stop signs in schools zones instead of the one he touted doubling the number of speed cameras near houses of education. Comments (20)

Not so bright: Slope’s six-signal traffic light creates chaos at intersection, locals claim

Mean Streets: A six-light traffic signal outside Prospect Park that shines separate “go” lights for bicycles and cars is too confusing for drivers, who routinely run their red light and put cyclists in harm’s way, according to a Park Sloper who lives nearby. Comments (21)
Park Slope: A Park Slope pol wants to pull cars belonging to thousands of law-breaking motorists from city streets and force the rogue riders to go back to drivers’ ed before their wheels are returned, according to legislation he announced last week. Comments (32)
Bay Ridge: Coney Islanders think the city’s new dockless bike-share program is completely clueless. Comments (32)

Ninth Street redesign coming in June, officials say

Blind Spots: City transit leaders will unveil their plan to make Ninth Street safer in June, two months later than promised after a driver hit five people — killing two kids and a pregnant mother’s unborn baby — crossing the road at Fifth Avenue in March. Comments (8)
Bay Ridge: He went from camera shy to camera ready. Comment

Chain gang: Cyclists’ weekly commutes over East River promote two-wheeled transit during L shutdown

Mean Streets: A group of local cyclists started rolling en masse over the Williamsburg bridge once a week to preach pedaling as a means of commuting during the looming closure of the L train’s East River tunnel, now that the shutdown is less than a year away. Comments (5)
Fort Greene: Bigwigs at car-hailing business Uber are scooping up a Fort Greene bicycle manufacturer in a deal that its founder hopes will bring the Brooklyn-made two-wheelers to more metropolises worldwide — including New York City, where the company’s pedal-assist-electric and dockless cycles may soon be allowed to cruise streets. Comments (5)
City officials recently butted heads with Mayor DeBlasio over the future of his beloved $2.5-billion trolley that would run from Sunset Park to Queens, admitting reservations about its financial feasibility that they then recanted after their boss proclaimed on public radio that the project is rolling forward. Comments (11)
Mean Streets: It’s a “death trap” no more. Comments (3)
Fixing the BQE: State pols late on Friday passed their much-anticipated budget with a provision authorizing use of the streamlined design-build process in the city-led reconstruction of the derelict Brooklyn–Queens Expressway. Comments (1)
Mean Streets: Southern Brooklyn cyclists are irate that the Department of Transportation will sacrifice part of its planned Fourth Avenue bike lane to accommodate parking by police outside the 72nd Precinct station house in Sunset Park. Comments (32)
Mean Streets: Flatbush Avenue mom-and-pops are already suffering after the city nixed parking on a stretch of the commercial corridor last week in a scheme officials claim will calm congestion, because the loss of curb space complicates deliveries at many shops and leaves patrons with less spots to pull up outside them. Comments (17)
The weekend commute is totally F’d. Comment
River of Tears: A new temporary pontoon bridge is the best way to shuttle the most straphangers across the East River when officials close the L train’s underwater Brooklyn–Manhattan tunnel for 15 months of repairs next April, according to the real-estate executive and former underwear model who floated the idea. Comments (21)
Mean Streets: The city must do more to protect Sunset Park kids who walk by at a dangerous Fourth Avenue gas station to get to school, and change has to come from the top, say local pols. Comments (4)
River of Tears: Straphangers who board the fleet of ferries dedicated to shuttling them across the East River from Williamsburg when the L train shuts down next year will get a free transfer to buses waiting for them on the other side, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Comments (10)
Mean Streets: A Fourth Avenue gas station near a Sunset Park elementary school is a “death trap,” according to local parents, who blasted the city for not doing enough about it. Comments (16)

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