Coney Island

December, 2010

Development: A decaying Coney Island icon was designated a city landmark on Tuesday — but it remains unclear what will become of it. Comments (6)
Development: Who needs Shark Week? In Brooklyn, we’ll have it all year long. Comments (1)

November, 2010

Development: Critics of the city’s plan to replace the famed Coney Island Boardwalk with a concret path say wood may be good, but plastic is better. Comments (8)
Development: Hundreds gather to mourn the “old” Coney Island at shuttered bar. Comments (21)
Development: Nine longtime Boardwalk businesses — including the Shoot the Freak booth and a bar dating back to the Great Depression — got the boot on Monday, part of the city’s controversial effort to transform Coney Island into a glitzy year-round destination. Comments (12)

October, 2010

Development: The “new Coney Island” is about to claim two of the last remnants of the old Coney. Comments (6)

Boardwalk landlord seeks ‘sit-down’ restaurant

The executive who runs Luna Park — and controls the fate of the honky-tonk boardwalk business that surround it — says he’d like to see a fancy restaurant on the waterfront. Comments (1)

August, 2010

The last show of the year at Asser Levy Park left some wondering what they just heard. Comments (6)

City to Marty: Your concerts are too noisy!

Borough President Markowitz’s concert series in Coney Island is in violation of a city noise law passed this summer — and opponents are calling on Mayor Bloomberg to honor his promise to shut down the controversial performances. Comments (14)
The owner of the popular “Shoot the Freak” game on the Boardwalk in Coney Island is in the crosshairs of his new landlord, which is demanding that he and 10 other key businesses justify their existence lest they be shut down before next summer. Comment

July, 2010

In the midst of a record-smashing heatwave, an all-too-familiar villain is keeping sweating Brooklynites from a new water park at Coney Island — bureaucratic red tape. Comments (2)
A judge on Wednesday ruled that Borough President Markowitz’s summer concerts may violate a city anti-noise law — but the ruling blocking this year’s series is effectively moot thanks to a just-passed Council bill that excepts the very concerts from noise code restrictions. Comments (6)

June, 2010

You won’t have to jump in the ocean at Coney Island to get wet and wild this summer. Comments (1)
Event: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey open in Coney Island — and Dooley likes it (for the most part). Comments (5)

May, 2010

Development: Luna Park, the first new amusement park in almost 50 years, opens today. Comments (6)
Never mind all the construction cranes and mud, Luna Park operators say that they will be ready to welcome Coney Island thrill seekers to the amusement park starting at 11 am on Saturday, May 29 as planned. Comments (3)

Coney was always the place for excitement

Perspective: I grew up in Sheepshead Bay. As a child, we came to Coney Island, to Steeplechase Park, which was an enclosed park then. You paid your admission and got a card, which was really a circle. I loved playing Skeeball and going on the Bobsled rollercoaster. Comment

Denson: I’m high on Coney

Perspective: The head of the Coney Island History Project offers his take. Comments (1)

Luna Park will restore the fun

Perspective: On May 29, when we open the gates of Luna Park to the world, we will begin a new chapter in Coney Island’s spectacular history. This is an incredible investment in America’s Playground — an iconic destination beloved by generations of New Yorkers and visitors alike. Comment

Municipal Art Society: Luna Park is a step forward

Perspective: Today, as we celebrate the opening of the new Luna Park, the Municipal Art Society takes pride not only in our early efforts to make Coney an accessible destination, but also in our recent work creating a vision for Coney Island’s revitalization. Comment

Judge: Coney suit baloney

The city acted properly when it rezoned portions of the Coney Island’s amusement distirct, shrinking the area available for rides from 47 acres to 12-1/2, and allowing hotels and housing to be built along the waterfront, a judge ruled yesterday. Comments (3)
The recession has claimed another casualty: Frolicking bikini-clad athletes in Coney Island. Comments (3)
It’s game over at the Coney Island Arcade — at least for now. Comment
“Greatest show on earth”? We’ll see — but first, you have to buy tickets. Comment
Development: Coney Island is gearing up for a summer of new rides and circus attractions, but the neighborhood’s main private landowner is instead tearing down historic buildings — including the place where Harpo Marx made his comic debut — and replacing them with a temporary fast-food stand. Comments (6)

April, 2010

Is Coney Island’s famed Boardwalk becoming a sidewalk? Comments (16)
Development: More protests over Marty’s $64-million “Potato Chip” concert venue. Comments (4)

A ‘Star’ returns to the Boardwalk

Shopping: Lola Star is back where she belongs, thanks to the city. Comments (1)

You’ll be a human guinea pig this summer on Coney rides

The Italian ride manufacturers behind Coney Island’s newest amusement park say they will try out their latest scream machines right here in Brooklyn, making local thrill seekers either test pilots or guinea pigs. Comments (1)

Smile! And you can work at Luna Park!

The man running Coney Island’s newest amusement park has some advice for all those hoping to land a job at the People’s Playground this summer: smile. No, really smile. Comments (1)

March, 2010

Revival tent! Ringling Brothers circus to return to Coney this summer

Event: The good news keeps on coming for Coney Island. Comments (7)
Development: Advocates of landmarking a decrepit, 90-year-old Coney Island theater are pushing ahead — though the building’s owner is not on board. Comments (1)
Mean Streets: The Parks Department makes it tougher to park in Coney Island this summer — except for Cyclones fans. Comments (6)

February, 2010

Coney Island is the next mayor’s problem

Development: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board remains skeptical of Mayor Bloomberg’s chances of success in Coney Island. Comments (6)
Development: The first phase of Mayor Bloomberg’s overhaul of Coney Island into a major amusement park took shape on Tuesday, with Hizzoner unveiling 19 new rides that he said will be in full-swing by Memorial Day in what is being called “Luna Park.” Comments (1)

January, 2010

Development: Coney Island’s going back to the big time, as the city announced last Wednesday that the amusement wizards behind the popular Victorian Gardens theme park will begin running an amusement park by the Boardwalk this summer — and they’re using the throwback name Luna Park! Comments (1)

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