Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

‘Park’ meeting a gripefest

Downtown: A long-awaited meeting on Monday night to discuss the recreational activities people want in Brooklyn Bridge Park quickly became a gripe session where residents — including DUMBO’s principle developer, David Walentas — complained that the development is being “rammed down” their throats. Comment

Bridge Park people ready to listen

Downtown: Leaders of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy want you to help decide what kind of recreational activities should be available when the proposed park is finally built. Comments (4)

Park Conservancy on hip-hop snub: It wasn’t us!

Development: The head of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy this week strongly denied a Brooklyn Paper story that she had replaced a popular hip-hop festival with a production of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” saying the decision to give away the rap event’s June, 2008 dates was made entirely by state Parks officials. Comment

Park’s slippery slope

Editorial: More evidence of why the state condo, commercial and open space project commonly referred to as Brooklyn Bridge Park is not, in fact, a park. Comment

Hip-Hop Fest Flap

Development: Perhaps it was “Bard” to happen, but a hip-hop festival in Brooklyn Bridge Park has been booted to make room for Shakespeare. Comment

Yassky schools Walentas on plan

DUMBO: A Brooklyn Heights lawmaker has blown a spitball at DUMBO real-estate baron David Walentas’s controversial plan for an 18-story, 400-unit complex near the Brooklyn Bridge by demanding that the 300-seat school — which was included in the project to generate support for the entire plan — actually be built in the state’s Brooklyn Bridge Park development nearby. Comment

Barge pool gets new bus

Downtown: It’s now easier to get to the Floating Pool on the Brooklyn Heights waterfront. Comment

Stuck in park

Downtown: While million-dollar condos are selling like hotcakes at One Brooklyn Bridge Park, the “park” itself is again at a standstill. Comment

‘Park’ condos selling fast

Downtown: The first luxury waterfront condos within the state’s Brooklyn Bridge Park development are selling at a rate of one a day, according to Robert Levine, owner of the 499-unit building at One Brooklyn Bridge Park (360 Furman St.), at the foot of Joralemon Street beneath Brooklyn Heights. Comment

All drawn out

Cartoon: Our cartoonist’s take. Comments (1)
Downtown: Summer fun — but not for long — at the Floating pool in the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront development. Comment

Everybody in!

Everybody in!

Downtown: Brooklynites may be able to doggy-paddle, scissor-kick, swim laps and do cannonballs in the East River this summer — without having to touch its murky waters. Comment
Downtown: A futuristic, pod-like pedestrian bridge has emerged as a likely solution to an urban design problem that has vexed planners for years: how do you connect the famed Brooklyn Heights Promenade to the waterfront below — and avoid angering the posh neighborhood’s various interest groups at the same time? Comment

Big shakeup — and big cost — at Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

Development: State development officials fired the chief planner of its Brooklyn Bridge Park project last week — and were forced to admit that the controversial housing and open-space development will cost twice as much as anticipated. Comments (1)

‘Park’ will be spared during BQE repairs

Development: Long-overdue repair work on the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway will not devastate a soon-to-be-built waterfront park, state officials now say. Comment

Heights group to state: Show us the money

Development: Now even supporters of the state’s “Brooklyn Bridge Park” plan are questioning how much luxury housing must be in the development. Comment

One hand ignoring the other on Brooklyn waterfront; BQE project would devastate proposed Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

Development: Long-overdue renovations to a key stretch of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway would destroy a soon-to-be-built park on the waterfront — and the state agency doing the roadwork isn’t talking to the state agency building the adjacent park. Comment

‘Hippie’ dream at Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

Development: The designers of the so-called Brooklyn Bridge Park have called in the “old German hippies” to design a funky new playground. Comment

Call it Harriet Tubman Park

Editorial: Brooklyn missed a great opportunity when Bruce Ratner sold the naming rights to his Nets arena to a foreign bank with no connection to the borough. He should have named it Jackie Robinson Arena. With that damage done, The Paper is now calling on state officials to not make the same mistake at the so-called Brooklyn Bridge Park. It must be named “Harriet Tubman Park.” Comments (3)

Payday: Pataki’s man gets a (tax) break

Development: A politically connected developer of luxury condos within the state’s “Brooklyn Bridge Park” waterfront project will get a steep tax break, according to a lease agreement released last week. Comment
Brooklyn Angle: New designs for Brooklyn Bridge Park show new tetherball — tetherball! — courts. Our columnist is excited. Comments (3)

It’s still not a damn park!

Editorial: Opponent of the plan for the Brooklyn Heights waterfront played right into the state’s hands. Comment

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