Atlantic Yards


Development: Two organizations that have been meeting with Forest City Ratner officials over a community benefits agreement tied to Atlantic Yards may be rewarded with jobs if the basketball arena, office skyscraper and apartment high-rise plan gains government approvals. Comment

Arena $ analysis stalled       

Development: Five months after a city fiscal watchdog announced that it would analyze the cost to taxpayers of developer Bruce Ratner’s proposed $2.5 billion Atlantic Yards project work has yet to begin on the study. Comment

ABA’s ‘Heat’ will beat Nets to Brooklyn        

Development: Brooklynites, who have proven with the Cyclones single-A baseball team that they can support professional sports, could be front and center for high-scoring, fast-paced, action-packed basketball. Comment

The defiant one      

Development: Simon Liu has made a name for himself by producing high-end stretchers — the wood frames upon which painting canvases are stretched — for world-renowned painters. Comment

Lots of shouting, little info, at CB2 Atlantic Yards meet

Development: A presentation of developer Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards plan hosted by community boards 2, 6 and 8 turned into a shouting match Monday night. Comment

Crowd to Ratner big: ‘Blight’ back at ya        

Development: As if opponents of Forest City Ratner’s “Atlantic Yards” plan didn’t already have enough reasons to dislike him, a top official of the development company has taken to labeling as “blighted” the six square blocks of Prospect Heights that the project would subsume. Comment

Charge CB6 chair Armer with Ratner    conflict

Development: A group of anti-Atlantic Yards community activists have filed a complaint with the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board charging that Community Board 6 chairman Jerry Armer’s job with the Metrotech Business Improvement District conflicts with his role as leader of the board in discussing the plan for a basketball arena, office skyscrapers and 13 apartment buildings in Prospect Heights. Comment


Development: A competing developer’s plans for a portion of the Atlantic Yards site could throw a monkey wrench into Bruce Ratner’s dream of building a basketball arena, four office skyscrapers and 13 high-rise apartment buildings in Prospect Heights, The Brooklyn Papers has learned. Comment


Development: Aricka Westbrooks didn’t know when she opened her quirky fried turkey business on Myrtle Avenue a year ago that Jive Turkey would be quickly featured in the New York Times, Gourmet magazine and on the Food Network. Comment

Members: Ratner owns CBs

Development: Members of the community boards that encompass developer Bruce Ratner’s planned Atlantic Yards complex condemned their respective chairpersons Wednesday. They charged that, wittingly or not, the board chairs have allowed the developer to co-opt the boards without having reviewed his plans. Comment

‘God Squad’ calls for mall boycott

Development: Brooklyn ministers and community members announced Tuesday a planned boycott of developer Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Terminal mall on the busiest shopping day of the year. Comment

Daughtry wants Nets chapel

Development: The Rev. Herbert Daughtry, an activist minister and leader of the House of the Lord Church on Atlantic Avenue, is negotiating with Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner to get a house of worship built into the planned basketball arena complex. Comment

Develop Don’t Destroy gets ready   to dance

Development: The most prominent activist group to protest plans for Bruce Ratner’s proposed Atlantic Yards development, Develop-Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, is holding a fundraiser on Saturday, Nov. 6. Comment

Jersey: Move Nets to Newark       

Development: While Bruce Ratner continues to lobby New York city and state officials and community members to support the plan to build a 19,000-seat Brooklyn arena for his New Jersey Nets, city officials in Newark are lauding the successful procurement of funds and municipal approval to build an arena for the New Jersey Devils hockey team. Comment

SHUT UP!        

Development: Members of Community Board 2 are set for a fight at the board’s monthly meeting this Wednesday over the issue of board participation in negotiations for a community benefits agreement with Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner. Comment


Development: Despite boasts by Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner that he has purchased an overwhelming majority of the private property needed to build a basketball arena and office and apartment towers in Prospect Heights, The Brooklyn Papers has learned that several of the largest property owners there have not yet agreed to sell. Comment

Key Ratner booster accused of spousal abuse        

Development: Former Knicks and Nets basketball star Bernard King, a key pointman in Bruce Ratner’s campaign to win approval for the Atlantic Yards mega-development, was arrested Saturday and charged with three counts of assault against his wife of seven years. Comment

City review seems unlikely for Atlantic Yards arena plan        

Development: The question of what, if any, public review there will be of Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards mega-development remains as much a mystery today as it did when the plan was unveiled more than a year ago. Comment


Development: Bruce Ratner now says he’d consider keeping his New Jersey Nets in New Jersey if he failed to win approval for his contentious $2.5 billion Atlantic Yards mega-development, which includes a new 19,000 seat basketball arena. Comment

Pratt study cites ‘concern’ over Ratner’s arena plan        

Development: A Pratt Institute study released this week revealed that 81.4 percent of polled residents in the Prospect Heights neighborhood were either “very concerned” or “concerned” about developer Bruce Ratner’s proposed Atlantic Yards project. Comment

CB2 committees clash with chair over arena plan        

Development: Community Board 2 committee members revolted against the board’s chairwoman in two votes this week that called for the board to remove itself from negotiations with Forest City Ratner on a local benefits agreement for the planned Atlantic Yards project. Comment

Bring Mets and Nets to Brooklyn        

Development: THE ANSWERS to the city’s stadium problems lie at the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues. While real estate mogul Bruce Ratner continues to push ahead with his Atlantic Yards project — featuring a basketball arena for his Nets, 60-story office towers and a high-rise housing campus — arguments for less obtrusive, more neighborhood-friendly developments above the Long Island Rail Road storage yard continue to pop up. Comment

CB2 clarifies role in Ratner arena     fight

Development: In response to pressure from community members, politicians and the press, community boards 2, 6 and 8 publicly announced their involvement in negotiations for a community benefits agreement with developer Bruce Ratner over his planned Atlantic Yards basketball arena, office tower and housing complex. Comment

Who will benefit from arena CBA?        

Development: Over the past 10 weeks, while invited community members, community board leaders and heads of community organizations worked with Bruce Ratner to clandestinely forge a community benefits agreement for the Atlantic Yards development, the question asked by local politicians, individuals, neighborhood associations and opponents of the arena project has been, “Who exactly is the community?” Comment

Markowitz testily defends himself at Park Slope Food Co-op meeting        

Development: Borough President Marty Markowitz subjected himself to questioning at the Park Slope Food Co-op last Saturday, much of it dealing with developer Bruce Ratner’s plan to build a basketball arena, apartment buildings and office towers in Prospect Heights. Comment

Anti-arena restaurant week      

Development: Calling it “The Brooklyn Dodge,” the anti-Nets arena group Develop-Don’t Destroy Brooklyn is hosting a restaurant week to raise money for the fight against developer Bruce Ratner’s planned Atlantic Yards project. Comment

Council panels OK Ikea on Red Hook W’front        

Development: When plans for a 360,000-square-foot Ikea furniture store passed unanimously in a City Council subcommittee hearing on Tuesday — despite a large turnout of project opponents — the plan appeared to be a shoo-in success for the Sweden-based multinational corporation. Indeed, the next day, the council’s Land Use committee followed suit, unanimously approving the plan, with one abstention. Comment

Daughtry breaks with ‘God Squad’        

Development: Announcements of benefits agreements being forged between Forest City Ratner and the “community” over the development company’s plan to build a basketball arena, office towers and apartment buildings in Prospect Heights left many residents, activists and elected officials scratching their heads this week wondering, ‘Who is in this community and who represents it? Comment

Marty: Nets ‘conflict’ could cost Dolly job        

Development: Borough President Marty Markowitz said this week that depending on the results of a determination by the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board, his appointee to the City Planning Commission will either have to divest of her interest in the New Jersey Nets or resign from the commission. Comment

Ratner close to deal with state        

Development: Bruce Ratner and state and city agencies are close to signing a memorandum of understanding that would get the ball rolling on the developer’s proposed Atlantic Yards project, a Westchester daily newspaper reported this week. Comment

Land grab goes to court       

Development: The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to settle a Connecticut land dispute case that could have major implications for Forest City Ratner’s proposed Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn. Comment

Ratner invites chosen few to draft agreement        

Development: For the past two months, community board leaders, Borough Hall staffers and members of select organizations have been attending closed-door meetings with developer Bruce Ratner to negotiate a contract that would guarantee certain benefits to the communities surrounding his Atlantic Yards site. Comment

Markowitz locks out anti-arena folks        

Development: Borough President Marty Markowitz invited leaders of a select few groups and elected officials to a closed-door meeting Wednesday to “participate in dialogue” about developer Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project, leaving critics of the plan out in the cold. Comment

Boards 2, 6 & 8 call for arena ULURP        

Development: It’s the largest Brooklyn development project in nearly three decades, but Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards basketball arena, office tower and housing project will not have to pass through city review. Comment

Pols call Olympic arena plans a land grab        

Development: Opponents of Bruce Ratner’s plan to build a basketball arena in Prospect Heights joined forces with opponents of a planned football stadium on Manhattan’s West Side this week. Comment

Call for Dolly to divest of Nets        

Development: Responding to the news that Brooklyn City Planning Commissioner Dolly Williams is a co-owner of real estate mogul Bruce Ratner’s recently purchased New Jersey Nets, a group opposed to the team’s move to Downtown Brooklyn filed a grievance this week with the city. Comment

Marbury to lead Coney charge       

Development: Sources say a proposal to build an amateur athletics facility in Coney Island will be partially funded by one of the area’s native sons, Knicks point-guard Stephon Marbury. Comment

Investors in Ratner’s Nets        

Development: The following list, obtained by The Brooklyn Papers, shows the names of those with an interest in the New Jersey Nets, the sale of which was approved by the National Basketball Association last week. Comment


Development: Dolly Williams, the borough’s City Planning commissioner and a key player in Brooklyn’s development and land use review, is among the lengthy list of investors real estate magnate Bruce Ratner has secretly put together to purchase the New Jersey Nets. Comment

Nets protestors making demands       

Development: Developer Bruce Ratner received the final stamp of approval from the National Basketball Association to purchase the New Jersey Nets, but elected officials and opponents of the Atlantic Yards say the game is not over. Comment


Development: The Independent Budget Office will conduct an economic study of Bruce Ratner’s $2.5 billion Atlantic Yards development, the city-funded fiscal watchdog agency announced this week. Comment

Bruce quietly buying up Prospect Heights        

Development: Over the past several months, developer Bruce Ratner has been quietly plowing his way through Prospect Heights, purchasing everything property owners are willing to sell. Comment

NBA set to OK Nets       

Development: A subcommittee of owners of the National Basketball Association has unanimously recommended the sale of the New Jersey Nets to developer Bruce Ratner, paving the way for the league’s Board of Governors to seal the $300-million deal some time next week, the NBA said Thursday. Comment

‘Poletown’ ruling could hurt Ratner’s plan for Downtown        

Development: Could the end of “Poletown” put the breaks on developer Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards proposal? Comment

Ratner foes, transit advocates to MTA: Get big bucks for Atlantic Yards rights        

Development: Citing Metropolitan Transportation Authority cries of poverty, opponents of the massive Atlantic Yards development project and mass transit advocates are calling on the MTA to seek top dollar for its valuable land. Comment


Development: Mayor Michael Bloomberg this week officially linked the proposed Atlantic Yards basketball arena to New York City’s 2012 Olympic bid. Comment

Ratner’s ‘Terminal’ opens to huge crowd

Development: A bit of suburbia has come to downtown and Brooklynites can’t seem to get enough of it. Comment

No room at Navy Yard … for an arena        

Development: Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s announcement last week that the city will expand the Brooklyn Navy Yard industrial park by 500,000 square feet came as good news to local manufacturers. Comment

Brooklyn’s on Target      

Development: The lighting was unflattering and the margaritas overly sweet, but nobody seemed to notice at the star-studded opening in Downtown Brooklyn of one of the nation’s largest Target department stores. Comment


Development: So just who is buying the New Jersey Nets? Comment

Activists seek ULURP action for Nets arena, too        

Development: Reacting to legislation proposed by the Democratic leader of the state Assembly Monday that calls for city land use review of plans to build a Manhattan stadium for the New York Jets, activists in Prospect Heights called for the same consideration of developer Bruce Ratner’s plan to build a basketball arena in their neighborhood. Comment

James calls for independent arena report        

Development: With competing studies alternately painting a picture of Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards basketball arena and high-rise project as a major boon to city coffers and a $500 million drain of taxpayer money, Prospect Heights Councilwoman Letitia James is calling for the city to conduct its own study of the plan. Comment

They’re all invited      

Development: Bruce Ratner will not have to put his Atlantic Yards arena, office tower and housing development plan through the city’s public review process. Comment


Development: An economic analysis released this week blasted deeloper Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards arena and high-rise plan as a money loser that would cost the state and city more than half-a-billion dollars. Comment

Watchdog calls for arena ‘ULURP’       

Development: Saying the appointed state officials who will review Bruce Ratner’s $2.5 billion Atlantic Yards arena, office tower and housing plan are not accountable to the public, a government watchdog group is calling for the plan to be put through city review. Comment

Numbers game over Ratner arena jobs        

Development: At a June 17 rally on the steps of Borough Hall to support the Atlantic Yards project, the loudest cry came from labor. Comment

Arena foes at ‘center court’       

Development: It may one day be center court for the Brooklyn Nets, but over the weekend the intersection of Pacific Street and Fifth Avenue was center stage for a rally against Bruce Ratner’s massive arena, housing and office development plan. Comment

Saturday rally        

Development: While some residents have already walked away with wads of cash and a vow of silence those left fighting the proposed Atlantic Yards development in Prospect Heights will be taking their message to the streets on Saturday, June 19, from 2 pm to 6 pm. Comment

Ratner vows he’ll relocate tenants displaced by Nets        

Development: Officials with Forest City Ratner, the company that plans to build a basketball arena surrounded by office towers and a housing complex in Prospect Heights, say they will relocate any apartment renters the plan displaces. Comment

From Israel to Nets        

Development: Call him the “great Jewish hope.” Comment

Union workers and ACORN rally for ‘jobs, housing, hoops’        

Development: First came the flier, then came the rally. Comment


Development: A Forest City Ratner executive said he expects most shoppers at the soon-to-open Atlantic Terminal shopping mall will drive rather than take mass transit. Comment


Development: About a year ago, Dock Oscar of the band Sweet William, got to thinking. He had music on his mind but it was not the thrashing angst of rock, the catchy cheese of pop, or the pounding bass of rap. No, Oscar was thinking about the sweet, smooth sound of country music. Comment


Development: The Williamsburgh Savings Bank building, the tallest in Brooklyn, noted for its gold dome and density of dental offices, is on the auction block, and experts believe the building will be converted to luxury condominium apartments. Comment

Bloomie’s Downtown      

Development: When Mayor Michael Bloomberg addressed a Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce luncheon Thursday, he talked about Bruce Ratner’s Nets arena plan as a done deal and said concerns from the local community about the Downtown Brooklyn Plan had been resolved. Comment

Nets’ Cracker Jack mailer       

Development: Support the Nets … and win a prize! Comment

CB6 panel gives Ikea thumbs-up

Development: A plan to build an Ikea store on the Red Hook waterfront moved a step closer to city approval Thursday night when a Community Board 6 committee recommended approving the plan. Comment

GOP: Yes to arena

Development: Brooklyn Republicans voted by a wide margin to support development of Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards basketball arena, office towers and housing complex this week. At the same time many raised concerns over the use of the state’s power of eminent domain to condemn private property. Comment

Market for sellers, not renters       

Development: With homeowners in the path of Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards arena, office towers and housing project set to accept lucrative buyouts, a group of residents who have been there the longest — and stand to lose the most — are now banding together. Comment

Nader to rail against arena

Development: Consumer advocate and potential presidential spoiler Ralph Nader is coming to town this week to speak out against the proposed Brooklyn arena and Westside Manhattan stadium projects. Comment

Arena costs us 100s of millions        

Development: Just how much will a Brooklyn basketball arena cost New York City taxpayers? Comment

Protesters need to adjust focus

Weintrob: It’s not just the Nets, and it’s not just eminent domain. Whether Bruce Ratner has his way with us, in transforming Brooklyn from its status as a perpetually evolving multi-textured urban quilt into a sterile Manhattanized version of cul-de-sac suburbia, will depend more on our collective vision than on our individual pocketbooks. Comment

Planning panel OKs Downtown Plan

Development: A plan to turn Downtown Brooklyn into a commercial and retail hub with soaring office towers moved one step closer to reality this week. Comment

Ratner buyout silences critics

Development: Real estate developer Bruce Ratner is closing in on a $32 million deal to buy out residents of a nine-story building standing at what would be center court of his new Nets arena project. Comment

Council fouls out

Development: After battling to have their voices heard in an official public forum, community members were left fuming this week when a City Council hearing on the Atlantic Yards arena proposal left them waiting nearly five hours to testify. Comment

Experts slam Ratner’s ‘dribble-down’     study

Development: A sports economist hired by Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner to study the financial feasibility of the basketball arena, office tower and housing plan released his results this week to a great deal of criticism. Comment

Coalition cracking        

Development: A coalition of property owners who banded together to fight developer Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards basketball arena, office tower and housing proposal showed signs this week of crumbling. Comment

Downtown Plan overhaul

Development: It was targeted to be among the first to go, under the city’s massive Downtown Brooklyn rezoning and redevelopment plan, but this week the Institute of Design and Construction got a reprieve. Comment

Support progress—reject the Downtown Plan

Weintrob: The “developers” and their tagalongs have their mantra down pat: Give them carte blanche to take whatever land they want, build whatever they want whenever they want, take whatever government subsidies they want, then rest assured — there will be jobs and prosperity for all. Comment

Sources: Ratner seeks to stifle arena    hearing

Development: Although the state will provide the only formal review of developer Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards basketball arena, office and housing plan a Queens City Council member has scheduled a hearing to investigate whether the plan provides the best deal for the city. Comment

Community boards want new lines

Development: Every 10 years, community boards have the opportunity to request changes to their district lines based on the census. Comment


Development: If you can’t beat ’em, build ’em a new building. Comment

Playing ball with Ratner

Development: Eighty elementary-school athletes showed their mettle on the court this week during a two-day basketball camp led by former Knicks star forward Bernard King. Comment


Development: A community garden on Flatbush Avenue has become the latest pawn in an ongoing battle over developer Bruce Ratner’s plans to build a massive basketball arena and office tower complex across the street in Prospect Heights. Comment

Institute off chopping block?

Development: A week after the City Planning Commission hosted a public hearing on the Downtown Brooklyn Plan, it is considering making two major changes, according to sources. Comment

MTA seeks as much money as it can get … from Ratner

Development: Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Peter Kalikow said this week he would seek “maximum value” for an 11-acre Long Island Rail Road storage yards site in Prospect Heights — over which developer Bruce Ratner is looking to build a colossal arena complex — but demurred when asked if he would put the property through an open bidding process. Comment

Hundreds rally to protest Ratner plan

Development: Chanting “No eminent domain for personal gain,” hundreds of protesters gathered in Prospect Heights Sunday, within three-point range of the site planned for a professional basketball arena that has been mightily opposed since it was proposed by developer Bruce Ratner last year. Comment

Ratner ups the ante

Development: Developer Bruce Ratner has been floating the notion that he might build a second sports facility — for amateur athletics — in addition to a professional basketball arena for the New Jersey Nets, on the site for the proposed Atlantic Yards development. Comment

Big turnout for public hearing on Downtown Plan

Development: Faced with deciding the future of Downtown Brooklyn, the City Planning Commission heard more than eight hours of often-passionate testimony on Wednesday from both supporters and opponents of the city’s urban renewal proposal. Comment

Protest rally is set for arena site on Sunday

Development: It’ll be a “Rally at the Railyards” Sunday, March 28, for opponents of developer Bruce Ratner’s plan to build a basketball arena, office towers and apartment buildings in Prospect Heights. Comment

Tish: Scrap skyscraper site from Downtown Plan

Development: City Councilwoman Letitia James is calling on the city to remove from its massive rezoning plan for Downtown Brooklyn a small plot of land that is also a key element in developer Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards arena and office tower plan. Comment

Ratner tower won’t play by city     rules

Development: A sliver of land caught in the crosshairs of two separate but equally far-reaching development plans may find itself home to Brooklyn’s tallest structure — a 620-foot office tower — regardless of what might happen to it as it courses through the city’s public review process under the guise of a residential parcel. Comment

Official review of D’town B’klyn Plan continues on Wednesday

Development: As a major Downtown Brooklyn rezoning plan wends its way though the city’s land use review process, the community is invited to weigh in at a public hearing this week. Comment

Saturday workshop solicits ideas for Atlantic Yards plan

Development: For anyone who has ever walked past the barren Long Island Rail Road storage yards along Atlantic Avenue and thought, ‘Hey, know what would look great there?’ now’s your chance to vent those ideas to real-live urban planners who want to listen. Comment

Queens councilman will hold Nets arena    hearing

Development: Amid rumors that developer Bruce Ratner and City Council Speaker Gifford Miller were trying to nip in the bud his plan to hold a hearing on the Atlantic Yards project, a Queens councilman said this week he will not be stopped. Comment


Development: Speaking at a building trades conference in Manhattan Thursday, developer Bruce Ratner thanked the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Gov. George Pataki for backing his $2.5 billion Atlantic Yards project. Comment

BUILDer steps down

Development: The president of the group Brooklyn United for Innovative Development, or BUILD, has stepped down, claiming the group he helped found has veered from its initial goal of securing jobs for the community from developer Bruce Ratner’s proposed Atlantic Yards development. Comment


Development: From the outside, the old Ward Bakery building at 800 Pacific St. looks like just another city relic — an abandoned, six-story building with cement filling the spaces that were once windows. Comment

Beep backs Downtown Plan

Development: Borough President Marty Markowitz gave his approval this week to the controversial Downtown Brooklyn Plan, a city proposal that would use the state’s power of eminent domain to condemn private property and rezone the area to allow for taller buildings. The Downtown Plan’s advocates say they envision a 24-7 commercial and residential hub with skyscraping office and residential towers. The plan overlaps, but is separate from, developer Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project that could include a professional basketball arena as well as office towers and housing. Comment

Ratner: Arena deal with state, MTA near

Development: Forest City Ratner is close to an agreement with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Empire State Development Corp. for development of the Atlantic Yards arena, office and housing development in Prospect Heights. Comment

Exec: Arena for mall a no-go

Development: Armed with wooden models, Los Angeles architects and a small pack of publicists, Forest City Ratner officials told attendees of a Park Slope town hall meeting Thursday night what they didn’t want to hear. Comment


Development: Standing outside the squat, three-story Institute of Design and Construction at the corner of Flatbush Avenue Extension and Willoughby Street on Wednesday, the college’s president, Vincent Battista, squints in the midday sun, surveying all that surrounds him and all that he may soon have to leave. Comment

Marty claims half of Ratner houses will be ‘moderate’

Development: How many people will be able to afford the soaring Frank Gehry-designed apartment buildings proposed for Prospect Heights as part f developer Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards plan? Maybe more than people think, according to the plan’s biggest political supporter, Borough President Marty Markowitz. At a Borough Hall luncheon with reporters Wednesday, Markowitz said Ratner has pledged to him that half of the 4,500 planned units would be for “middle to moderate” income tenants. While “moderate income” for a family in New York City is defined as $50,240 Comment

Next  stop: Coney

Development: Lately it’s as if Brooklyn was the “straight guy” to the city and state’s “queer eye.” Comment

City’s traffic meeting brings ‘Big Yellow Taxi’

Development: A public hearing on the rezoning of Downtown Brooklyn turned into a sing-along at Borough Hall this week as a Prospect Heights resident strapped on a guitar and headed to the microphone to croon her displeasure about the looming changes. Comment

Next up: Monday hearing

Development: A Department of City Planning and Economic Development Corporation joint public meeting to discuss the environmental impacts of the Downtown Brooklyn Plan assuming the development of the Atlantic Yards arena plan, is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 23, at 6 pm in Borough Hall. Comment

Civil authority        

Development: Noted civil liberties attorney Norman Siegel will help several hundred Prospect Heights residents fight eviction at the hands of the state to make way for a colossal, $2.5 billion arena, office tower and apartment complex planned for the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues. Comment


Development: Several hundred Brooklynites packed Borough Hall Wednesday night to tell Borough President Marty Markowitz just what they think about a city plan to convert Downtown Brooklyn into a mega-blocked, high-rise metropolis. Comment

Beep’s ‘State of Boro’ focuses on Nets plan

Development: During his State of the Borough address Sunday Borough President Marty Markowitz touted Brooklyn’s cultural renaissance and future as a tourism hotspot while reminding an audience of about 500 that its schools are among the city’s most crowded and its auto-insurance rates among the nation’s highest. Comment

Real estate brokers expect arena will up property values        

Development: As the controversy heats up over the construction of a Frank Gehry-designed village and professional basketball arena in Prospect Heights, there is one group that apparently stands to benefit — property owners. Comment

‘Dribble-down’ theorist set to back Ratner’s Nets arena plan        

Development: Call it the “dribble-down” theory, the foundation of “Ratneromics.” Comment

Ratner site is ‘up for grabs’        

Development: Developer Bruce Ratner may have some competition for his planned Nets arena site, a city councilwoman told Prospect Heights property owners this week. Comment

Arena foes mull suit        

Development: A group of Prospect Heights residents fighting to save their homes from condemnations that would make way for Bruce Ratner’s Nets arena development have interviewed a noted civil liberties attorney to take up their cause. Comment

CB2 blows it bigtime

Development: Imagine it’s the Super Bowl. Your team is down by three points but has the ball on the 1 yard line. Then the coach sends the quarterback in … to take a knee. Comment

Ratner’s suburban nightmare

Development: When it comes to construction, Brooklyn needs Bob Vila, not Bruce Ratner. Comment

Once a foe, homeless now a tool in anti-arena fight

Development: There are currently 38,574 homeless people living in New York City and 400 of them are at the center of a debate raging in Prospect Heights. Comment

MUM’S THE WORD        

Development: The most complex rezoning plan in city history, which would convert Downtown Brooklyn into a booming metropolis with soaring towers and require the taking of seven acres of private land, is moving forward through the city review process — without input from Community Board 2. Comment

Nets site renters left out in eminent domain payouts

Development: Robin Weil is an artist who lives in a small studio apartment on a quiet residential street in Prospect Heights. Comments (2)

CB2 vote on D’town Plan rescheduled

Development: Community Board 2 will vote on the Downtown Brooklyn Plan at a rescheduled meeting on Feb. 3 in the auditorium of Brooklyn Technical High School, on DeKalb Avenue at Fort Greene Place, at 6 pm. Comment

Hoop dream a nightmare for residents, businesses in path of Ratner project        

Development: Mike Leonardos has been serving hot coffee and two-egg specials at the Silver Spoon diner on Flatbush Avenue for more than 20 years. Comment

Nets arena at the Atlantic Yards could end Coney’s Sportsplex dream

Development: Developer Bruce Ratner’s plan to bring the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn could jeopardize plans to build a Coney Island amateur athletics arena, known as Sportsplex, which had recently gained new life as a possible venue for volleyball in the city’s bid to host the 2012 summer Olympics. Comment


Development: It’s the most exciting Brooklyn news in five decades. Comment


Development: As Brooklyn residents and elected and appointed officials digest the news that developer Bruce Ratner wants to build a colossal, $2.5 billion residential and commercial complex at Atlantic Terminal that would house his newly acquired New Jersey Nets, a far less publicized major rezoning plan that would pack Downtown Brooklyn with sweeping skyscrapers is rolling full steam ahead. Comment

CB6 feeling shut out by Ratner

Development: When real estate developer Bruce Ratner pulled back the curtain on his colossal $2.5 billion plan to convert a swath of Prospect Heights into a Frank Gehry-designed neighborhood of apartments and offices centered around a professional basketball arena, there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. Comment


Development: Goodbye New Jersey. Hello, Brooklyn. Comment

The real story is the land grab, not the Nets

Weintrob: That the Nets are coming is beside the point. And that is the real story, a story masterfully buried by developer Bruce Ratner and his media shills. (When the New York Times is your real estate partner, it’s amazing the story its pages will tell — more than three pages featuring nine upbeat, luciously illustrated stories in Thursday’s edition.) Comment


Development: Developer Bruce Ratner is this close to bringing the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn, sources close to the negotiations said this week. Comment

Foes of arena keep heat on

Development: As temperatures dipped well below freezing, former Yankee all-star pitcher Jim Bouton took to the streets of Prospect Heights Wednesday morning with reporters and local residents in tow. Comment

Jim Bouton cries ‘Foul’ over arena

Development: Jim Bouton is no rookie when it comes to telling it like it is. Comment


Development: While developer Bruce Ratner is busy trying to promote a professional basketball arena for the New Jersey Nets in the heart of Brooklyn, some developers are crying foul. Comment

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