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Zen and the art of flute performance

Music: Get your “om” on! Comments (4)

Ministry of silly dances

Ministry of silly dances

Dance: Sometimes breaking a leg is the best way to tickle your funny bone. Comment
Music: The night before April 20 is a celebration all on its own. Comments (2)

Caesar on the move

Theater: When in Africa, do as the Romans did — kill Caesar. Comments (2)
Bar Scrawl: The Brooklyn Paper’s drinking illustrator shares his thoughts on a 125-year-old Berry Street watering hole that has been in Williamburg since before it was cool. Comments (7)

Noodles in the sky

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Lunch can be an exercise in carb-dodging and the healthy option, like a salad, pales in comparison to the satisfying option: a steaming bowl of noodles. Comments (5)

Cramping their style

Cramping their style

Music: It takes a fan to start a fire. Comment

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