GO Brooklyn: The Brooklyn Paper#8217;s essential guide to the Borough of Kings
Art: Say hello to the real-life Stuart Little. Comments (12)

Competitive erotic fan fiction

Park Slope: If you ever wondered what would happen if Robocop had a love affair with the ED 209, then this show’s for you. Comment

Gallery recreates tiny living spaces

Art: If you think Brooklyn living is cramped, try Hong Kong or Japan. Comment

How Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ stopped being about sex

Music: Before it was used in every sad movie montage ever, before it was an anthem for cancer survivors and natural disaster recovery, “Hallelujah” was just a song — a weird, sexy song. Comments (3)

Trust our drinking cartoonist: Order the Van Helsing

Bar Scrawl: The Brooklyn Paper’s roving bartoonist greatly enjoys a beverage named after a Hugh Jackman character. Comment
Dining: The pie’s the limit. Comments (7)
Williamsburg: It’s bigger and bound to be even terrific-er. Comment

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