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As if they didn’t already know it, Brooklyn Heights residents Neil Sloane and Carolina Rivera began to understand this fall what good neighbors are - and that they are here in Brooklyn. Comments (2)


Unless you have the metabolism of a toddler, you probably fall asleep after Thanksgiving dinner. When dessert is called, most adults don’t stir for several minutes. That yearly slice of pumpkin pie barely seems worth the trouble of moving to the table, even to a card-carrying sweet tooth like myself. Comment


Albert Einstein rocked the world at the dawn of the 20th century when he declared that space, time and mass are not absolutes, but rather in an absolute relationship to one another. In fact, said Einstein, our perception of time changes depending on the location of the observer relative to the event being observed. Comment


These are difficult times. And many people are looking to ease their minds with light entertainment. Still others believe the stage comforts on a much deeper level - by revealing the human condition and uniting us in our shared humanity. This week GO Brooklyn reviews two dramas written by vastly different authors who live or lived in different times and different places. What they have in common is an uncommon insight into the human psyche and the human condition. Comment

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