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The big Brooklyn stories of 2016

The big Brooklyn stories of 2016

The highs and lots of the past 12 months in the Borough of Kings. Comment
BoroBeat: Call it the festival of phosphorescent lights! Comment

Building blocks of faith: Shorefront Y builds Lego menorah for Hanukkah

Brighton Beach: This Hanukkah party came together in a snap! Comment
Sunset Park: One in 10 hotel-shelter beds are in the neighborhood. Comments (2)

Coney Islanders push back against planned shelter, citing land’s possible contamination

Coney Island: The city must conduct full-scale environmental tests on the proposed site of a homeless shelter in Coney Island, locals are demanding. Comment
Downtown plan: Almost 1,000 new hotel rooms have opened Downtown over the past two years. Comments (7)
Flatbush: It’s a beloved holiday tradition! Comment
BoroBeat: It’s a beloved holiday tradition. Comment
BoroBeat: It’s a beloved holiday tradition. Comment
Sunset Park: It’s a beloved holiday tradition. Comment
BoroBeat: It’s a beloved holiday tradition. Comment
Dance: ‘Tis the season for ballet! Comment
Sunset Park: They danced to the beat of their own drum. Comments (1)
Park Slope: He was second in the contest, but first in our hearts. Comments (2)
Sunset Park: Demonstrators said they wanted to show solidarity with the nabe’s immigrant population. Comments (10)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: They’re telling tails out of school! Comments (1)
BoroBeat: Bay Ridge’s homeless population is growing — and so is the neighborhood’s response. Comment
Carroll Gardens: In the end, Clinton Street and Second Place were the real signs of the times. Comments (16)

Local color: Step inside the artists’ studios in Park Slope and Windsor Terrace

Art: This painter has really made the scene! Comment
Talk about a political race! Comment
Coney Island: Mermaid avenue is about to blossom! Comment
The storm was no match for Brooklyn. Comment
Halloween events in Marine Park and Bay Ridge were bursting bewitching costumes this year. Here are some of the highlights! Comment
Park Slope: Call it a station house of horrors! Comment
BoroBeat: It was like the Spook-a-Rama came alive! Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Talk about a power walk! Comments (13)
It’s retro Coney — in full color! Comment
Politics: If the Senate swings blue, he’s gunning for majority leader. Comment
Politics: If the Senate swings blue, he’s gunning for majority leader. Comments (4)
BoroBeat: There’s many a good tune played by an old fiddler. Comment

‘Spark’ to it! Children’s Museum opens outpost at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: The kids are all light! Comment
Sunset Park: There is no shelter from their ire. Comments (11)
BoroBeat: They’re arming them with science! Comment
BoroBeat: Call it a paw-fect day! Comment
Carroll Gardens: Joe Manfredi, who started an auto dealership empire in Brooklyn, gets street named for him on the Rock. Comments (3)

Making ‘Strides’ against breast cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness: The annual walk across the city on Oct. 16 funds breast cancer research, patient-caregiver services, and supports the law movement working to give women the care they need. Comment
Bensonhurst: Bensonhursters came out in force — despite the stormy weather — to celebrate Italian-American heritage on in the 35th annual Columbus Day Parade on Oct. 8. Comment
Bridge ‘Park’: It was an all-American good time! Comment
DUMBO: Police haven’t issued a single summons and don’t really plan to, officials said. Comments (7)
Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge’s old-timers stickball game got by on some new-fangled technology. Comment
Music: Talk about golden oldies! Comment
Fort Greene: The legendary local filmmaker is remaking his 1985 breakthrough “She’s Gotta Have It” for Netflix. Comments (2)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: Oh my dog! Comment
Brooklyn Heights: It was Bavaria in Brooklyn! Comments (1)

Ragamuffins make it an even 50! March celebrates half a century

Bay Ridge: Vampires, superheroes, and princesses took over Third Avenue for the Ragamuffin Parade on Oct. 1. Comment
Coney Island: They are hot for hot rods! Comment
Awesome: Also, we have awesome photos of alpacas. Comments (6)
Red Hook: The run retraces the steps of fallen Park Slope firefighter Stephen Siller, who sprinted to the Twin Towers on 9-11. Comments (1)
Park Slope: Forget “oohs and aahs” — this event had lots of ooze and “arghs!” Comment
Greenpoint: This tournament was oar-some! Comment
Williamsburg: Brooklyn’s food capitals converge at East River State Park for the annual food festival. Comments (1)
Greenpoint: Can I have one more of these with some booze in it, please? Comment
Flatbush: Call it a J’ouv-over. Comment
Midwood: And the Employee of the Year award goes to… Comment

Top-10 Gamby quotes of all time

Top-10 Gamby quotes of all time

Cyclones: Our favorite Gamby-isms from his three seasons leading the Mini-Mets. Comments (2)
BoroBeat: Face-painting, bouncy castles, hula hoops — this party had it all. Comment
Prospect Heights: Wax on, scrubs off! Comment
BoroBeat: Regular Joes and G.I. Joes tested their strength side by side at Fort Hamilton’s Civilian Military Combine on Sept. 10. Comment
BoroBeat: Kings County came together to mourn. Comment
Park Slope: It’s a jumble out there! Comments (1)
BoroBeat: Good street fairs make good neighbors! Comments (3)
On this, the 15th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, we present images of the day taken by one of our photographers at the time, Tom Callan. Comments (2)
Prospect Heights: These drummers showed nerves of steel! Comment
It was a furry face-off! Comments (2)
Crown Heights: Costumes and cute kids ahead. Comments (1)
BoroBeat: These clothes were gone in 60 seconds! Comment
Breaking Chews: It is the new toast of Dumbo. Comments (2)
BoroBeat: Sports Illustrated swimsuit models made the Boardwalk sizzle during the mag’s Summer of Swim Fan Festival in Coney Island on Aug. 28. Comment
Brighton Beach: It was a jubilee for the Jubilee! Comment
BoroBeat: One man’s trash is another kid’s race car. Comments (1)
Bedford-Stuyvesant: Michael it’s your birthday, happy birthday Michael. Comments (2)
BoroBeat: There were reenactments — but we still lost. Comment

Start ‘em up! ‘Stones’ tribute rocks Marine Park

BoroBeat: They definitely got some satisfaction. Comment
Wild Brooklyn: A masked bandit outwitted police officers in Ditmas Park on Tuesday — and it is still running wild! Comments (4)
Crime: A Sunset Park woman is recovering after a knife-wielding maniac viciously slashed her in the neck, head, hands, and chest in a Seventh Avenue massage parlor on Aug. 23. Comment
Art: This took more than a grain of talent. Comment
Crown Heights: Yankel Rosenbaum’s brother slammed the event, but Gavin Cato’s dad attended. Comments (3)
Boro of Nerds: Finally — a place to let your geek and rainbow flags fly! Comment
Marine Park: A neighborhood came together on Aug. 18 to offer hope and prayers during a candlelight vigil for Angel Sagardia, who was killed on Aug. 12, when a livery driver struck him as he tried to cross a busy street in Marine Park. Comment
BoroBeat: They bade summer farewell as school bells get ready to ring. Comment
Mean Streets: The driver lived in the van and had no license, identification, or plates. Comments (12)
Boro of Nerds: It’s a super sequel! Comments (2)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: This puppy really knows how to enjoy the dog days of summer! Comment
Fuzzy Brooklyn: Check out these soggy doggies! Comments (1)
BoroBeat: They really got into gear! Comment
BoroBeat: It was a special day. Comment
Art: They drew on the People’s Playground’s colorful past! Comment
BoroBeat: They had the right to remain excited! Comments (1)
Books: The Yule Ball has nothing on these celebrations. Comment
Red Hook: Talk about squad goals! Comment
Downtown: “Black Lives Matter is a Jewish issue because there are black Jews,” said one protester. Comments (5)
Williamsburg: They’re brushing up on their local history! Comment

Coney’s got talent! Brooklynites put on a seaside show

BoroBeat: Talk about a hot performance! Comment
BoroBeat: Good and evil clashed in a momentous battle at MCU Park on July 23, and it was not the hometown Brooklyn Cyclones against the hated Staten Island Yankees — it was between the Jedi and Sith. Comment

Third Ave. first for fun: Ridge’s stroll draws all walks

BoroBeat: This four-part street fair gets off on the right foot. Comment
BoroBeat: His pies were bigger than his stomach. Comment
Fuzzy Brooklyn: They were dressed to the canines! Comment
The Greatest Story Ever: He was at Front Street Pizza all along — of course! Comments (10)
Art: Greenbacks are getting more colorful! Comments (4)
BoroBeat: It was a bazaar sight! Comments (19)
BoroBeat: Well obviously not this kid. Give him a break, he’s 2. Comment
Prospect Heights: Hundreds of Kings County residents gathered with pols, police, and religious leaders in Grand Army Plaza on Monday for a candlelight vigil to pray for shooting victims around the country last week. Comments (1)
Williamsburg: It is the one high-rise in Williamsburg that doesn’t divide newcomers and old-timers. Comments (2)
You can’t beat the big dogs. Comment
Cyclones: For one night, they were the biggest wieners in baseball. Comments (1)

Here they are: Your Fourth of July fireworks photos!

Here they are: Your Fourth of July fireworks photos!

Brooklyn Heights: Great snaps from Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comment
Williamsburg: State park honchos want Williamsburg dog owners to get their s--- together. Comments (5)
Nightlife: It will be a blast! Comments (4)
BoroBeat: These kids messed themselves — for fun! Comment
BoroBeat: It was a trip down memory lane. Comment
Greenwood Heights: Brooklyn’s biggest house of the dead says it doesn’t need more gun-violence victims. Comments (6)
Ditmas Park: The winner said he was “not really excited,” but that the show was “good” nonetheless. Comments (1)
Changing Brooklyn: From the people who bought you the Pier 6 towers and the 10 John St. redevelopment, comes the blockbuster sequel of 2017... Comments (1)
Awesome: Well what else did you expect to happen? Comments (1)
Books: Go birding this summer — you won’t egret it! Comments (1)
Art: He has focused on the parade. Comments (1)
Prospect Heights: Hundreds of Brooklynites stood vigil in the shadow of Grand Army Plaza as the sun set on Wednesday. Comments (1)
Greenpoint: These bikers are blazing a trail to save lives. Comment
BoroBeat: Thousands of Brooklynites flocked to Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue to celebrate the borough’s queer community at the 20th Brooklyn Pride on Saturday. Comments (3)
Downtown: They were holding out for a gyro! Comment
BoroBeat: This party just keeps getting bigger! Comments (3)
Dyker Heights: Woman, woman! We saluted Kings County’s most “distinctive” females at Sirico’s Caterers in Dyker Heights. Comments (6)
Motorcycles, lamps, pillows, and color itself — if you can mod it, Brooklyn is making it unique. Comments (1)
BoroBeat: Hai-five to this guy! Comment
BoroBeat: These cubs really roared. Comment

Bay Ridge over the moon for Lag B’Omer festival

BoroBeat: Children and adults danced and marched down Bay Ridge Avenue from the Chabad of Bay Ridge to Owl’s Head Park to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Lag B’Omer on May 26. Comment
Music: This guy has some bad habits. Comments (1)
BoroBeat: Brooklynites commemorated the Americans who died serving their country, and honored those who have returned. Comment

From water to wine

From water to wine

Art: Her work transcends labels! Comments (1)

Brooklyn is HOT!

Brooklyn is HOT!

... and we aren’t just talking about the weather! Comments (15)
Brooklynites gathered along the waterfront to welcome more than a dozen vessels rolling underneath the Verrazano–Narrows Bridge and into New York Harbor for the first day of Fleet Week on May 25. Comment
BoroBeat: This Cobble Hill street fair had kids spinning out — literally! Comment
Downtown plan: City Tower brings its A-game to the Downtown apartment building luxury amenity wars. Comments (1)
BoroBeat: The Park Slope hospital ate, boogied, and honored at its annual fundraiser. Comment
BoroBeat: Three is a crowd — thousands is a party! Comments (3)
Red Hook: That’s one way to drive home your message. Comments (8)
BoroBeat: There was no keeping this festival at bay. Comment
BoroBeat: There were smiles by the truck load! Comments (4)
BoroBeat: Here they are — horned hats, bunads, and all — the plunderers who invaded Owl’s Head Park for Viking Fest on Saturday and the revelers who followed in their wake during Sunday’s Norwegian Day Parade. Comments (4)
Manhattan Beach: Hundreds of police and firefighters stormed Leon Goldstein High School in Manhattan Beach for a counter-terrorism drill on May 15. Comment
Marine Park: That’s when all the cars stop and pedestrians cross everywhere at once. Comment
Flatbush: The dogs showed signs of abuse and are now in Animal Care and Control’s custody. Comments (16)
BoroBeat: Aloha joy! Comment

They had a ball! Mets go to bat for Little Leaguers

BoroBeat: Brooklyn and Queens wound up on the same winning team during a Mets’ youth baseball clinic for St. Athanasius Little League at Citi Field. Comment
Marine Park: Call it Marine Bark! Comment

Holy s---! This was the most beautiful civic meeting ever!

Holy s---! This was the most beautiful civic meeting ever!

Brooklyn Heights: Who needs photos of Power Point presentations when the location looks this good?! Comment
Event: Rains came down, spirits stayed up. Comment
BoroBeat: April flowers brought May showers! Comment
BoroBeat: They were bathing in the “Purple Rain” — and also the actual rain. Comment
BoroBeat: It was a vicious cycle. Comments (8)
BoroBeat: Brooklyn’s cultural elite partied the night away at the Brooklyn Museum’s annual Artists Ball on Wednesday night. Comments (3)
BoroBeat: It was the mother of all nature parties. Comment
BoroBeat: It was a Sunny night in Red Hook. Comment
BoroBeat: They’re calling Coney a shore thing. Comment
BoroBeat: They had a ball — and now they’re off to one! Comments (1)
BoroBeat: The boys and girls of summer are back! Comment
Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: The dream of the ’90s is alive in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. Comments (1)
Politics: Highlights from the hopeful’s visit to the People’s Playground. Comments (2)
Greenpoint: He lived in Brooklyn before it was cool. Comments (9)
Midwood: Some felt the Bern, others went to do the burning. Comments (2)
Brighton Beach: He got some blow-back. Comment
Crown Heights: Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton addressed more than 300 boisterous Brooklynites at a “Women For Hillary Town Hall” at Medgar Evers College in Crown Heights on April 5. Comments (9)

This year’s winner at CitiField? Papa Rossa pizza!

Podcast: On our baseball preview show, the boys tasted pizza! Comments (3)
High School Sports: What a hoops season it was in Brooklyn! Comment
BoroBeat: The Cyclone and Wonder Wheel got their day in the sun after the specter of a blizzard postponed the blessing of the rides last week. Comment
Gowanus: Gowanus is feeling the Bern — and it isn’t from a Canal-related rash! Comments (24)
Brighton Beach: They did all the mitzvot! Comment
Bay Ridge: A teenage burglary suspect evaded scores of police officers in a foot chase that spanned Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, and Bensonhurst on March 23. Comments (21)
BoroBeat: They had everybody seein’ Dublin! Comments (3)
BoroBeat: This year, Midwood High School won, but everybody had a blast Comment
Red Hook: Sunny Balzano, whose eponymous tavern has been a Red Hook fixture since 1890, died on March 10. Comments (3)
BoroBeat: Call it the Thrill-a in the Mill-a! Comment
Event: St. Paddy’s Day partiers are not seeing double — there are two parades on the same day! Comment
Cleaning Our Waterways: Talk about suffering for your art. Comments (3)
BoroBeat: This school is growing lettuce — and eco-warriors! Comments (2)
BoroBeat: This chili will burn your a-- in more ways than one. Comment
BoroBeat: They weren’t monkeying around! Comment

Winter beer taste test

Dining: Our reporters sample three winter beers from Brooklyn. Comment
BoroBeat: It was the storm before the calm! Comment
Brooklyn Is Angry: Protesters faced off Downtown on Saturday over the conviction of a rookie police officer who fatally gunned down an unarmed Red Hook man in an East New York in 2014. Comments (19)
Editor’s Picks: The sisters are doin’ it for themselves this week in Brooklyn! We’ve got performances from four fantastic females that you need to see. Check it out, Brooklyn! Comment
Boro of Nerds: These pony partiers just couldn’t rein in their enthusiasm! Comments (1)
BoroBeat: It’s Brooklyn’s Iditarod! Comment
Ladies discuss their canine companions! Comments (1)
Williamsburg: Two Williamsburg waterfront warehouses burned down last year after firefighters failed to extinguish burning embers from a smaller blaze there hours earlier, according to two long-awaited reports acquired by this paper. Comments (16)
Red Hook: Where did all the snow go? Comments (2)
Bay Ridge: Talk about playing the angles! Comment
BoroBeat: This local pol is really trying to get in his youngest constituents’ good books. Comment
BoroBeat: It was a chipper leaves-taking. Comment
Red Hook: Charming secluded seaside town or transit-starved industrial district? We road test Brooklyn’s apparent new holiday hot-spot. Comments (3)
Podcast: This week, Christopher Swain — the only man with enough guts to swim the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek — tells us what its like to be the only mammal to ever survive a dunk in both. Comments (1)

The big Brooklyn stories of 2015

The big Brooklyn stories of 2015

As we step into 2016, we look back at another record-breaking year, Comments (1)
The yuletide season is behind us, but Brooklyn’s most beloved holiday tradition is just beginning! Comments (1)

The most popular Brooklyn Paper stories of 2015

We know what you’re reading, Brooklyn. Comment

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