Carroll Gardens–Cobble Hill
The Greatest Story Ever: The Kentile Floors sign may soon be erased from the Gowanus skyline, but it is not coming off of this guy’s back any time soon. Comments (13)

Out on limbs! Tour the rest of Brooklyn through his skin art

This Australian transplant’s tattooed back is not the only homage to Brooklyn on his body. His flesh is a greatest hits compilation of borough iconography. Comment

Goon holds up women at laser-pointer-point

Crime: Plus a smattering of other crimes from the 76th Precinct in Carroll Gardens. Comment

LICH-Ville Estates is coming

Hospitals in Crisis: Long Island College Hospital is going condo. Comments (14)
Development: The Kentile Floors sign is dead. Long live the Kentile Floors sign. Comments (4)

It’s time to play LICH Bingo

Hospitals in Crisis: Introducing LICHO — the family game that will keep you engaged with the news while it supplies you with hours of fun! Comments (1)

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