Event: He’s No. 1 when it comes to No. 2! Comments (2)

Save the date! There is a Valentine’s event for everyone!

Nightlife: It is a love-ly week! Comment

Look sharp: Catch an edgy play about teen fencers

Theater: She’s getting right to the point. Comments (1)

Finally, the Sisters showed mercy

The Sisters of Mercy bowed to loud public backlash — and lived up to their name — by backing down on the early eviction of the Narrows Senior Center from the Angel Guardian home. The nuns, who sold the sprawling former orphanage in Dyker Heights, gave up their plan to evict the seniors months before the end of their lease after the oldsters rallied with local pols to protest their imminent ouster. The nuns will now allow the senior center to stay in the building until June 4 — when its lease ends. Comment

Frank talk about an unmentionable subject

Rhymes with Crazy: You guessed it: Death! Comment

Frank talk about an unmentionable subject

Rhymes with Crazy: You guessed it: Death! Comment

What to read this week

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comment
Editor’s Picks: This week, we’ve got sleepy superheroes, kids boogie-ing to Bowie, a boozy production of “Romeo & Juliet,” and much more! Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment

Follow your heart to Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge Nights: Fall in love with everything Bay Ridge has to offer this weekend! Comment
Changing Brooklyn: Longtime Marine Parkers are livid the city let the owners of a small one-family Kimball Street home supersize it into a multi-family monstrosity they say is completely out of character with the neighborhood — and part of a trend that, if it continues, will let developers turn their beloved enclave into an overcrowded mess the likes of which can sadly be found just a few blocks away. Comment

Food for dirty thoughts: Sexual-fetish expert tantalizes with tales from her trade on BPR

Podcast: This week’s episode of Brooklyn Paper Radio got so steamy, we produced two versions — uncut and censored — of the scintillating show. Comment
Downtown: A local congresswoman is taking up the cause of a nationally known immigrants’ rights activist by introducing a private bill that would stymie his upcoming deportation. Comments (2)
Dyker Heights: Former orphans adopted from the Angel Guardian campus lamented the possibility that the historic structure they once called home will be bulldozed by the mystery developer who recently bought the sprawling Dyker Heights property. Comments (4)
Coney Island: They competed with scout’s honor! Comment

Long-serving Brooklyn Hospital doctor returns at head of Pediatrics

Standing O: Dr. Noah Kondamudi has returned to The Brooklyn Hospital Center for a second time, to take the helm of the facility’s Department of Pediatrics. Comment
Digital editions: Does watching the stock market give you whiplash? Then turn your eyes to the Paper, which gives you news with all the gut-wrenching twists and turns of a tumultuous Wall Street, without any of the financial stress. You can’t lose when you bet on a quality product — especially one that requires no money down to get in on the action. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the Paper and make your futures bright. And keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…
Sheepshead Bay: Bye, bye, bocce! Comment
Bedford-Stuyvesant: Young bookworms celebrated the long-awaited reopening of Bedford-Stuyvesant’s spruced-up Marcy Library on Monday, when the reading room welcomed its first patrons after a prolonged renovation that honchos originally expected to end last summer. Comments (2)
Mill Basin: They collected a pot of gold! Comments (1)
Shopping: Wedding bells are ringing in Bay Ridge! Comment

Unit-ed artists: Bushwick musicians turn home into a venue

Music: It’s a unit of merriment! Comment
Event: They’re like, really smart! Comment

Police arrest man for allegedly abusing two girls on a Bath Beach bus

Bensonhurst: Police arrested a 59-year-old man on Feb. 2 for allegedly fondling two 12-year-old girls numerous times between September and November 2017 on a city bus in Bath Beach. Comment
Downtown: Residents of the 68-story tower going up at the massive City Point complex in America’s Downtown can float among the clouds in an infinity pool that will be the highest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, a spokeswoman for the developer announced Monday. Comments (1)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: Local transit officials forced a Brooklyn-born tech startup that provides canines with curbside kennels to remove its rental doghouses from sidewalks across the borough — after the mayor’s office invited the company’s founders to represent the city at an international tech conference last year. Comments (1)
Downtown: A man died on Saturday after he leaped in front of a train pulling into the Jay Street–MetroTech station, according to police, who called the death a suicide. Comments (1)
Dyker Heights: The Sisters of Mercy lived up to its name — and bowed to loud public backlash — by backing down on the early eviction of the Narrows Senior Center from the Angel Guardian home. Comment
Coney Island: Illegal sewage hookups must still be pumping poop into Coney Island Creek even a year and a half after the state caught an a nearby apartment complex dumping up to 200,000 gallons of raw sewage into the creek every day, according to local environmental advocates who test the waters for bacteria. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: Brooklyn Hospital Center honchos’ imminent deal to sell its Willoughby Street medical tower on Fort Greene Park to a residential-housing developer could stir controversy among residents who oppose bringing a swanky high-rise to the border of the public green space, according to a local civic guru. Comments (9)
Park Slope: A Park Slope green thumb with four decades in the floral business closed his Fifth Avenue flower shop on Wednesday, vacating a space that locals flocked to for fresh cuts for more than a century. Comment

Driver smashes into man crossing Cypress Hills street, killing him

Crime: A motorist hit and killed a 23-year-old crossing a Cypress Hills street just blocks from his home before dawn on Friday morning. Comment

Brighton Beach man gets 19 years for fatally shooting friend

Midwood: A Brighton Beach man who fatally shot his friend in the chest in 2015 was sentenced to 19 years in prison on Feb. 1. Comment

Eleven charged in Southern Brooklyn drug ring

Sheepshead Bay: Eleven people are facing more than 250 charges after cops busted an alleged drug ring trafficking heroin, cocaine, and a dangerous synthetic opioid across Southern Brooklyn. Comment
Coney Island: A man being robbed at gunpoint tried to wrestle the firearm away, and only relented when it went off, according to police. Comment
Go There Now While You Still Can: The owner of Brooklyn Heights culinary-supply shop A Cook’s Companion is closing her kitchen store on Sunday, weeks earlier than originally planned, because her loyal patrons nearly wiped the place clean when they found out it would shutter this month. Comments (5)

Police seeking suspect in $5,000 identity theft

Mill Basin: Police are looking for a man they believe stole more than $5,000 from a victim by stealing his identity. Comment

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