Music: They’re gettin’ juggy with it! Comments (1)
The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: This powerful new play is sometimes hard to watch. Comment

Stirring up a ‘hole’ lot of controversy

Why are we having all these people from “s-------” countries come here? Comment
Mean Streets: A Fourth Avenue gas station near a Sunset Park elementary school is a “death trap,” according to local parents, who blasted the city for not doing enough about it. Comments (16)
Dyker Heights: The Sisters of Mercy gave the Narrows Senior Center a grace period before it’s evicted from the recently sold Angel Guardian home in Dyker Heights, but that doesn’t make the oldsters there any happier about being forced to move to a new — and inferior — location, according to members. Comments (1)
Nightlife: Are you ready for some football? Comment
Bay Ridge: Demonstrators rallied outside the district office of a Bay Ridge state senator on Monday to protest a comment he made about drug addiction in a recent interview that many locals and officials called racially charged. Comments (6)
Editor’s Picks: This week, we’re going to watch movies starring groundhogs, crabs, and kitties, plus a live-action musical with a singing frog! Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment

You can have a ball in Bay Ridge!

Bay Ridge Nights: You can have a super weekend in the Ridge, even without the Super Bowl! Comment

Dressed in red

Wearing red today raises awareness of the risk of heart disease to women

Health: Today, the American Heart Association is launching its Get Heart Smart for Women campaign, a call to action to spread the message that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the U.S. Comment
Health: Community News Group’s President and Publisher opens up about her personal battle with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Comment
Health: NYU Langone Hospital–Brooklyn has recruited four skilled heart specialists to bolster its cardiovascular services in the city’s most populous borough. Comment
Marine Park: It’s a blast from the past. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: Two developers will pay the city millions to build a pair of privately owned residential towers on a parking lot for residents of a Boerum Hill public-housing complex, leaders of the New York City Housing Authority recently announced. Comments (25)
Prospect Heights: New York taxpayers will shell out millions so the New York Islanders can spend less time playing in Brooklyn over the next three years before the team abandons the borough altogether, Gov. Cuomo announced on Monday. Comment
Red Hook: Loyal patrons of a beloved Red Hook dive bar took their last swigs at the liquor-slinging pub on Saturday during a rowdy final farewell party that bested any other night in the nearly 15-year-old spot’s existence, its owner said. Comments (2)

Black powers! Film festival celebrates black superheroes

Cinema: This festival is a study in black and might. Comment

Dem boss calls primary ‘waste’

Party Line: Brooklyn’s Democratic Party Boss is angry that two different candidates have thrown their hat into the ring to oust the Republican Bay Ridge state Senator who has held the seat for the last 15 years. Comment

Anti-social media: Play mocks Instagram addiction

Theater: This show is #amazing! Comment

Legal injection centers is not the answer to opioid crisis

The Right View: The city is deciding behind closed doors whether or not to open supervised injection facilites for heroin addicts. Its time to bring that conversation to the public. Comment

Teaching her college-bound boy to go with the flow

Fearless Living: Life is a highway, and Steph wants her boys to drive it all night long. Comment
Digital editions: But it is anything but mad. This week, the Paper traded its signature blue for a bold red to show its support for the millions of women — many in its own backyard — who battle heart disease and stroke each year. Education and awareness are what drives the Paper to cover any issue, and informing its sisters of their health risks is certainly no exception. So keep researching, doctors. Keep fighting, patients. And keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…

Blind spots

Podcast: Speaking on Brooklyn Paper Radio, the beep said its time we crack down on drivers who kill or mame pedestrians or bicyclists. Comments (11)
Bedford-Stuyvesant: Cops arrested an oil-truck driver who hit and killed a teenage bike rider in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Friday because he allegedly drove without a license. But the motorist who fatally collided with a 27-year-old cyclist in Greenpoint last July while driving a garbage truck he was not licensed to operate only received a violation that prosecutors couldn’t charge him on, according to a spokesman for District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. Comments (9)

Pulpit non-fiction: Library hosts reading of Dr. King’s sermon to kick off Black History Month

Prospect Heights: The Brooklyn Public Library’s central branch will host a reading of one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s final sermons on Sunday, 50 years to the day when he first delivered the speech to congregants of his Atlanta church. Comment

Found himself: Alleged thief submits to Feds after seeing his face on wanted poster

Crown Heights: A Crown Heights man suspected of robbing a Utica Avenue bank had no idea he was the target of a federal investigation until he saw his face on wanted posters for the crime — which he told officers he didn’t remember committing, according to prosecutors. Comments (1)
Theater: Call it “Beauty and the Best-Dressed.” Comment

Member of ‘opioid bandits’ gang sentenced to eight years in prison for gunpoint pharmacy robberies

Marine Park: A member of a gang of four that robbed pharmacies at gunpoint for oxycodone pills in Mill Basin, Marine Park and East Flatbush was sentenced to more than eight years in prison on Jan. 25. Comment

Deadly shooting in Canarsie

Canarsie: An unknown person shot a man dead in a car in Canarsie on Jan. 27, according to police. Comment

Super markets!

Fort Greene: Here’s what’s in store for customers when Fort Greene’s new Whole Foods Market 365 opens tomorrow. Comments (3)
Bay Ridge: Island-culture lovers trekked to Flatbush last weekend to celebrate the grand reopening of a Caribbean marketplace, thrilling sellers excited to set up shop inside the new, temporary space after vacating the old location last summer. Comments (3)
Crime: Cops are hunting for the letter-writing robber who held up Park Slope and Sheepshead Bay banks in a spree that began on Jan. 16. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: Honchos of a popular Brooklyn-based creamery announced Friday that they will scoop their frozen confections at a new location inside a historic Prospect Park West building that once hosted an old-timey ice-cream parlor in the 1930s. Comments (3)
Crime: An out-of-state homicide detective is asking Brooklynites to help crack a three-decade-old probe into the murder of two presumed Kings County teens. Comment

Woman found dead on Midwood street

Crime: A woman was found dead on Olean Street in Midwood on Jan. 25, according to police. Comment
Greenpoint: The city is protecting a private-carting company with a history of fatal accidents after its employee hit and killed a 27-year-old cyclist in Greenpoint last July while driving a massive garbage truck he was not licensed to operate, the lawyer representing the victim’s family told the Brooklyn Paper. Comments (22)
Dyker Heights: Ever since the Sisters of Mercy sold the Angel Guardian property in Dyker Heights to unknown developer last month, locals and their elected representatives have increased their calls for community input to shape what will be the neighborhood’s largest real estate development in a generation. Comment
River of Tears: The city will transform one of the most dangerous streets in North Brooklyn into a major bus-and-bicycle corridor for straphangers looking to cross the East River when the L train’s underwater Brooklyn-to-Manhattan tube closes in April 2019. Comments (7)

Grave concerns!

You’ve got hate mail: Cemetery honcho bombarded with letters blasting his request for gyno’s statue

Greenwood Heights: Dozens of irate locals fired off letters to the head honcho of Brooklyn’s biggest necropolis after this newspaper reported he wanted the graveyard to be the final resting place for a polarizing effigy of a gynecologist who experimented on black slaves. Comments (17)

Fighting words: Residents react to Green-Wood’s statue scheme

Brooklyn Is Angry: Green-Wood Cemetery’s offer to take a controversial statue off the city’s hands sparked too much controversy for one story, so we culled additional comments from the dozens of letters locals sent in opposition to the monument’s move. Comments (4)
Cleaning Our Waterways: The long-awaited cleanse of the toxic Gowanus Canal got stuck in the muck yet again last month when workers hit a roadblock during one of the simplest parts of the cleanup, according to the man in charge of it. Comments (4)

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