Art: These drawings have been given a new platform! Comments (1)

Brooklyn native keeps Navy shipmates well fed

Harbor Watch: The Washington Irving High School graduate is serving as a culinary specialist. Comment
Music: This band is old and new and something blues! Comment

How to win at soccer without really trying

Rhymes with Crazy: Here’s a hint: Let the kids play by themselves! Comment

How to win at soccer without really trying

Rhymes with Crazy: Here’s a hint: Let the kids play by themselves! Comment

Some say Golden’s image is tarnished

A mother whose son was killed by a reckless driver recently spent 24 hours protesting outside a Bay Ridge state senator’s local office because she claimed the pol backtracked on a personal promise to her that he’d push the passage of a bill to double the number of speed cameras citywide, which his Republican party blocked in the state Senate.. Amy Cohen, who stood vigil with other safe-street activists, claimed Sen. Marty Golden has the power to get the legislation passed before the city’s speed-camera program expires on July 25 — but is choosing not to. Our readers’ opinions varied widely on this hot-button issue: Comment

Weekend Reads: Booksellers give us their recommendations

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comment

Whiplash! Golden reverses again, demands Senate reconvene for vote on speed-camera bill

Mean Streets: Bay Ridge state Sen. Marty Golden bowed to weeks of protests from constituents demanding he save speed cameras on Wednesday, when he called on the Senate’s Republican majority leader to reconvene the body to vote on a speed-camera bill that would double the number of cameras citywide before the current ones switch off on July 25. Comments (3)
Midwood: These seniors couldn’t get a new lease on life. Comment
Event: They are cleaning up a dirty joke joint! Comment

Friday the 13th means fun in the Ridge!

Bay Ridge Nights: Have a lucky, action-packed weekend in Bay Ridge — beginning on Friday the 13th! Comment
Editor’s Picks: This week we’ve got a circus in a cemetery, a Bastille Day bash, a mini comic con, and much more! Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment
Event: Watch the final matches of the world’s biggest game — now updated with more locations! Comments (1)

Brooklyn native serves his country — and crew — as a Navy culinary specialist

South Shore High School grad is cooking up a storm on the USS Decatur. Comment
Bay Ridge: Talk about being taken for a ride. Comment
Greenwood Heights: Is there a way to not see them? Comments (13)

Backpedaling! City delays rollout of dockless-bike plan in Coney

Bay Ridge: The city is delaying plans to bring a dockless rental-bike pilot program to Coney Island until later this year, the Department of Transportation recently announced, citing ongoing construction projects and the area’s large summer crowds. Comments (5)
Nightlife: This bar has plenty of breathing room. Comment

Pols get antisocial on social media

Party Line: There’s lots of news this week from around the political interweb. Comment
Digital editions: Look, we know we’re on a pace for another great season (our 40th!) and we know we’ve got the team that can get us another championship. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get better. So rest assured, before the trading deadline comes and goes, we’ll pick up the best players available — even if we have no place for them to play! As usual, our farm system is stacked, and sometimes you have to trade up. So keep an ear out for the latest rumors, because they are probably true. The Brooklyn Paper is about to get even better. Oh, and keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…
Park Slope: Officers with the 78th Precinct towed a graffiti-covered, trash-stuffed sedan from the Sixth Avenue parking space it occupied for more than a week on Tuesday — roughly 24 hours after the Brooklyn Paper was first to report on neighbors’ frustration with officials over their refusal to remove the dump on wheels, and days after local police told one Sloper they couldn’t get rid of the ride. Comments (24)

There’s a catch: Signs can’t ban angling in Gowanus without data on how putrid canal affects fish, state says

Cleaning Our Waterways: State officials cannot sign off on placards that ban all fishing in the fetid Gowanus Canal, which past federal studies found filled with life-threatening chemicals, because they lack any actual data on how those toxic substances taint species that swim inside the channel itself, according to a bigwig from New York State’s Department of Health. Comments (7)

Lawn at Pier 3 opens inside Bklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Heights: Stewards of Brooklyn’s front yard opened the last of its six piers-turned-parkland to guests on Tuesday, snipping a ribbon at Pier 3 before inviting guests to sit back and soak up some sun on the latest addition to the lush waterfront lawn. Comments (1)
Red Hook: Fire Marshals suspect some pyromaniac purposely lit a vacant Red Hook warehouse on fire last month, weeks after a group of locals proposed landmarking the building, according to a spokesman for New York’s Bravest. Comments (1)

Police: Man KOs MTA conductor in subway station

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: He got clocked on the clock. Comments (2)

Feds want to tear down WWII barracks in national park damaged by Sandy

Mill Basin: This historic building could be history soon. Comment

Show boat: Colorful craft ready to hit the waves

Art: It’s sure to dazzle! Comment

Driver arrested in deadly Park Slope hit-and-run

Park Slope: Police arrested a Bronx man after he allegedly hit and killed a Staten Island man on 21st Street in Park Slope on June 30. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: A developer proposing to erect a nine-story, mixed-use building next door to Kensington Stables must consider the beloved barn in its plans, according to the borough president, who implored the builder to work out a land-use agreement with its neighbor in exchange for the city signing off on a rezoning request necessary to construct the mostly residential high-rise. Comments (3)
Breaking Chews: A new caterer recently set up shop inside Prospect Park’s Boathouse after another chef sent stewards of Brooklyn’s Backyard scrambling to fill its kitchen when he abruptly vanished in the heat of wedding season last summer. Comment

Bed-Stuy man sentenced in 1994 rape case kept open via ‘John Doe’ indictment

Bedford-Stuyvesant: A Bedford-Stuyvesant man will spend as many as two decades in prison for raping a teenage girl in 1994, a judge ruled on July 6, closing a case that remained open for more than 20 years — largely thanks to a controversial legal tactic a now-disgraced top prosecutor used to skirt statute-of-limitation rules before state lawmakers revised them. Comments (1)

Homecoming: Sandy-struck Coney Islander returns to elevated house after year of work

Coney Island: Call it a higher standard of living! Comment

Top of the roatation looks good (for now), but Clones drop tough one to Yanks

The Ride: Jason Vargas pitched well for the Clones, but the bullpen couldn’t hold on. Comment
Blind Spots: Demonstrators swarmed the 83 Precinct station house on Knickerbocker Avenue in Bushwick on Thursday, demanding authorities explain why the hit-and-run driver who fatally ran over a 4-year-old on a nearby sidewalk on June 24 has yet to be arrested or charged, even after cops stopped her while she fled the scene. Comments (10)
Bedford-Stuyvesant: A Brooklyn police detective shot in the line of duty early Friday left Kings County Hospital that afternoon surrounded by members of New York’s Finest, who cheered his recovery and thanked him for his service. Comment

Syndergaard hammers Yanks

The Ride: Thank Thor! Comment

Cyclones, after digging out of two-run hole, fall to Yanks

The Ride: The Cyclones overcame Staten Island’s early two-run lead, scoring two in the sixth to tie it up last night, before giving up a solo homer to the hated Yanks that cost our boys the game. Comment

Aberdeen defeats Cyclones, sweeps series

The Ride: Brooklyn failed to maintain an early lead, and to capitalize on a late-game rally, last night, letting the Ironbirds soar to victory — and a second-place tie with the Clones in their McNamara Division of the New York-Penn League. Comment
Cleaning Our Waterways: City officials want to spend unnecessary cash to make a water-filtration facility required for the cleanup of the toxic Gowanus Canal bigger than it needs to be, according to the Feds overseeing the cleanse. Comments (9)
Mean Streets: The city is giving straphangers who need to cross the East River during the impending closure of the L train’s Brooklyn–Manhattan tunnel more rental bicycles to hop on, some of which are equipped with batteries that will help power the two-wheelers when riders get fatigued. Comments (9)
Bay Ridge: This contest was, frankly, amazing. Comment

Brooklyn falls to Aberdeen

The Ride: Clones batters stranded no less than nine runners on base last night, failing to crawl out from a two-run defecit and letting the Ironbirds fly to victory in Brooklyn’s third consecutive loss. Comment
The Ride: New York Mets star hurler Noah Syndergaard, known as “Thor” for his physical likeness to the Norse god of thunder, will take the mound for the Cyclones on Sunday as part of the rehabilitation process for a strained right-finger ligament that sidelined him months ago. Comment

Ironbirds crush Clones

The Ride: Brooklyn’s batters had little luck at the plate last night, scoring just one run, and its pitchers didn’t fare any better on the mound, giving up seven to Aberdeen in a crushing Independence Day loss. Comment

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