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Event: Dozens of chefs from eateries along Fifth Avenue will again come together to showcase their cuisines at a mouth-watering festival on Tuesday night. Comment

Rose-colored tunes: Rocker makes upbeat songs about serious subjects

Music: She’s comic and tragic, punk and pop! Comment
Theater: Here, the battle of the sexes is a fight to the death! Comment

The flip side of post-traumatic stress disorder

Rhymes with Crazy: For some, but not all, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Comment

The flip side of post-traumatic stress disorder

Rhymes with Crazy: For some but not all, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Comments (1)

Don’t punish bikers for sins of bad drivers

Regarding the recent pedestrian deaths in Park Slope, Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives ought to be ashamed of himself for using this tragedy to further his agenda of installing protected bike lanes. Now he wants them on Ninth Street. Two lanes of traffic were already eliminated to install bike lanes. Making them protected would have not prevented this tragedy. Comment

It is still St. Paddy’s in the Ridge!

Bay Ridge Nights: Fill up with a hodgepodge of fun this weekend in the Ridge! Comment
Editor’s Picks: This week, we’ve got some very adult education paired with hot jazz, rides on the Wonder Wheel, a magical journey through Coney Island’s history, and much more! Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment
Fort Hamilton: Students and parents at a Bay Ridge high school questioned the ability of metal detectors to stop an armed shooter after the neighborhood’s state Senator called for “body scanners” in schools. Comment
Flatbush: Let my people go to this festive meal! Comment
Dyker Heights: A posse of preservationists in Dyker Heights is pushing the city to landmark a beloved church that parishioners are worried the Brooklyn Diocese is planning to bulldoze in pursuit of profit over piousness. Comments (9)

Shot at glory: Bay hoops player named finalist for Brooklyn Nets All-Star Award

Bay Ridge: Student athletes on a Sheepshead Bay school’s squad will shoot for their Brooklyn division’s title in the city’s Middle School Basketball League on March 24, but the looming match isn’t the only impending competition for the team’s star power forward — one of six finalists for an award doled out by the Brooklyn Nets. Comment

Winter break: Director’s ‘Tale’ shakes up Polonsky Center

Theater: It’s a bear of a story to deal with. Comment

Schmear and far: ‘Bagels and Salsa’ is a bi-cultural love story set in New York and New Mexico

Books: ‘Bagels and Salsa,’ penned by novelist Lara Reznik, tells the faintly autobiographical story of a Long Island woman who finds love and happiness in, of all places, New Mexico. Comments (1)

Big welcomes to these new leaders

Standing O: A big welcome to the newest board member of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, the new chief of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Brooklyn Hospital Center, and the new president at St. Joseph College in New York. Comment
Digital editions: Call Brooklyn Paper, that’s the name. That name again is Brooklyn Paper. (Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn!) Read more…
Photo Galleries: Brooklynites hoping for sunny skies on Wednesday as they began the second day of the season were dealt no warm embraces by Mother Nature, who pummeled parts of the borough with more than a foot of powder — the most dumped on New York City in spring in more than a century. Comments (9)

Resident’s ball: Park Slope arts program celebrates 25 years

Event: It is time for an Exchange! Comments (1)
Bay Ridge: A family of Iraqi refugees who fled Baghdad amid death threats from terrorists targeting the father’s work supporting the American army have built a new life in Bay Ridge with the support of a Downtown group that helps immigrants and refugees resettle. Comment
Park Slope: A local National Rifle Association chapter let the owner of Park Slope’s Grand Prospect Hall off the hook for hosting a controversial fund-raiser in the face of overwhelming backlash against the businessman. Comments (14)

The cost of canine comfort: Why a Marine Park dog run would have such a high pricetag

Marine Park: This thing is doggone expensive! Comment
Bay Ridge: Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park will celebrate the opening of its 2018 season on March 25 by offering nearly 100 people free rides on Coney Island’s iconic Ferris wheel. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: It’s like combining a cop and concierge. Comment

Gun-free zone: Four more gun-control events in Brooklyn

Event: What did Brooklyn say to the gun? You’re fired! Comments (6)
Marine Park: The mayor should take traffic dangers in their neighborhood as seriously as he takes those in Park Slope, say Marine Parkers demanding a stop sign near JHS 278. Comment
Park Slope: The owner of Park Slope’s gilded Grand Prospect Hall agreed to host an April fund-raiser for a local National Rifle Association chapter, inviting Kings County firearm aficionados to the progressive neighborhood weeks after irate gun-control activists ran them out of Coney Island. Comments (17)

Troubleshooting: Electeds tie faster BQE fix with deploying gun-toting cops in schools

Fixing the BQE: Some state pols want to fast track work on the deteriorating Brooklyn–Queens Expressway — but only if the city puts armed cops in every school. Comments (10)

Kids these days

Brooklyn Is Angry: A crowd of students stormed a Park Slope cellphone store during a Friday protest that lasted for about five minutes before quickly dissolving when the young activists ditched the rally to watch an unrelated fight that broke out down the street. Comments (4)

Police searching for man in connection with robbery of elderly woman

Coney Island: The police are asking the public to help them identify a man wanted for questioning in connection with a March 5 robbery in a Brighton Beach Avenue store in Manhattan Beach. Comment

Road to change: Hizzoner demands Albany pass suite of laws to make streets safer

Blind Spots: State leaders must pass laws that put more speed cameras on city streets, heighten punishments dealt to reckless motorists caught on those devices, and mandate doctors inform officials of drivers’ potentially debilitating health conditions, Mayor DeBlasio demanded on Thursday. Comments (14)

Checkin’ in with the 68th Precinct’s new CO, Robert Conwell

Bay Ridge: Julianne McShane: Can you clarify for readers, who may not know, what exactly is the role of a commanding officer? Comment

Making cents of it all: Records show multi-million dollar deals between city and garbage company

Blind Spots: The city hands over millions of dollars each year to the private carting company with an alleged culture of malfeasance whose unlicensed trucker got a slap on the wrist after he fatally collided with a cyclist in Greenpoint last year. Comments (2)
Downtown: From America’s Downtown, to the Bay in Gravesend, Brooklynites laid claim to these redwood trees! Comments (3)

Police looking for man accused of lewd behavior on Q train

Police are asking for the public’s help identifying a man who allegedly masturbated in front of a woman on an early morning Q train on March 13. Comment

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