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Art: This is where the Wild Things are! Comment

Carnival cruise!

Milestone march: Caribbean carnival and parade turns 50!

Event: Brooklyn’s biggest parade goes gold! Comment
Music: It’s the battle of the pans! Comment

Meet Gus, the boy who fell in love with Siri

Rhymes with Crazy: No, he’s not “normal,” but so what. Comment

Meet Gus, the boy who fell in love with Siri

Rhymes with Crazy: No, he’s not “normal,” but so what. Comment

Too much building, too little parking

When I picked up the Bay News last Friday, I was appalled by the cover headline, “Killed for a spot.” Right next to it was another headline, “Zone-busting development still stalled.” These headlines sum up two major problems in Southern Brooklyn: Over-development and not enough parking. Comment
Bay Ridge: Bay Ridgites seeking a sight of the solar eclipse flocked to the American Veterans Memorial Pier at Bay Ridge Ave. and Shore Road on Tuesday just in time for the peak viewing at 2:44 pm. Comment
Editor’s Picks: This week we’re going outside for murder most foul, a blast from the past, and a sweet story of kids on the run. Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment

Our sit-down with Bay Ridge Council candidate Kevin Peter Carroll

Bay Ridge: Democratic Bay Ridge Council candidate Kevin Peter Carroll met with Community News Group editors on Aug. 18 to discuss his campaign for the party’s nod for the Ridge seat. The 64th Assembly district […] Comment
Nightlife: They’re raising the roof! Comment

Bay Ridge is ready for a fight!

Bay Ridge Nights: Hello, Bay Ridge! Comment
Fort Hamilton: They’re part of your world! Comment

Taking mom and pop to court: Lawyers using federal law to serially sue local small businesses

Park Slope: Call it a legal assault on the little guy. Comments (15)
The sculptures may get washed away, but the fun lives on! Comments (2)
Fort Hamilton: Rep. Yvette Clarke (D–Flatbush) intensified her campaign to rename streets in Fort Hamilton named after Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson when she introduced federal legislation last week to rename any military properties and installations honoring Confederate soldiers and generals. Comment
Fuzzy Brooklyn: It really is the Dog Day of summer! Comment

Planting the seeds for teens’ graduation in urban farming program

Standing O: Students in Kingsborough Community College’s Science Innovation Initiative pitched their concepts for virtual businesses in food and farming, which they developed based on their studies at the school’s urban farm. Comment
Digital editions: That’s right, folks! It’s The Brooklyn Paper! Chock full of news, photos, listings, classifieds, you name it! So pick it up today! It will only set you back two bits! Read more…

An apology from the Community News Group

Perspective: Last week, a piece written by columnist Joanna DelBuono addressed the controversial and emotional issue of Confederate statues and was published with an inappropriate and unnecessarily inflammatory headline. The result was something that does not reflect the views and values of Community News Group, and management subsequently decided to remove the column from the site. Read more…
Greenpoint: Police have a “person of interest” in the fatal stabbing of a Greenpoint man on Aug. 18. Comments (13)

Our sit-down with Bay Ridge Council candidate Justin Brannan

Bay Ridge: We had a chat with the candidate for Vincent Gentile’s Council seat at our office last week. Here’s what he had to say. Comment

American gothic: Macabre tunes at Battle of Brooklyn event

Music: Call them the band of the battle! Comment

It really is a Summer of Hell for the Cyclones

The Ride: Our boys lost for the 11th time in a row. Comment
Clinton Hill: All eyes were on the sky! Comment
Marine Park: Call it an oldie but a goodie. Comment
Park Slope: It was a walk to remember! Comments (1)

Sunset Playground reopens after renovation, expansion

Sunset Park: It was a bright day for the green space! Comments (3)

Kids enjoy Family Fun Day in Canarsie Park

Canarsie: They put the fun in Family Fun Day! Comment

Cyclones lose for 10th-straight time

The Ride: It’s time to just say it: Wait ’till next year. Comment

Sicko rapes 17-year-old girl in park

Park Slope: Cops are hunting for a man who raped a 17-year-old girl in a park on Thursday. Comment

Cemented in last place, Cyclones lose again

The Ride: The “Drive for 20” is failing! Comment

Clones lose, eliminated from playoffs

The Ride: The “Drive for 20” begins! Comment

Another series, another sweep

The Ride: Here’s a reminder: The Cyclones have played 55 games this year, and have only won 15 of them. Comment

Phoning it in! Clones lose sixth in a row

The Ride: This could be the worst one yet. Comment
Podcast: On this week’s show, host Gersh Kuntzman said he will pull no punches when it comes to Nazis, plus a talk with filmmakers Cary Murnion and Jon Milott, whose new film, “Bushwick,” eerily centers on a white supremacist takeover of the hipster neighborhood. Comments (5)

Matt Harvey pitches well, then Cyclones lose

The Ride: It is clear to everyone by now that nothing can help this team. Yeesh. Comments (1)

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