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Books: Smut the front door! Comment

They know the score: Wordless orchestra plays movie soundtracks

Music: A movie night? Sounds good! Comment

Buddy can you spare a kidney?

Rhymes with Crazy: If you have a kidney to spare, of course. Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

Letters: The July 21–27 edition of the Bay Ridge Courier contains an article about the possibility of Citi Bike coming to the neighborhoods of Sunset Park and Bay Ridge (“Citi Bike in the Ridge?” by Lawrence Carrel). In it, Paul White of Transportation Alternatives cites the gathering of 700–1,000 signatures as evidence that these communities are anxious for Citi Bike to arrive. But the math tells a different story. There are approximately 190,000 residents combined in both these neighborhoods; 1,000 signatures represents approximately .005 percent of those residents. Not exactly a consensus by any measure. And I wonder how many people who were asked to sign the petitions refused to do so. Mr. White doesn’t mention. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: They’re adding more pier pressure! Comment
Canarsie: It’s a bitter farewell. Comment
Editor’s Picks: This week, we’ve got a stand-up showcase, dancing demons, a disco tribute to “Saturday Night Fever,” and more! Brooklyn is the place to be! Comments (1)

The Ridge get some screen time

Bay Ridge Nights: Bay Ridge has got movie madness! Comment

Long way ’round: Clones pitcher finally ready for his shot

Marty Anderson’s journey through professional baseball has been far from easy, but the Clones reliever is thankful for every moment and every pitch. Comment
Mill Basin: Rookie cafe Jilly’s is the only java joint in Mill Basin serving up chic brews and desserts, and it’s bringing a rare hipster vibe to a neighborhood that’s literally and figuratively as far from Williamsburg as you can get in the borough. Comment

City announces new Downtown school, doesn’t tell local education council

Class Action: Talk about flunking communication! Comments (1)
Wild Brooklyn: The nutty animal attacked its victim while he was exercising in Brooklyn’s Backyard, the physician said. Comments (4)
Awesome: He’s a hometown hero! Comment

Big day for little grads

Standing O: Tiny tots graduated the Helen Keller Services for the Blind’s Children’s Learning Center in June. Comment
Party Line: The union that represents the city’ beat cops will spend big bucks in hopes of getting police-friendly candidates in office. Comment
Ferry Tales: Set sail for the hippest ’hood. Comments (3)
Digital editions: It’s such a good feeling to know you’re alive. It’s such a happy feeling, you’re growing inside. And when you wake up ready to say “I think I’ll make a snappy new day.” It’s such a good feeling, a very food feeling, the feeling you know that we keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…
Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge street corners piled with refuse from overflowing bins are the latest garbage gripe in a nabe with more than its share of trashy tribulations. Comment
Podcast: Well, at least this is what we wished this week’s episode of Brooklyn Paper Radio was about. Comment

Sun’s in their eyes! Cyclones lose day game!

The Ride: Our boys lost a tough one in Coney Island. Maybe they went swimming afterwards. Comment
Theater: Your guide to the four versions of ‘Macbeth’ happening in Kings County over the next month. Comments (2)
Sunset Park: One of Brooklyn’s oldest hospitals just got a shot of fresh life. Comments (3)

Jo gets to the root of the problem

Not for Nuthin’: Let’s talk about the sidewalk-tree root problem. Comment
Josh Palacios led Telecom to a city championship in 2013, but now the former Yellow Jackets star is ready for his next challenge, climbing the Blue Jays minor-league ladder. Comment

Fielding fate: Poly standout heading to West Virginia

Poly Prep baseball standout Chris Klein’s recruitment lasted just a few weeks before he committed to West Virginia University, and he couldn’t be happier with his choice. Comment
Gravesend: Cops are searching for a hit-and-run driver who struck and killed a Gravesend teen as he was skateboarding down Avenue T on Sunday afternoon. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: A plan to speak with the owner of Summerhill restaurant in Crown Heights turned into a protest when she didn’t show up. Comments (23)

Neighbors sue city over end of private-street trash pick up

Bay Ridge: The city must reverse a recent demand that residents of four private streets in Bay Ridge must now haul their trash bins to the corner of the nearest public street for pick up, according to a lawsuit filed by the residents. Comment
Park Slope: Arcade Fire is making their dreams come true! Comment

Clones beat Ironbirds in 11 innings

The Ride: It was the longest game of the season! Comments (1)
Dining: It’s a big brews-er! Comment
Greenpoint: A garbage truck driver hit and killed a cyclist in Greenpoint early on Saturday morning without stopping. Comments (20)

Slip-n-slide with a twist

Slip-n-slide with a twist

Marine Park: Hundreds of revelers had the time of their lives during a Blacklight Slide party at the Aviator Sports and Events Center on July 21. Partiers from all over zoomed down giant water slides filled with fluorescent green slime and then danced the night away to a disc jockey playing popular beats. Comment

Knockout: Brooklyn boxer ready for fight at Barclays

Jarrell Miller is set to make his Barclays debut on July 29, but the Brooklyn boxer is more focused on notching his 17th knockout in the ring. Comment

Cyclones fall to Ironbirds

The Ride: Check your local listings, folks, because tonight’s game may be rained out. Comments (1)
Coney Island: Now the real clean up can begin. Comment

Cyclones win streak ends at four

The Ride: The Cyclones had a chance to sweep the Tigers, but could only muster one run. Comment
She was a true fan, and true hero! Comments (1)

Brodey’s bomb paces Cyclones

The Ride: A grand slam by Quinn Brodey led the Cyclones to victory in New England. Comment
A Q train just out of Brighton Beach station derailed at the peak of rush hour on Friday morning, stalling traffic on the line and leaving one straphanger with minor injuries. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: They’re going up — for now. Comments (7)

Woman smashes window, tries to jump, before subdued by cops

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: A woman shredded her arms as she shattered a window in an attempt to jump from her Prospect-Lefferts Gardens apartment on July 18. Comments (1)

Clones win again for three in a row!

The Ride: It may be too little, too late, but the Cyclones are rolling! Comment

Cyclones win, take two of three from first-place Yanks

The Ride: The Clones finally won a series — for the first time since the first week of the season. Comment

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