Cinema: This musician is settling an old score. Comments (2)

People’s choice: Ditmas Park film a finalist in Downtown film fest

Cinema: She thinks you should see “Other People.” Comment

Thow the book at ‘em: Author tackles juvenile justice system in new novel

Books: She’s got a killer motive for writing. Comment

Who’s to blame? Mom, that’s who.

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, Lenore explores the phenomenom of mom’s being blamed for, well, everything. Comments (1)

It’s time to end our War on Politics

Spin Cycle: Our columnist asks, “Can’t we all just get along?” Comment
Bar Scrawl: Our drinking illustrator returns from the outer wilderness with tales of a friendly, nerdy bar. Comments (5)
Editor’s Picks: Indulge in a week of escapism with magicians, island spirits, dragons, and witches this week in Brooklyn! Comment

It’s never too early for St. Paddy’s!

Bay Ridge Nights: Gird your liver! Bay Ridge is getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day, just two months away. Comment

Head into ‘Porto’: Play about hipster barflies way better than you’d expect

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: It’s a locally-sourced, artisanally made delight! Comments (1)
Harbor Watch: Sgt. Jose Ramirez met with top enlisted soldiers for Army logistics in the Middle East. Comment
Bensonhurst: The human victims, who all survived, run a popular cat-rescue group. Comment
Transit: Three Brooklyn subway stations are still without wifi internet — despite Gov. Cuomo’s announcement that riders would be able to connect anywhere in the system starting on Jan. 9. Comments (7)

Brooklyn congressmembers call prez-elect Trump ‘illegitimate’

Party Line: Reps Yvette Clarke and Jerry Nadler say the Donald is no real president, and the borough’s token Republican rep says they’re within their rights. Comment

Hoo’s the boss!

Standing O: Faithful customers of the Owl’s Head wine bar helped raise more than $1,000 for the It Gets Better Project. Comment

Brooklyn congressmembers call prez-elect Trump ‘illegitimate’

Party Line: Read it all at Read more…

Holy folk! Steve Gunn aims to rock Greenpoint church

Music: It’s the gospel of rock! Comment
The Greatest Story Ever: I loved it. It was much better than “Cats.” I’m going to see it again and again. Comments (3)

Straphangers F-reak out over rush-hour trains skipping express stops

Carroll Gardens: They say it is causing dangerous overcrowding at skipped stops — and is offering an unwelcome preview of a permanent F express service. Comments (13)
Following his exoneration this week, we take a look back at the epic story of Sunset Park attorney and politico John O’Hara’s fall from grace and his long-overdue absolution after 20 years. Comments (1)
Bay Ridge: This is probably not what Dr. King had in mind. Comments (16)
Nightlife: Let’s go skee-ing! Comment
The art show was in a real-estate office. Comments (5)

Hollywood losers need a new script

Not for Nuthin’: I know, I know, I did say I didn’t want to be bothered by election rhetoric any longer, but I just can’t help myself. Comment

Bus driver hits Midwood pedestrian


Bus driver hits Midwood pedestrian

Grisly video shows the very moment that a school-bus driver hit a woman crossing Avenue M on Jan. 13, police said. Comment

Squabbling city agencies finally agree to move traffic-blocking street-repair equipment

Canarsie: Can’t we all just grit along? Comment

John O’Hara on his vindication thanks to The Brooklyn Paper

Podcast: Former felon John O’Hara tells Vince and Gersh how The Brooklyn Paper helped clear his name 20 years after he was found guilty voter fraud. That, plus Life in a Blender’s Don Rauf discusses exactly “What Happened to Smith.” Comment
Music: Life in a Blender’s Don Rauf admits they didn’t know how good they had it back then! Comments (3)

A whole new world! St. Ephtram’s first-ever musical is ‘Aladdin’

Bay Ridge: Students at St. Ephrem School transported audiences to the fictional village of Agrabah in their version of the Disney musical “Aladdin Jr.” on Jan. 13–15 — the school’s first full-scale theatrical production. The pint-sized performers dazzled audiences with 21 musical numbers in a colorful production that took the entire community to produce, said one parent. Comment
Fort Greene: Activist Opal Tometi was the keynote speaker at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s annual event. Comments (7)
He’s always known what he was capable of — now he’s just proving it. Comment
Fort Greene: Long Island University took down borough rival St. Francis 63–58 on Jan. 14, bolstered by the strong play of its experienced roster down the stretch. Comment
High School Sports: It wasn’t the offensive explosion either team was hoping for. Comment
High School Sports: It felt like a wake-up call — a very loud one. Comment
Big players make big plays. Comment
High School Sports: Fontbonne Hall found a way to grab another win, staying perfect on the season, with a 43–34 victory over Monsignor McClancy on Jan. 12. Comment
Photo Galleries: He interviewed the artist live on video while he was getting inked. Comments (2)
Courts: The Department of Justice just joined a lawsuit accusing the Brooklyn Board of Elections of violating federal law. Comments (12)
Brighton Beach: City work and trade-union membership are on the table. Comment

Plans, trains, and automobiles

Bay Ridge: They want to take this proposal down. Comments (18)
Bay Ridge: But transit honchos say they aren’t needed. Comments (10)

Armed robbers push their way into Coney man’s home

Coney Island: The attack comes after reports that a trio jumped four separate seniors outside their homes on the street during December, although police say there is currently no connection between those crimes and this one. Comment
Bay Ridge: Many still haven’t recieved the applications they asked for back in October — and the deadline to apply was more than a week ago. Read more…
Clinton Hill: Police say he was standing on the tracks of the Clinton-Washington Avenues station. Comments (12)

Mall rats

Changing Brooklyn: It will be next to the mini-mall with the Michael’s, and across the road from the one with the Marshalls. Comments (10)
Shopping: They hope you’ll never go beyond Brooklyn again. Comment
Bay Ridge: He died Wednesday night, and officials are saying he jumped in front of the train to end his life. Comments (8)

Fairway opens in Georgetown

Fairway opens in Georgetown

Shopping: It’s “like no other market” — except the one in Red Hook Comment
Park Slope: Gov. Cuomo’s “safety improvements” to Ocean Parkway are causing more harm than good, residents and pols say. Comments (16)

Writer extends olive branch

Letters: Editor’s note: Anyone paying attention to this page will know that readers Elaine Kirsch and Allan Rosen have been waging a war of words over Ocean Parkway traffic changes and transit in general. But after weeks of heated debate, the two appear to be coming to a truce. Rosen extends an olive branch in this week’s missive. Comment

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