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CDPAP Provides Advantages Over Other Long Term Care Services

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a Medicaid program that gives elderly and disabled people choices and more control about the changes in their health care and lifestyle. Through […] Read more…
Theater: Brooklyn is double, double, toil and trouble-ing down on “Macbeth” this summer — but there’s more! Comment
Music: Fifteen concerts to put on your calendar! Comment

Former Sunset Park pol runs for her old seat

Party Line: The rumors are true! Former Sunset Park Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez is looking to take back her seat. Comments (3)

Finsta-gram: Inside the heads of Millennials

Rhymes with Crazy: What makes these guys tick? Read to find out. Comments (5)

Why is Yeger going against Deutsch?

Letters: Last week you reported that Kalman Yeger is rumored to run against Chaim Deutsch’s seat in the New York City Council (“Possible Deutsch challenger gets support from nearby incumbents,” by Julianne Cuba, online May 11). I have no ill comments about Mr. Yeger, who I have met once, and he certainly has a right to run. What is hard to comprehend is why he would run, except possibly to get his name around town for future political aspirations. Comment

What to read this week

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comment

Vikings invade Bay Ridge!

Bay Ridge Nights: Prepare to get more hammered than one of Thor’s foes! Comment
Editor’s Picks: We’ve got a deadly dungeons, famous old restaurants, outdoor films, and much more! Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment

Sweet talkie: An almost-silent romance in 1920s Coney Island

Cinema: It’s Sodom by the Sea on the silent, silver screen! Comment

Cops: Pervert gropes girls in Sunset Park

Police are on the hunt for a pervert who felt up two young girls in Sunset Park on May 12. Comment
Bay Ridge: Talk about dropping a line. Comments (20)
Dyker Heights: Bay Ridgites assembled in front of Rep. Dan Donovan’s Dyker Heights office on May 11 to demand the lawmaker support a special counsel and the creation of an independent commission of experts to investigate President Trump’s ties to Russia in the wake of the abrupt firing of the Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, who was leading the inquiry. But the congressman does not support the appointment of special counsel or the creation of any other groups to tag-team the investigation, because he has confidence in the existing probes, and is more interested with who will replace Comey at the bureau, said a rep for the legislator. Comments (3)

Sunset Parkers clash over Fourth Avenue bike lane

Sunset Park: This is going to be an uphill battle. Comments (23)

Throw ‘em a bone! Marine Parkers want a dog run in place of former bocce courts

Marine Park: They’re really barking for it! Comment

Host with the boast! Comedian leads a compliment contest

Event: Nice guys finish first! Comment

Fantastic food: Eat like the talking mice of ‘Redwall’

Dining: It’s a meal fit for a mouse! Comment
Page 1: Cheesy goodness? You bet. A pun-demic? Without question. Playing with words? Of course. It’s what makes The Brooklyn Paper so, well, Brooklyn Papery. So keep reading and as always, keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…

Going green: Nets give back with trees for threes

The Nets once again hosted the team’s Trees for Threes Program on May 15, giving back trees to the community in an attempt to add a bit of green to Brooklyn. Comment
Fuzzy Brooklyn: They’re baaaaa-ck!* Comments (2)

Cable companies charge for old free TV

Not for Nuthin’: Buyer beware again! Comment

Freed Prospect Park turtles living the good life in Prospect Park.

Wild Brooklyn: It’s turtles napping instead of turtle-nappings! Comment
Photo Galleries: Retired Bishop Thomas Daily, the Bishop Emeritus of the Brooklyn Archdiocese, whose legacy included fund-raising triumphs, a highly publicized clash with a governor over abortion, and the taint of pedophile priest scandals in two dioceses, died on May 15 at age 89. Comment
BoroBeat: It was their privilege to attend. Comments (5)

Better with baseball: Bergen beach duo revive youth league

Bergen Beach: Frank Cappiello and Carlos Zafra grew up playing baseball in Bergen Beach and now the pair are making sure other kids have the same opportunity. Comment

Changing for good: Telecom star’s position switch shaped career

Bay Ridge: Yellowjackets senior pitcher Thalia Santiago has been nothing short of dominant this spring, but she’s worked hard to get to the top. Comment
They’re making history in Brighton Beach — and they’re proud! Comments (7)
Nightlife: Set sail for day-drinking! Comment
Courts: Once again, it was out with the old, in with the new. Comment
Photo Galleries: Torch relay kicks off senior games Comment
Poly Prep grad Daniel Bakst was selected in the 27th round of the MLB Draft last year, but opted to head to Stanford anyway and his decision is paying off. Comment
Coney Island: The Cosmos dug out of an early-game deficit on May 14, grabbing the team’s first victory at MCU Park with a 4–3 showing against Puerto Rico FC. Comment

Hard-hitting hornets: Midwood cruises to victory over GSC to wrap up division

High School Sports: The defending city chaps grabbed a big-time victory over Grand Street Campus on May 12, taking down the Wolves 10–3 in the final regular-season game. Comment
Mean Streets: Oh, it’ll be a parkway. Comment

Community Board 2 says ‘No’ to controversial Clinton Hill charter school building

Clinton Hill: Community Board 2 voted down a controversial plan to build a 100-foot-tall high school in Clinton Hill on Wednesday. Comments (13)
Kensington: A judge has ordered the bankrupt barn back to the aution block if a deal to sell it isn’t completed by June 22. Comments (7)
Mean Streets: The city will install a bike lane on Classon Avenue between Clinton Hill and Crown Heights where a bicyclist was killed last year, heeding the call of the more then 5,600 petitioners who demanded the safety measure after the tragic death. Comments (36)

Council passes long-awaited ‘illegal conversion’ bill

Dyker Heights: Council has finally passed a long-awaited bill to curb illegal home conversions where landlords dice up buildings and cram tenants into dangerous living conditions — a practice that plagues Southern Brooklyn. Comments (1)
Sunset Park: The Landmarks Preservation Commission green-lighted a $4-million reboot for the Sunset Park Recreation Center on May 9. Comment
Marine Park: Bocce’s back, baby! Comment
Marine Park: It’s dancing for a cause! Comment

Three cads try to rob Bay Ridge woman at gunpoint

Bay Ridge: Police are searching for three goons who throttled a woman by the throat, pressed a gun to her gut, and demanded cash on May 8 — all in her own home. Comment
Park Slope: He’s been charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend, and now he needs tim to “get over” her. Read more…

Slimeball tries to rape Bensonhurst woman

Bensonhurst: Police are searching for the monster who tried to rape a woman in Bensonhurst on May 5th. Comment
Marine Park: These seniors really stretched it out! Comment
Bay Ridge: They were dancing, yeeeah! Comment

Brighton Beachers celebrate — even in the rain!

Brighton Beach: It was a day for togetherness! Comment

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