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Working blue: Police perform in improv show

Event: These officers have put together a different kind of line-up. Comment
Art: He can rebuild them! Comment

Brooklyn between the ropes

Battle of Bash Beach: Pro wrestlers battle at St. Finbar Church

Theater: They are ready to rumble! Comment

The top rope line-up

Event: Meet the wrestlers! Comment

Hype man! Meet Brooklyn’s upstart wrestling promoter

Marine Park: Meet Brooklyn’s Vince McMahon! Comment

Thought for food: I should eat this instead of that!

Rhymes with Crazy: There is a way to diet without even dieting, says our columnist! Comments (1)

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment
Editor’s Picks: A live production of “Point Break,” a puppet festival, and a celebration of a prognosticating rodent! Everything is happening in Brooklyn this week! Comment

Bay Ridge shakes off the flakes

Bay Ridge Nights: The Snowpocalypse is over! Comment

Bay Ridge shakes off the flakes!

Bay Ridge Nights: Our pals at have shoveled away the snow and dug up all the must-see events in Bay Ridge this weekend. Read more…

Why did Ridge rallyers condemn America and not radical Islam?

A Britisher’s View: Whiners, not winners! Bay Ridge residents rallied against Islamaphobia on Martin Luther King Day, but ignored the murderous rages of radical Islam, writes our columnist, who wants to know why. Comment

Free expression: Bushwick gallery is giving art away

Art: This art is priceless! Comments (2)

Storm front and center: How a blizzard reminds us of the good things

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie reflects on those lazy days when the only thing you have to worry about is if you’ll have enough food to get thorugh the weekend. Comments (2)

Standing O is at it again!

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment
Digital editions: Each week, you can read The Brooklyn Paper online or pick up a copy with your own two hands — it is your choice. But either way, you can’t go wrong. And you’ll always be sure to keep hustlin’ Brooklyn! Read more…

E-Hall gridiron star Wint picks Ohio State

High School Sports: Jahsen Wint needed to make sure Ohio State coach Urban Myer was sure about him before he could be sure about the Buckeyes. Comment

Lincoln avenges loss to Westinghouse with lopsided win

High School Sports: Abraham Lincoln dominated George Westinghouse 67–49 in Brooklyn AA boys’ basketball on Jan. 21, avenging a first-ever loss to Westinghouse back in December. The history-making upset late last year encouraged Lincoln to never repeat the mistake. Comment

Loughlin’s girls on the rebound

Joe Knows: An ugly win said volumes about Bishop Loughlin’s girls’ basketball team — the Lions are growing up. Comment
Bergen Beach: A local pol wants to put up “no parking” signs on a Bergen Beach block to stop some alleged bad neighbors from littering. Comment
Williamsburg: One woman was in the East River, the other in the Newtown Creek. Comments (2)
Dance: They’re stepping on some toes. Comment

Police: Guy told woman ‘I will chop you up on this train’ — then did just that

Prospect Heights: Police are looking for a guy who slashed a woman with a sharp object on a Queens-bound 3 train on Tuesday night. Comments (2)

Déjà chew: ‘Groundhog Day’ gets film feast

Cinema: This is the one time it’s okay to have a meal repeat on you. Comment

New Syfy show ‘Magicians’ is abraca-drab-ra

Not for Nuthin’: What do you get when you throw in a bit of Hogwarts, a smattering of Narnia, a heavy dose of “Alphas,” and just that slight touch of “Charmed?” The Syfy channel’s latest offering — “The Magicians” — based on the book of the same name by Lev Grossman. Comment

Brooklyn schools crush Chicago in coding challenge

Awesome: They really are the Second City. Comments (3)
It’s like Yelp, Seamless, and RetailMeNot wrapped into one — an it’s all about Sunset Park. Comment
Nightlife: If tax season drives you to drink, this could be the accountant for you! Comments (1)

Man admits to killing Brooklyn woman, tossing body off Canarsie Pier

Courts: Our pals at have the scoop on this grisly crime. Read more…

Listen: Gersh rips into more dead stars


Listen: Gersh rips into more dead stars

Podcast: How bad was Alan Rickman? Worst actor of his generation, says the most-hated man in America, Gersh Kuntzman. That plus a chat with Brooklyn Paper Radio’s one-man God Squad, Rev. Daniel Meeter and Dick Zigun, the mayor of Coney Island, on this week’s edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio. Comments (4)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: And we have the interview with its new owner! Comments (1)

Pier pressure: Man admits to killing Brooklyn woman, tossing body off Canarsie Pier

Canarsie: A Bronx man admitted on Jan. 25 to strangling and dismembering an East New York woman before hurling her body off the Canarsie Pier in 2014, law enforcement sources said. Now prosecutors hope a sentencing judge is as brutal to the murderer as the killer was to his victim, Brooklyn’s top legal eagle said. Comment

St. Francis storms past rival Blackbirds

They didn’t weather the storm. Comment

Lions claw past St. Raymond

Lions claw past St. Raymond

High School Sports: Marquis Nowell’s night mirrored his team’s — a slow start, followed by a explosive finish. Comment
Development: The new owner is considering creating a day care and a cafe, but he is taking suggestions, a rep said. Comment
Marine Park: Critics say people will die if the Department of Transportation moves on a plan to build bike paths connecting Marine Park and Flatbush Avenue before fixing the avenue itself. Comment

Police: Sunset Park man shot neighbor in head

Sunset Park: A Sunset Parker allegedly killed his neighbor while showing off handgun in their 45th Street apartment building on Jan. 22. Comments (1)
Williamsburg: Neighbors and victims want to know what in the blazes is going on. Comment
Class Action: Parents at Fort Greene, Crown Heights, and Cobble Hill schools claim the charter networks pushed difficult students out. Comments (10)
Bay Ridge: Talk about playing the angles! Comment

Stan discovers Italy’s other major religion

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our well-traveled writer finds out about a ragu-related religion, offers tips for racking up frequent-flyer miles, and expounds on the perils of placing phone calls from space. Comment
BoroBeat: This local pol is really trying to get in his youngest constituents’ good books. Comment

Brooklyn in the blizzard

Downtown: Borough Hall station became a winter blunder-land on Saturday, after part of the Flatbush-bound 4 and 5 platform filled up with snow, creating a slippery path that had some straphangers worried. Comments (5)
Awesome: The “mayor” of this Columbia Waterfront District block may not be able to keep the buses running during a blizzard, but he can keep the streets clear for them. Comments (2)
Meadows of Shame: Can the new engineer tame Brooklyn’s own Gallopn’ Gertie? Comments (4)
Cobble Hill: It was a tropical storm! Comment
Bay Ridge: Two separate community panels gave the city an F for its plan to build a pre-school next to a Gowanus Expressway off-ramp in Bay Ridge on Jan. 20. Comment

Bus-ted! Critics cry foul on MTA’s ‘one-sided’ bus pitch

Marine Park: Brooklynites blasted the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for trying to pull a fast one on them on Jan. 20. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: This home-brew is a little weak for Bushwick’s tastes. Comments (4)
Williamsburg: They just did it. Comment

Police: Help us find this subway masturbator

Windsor Terrace: Cops are looking for a jerk who they say masturbated on the subway in Windsor Terrace earlier this month. Comments (2)
Downtown plan: Finally — a cleaning product designed specifically for ivory towers! Comments (4)
Class Action: Neighbors have grown so frustrated with the perennial trash pile outside John Jay, they have taken to documenting it on social media. Comments (10)

Cutesy baby boutique brings Bushwick residents together

Shopping: They are uniting a neighborhood divided — through organic-cotton onesies. Comment

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