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Tragically hip: Play looks at the ‘Last Hipster in Brooklyn’

Theater: What is a hipster, anyway? Comments (1)
Nightlife: Burlesque is the new black. Comments (1)

Lenore translates your order at Starbucks

Rhymes with Crazy: Finally, someone to explain to you what you are about to enjoy. Or not. Comment

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

What to read this week

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comment

The media needs to start ignoring Donald Trump

This week, our columnist pleads with his colleagues to stop doing stories about GOP’s Presidential front-runner. Comment
Editor’s Picks: This week there’s a robot rumpus, some dolphin discourse, a brass band boppin’, and much more! Everything is happening in Brooklyn! Comment

It’s a show-storm in Bay Ridge!

Bay Ridge Nights: No blizzard will keep Bay Ridge from rocking out! Comment

Bay Ridge is braced for a show-storm!

Bay Ridge Nights: Our friends at have the scoop on bands that will be rocking through the snow in Bay Ridge! Read more…

My daughter proudly served on jury duty

The Dad: Most people try to avoid it, but she did her civic duty and he is proud. Comment

Hey, Mr. Mayor, Brooklyn’s community gardens don’t deserve a date with the wrecking ball

A Britisher’s View: Community gardens make the community grow and City Hall must rethink razing four Brooklyn green spaces that are a borough asset, writes our columnist. Comment

Have judge — will gavel! Pol: Treasury-hired traffic judges too partial to making the city money

Marine Park: He says the city shouldn’t be judge, jury, and executioner. Comment

A night at the (space) opera

Cinema: This space survey is skipping the galaxy far, far away! Comment

Launching into song: Astronaut opera opens at BAM

Music: It is a literal space opera! Comment

Ring the bells for Santa’s Helper

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

Police: Teen was hiding assault rifle under his jacket

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Police arrested a teen on Tuesday night who they say was walking along a Bedford-Stuyvesant street with an assault rifle stuffed under his coat. Comment
Development: Our pals at have the latest in the city’s Coney Island land grab! Read more…

No safety net: Brooklyn can’t afford any more missteps

Joe Knows: The Nets are at a self-made crossroads. Its lack of draft picks leaves the club little margin for error when choosing the path it hopes leads out of the National Basketball Association’s basement. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: Emergency surgery is back at Long Island College Hospital! Comments (8)

No exit sign: Controversial turn off Manhattan Bridge remains for now

Mean Streets: They aren’t turning back now. Comments (3)

Land of milk and hummus: Film looks at Israel’s food culture

Cinema: This food film shows us a melting pot. Comment

Jo wants Spike Lee’s Oscars seat

Not for Nuthin’: Our columnist thinks that Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith boycotting the Oscars is tougher to stomach than the crop of duds the Academy nominated. Comment

DeBlasio looks to the future at BAM’s annual MLK tribute

BoroBeat: Monday marked the 48th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death — but Mayor DeBlasio is already thinking about the 50th. Comment

Canarsie’s Alkins starting final recruitment phase

High School Sports: Hometown hero Rawle Alkins made a stop home in New York on his journey to greatness. Comment
High School Sports: The Medgar Evers girls’ basketball team started the season strong — and then lost its steam. Comment
Mean Streets: This parking job really stinks. Comments (14)
Podcast: Take a listen to another exciting, MLK-Day edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio now! Comments (3)
Mean Streets: Now he needs a bath — and a lawyer. Comments (7)
Bay Ridge: The investigation must have hit a wall. Comments (4)

Civil Ridgites movement: MLK Day march against Muslim bashing

Bay Ridge: They’ve preached an understanding! Comments (25)
A food-workers’ union honcho says owners are salivating over the prospect of selling the land. Our pals at Brooklyn Paper Radio have the scoop. Read more…

Jewell sparkles as Terriers rout Sacred Heart

St. Francis College got the bounce-back win it needed thanks a stellar effort from Tyreek Jewell. Comment

Syncing feeling: Stars align in South Shore win

High School Sports: Their connection transcends words. Comment

Robeson back on track after player’s stroke

High School Sports: Basketball hasn’t been at the forefront of Paul Robeson players’ minds since teammate Rikky Degale’s shocking stroke. Comment
Bay Ridge: Late Wicked Monk executive chef Russell Titland was a sizzling force in and out of the kitchen. Comment

N-nuff already! Locals demand shuttle bus service during two-year N station shutdowns

Bensonhurst: Call it their subway platform. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Pineapple Walk is now forbidden fruit! Comments (11)

No-money-ball! Little league: Neglected Williamsburg fields need cash, love

Meadows of Shame: Williamsburg pols must go to bat for two run-down neighborhood ballfields by pitching in funds and urging the city to fix them up, say leaders of a local little league. Comments (4)

Police release footage of two armed robberies in Bedford-Stuyvesant last week

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Police are hunting for the perpetrators of two separate armed robberies at Bedford-Stuyvesant stores last week, and have released security footage of both crimes in their quest for justice. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: He was hoping for a shore thing! Comment

Wasser-name again?

It’s Only My Opinion: In which Stan takes on the head of the Democratic National Committee, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Comment

Shh! New Williamsburg dine-in cinema only serves quiet food

Breaking Chews: Talk about making concessions! Comment
Changing Brooklyn: It is a break-up everyone saw coming. Comments (3)
Williamsburg: Everyone agrees this space is sacred — just not for the same reasons. Comments (4)
BoroBeat: They wined about the R train. Comments (2)

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