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Break down: Basement comedy show brings laughs to Lefferts

Rimshot: At this show, comedians handle the humor and crowd control. Comments (1)
Art: Remember the Steeplechase! Comments (4)

Get your Phil: Philharmonic festival comes to Brooklyn

Music: They’re unstarching their tuxes! Comments (1)

Swami dearest: Lenore chats with the Krishna next door

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, our columnist visits with an old neighbor whose life tunred out much different than her’s. Comments (2)

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

Bay Ridge is unstuck in time!

Bay Ridge Nights: Music is coming from everywhen! Comment
Editor’s Picks: Take a trip back to the Labyrinth this weekend at a tribute concert, hang out with some cool kids, and catch a live talk show! Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment

Facebook or Farcebook? Social network no friend of free speech

A Britisher’s View: Facebook portrays itself as a friend of free speech, but the gossip in the grapevine suggests it’s more a first amendment foe, committed to dismantling the ideals brave Americans have died defending on the battlefield, writes our columnist. Comment
Bay Ridge: This deposed prince got a stay of execution. Comment
Dining: They are looking for a good clean fight! Comments (2)

Longtime Greenpoint committeewoman fending off attacks she’s a no-show

Party Line: Brooklyn’s leading political gossip column has the scoop! Read more…

Longtime Greenpoint committeewoman fending off attacks she’s a no-show

Party Line: Greenpoint Democratic district leader Linda Minucci has held the position for as long as her upstart challenger has been alive, but critics say she hasn’t put in enough time in the district. Comment
Bay Ridge: Ridgites have to hold tight for another year. Comment

Bands take the Field: Aviator launches summer music series

Music: This summer is coming up Aces! Comment

Stop the presses: this just in

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

Let’s talk about sex — for real

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie gets down to business. Comments (2)
BoroBeat: Three is a crowd — thousands is a party! Comments (3)
BoroBeat: The Park Slope hospital ate, boogied, and honored at its annual fundraiser. Comment
Digital editions: You smell that? Well, you’ll have to excuse us becasue we think we’ve taken this thing as far as we can without having to fill it up again. And that’s exactly what we did: This week’s edition is chock-full of all the things you need to know to keep your life running smoothly, and, of course, to keep hustlin’ Brooklyn. Read more…

Poly Prep drops regular season finale

High School Sports: Mental mistakes and miscues were at the center of Poly Prep’s first league loss of the season as the Blue Devils fell 8–5 to the visiting Fieldston School on Wednesday. Poly Prep recorded four errors in the Ivy League softball matchup due to nerves, the coach said. Comment

Farewell — but not goodbye

Joe Knows: My watch has ended. Comment

A borough divided

Transit: Would ya look at these transit-rich cry babies up in yuppie Brooklyn… Sheesh! Follow the link to our sister site for the scoop. Read more…

A newsroom divided!

A newsroom divided!

Transit: Pols say the F express is pitting Brownstone Brooklynites against Southern Kings County citizens — and this newsroom is no exception! It almost came to blows when deputy editor Max Jaeger and deputy editor Ruth Brown tried to agree on an angle to this story. Instead, they each went their own way — and haven’t spoken to each other since. Frankly, it is getting a little awkward now. But you can read the two takes below.
Transit: Our frenemies at offer their heavily biased take on the situation. Read more…
Mean Streets: Critics packed out a local church on Tuesday night, slamming the plan they said was designed for gentrifiers. Comments (59)
Red Hook: That’s one way to drive home your message. Comments (8)

Spoiler alert: Jo has resurrected her love for ‘Game of Thrones’

Not for Nuthin’: No seriously — spoiler alert. Comment

Fontbonne drops second straight, finishes third

High School Sports: Fontbonne starter Bianca Marletta was dominant against Mary Louis everywhere but the scoreboard. Comment
BoroBeat: There was no keeping this festival at bay. Comment
BoroBeat: They shook a leg and broke a leg! Comment
Fort Greene: Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of Brooklyn Lager. Comment
Fort Hamilton: They laid a wreath for National Peace Officers Day. Comment
BoroBeat: There were smiles by the truck load! Comments (4)
BoroBeat: This contest really put older Brooklynites on a pedestal! Comment
BoroBeat: Here they are — horned hats, bunads, and all — the plunderers who invaded Owl’s Head Park for Viking Fest on Saturday and the revelers who followed in their wake during Sunday’s Norwegian Day Parade. Comments (4)

Navarro, undefeated Nazareth battle past Scanlan

High School Sports: Senior William Navarro has thrown plenty of big games for Nazareth, but even he needed a reminder early in a critical contest with Monsignor Scanlan. Comment
The Blackbirds would not be denied. Comment
Manhattan Beach: Hundreds of police and firefighters stormed Leon Goldstein High School in Manhattan Beach for a counter-terrorism drill on May 15. Comment
Health: Two new executives have taken over Coney Island Hospital — the latest in a string of leadership changes as the city-run health center fends off reports of mismanagement and poor patient care. Comment
Manhattan Beach: A new residential building will rise from a Manhattan Beach parking lot. Comment

Parents: Families will shun Bed-Stuy schools’ unorthodox gifted program

Class Action: The program will start three grades levels after those in other districts, and use a different admissions criteria. Comments (7)

State could seize land to finish Bushwick Inlet Park, fine city $1M a year for not building it

Meadows of Shame: This is one way to get a park looking like a million bucks. Comments (19)
Photo Galleries: Our pals at have crazy photos with big guns, helicopters, boats, and dogs. Read more…

Stan’s back with ‘America by the numbers’

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our number-crunching columnist sifts through the data so you don’t have to. Comment
Vale Miss Susie, who ate bacon every day. Comments (12)
Marine Park: That’s when all the cars stop and pedestrians cross everywhere at once. Comment
BoroBeat: But it was no tragedy. Comment
Cleaning Our Waterways: Their goose is cooked! Comments (22)

Election shocker: Weiner to vote for Hillary

Podcast: The former congressman spoke about that and other things with Gersh and Vince on Brooklyn Paper Radio. Comments (5)

Clean and green! Volunteers beautify Bushwick Inlet Park

Williamsburg: They planted new greenery, assembled new picnic tables, and picked up trash. Comments (13)

The kids are all write: Cobble Hill youngsters win essay contest

BoroBeat: They’ve got the write stuff! Comment
Boro of Nerds: Forget Nets games — ’net games are coming to Barclays Center! Comments (2)
Park Slope: The dogs showed signs of abuse and are now in Animal Care and Control’s custody. Comments (16)

Prize of the guard-ians: Park Slope parents honor local crossing guards

Awesome: These local heroes don’t have superpowers — but they can hold up a bus with one hand! Comments (1)

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