Wild sing: Cabaret show uncovers scandals of the 1920s

Music: He is singing the notes on a scandal! Comment

Some alternate alternate-side-of-the-street parking days

Rhymes with Crazy: You know, we could use a few more days off from moving the car. All of us. Comments (11)

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

What to read this week

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comment

Tom’s eyes are opened during trip to Germany

Spin Cycle: This week, our columnist says we’ve got a lot to learn from our allies in central Europe. Comment

Golden ally issued deceptive robocalls in county chairman race

Party Line: And he admitted so in court this week. Comment
Editor’s Picks: This week offers adorable art, the Bayou ‘n’ Brooklyn Festival, the Fabulous Fifth Avenue Fair, and other events that do not lend themselves to alliteration! Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment

Vikings invade Bay Ridge!

Bay Ridge Nights: Our pals at have the harrowing details of this weekend’s Scandinavian invasion. Read more…

Golden ally issued deceptive robocalls in county chairman race

Party Line: And he admitted so in court this week! Our pals at have all the gossip. Read more…

Chaos in the ring: ‘Bianco’ circus show is a thrilling mess

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: This nerve-wracking show is in tents! Comment

Vikings invade Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge Nights: Resistance is futile! Comment

Cower-dy Arabia! Saudis in a falafel over 9-11 bill

A Britisher’s View: The proposed legislation could open up a can of worms about who was behind 9-11, but victims’ families deserve the whole truth about America’s worst day, writes our columnist. Comment
BoroBeat: It was a Hajj to Bay Ridge’s Muslim Mecca. Comment

Mom’s rule at hair salon

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

Once upon a crime: Wine bar uncorks Ridge’s bloody history

Nightlife: He is pouring over criminal history! Comments (1)

The only constant in life is change

The Dad: This week, the Dad says he’s been preparing for his empty nest from the first time he put diapers on his daughter. Comment
Digital editions: Look, it has been a long day — a long week, really — and sometimes you just need to get in the car and head down to an unpretentious old bar where the beer is mass produced, the burgers are reasonably price, and some middle-aged cover band is playing the the Rolling Stones tunes you know and love. So head over and join us for a few, and keep hustlin’ Brooklyn. Read more…
High School Sports: Fontbonne Hall is not letting a forgettable performance wrest its focus from the greater goal. Comment

Lincoln long-shot Williams get second chance with Giants

Joe Knows: Ishaq Williams’s football career nearly ended in disgrace. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: Sheepshead Bay straphangers are demanding the city move a bus stop from a creepy underpass before someone is raped. Comment

L train closure will free the G!

Free the G: One train’s L-oss is another’s G-ain! Comments (7)
BoroBeat: Aloha joy! Comment
Coney Island: Billionaire supermarket mogul and developer John Catsimatidis is betting on the Coney Island waterfront. Comment

Sixth scents: Occult historian explains psychic dogs

Fuzzy Brooklyn: They can smell the future! Comment

Prez race should not be a popularity contest

Not for Nuthin’: Can we get over ourselves and cut the crappola already? This whole Republican-Democratic nomination process has spiraled into a juvenile high-school election. Deciding who gets to sit in the White House for the next four years has devolved into a popularity contest. Comment

Nazareth’s Russell finds ‘perfect’ fit at Western Carolina

High School Sports: Erykah Russell nearly made a rush decision she was going to regret. Comment
Greenwood Heights: Oh the iron knee! Comments (2)
Development: If the city lets a developer buy the nearby library branch and rebuild it with apartments on top. Comment

Community eroding: Demands for public investment in Coney as developer buys shuttered social services center

Coney Island: They say it’s not the People’s Playground anymore. Comment
Mill Basin: Police need to stop sitting on their hands and board up a long-foreclosed house occupied by squatters, Mill Basin residents are demanding. Comment
Bergen Beach: Police say he lunged at them with a knife. Comment

Punch drunk: Booze-stealing bandit slugs liquor store worker in face

Williamsburg: A thief punched a Williamsburg liquor store employee in the face while stealing a bottle of booze last Monday, according to a police report. Comments (3)
Brooklyn Heights: It’s called gratitude, and that’s right. Comments (4)
Weird Art: Talk about a conversation piece! Comments (3)

They had a ball! Mets go to bat for Little Leaguers

BoroBeat: Brooklyn and Queens wound up on the same winning team during a Mets’ youth baseball clinic for St. Athanasius Little League at Citi Field. Comment

Stealing the win: Aggressive Xaverian swipes bases, victory from Knights

High School Sports: Talk about a slippery team. Comment
High School Sports: The were no more sad faces for Medgar Evers high-school seniors Alisicia Machado and Mikala Casimir — only big, wide smiles. Comment

Pitching in: Shift to mound has Jerez’s career thriving

A hometown hurler’s rise continues. Comment
Canarsie: An elderly woman died after crashing her car into a utility pole in Canarsie on May 6, officials said. Comment

Brooklyn Paper Radio moving to a new day and time!

Podcast: Want to hear Brooklyn Paper Radio live? You need to tune in on Thursday at 4:45! Comment

Dead body found floating in waters off Red Hook

Red Hook: Authorities pulled a woman’s dead body out of the waters off Red Hook on Monday morning. Comment
Event: The story must survive. Comment

Police: Yahoo opens fire in Boerum Hill

Boerum Hill: A yahoo tried to shoot two other people in front of a Boerum Hill building in broad daylight last Sunday, police say. Comments (3)

Stan talks softly and carries a big bat

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our correspondent moderates a political discussion among friends. Comment

New kids in school: Applications spike at rezoned Vinegar Hill elementary

Class Action: But parents warned they want to keep it old school. Comments (3)
River of Tears: What the L kind of choice is that? Comments (13)
Politics: But she can continue her run for district leader in Bay Ridge. Comments (2)
Williamsburg: Blasphemous bandits stole a statue of Jesus from in front of a Williamsburg church on April 30 — and it is the second time thieves have swiped a figure from the house of worship in recent years. Comments (5)

Predator tried to rape Williamsburg woman in stairwell of her building

Williamsburg: A dirtbag tried to rape a woman in her Williamsburg building on Tuesday morning, but ran away after she fought him off, police say. Comment
Midwood: He lived, but is probably going to die, authorities say. Comment

Park-ing problems

Bridge ‘Park’: What a thing was this, too, which that mighty mayor wrought and endured in the luxury apartment towers, wherein all we politicians were sitting, bearing to the Brooklyn Heights people overcrowded schools and fate! Comments (11)

Holy s---! This was the most beautiful civic meeting ever!

Holy s---! This was the most beautiful civic meeting ever!

Brooklyn Heights: Who needs photos of Power Point presentations when the location looks this good?! Comment

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