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Rimshot: You don’t have to bring tomatoes to this show — they are already supplied. Comments (1)

Subbed titles: A variety show for re-named books

Books: He has a title role! Comment

A cut above: Beep honors Ridge chef at Arab-American fete

BoroBeat: Salam, he likes ’em! Comments (2)

Tiny apartments: Another reason not to live in Manhattan

Rhymes with Crazy: Or, “How I threw everything away and learn to love minimalism.” Comment

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment
Editor’s Picks: We’ve got the debut of a kitty cafe, an art show near Gowanus Bay, free music for Mother’s Day, a tragic play, and a book you should read without delay. Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment

Sight at the Museum

More than meets the eye: Local artist in ‘Disguise’

Art: This mask tells the truth. Comment

Question authorities: Museum app connects you to historians

Art: Answers are just a text away. Comment

Moms love Bay Ridge Nights

Bay Ridge Nights: This week Bay Ridge Nights pays tributes to all the moms out there! Comment

Trump-bashing celebs? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

A Britisher’s View: Cheerio! America would be much more wonderful if Trump-thrashing celebrities made good on their threats to leave the nation if he’s elected, writes our columnist. Comment

Making light of the darkness

Joe Knows: I thought I’d seen it all — until the field lights stayed off at the College of Staten Island. Comment

Weed all about it! Steph goes to pot!

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie decides to buy legal marijuana in front of her kids! Now that’s Fearless! Comments (15)
Bensonhurst: Long-awaited — and equally long-delayed — Italian cultural center “Il Centro” will open its doors in Bath Beach in July. Comment

Party boss Seddio defends Brooklyn elections honchos in press

Party Line: The plot continues to thicken regarding Brooklyn’s massive Democratic voter purge last month. Comment

Putting out the mat

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

Party boss Seddio defends Brooklyn elections honchos

Party Line: The fallout over Brooklyn’s massive Democratic voter purge last month continues, and has the latest gossip! Read more…

Heavy petting: Experimental show follows a pet detective

Theater: This tale may have you in hiss-terics. Comment
Health: Midwood Ambulance Service rolled out the borough’s first Chinese-speaking ambulance service on April 29. Comment
Digital editions: Hey bud! Jonesing for news? This week’s Brooklyn Paper comes rolled up for your convenience, once again turning over every stone and hashing out all the big issues. Weed be lying to you if we told you we’re in our right minds, but that doesn’t mean we’re not having a bhang-up time. Call it pot-luck, but we’ve put together an issue that smokes all the others (and we’ve been doing it four twenty years!). So have a dope week and keep hustlin’ Brooklyn. Read more…

Grow-rious! Ditmas Park CSA accepting applications for 2016 season

Dining: Veggie-lovers, rejoice — the Ditmas Park Community-Supported Agriculture has opened registration for the 2016 season. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: They feel bulldozed. Comment
Event: That’s a feather in their caps. Comment
Marine Park: They say there’s only one option left. Comment

Caseload of grief: Ridge icon Judge Arthur Schack is dead at 71

Bay Ridge: The state Supreme Court justice was a bench powerhouse, and one of the first vocal opponents of foreclosures during the housing crisis of the late 2000s. Comment

Farina: How PR and power brunches with developers can desegregate schools

Class Action: It is the breakfast of education-equality champions. Comments (1)

Police: Sicko groped 7-year-old in Williamsburg kosher grocery store

Williamsburg: A sicko groped a little girl in a Williamsburg grocery store on Monday, according to a police report. Comment

Suit: State trying to boot frail Slopers from old folks’ home again

Park Slope: Another Prospect Park Residence lawsuit? Must be Wednesday. Comment

Mean streets

Mean Streets: The demand follows two recent Brooklyn cyclist crash deaths in which authorities initially pointed the finger at the victims — only to change their tunes later. Comments (60)

Police: Cyclist beat driver with bike lock

Williamsburg: An irate cyclist beat a driver with a bike lock and smashed up his car in Williamsburg on Monday, according to a police report. Comments (16)

Brands on the run: Kings Plaza hosts fashion show

Fashion: Fashion-forward Brooklynites kicked off the borough’s 10th Fashion Week with a sneak peek at some of at Kings Plaza’s hottest new threads on May 1. Comment
Event: This show is in tents! Comments (1)

Fair weather fans: Revelers brave rain for Church Ave. street fair

Event: The heavens opened up on the Church Avenue Street Fair. Comment

Jo is pressing 1 for English only

Not for Nuthin’: Our columnist casts her vote for ballots written only in America’s official tongue. Comment

Caseload of grief: Ridge icon Judge Arthur Schack is dead at 71

Bay Ridge: The state Supreme Court justice was a bench powerhouse, and one of the first vocal opponents of foreclosures during the housing crisis of the late 2000s. Comments (4)
Event: Rains came down, spirits stayed up. Comment
BoroBeat: They’ve got it down to a fine martial art! Comment
Sheepshead Bay: It’s not your typical warm and fuzzy story. Comment
Event: Brooklyn pols and preservationists want locals’ help lobbying the city to landmark the Boardwalk during a Council hearing where the public can testify on May 4. Comment
Fuzzy Brooklyn: It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s goat to do it! Comments (6)

Police: Snake strangles guy on Williamsburg street, swipes $200 once he passes out

Williamsburg: A crook choked a man out on a Williamsburg Street then swiped hundreds of dollars from his wallet last month, according to a police report. Comments (1)
Bay Ridge: The news comes just weeks before the city will auction off the troubled flophouse. Comments (6)
BoroBeat: April flowers brought May showers! Comment
BoroBeat: They were bathing in the “Purple Rain” — and also the actual rain. Comment

Unhampered! Blind workers create and sell Mother’s Day baskets Downtown

Awesome: And you can buy one for your mom! Comment

Hoping for defeat: Softball showcase raises $$ for autism

High School Sports: They went to bat for autism awareness. Comment

Forgettable sixth keeps Wolves from Monroe final

High School Sports: A disastrous sixth inning turned Grand Street’s potential season’s-best victory into a hard-to-swallow defeat. Comment
Bergen Beach: They’re swinging into action! Comment

See it! Capsized boater saved


See it! Capsized boater saved

Coney Island: Police divers rescued a guy in an overturned kayak a mile off of Coney Island on April 30. Comment
Canarsie: A guy in a stolen car hit and killed a Canarsie woman on Sunday. Comment
BoroBeat: It was a vicious cycle. Comments (8)

Joe blow: Hothead throws coffee on man in Bed-Stuy bodega

Bedford-Stuyvesant: A guy threw a steaming cup of coffee on another man in a Bedford-Stuyvesant bodega on April 19, according to a report. Comments (2)

Taking it to the Imax

Fitness: Sweating over stories and dealing with spin and backpedaling is part of any reporter’s day — but never quite so literally. Comments (1)
Fitness: Call it a move-ie theater! Comments (3)

Stan’s got the formula for success

It’s Only My Opinion: Our former pharmacist quizzes you on household chemistry and warns about the perils of drug abuse among musical superstars. Comment
Event: Call it Marine bark! Comment
Mill Basin: There is a wide load of confusion. Comment

Creep plagues Marine Park with swastikas during Passover

Marine Park: In every generation, there are dirtbags. Comment

Cutting a path: Pulaski Bridge bike lane finally open

Mean Streets: It is the path of less resistance. Comments (23)
Williamsburg: They are fighting the power! Comments (6)

Police hunting for gunman who shot and killed Bushwick man

Bushwick: A gunman fatally shot a man in his Bushwick home on Tuesday, and now police are on the hunt for the perpetrator. Comments (2)

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