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May Day! May Day!: A double screening of ‘Wicker Man’

Cinema: It is a day of double trouble. Comments (1)

Book-lyn tours

Drunk on words: Bookstore crawl sends readers from store to store

Books: Brooklyn will be crawling with bookworms! Comments (3)

Pub-lishing: A tour of literary watering holes

Books: Curl up with a good drink – and then a few more! Comments (2)

Is Shaken Baby Syndrome just another witch hunt?

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, our columnist questions cases were parents are charged with murdering their kin. Comments (1)

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment
Editor’s Picks: This week we’ve got parties in the park, early-morning dances, and a funny little play about shooting Abraham Lincoln. Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment

The best Bay Ridge Nights on Earth

Bay Ridge Nights: We love the Earth, and it loves us! Comment
Music: They are gonna party like it’s 1899! Comments (1)

Dachau’s D-day! A Brooklyn veteran remembers the horrors, Part 1

A Britisher’s View: American soldiers liberated Nazi Germany’s first concentration camp 71 years ago next week, and Homecrest veteran Seymour Kaplan was among the first to enter the historic hell-hole and help return Holocaust survivors to freedom. He shares how he became a changed man that day, in the first installment of a two-part column on Dachau’s D-day. Comment
Marine Park: It’s Marine Park’s road to ruin. Comment

Standing O is adding up the accolades

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment
Bay Ridge: They say this business owner is blowing smoke. Comments (46)
Wild Brooklyn: Our pals at asked the tough questions! Read more…

Politicos not shocked about alleged affair between Silver, former Ridge pol

Party Line: Court documents released last week suggesting that former Democratic Bay Ridge Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer was one of the corrupt Sheldon Silver’s illicit lovers didn’t rattle Bay Ridge political insiders who say it was clear she was off doing something else, because she was never around. Comment

Take a hike! To clear the air, Steph and the boys head west

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie figures that sometimes its is okay to leave things unsaid. Comment
Park Slope: The driver of a massive tractor trailer fatally ran over a cyclist on a residential Park Slope street on Wednesday morning, police said. Comments (44)
Digital editions: Look, we’re not going to lie to you: It’s been a rough few weeks. Brooklyn’s Primary Season came and went in a blur, and nobody covered it like your hardscrabble scribes and editors at The Brooklyn Paper, who hit the campaign trail like it was nobody’s business. So let’s just say we’re through with national politics for a while. Still, we’re proud of what we have accomplished and happy to show you just how much you can do as long as you keep hustlin’ Brooklyn. Read more…

Deju blue: Bonnies let lead slip away in first-place battle with Molloy

Archbishop Molloy gave Fontbonne Hall a taste of its own medicine. Comment
High School Sports: Her heater came slowly. Comment

Faison’s blue-collar mentality key to breakout summer

Joe Knows: The uncommitted Malachi Faison has seen firsthand what one big travel-ball season can do for your recruiting stock, and is determined to follow in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson teammates Shamorie Ponds and Rasheem Dunn. Comment
Canarsie: Meet Canarsie’s new assemblywoman. Comment

The new Sheepshead Bay Road

Sheepshead Bay: They want a different kind of traffic jam. Comment
Mean Streets: This isn’t a taxi stand — it is a taxi standstill! Comments (19)
Waiting in the Wings: It is a good day! Comments (1)
Cobble Hill: This isn’t your grandma’s electric bike! Comments (5)

Jo has a message for all the haters

Not for Nuthin’: She wants ‘em to keep their vitriol to themselves. Comment

Protests after officer who shot unarmed black man spared from the slammer

Downtown: Angry protestors flooded the streets outside the Brooklyn Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon after learning ex-police officer Peter Liang won’t spend a single day behind bars for shooting and killing unarmed black man Akai Gurley in 2014. Comments (2)
The Nets are bringing in a New York native to be the team’s next coach. Comment
High School Sports: The warm weather is heating up James Madison’s bats just in time. Comment
BoroBeat: It was the mother of all nature parties. Comment
Canarsie: The battle between presidential hopefuls isn’t the only one playing out at poll sites today. Comment
Coney Island: The Cyclones could be your neighbors! Comment

Train-ing day

Bushwick: And some may never return. Comments (4)

L-allelujah! MTA will reveal L-train closure plans at May 5 meeting

River of Tears: There is light at the end of the tunnel — followed by years of darkness. Comments (2)
BoroBeat: They got their kicks! Comment

Take two! Residents still want reports on film shoots in their streets

Greenpoint: The original was a flop, but they’re hoping the sequel will be a box-office smash! Comments (8)

Opinion: Let New Yorkers keep their nickels

Op-Ed: Once again, there are reports that the Council is nearing a deal that would require retail and grocery stores to charge a fee for every plastic or paper bag used by customers. This was a bad idea in 2008 and it is still a bad idea today. Comments (9)
BoroBeat: It was a Sunny night in Red Hook. Comment

Squad goals! Police beat firefighters in Brooklyn Heights soccer match

BoroBeat: They laid down the law! Comment

Ponds shines at Jordan Classic

High School Sports: Shamorie Ponds gave his future teammates a peek at his skills. Comment

Developers announce they won’t dig up toxic dirt, citing community concerns

Brighton Beach: But they do want to clear the air. Comment
Kensington: A Kensington resident still grieving her dog’s recent death narrowly avoided losing her 24-year-old cat when her home went up in flames on Monday morning. Comments (3)
BoroBeat: They’re calling Coney a shore thing. Comment

Yep, they're still campaigning

Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: If you can’t beat ’em... Comments (9)

Stan unpacks the perils of air travel

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our penman pontificates on checking baggage, surly security guards, and the world’s busiest airports. Comment
Wild Brooklyn: File this one under “hair-brained Downtown news.” Comment

Fiat driver runs over, kills cyclist in Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill: A motorist fatally ran over a cyclist as she was riding her bike the wrong way down a one-way street in Clinton Hill on Friday morning, police said. Comments (13)

Debate team

Fort Greene: It was the Brooklyn debate that barely mentioned Brooklyn! Comments (3)
Fort Greene: The real war of words was on the streets outside! Comment

Live from the Brooklyn Democratic presidential debate

Live from the Brooklyn Democratic presidential debate

Fort Greene: Cartoons! Maggie Gyllenhaal! Videos! Puppets! Protests! Our liveblog had it all! Comments (1)
BoroBeat: You can lead a Norseman to water — but he’d rather have beer. Comment

No pane, no gain: Police looking for burglars breaking into Bushwick homes via windows

Bushwick: Police are on the lookout for two burglars who have been sneaking through the windows of Bushwick homes. Comment
Class Action: It was a crimson letter day! Comments (25)

Live from the Brooklyn Democratic debate!


Live from the Brooklyn Democratic debate!

Politics: Our reporters are on the ground at the Navy Yard debate — and at watch parties around Brooklyn. Click through to our sister site Brooklyn Paper for the latest. Read more…
Changing Brooklyn: On the upside: Downtown could get a new school. Comments (17)
BoroBeat: They had a ball — and now they’re off to one! Comments (1)

Tin grins: Artists make-over can collectors’ carts in Williamsburg

BoroBeat: They turned cart into art! Comments (1)

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