Northern exposure: Gallery showcases art from ‘Bronx’

Art: It is the art of the unknown! Comment

Heights, no waits! Play from ‘Hamilton’ creator opens in Park Slope

Theater: Call it “In the Slope.” Comment
Cinema: You might be a douchebag. Comments (4)

Brooklyn Paper Radio taking its show on the road!

Podcast: Monday’s podcast to be delivered live from Atlas Steakhouse in Ditmas Park, and you’re invited! Comments (1)

Fancy, free! Comedy show is Dizzy with laughter

Rimshot: This fancy, free comedy show can put the spotlight on the audience. Comment

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

It’s time to return ethics classes to schools — and politics

Spin Cycle: Somebody had to say it, and Tom does. Comment

Believe it: These women went to prison for being gay

Rhymes with Crazy: And they were saved by a man living in the Yukon with his dogs. It’s true! Comments (1)

What to read this week

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comment
Editor’s Picks: If you want a break from politics this week, Brooklyn has lots of distractions: a homebrew beer festival, stoner films, plenty of great music, and more. It’s all here in Brooklyn! Comment

Holy days for Bay Ridge Nights!

Bay Ridge Nights: We are going to church, but we repent nothing! Comment

Sympathizer-in-Chief has love for illegals and contempt for the law

A Britisher’s View: Law of the underhand! President Obama may be as lawless as the illegal immigerants he wants to protect and uphold, thanks to the deferred action program he created without congressional approval, writes our columnist. Comment
Politics: Oy, vey! Comment

Where to watch tonight’s Democratic debate in Brooklyn

Where to watch tonight’s Democratic debate in Brooklyn

Politics: You can’t attend, but you can still watch with a live audience. Comments (1)
BoroBeat: Pass the horseradish! Comment

Martin Golden says he’s pulling for Trump

Party Line: Brooklyn’s reigning Republican wants to make America great again. Comment

Bay Ridge Sen. Martin Golden says he’s pulling for Trump

Party Line: Read all about it in BrooklynDaily’s new politics column, Party Line! Read more…
Boro of Nerds: Save against stunning! Comment

Dad’s duties wind down, and memories flow

The Dad: This week, the Dad realizes the breadth of places he has been to because of his kids. Comments (1)
Digital editions: There is nothing more exciting than waking up in the morning, slurping down a cup of joe, and getting out there on the road each and every day. And there is no better companion on those trips than The Brooklyn Paper! Need brainless banter? The Brooklyn Paper is there. A silly song? We got you covered. Yep, nothing will help you change, grow, and improve like spending some time with your Brooklyn Paper. So get out there and keep hustlin’ Brooklyn. Read more…
High School Sports: South Shore and Bishop Loughlin again set the standard in the borough. Comment

Rainy weather putting damper on spring season

Joe Knows: Dear Mother Nature, enough rain already. Please stop. We need some sun. Comment
Kaisha Lucky knows a thing or two about finding success at a small school — now she is looking to do it again. Comment
Dining: But owners say this one ain’t ready to come out of the oven just yet. Comment

History in the taking! Landmarks OKs Park Slope Historic District expansion, but preservationists want more

Park Slope: Brooklyn’s largest historic district is about to get even larger — but still not large enough, as far as preservationists are concerned. Comments (2)

Di Fara building’s for-sale listing was ‘premature,’ pizzaolos say

Go There Now While You Still Can: Get it while it’s hot! Comments (1)

Keeping current: Sea Gate jetty project will be done for summer

Sea Gate: Sea Gate’s coastline is getting in shape for beach season. Comment
BoroBeat: Family and friends of late bicycle activist and business owner Patrice “T.C.” Capo saw the Bay Ridgite’s name immortalized on a 90th Street corner on April 9. Comment

Transgender people should stick to the bathrooms they were born with

Not for Nuthin’: Our columnist is not comfortable having men who identify as women in her restrooms and locker rooms. Comment
Podcast: Finally, the boys talk about fixing the Mistake of ’98! Comments (6)

Yes, the primary race is still going

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: It will be a concert with rock band Grizzly Bear. Comments (2)
Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: The dream of the ’90s is alive in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. Comments (1)
They’re making the next generation of makers. Comment

Stan’s putting global travel on hold after recent terror attacks

It’s Only My Opinion: He’s still cruisin’ — but he’s sticking to the good ol’ U-S-of-A. Comment
BoroBeat: They were on point, if not quite yet en pointe. Comment
BoroBeat: The boys and girls of summer are back! Comment

John Kasich visits Borough Park


John Kasich visits Borough Park

Politics: The Republican presidential hopeful is visiting a school for kids with special needs, and we’re reporting live. Comment

Brooklyn fans have great expectations for Mets

They’re feeling Mets magic. Comment

Seventh heaven: Xaverian rallies in seventh to stun McClancy

High School Sports: They said it felt like Christmas in April. Comment

Showtime: Ponds wants big finish at Jordan Brand Classic

High School Sports: Shamorie Ponds couldn’t think of a better place to end his high-school career. Comment
Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: Our reporter is live on the scene! Comments (2)
Sunset Park: A woman disrupted Clinton’s speech at Industry City and a Sunset Park social justice group demonstrated outside, claiming the hub will draw hipsters who displace local Latinos. Comments (20)

Sun and Sanders

Politics: The Boardwalk is the great equalizer. Comment
Politics: Highlights from the hopeful’s visit to the People’s Playground. Comments (2)

Williamsburg senior center landlord rejects $8.8m buyout offer, files for bankruptcy instead

Changing Brooklyn: The landlord is declaring bankruptcy, but the tenants are declaring it moral bankruptcy. Comments (2)

Bernie Sanders rallies in Coney Island

Bernie Sanders rallies in Coney Island

Cobble Hill: Our reporter is live on the scene. Comment
Politics: And we’ll be reporting live. Comments (3)

Hillary stumping in Sunset Park

Sunset Park: Clinton starts at 5:30 pm. Comments (4)
Greenpoint: He lived in Brooklyn before it was cool. Comments (9)

Hillary Clinton hosting public rally in Sunset Park today

Sunset Park: She’s making her case to Latinos, and we’re live on the scene. Comments (5)

Smell you data! Brooklyn dating service is based entirely on body odor

It’s the weirdest news to come out of Downtown … this week. Comment

Berning sensation

Park Slope: Some felt the Bern, others went to do the burning. Comments (2)

Bernie Sanders rallies in Brooklyn

Bernie Sanders rallies in Brooklyn

Politics: And our reporters are live on the scene! Comment

Back to his grassroots! Bernie Sanders to open campaign office in native Flatbush

Park Slope: Flatbush will soon feel the Bern. Comments (9)

Ann Taylor outlet latest in Fulton Mall’s big-brand takeover

Changing Brooklyn: It is a chain reaction. Comments (4)

Police arrest alleged Greenpoint serial burglar

Greenpoint: The guy allegedly broke into at least 19 homes in recent months, and swiped cash and credit cards while the residents were asleep. Comment

Nickel and dimed! Councilman: Lander renews push for plastic-bag fee, drops price from 10 cents to 5

Park Slope: This pol is slashing prices to sell his bill! Comments (19)

Canned laughter: Williamsburg’s Trump-mocking Experiment Comedy Gallery closes

Williamsburg: But the owner promises it will be back elsewhere soon. Comment

Eastern Parkway library reopens after renovations

BoroBeat: They raised the roof! Comment

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