A Rose for Coney: Singer falls for the Boardwalk during video shoot

Music: It was love at first wave. Comments (1)

Steeling hearts: Speed metal speed dating at St. Vitus

Nightlife: Cupid’s arrows are made of metal! Comments (1)

Art of the cell: Exhibit captures phone chats

Art: It is a technological translation. Comment

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

Stop being a helicopter parent to your parents!

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, Lenore pleads with you to let your elder grow older gracefully — by letting them take risks! Comments (6)

Tom wallks tall, with a big stick

Spin Cycle: This week, our columnist says it’s better to show your might than use it. Comment

What to read this week

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comments (2)
Editor’s Picks: This week, check out a fantastic food festival, funky tunes, and a yo-yo extravaganza, among other exciting adventures. Everything is happening in Brooklyn! Comment

Bay Ridge Nights is staying home

Bay Ridge Nights: Nothing to do this week. Sorry. Comment

Brussels aftermath? Muslims must reform their culture and religion

A Britisher’s View: Our columnist wants to know why Muslims aren’t clearing the cobwebs off Islam and beginning the overdue conversation about why so many of them are lovin’ terrorism. Comment

Standing O is at it again!

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

Might makes right? The Dad on corporal punishment

The Dad: On second thought, maybe I should have smacked my kids around. Comments (5)

Attachment issues: Suits may stop Park Slope old folks’ home owner profiting on sale

Park Slope: The latest edition of the Prospect Park Residence saga. Comment

Police: Guy blew kisses at straphanger then fondled his junk

Bushwick: Police are looking for a perv who blew kisses to a straphanger then pleasured himself on a J train in Bushwick in the early morning hours of March 24. Comment
Theater: They are Poe little boys. Comment
Digital editions: Soon, they’ll have written the greatest newspaper known to man. Until then, keep hustlin’ Brooklyn. Read more…

Meet Brooklyn’s can’t-miss baseball and softball stars

Joe Knows: Can’t make it to Citi Field or Yankee Stadium for a big-league game? Here is your guide to the top high-school players to come out and watch right here in Kings County this spring. Comment
Midwood: Shock waves from Sunday’s Pakistan terror attack reverberated all the way to Brooklyn’s “Little Pakistan.” Comment
Politics: Don’t fugheddaboutit! Comments (15)

A sore spot: Board accuses developer of parking spot trickery

Sheepshead Bay: They’re calling it a bait-and-switch. Comment
Bushwick: A six-alarm fire erupted in a Bushwick row house on Tuesday night, injuring 11 people and leaving 42 people without beds for the night. Comments (3)
Marine Park: It paints a bad picture for the neighborhood. Comment
Boro of Nerds: It is Gotham’s greatest reboot since “The Dark Knight.” Comments (2)

Jo wants reasonable discourse in the presidential race

Not for Nuthin’: What has happened to this country’s collective intelligence? Comment

Dire straits! Gridlock Sam tells Brooklyn Paper Radio the BQE is an accident waiting to happen!

Podcast: The traffic and transit specialist repeated his claim that the situation beneath the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a dire one. That plus Sarah Metz on this edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio! Comments (12)
Go There Now While You Still Can: It’s the vinyl countdown. Comments (4)
BoroBeat: The Cyclone and Wonder Wheel got their day in the sun after the specter of a blizzard postponed the blessing of the rides last week. Comment
BoroBeat: They really came out of their shells! Comment

Sciene and religion get along at Ridge Purim party

BoroBeat: They experimented with tradition! Comment

Owl’s Head a nest of Easter egg fun!

BoroBeat: It was fun for everybunny! Comment
High School Sports: Xaverian’s early playoff exit is fueling a fast start. Comment

State title closes out whirlwind season for Jefferson’s Pretlow

High School Sports: Kenny Pretlow’s basketball season ended so much better than it started. Comment

Former Wolves baseball coaches takes over at Christ the King

High School Sports: Steve Martinez needs to go a little further down Metropolitan Avenue now to meet his team. Comment
Gowanus: Gowanus is feeling the Bern — and it isn’t from a Canal-related rash! Comments (24)
Bridge ‘Park’: Call it pier pressure. Comments (6)
Fitness: He can really hack it! Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Hundreds of devout Catholics walked across Brooklyn Bridge on Good Friday for the 21st Way of the Cross procession, which commemorates Jesus’s walk to the Calvary. Comments (2)

Mazel hoof!

Mazel hoof!

Kensington: Walker Blankinship dressed as a knight for the Jewish festival of Purim on Thursday, then rode home in costume — and character — along Ocean Parkway.

Pure fun for Purim!

Brighton Beach: They did all the mitzvot! Comment

Over-the-topper: Seniors show off elaborate Easter bonnets

BoroBeat: It’s a fashion miracle! Comment

Stan takes comments from the audience

It’s Only My Opinion: This week’s missive comes with a little help from our columnist’s readers. Comment
BoroBeat: They got a taste of the Danish life. Comment

Bensonhurst’s Good Friday march has a new starting place

Bensonhurst: This procession is on the move! Comment

Duo raid unlocked apartments across Brooklyn in month-long burglary spree

Greenpoint: The key to thwarting these criminals? A key. Comments (7)

The doctor is out! Brooklyn Hospital Center selling prime park-front building

Hospitals in Crisis: This hospital is going to cost someone an arm and a leg! Comments (7)
Bay Ridge: A teenage burglary suspect evaded scores of police officers in a foot chase that spanned Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, and Bensonhurst on March 23. Comments (21)
Bay Ridge: Call it the hotel formerly known as Prince. Comments (8)
Brooklyn Heights: This is the story all about how an old man got flipped, turned upside down. Comments (7)
Crime: First responders from Maimonides Medical Center struck and seriously injured a 79-year-old woman on 58th Street in Borough Park while responding to a call there on March 23. Comment
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Mixed martial arts: Bloodsport or big opportunity for Brooklyn?

Vox Pop: Mixed martial arts stars could soon be splattering each other’s blood and teeth all over Barclays Center after the Assembly finally passed a long-stalled bill to legalize the professional cage-fighting sport in New York on Tuesday. Comments (1)

Cobblestoned Vinegar Hill block is a rocky road

Mean Streets: Call it Vinegar Hill Country! Comment

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