Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015

Greenpoint duo Young Ejecta shoots for the stars

Music: Young Ejecta is poised to launch into synthpop superstardom — but it would settle for a one-hit wonder. Comments (1)

Monday, Feb. 16, 2015

Heroine chic! Gowanus gallery hosts feminist sci-fi art show

Art: Call them wonder women. Comment

Boerum Hill poet pens book about life in conflict zones

Books: He is a different kind of war reporter. Comment

Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015

Why can’t Carmine get the information he needs?

Sunday Screech: The Screecher is a Yellow Pages man in a Google world! Comment

Friday, Feb. 13, 2015

Editor’s Picks: Patty LaBelle and Billy Ocean at BAM, Jessica Williams at Littlefield, and other great things to see and do in Brooklyn, Feb. 6–12. Comment
Bar Scrawl: Our drinking illustrator visits the new Bushwick beer hall and barbecue joint, where the brews are cold — and so is his food. Comment

Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015

Officer hit with manslaughter rap in Gurley killing released without bail

Downtown: Officer Peter Liang’s first word upon shooting Akai Gurley dead in an East New York stairwell were “I’m going to lose my job,” according to prosecutors. He and his partner argued for four minutes before notifying their supervisor, and failed to administer first aid for at least 10 minutes, prosecutors allege. Comments (5)
Nightlife: We make it easy to find a place that feels like the Big Easy. Comment
Circuit Lord: A Navy Yard company is lighting up Brownstone Brooklyn. Comments (3)

Off-beat: Drummer Andrew Drury releases two unusual albums in one night

Music: On one album, he plays with a bamboo shish-kabob skewer. Comment

When to talk, and when to keep your trap shut

Fearless Parenting: This week, Stephanie figures out — again — that sometimes it’s best to be quiet. Comment

Crummy’s All-Star guide, and why James Dolan is an insufferable jerk

Flagrant Fowl: Our curmudgeonly Nets columnist contemplates the Knicks owner’s fan attack as it relates to the Nets’ resurgence, and points out some players to watch this weekend. Comment
Page 1: The Brooklyn Paper has served as a primary source of news about Brooklyn for a generation. Its mission: to cover Brooklyn like nobody’s business. In the process, The Paper served as a launching pad for some of journalism’s most notable talents. None of them are named Brian Williams. Or Jon Stewart. But there are too many to list. So think about that for a while, and keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Comment

Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015

Many familiar faces in Yards watchdog group

Construction Update: The watchdog group that is tasked with monitoring construction at the mega-development formerly known as Atlantic Yards is finally on the job, and it includes several people who have long histories of supporting the project. Comments (19)
Windsor Terrace: Firefighters rescued an elderly couple as flames tore through the third floor of a Windsor Terrace apartment building on Tuesday morning. Comments (1)

Lawsuit: Cuomo must call special election for Grimm seat immediately

Bay Ridge: Gov. Andrew Cuomo is violating the Constitution by refusing to call a special election to fill the House seat left vacant by tax-cheating Rep. Michael Grimm, a lawsuit alleges. Comments (4)

East Flatbush artist to recount life in 1960s Selma

Books: The cinema isn’t the only place to learn about Selma this Black History Month. Comments (1)

A cut above! Sword dancers to swashbuckle in Brooklyn

Dance: It is the one time you might want to bring a dancer to a sword fight. Comment

Hostage scammers target Park Slope woman

Park Slope: Scammers tried to extort a woman in Park Slope on Jan. 28 by claiming they had kidnapped her best friend, according to police. Comment

Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015

NYPD union rep: Officer to face charges in stairwell killing

Red Hook: A rookie cop will face criminal charges for shooting and killing a Red Hook man in an East New York public housing development, according to a police union rep. Comments (3)
Williamsburg: Concerns about cancer-causing chemicals released by a massive warehouse fire that is still smoldering on the Williamsburg waterfront are overblown, officials said at a town-hall meeting on Monday night. Comments (4)

Plenty of fish: Get hitched at Coney on Valentine’s Day

Nightlife: Most people want to avoid a sideshow at their wedding. Comments (3)
Music: Mr. Boombastic is about to get extra romantic. Comment

Ridge singles mingle at church’s pre-Valentine’s mixer

Bay Ridge: Valentine’s Day came early for these available Brooklynites. Comment
Prosecutors have dropped the disorderly-conduct charges against The Brooklyn Courier’s reporter Noah Hurowitz, stemming from his arrest while covering a police-brutality protest in Manhattan in December. Comments (13)
Red Hook: When he’s not judging barbecue competitions, reporter Noah Hurowitz is sinking his teeth into meaty political stories. Yesterday, he appeared on television to talk about one of the latter. Comments (1)

Downtown construction going up

Downtown: If you thought therte was a lot happening Downtown, a new study proves you were right. Comments (5)

Monday, Feb. 9, 2015

Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: A development company has bought the Williamsburg building that features a mural advertising a fictional, more-than-a-little-bit-phallic skyscraper, so that it can erect an office tower taller next door. Comments (1)

Carroll Gardens NYPD precinct now led by only female commander in Brooklyn

Red Hook: She is the 76th Precinct’s first woman in charge since 1990. Comments (5)

Psyche art! Bushwick gallery curates show via personality test

Art: These artists don’t mind being typecast. Comment
Bay Ridge: The demographics of once-predominantly Italian Bay Ridge may have changed over the decades, but on the micro level, Italians still rule the Ridge. Comments (4)

Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015

Presidential approval ratings: Israel smiles on Beep as Obama, Netanyahu face off

Prospect Heights: Borough President Adams is getting along with Israel much better than President Obama these days. Comments (12)
Bushwick: It was a real-life Enchantment Under the Sea dance. Comments (1)

Friday, Feb. 6, 2015

DA charges two with hate crimes for anti-transgender attack in Bushwick

Bushwick: Prosecutors indicted two men who they say attacked a transgender woman in Bushwick last fall, cracking her skull and sending her into a coma. Comments (4)

‘Grope’ payout for Lopez aides

Williamsburg: The state is shelling out $545,000 in taxpayer money to settle the sexual harassment lawsuit brought by two one-time aides of former assemblyman and Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez, according to the plaintiffs’ lawyer. Comments (3)

Mystery death explained: Amphetamines, heart disease led to runner’s collapse

The man who collapsed at the finish line of the Brooklyn Half Marathon and died last May had a heart condition and had amphetamines in his system at the time, according to the recently released results of an autopsy. Comments (4)

Brooklyn pols: Red Hook councilman unfit to lead

Sunset Park: Coney Island Councilman Mark Treyger replaces Red Hook’s Carlos Menchaca as leader of the Brooklyn Council delegation. Comments (21)

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