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Monday, Nov. 23, 2015

‘Oy’ to the world! New sculpture speaks from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Art: Yo, Brooklyn, whassup? Comments (6)

Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015

Lost and found: Why is it so easy to get things back theses days?

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, Lenore loses her phone, but finds out where it is before she even knew it was gone Comment

Friday, Nov. 20, 2015

Five things to do in Brooklyn this week!

Editor’s Picks: Bond, Muppets, “The Shining” and more! Comment

Dame of thrones: All-female ‘Henry IV’ is captivating

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: The gripping performance of Shakespeare’s classic is set in a women’s prison. Comment

Guitar hero: Composer makes a single-instrument orchestra

Music: His band is all strung out. Comment

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015

Picture purr-fect: ‘Felines of New York’ captures city kitties

Books: These cats are getting their moment in the sunbeam! Comment

Steph gets to the heart of the matter

Fearless Parenting: In case you don’t get it, she’s talking about forgiveness. Comments (5)

Ice to meet ya! Islander plays hockey with Sunset Parker tykes

Sunset Park: It was their shot at greatness. Comment

The Brooklyn Paper is for pets

Page 1: The weather outside remains suspiciously warm, but here at The Brooklyn Paper it is raining cats and dogs! We don’t take sides in the great canine versus feline debate — we love all fuzzy animals with four legs and a tail. Except mole rats. What’s up with those? Anyway, we’ll keep providing the borough’s most comprehensive pet news coverage and you keep hustlin’ Brooklyn. Comment

Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015

Stepping up! Stairway-like tower set to rise 23 stories above Flatbush

Changing Brooklyn: They want to take Flatbush to new heights. Comments (11)

Disc-no! Pols call for more oversight of raves

They are saying “heck no!” to under-regulated techno. Comments (1)

Cat haters vs. Cat lovers

Meow nix: Ridge creeps poisoning neighborhood pet food

Bay Ridge: Serial animal killers are leaving out poisoned and glass-laced pet food to murder neighborhood fuzz balls — and out pals at have the scoop! Comment

Cool as cats: ‘Catlady Craft Night’ embraces kitty obsessions

Fuzzy Brooklyn: Calling all cat ladies! Comments (2)

War paint: Artists protest real-estate conference at Brooklyn Museum

Changing Brooklyn: What a brush off! Comments (5)

A Shirley thing! Obama awarding Medal of Freedom to legendary Brooklyn congresswoman

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Also, Babs. Comment

Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015

Rise of the machine! Truck helps truck as crane lifts fallen cement mixer

Mean Streets: Talk about a concrete solution! Comments (3)

Falling tree critically injures food delivery guy in Red Hook

Red Hook: The man is fighting for his life in hospital after a tree parks department contractors chopped down in Coffey Park on Monday afternoon fell top of him. Comments (3)

In a bind: Sunset Parkers fear library redev would leave them with crummy interim book-lender

Sunset Park: A plan to replace the decrepit Sunset Park library with apartments and a library on the bottom should be stopped in its tracks until developers hash out plans for a temporary library, bookworms warned this week. Comments (21)

Police: Guy shoots man amidst argument in Bushwick clothing store

Bushwick: Police are on the lookout for a guy who they say shot another man inside a Bushwick clothing store on Monday evening. Comment

Small print! Boro kids meet their favorite authors at Children’s Book Fair

Prospect Heights: It was one for the books! Comment

Monday, Nov. 16, 2015

Brooklyn mourns: Hundreds gather at candlelight vigil for victims of terror attacks

Carroll Gardens: Locals, pols, and religious leaders from different faiths remembered those who died in Paris on Friday, as well as Beirut on Thursday, and Kenya earlier this year. Comments (25)

Climb and punishment: Park picks operator with controversial past to run bouldering wall

Bridge ‘Park’: It is a bould move. Comments (2)

Out of frame: Boerum Hill residents mystified by Michaels mini-mall

Changing Brooklyn: They’re not quite sure why the strip-mall staple wants to open in their neighborhood. Comments (22)

Shrine of the times! War Memorial makeover could include cafe, rooftop terrace

Downtown: That is, if local leaders can find $12 million to make it happen. Comments (2)

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015

Three weeks later, should he get married?

Health: This week, Sofviea takes on the timely topic of mail-order brides. Comments (5)

Friday, Nov. 13, 2015

We’re looking for freelance photographers!

The Brooklyn Paper and are seeking freelance photographers to shoot in our Southern Brooklyn neighborhoods, including exciting shorefront areas from Bay Ridge and Canarsie. Anyone with a good eye for photos who wants to learn how to make an image effrectively tell a story can apply! To do so, click on the above link! Good luck, Jimmy! Comments (1)

Residents: Reclaim derelict Gowanus playground — before it is too late!

Meadows of Shame: They have to get the inside track on Under the Tracks! Comment

Motor City’s wood-burning: Clinton Hill pizzeria opening Detroit-style pie joint

Dining: It is hip to be square at this pizzeria. Comments (5)

New digs! Brooklyn schools building indoor farms

Bushwick: Call them nursery schools. Comments (2)

Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015

Greenway? No way! G’point bike lane wrong for industrial area, say locals

Mean Streets: This is no space for green space. Comments (51)

Up with upzoning! CB6 approves city’s zoning changes

Changing Brooklyn: But Community Board 2 did not, and Community Board 1 just couldn’t get its act together. Comments (9)

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