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Lost and found: Why is it so easy to get things back theses days?

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, Lenore loses her phone, but finds out where it is before she even knew it was gone Comment

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

Buck, buck, goose! Carmines lands on the floor

Big Screecher: This week, the Screecher has another mishap from atop his trusty steed! Comment
Editor’s Picks: Bond, Muppets, “The Shining” and more! Comment

Bay Ridge celebrates an American tradition — rockin’ out!

Bay Ridge Nights: There’s more live music than you can shake a stick at in Bay Ridge this weekend. Dive deep into the American traditions of rock, soul, and jazz — plus bonus Irish music, cause why not? It is all waiting for you in Brooklyn’s nightlife Mecca. Comment

Dame of thrones: All-female ‘Henry IV’ is captivating

Theater: The gripping performance of Shakespeare’s classic is set in a women’s prison. Comment

Dame of thrones: All-female ‘Henry IV’ is captivating

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: The gripping performance of Shakespeare’s classic is set in a women’s prison. Comment
Music: His band is all strung out. Comment

Mon dieu! Another eggshell walk from passive libertarians over pitiless Paris terror attacks

A Britisher’s View: Where the hell is your ANGER over the horrible handiwork of Islamo-nuts? Our columnist wants to know. Comment

Hoop springs eternal: Marine Park basketball tourney to aid kid’s cancer fight

Marine Park: They’re taking their fight to court — the basketball court. Comment

Picture purr-fect: ‘Felines of New York’ captures city kitties

Books: These cats are getting their moment in the sunbeam! Comment

Glint of steal: Feds, cops seek Ridge gunpoint bank robber

Bay Ridge: He flashed his piece and took the cash. Comment

Steph gets to the heart of the matter

Fearless Living: In case you don’t get it, she’s talking about forgiveness. Comments (5)

Cheering for CPR training

Standing O: Standing O is sending shout-outs to Assemblywoman Malliotakis and Maimonides Medical Center. Comment
Sunset Park: It was their shot at greatness. Comment
Digital editions: The weather outside remains suspiciously warm, but here at The Brooklyn Paper it is raining cats and dogs! We don’t take sides in the great canine versus feline debate — we love all fuzzy animals with four legs and a tail. Except mole rats. What’s up with those? Anyway, we’ll keep providing the borough’s most comprehensive pet news coverage and you keep hustlin’ Brooklyn. Read more…

Mullin era begins with a bang

Joe Knows: Chris Mullin’s victorious coaching debut was emotional from start to finish. Comment

Bonnies season ends short of state title

High School Sports: A Catholic state title eluded Fontbonne Hall, but it has plenty to be proud of. Comment

Meow nix: Ridge creeps poisoning neighborhood pet food

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge pets beware! Comment

They’ve seen enough! Ridge community board nixes upzone proposal

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge gave two big thumbs down to Mayor DeBlasio’s controversial housing plan. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: They want to take Flatbush to new heights. Comments (11)
They are saying “heck no!” to under-regulated techno. Comments (1)

Cat haters vs. Cat lovers

Meow nix: Ridge creeps poisoning neighborhood pet food

Bay Ridge: Serial animal killers are leaving out poisoned and glass-laced pet food to murder neighborhood fuzz balls — and out pals at have the scoop! Read more…
Fuzzy Brooklyn: Calling all cat ladies! Comments (2)

The President must call it what it is, and fight back

Not for Nuthin’: This week, Jo gives her take on the Paris terrorist attacks. Comment

Xaverian rolls into third straight ‘A’ final

High School Sports: Xaverian is hoping the third time is the charm. Comment

Party foul! Schism deepens as two Republicans claim county committee chairmanship

Politics: It’s Brooklyn’s Big Tent party — now with twice as many tents! Comment

Rise of the machine! Truck helps truck as crane lifts fallen cement mixer


Rise of the machine! Truck helps truck as crane lifts fallen cement mixer

Mean Streets: Talk about a concrete solution! Comments (3)
Red Hook: The man is fighting for his life in hospital after a tree parks department contractors chopped down in Coffey Park on Monday afternoon fell top of him. Comments (3)

In a bind: Sunset Parkers fear library redev would leave them with crummy interim book-lender

Sunset Park: A plan to replace the decrepit Sunset Park library with apartments and a library on the bottom should be stopped in its tracks until developers hash out plans for a temporary library, bookworms warned this week. Comments (21)

Police: Guy shoots man amidst argument in Bushwick clothing store

Bushwick: Police are on the lookout for a guy who they say shot another man inside a Bushwick clothing store on Monday evening. Comment

It’s official! Nazareth’s Johnson signs with Virginia Commonwealth

High School Sports: Nazareth senior guard Niya Johnson was beaming from ear to ear. Comment

Moore the merrier! Midwood guard psyched about Niagara commitment

High School Sports: The reality sunk in as she put pen to paper. Comment

Back in business: Erasmus offense finds rhythm in playoff win

High School Sports: This win was vintage Erasmus Hall. Comment
Carroll Gardens: Locals, pols, and religious leaders from different faiths remembered those who died in Paris on Friday, as well as Beirut on Thursday, and Kenya earlier this year. Comments (25)
Bergen Beach: Bergen Beachers say the city’s plan to tone down noise from the Belt Parkway is full of holes. Comment

Highway to the danger zone: Bensonhursters say zoning proposal paves way for legalizing hazardous subdivided homes

Bensonhurst: Bensonhurst leaders fear Mayor DeBlasio’s up-zoning plan will sanction illegally converted homes and encourage tenement living. Comment
Gravesend: The contractor dredging Gravesend Bay to make room for a controversial waste transfer station dumped metal and contaminated mud into the water and defied state-issued work permits by failing to halt the operation or report the breach to officials, video shows. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: They’re not quite sure why the strip-mall staple wants to open in their neighborhood. Comments (22)
Downtown: That is, if local leaders can find $12 million to make it happen. Comments (2)

Throw the book at skeevy paederasts

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our columnist opines upon pedophiles, their terrible life choices, and the judges who let them out of jail too early. Comment

Three weeks later, should he get married?

Health: This week, Sofviea takes on the timely topic of mail-order brides. Comments (5)

We’re looking for freelance photographers!

The Brooklyn Paper and are seeking freelance photographers to shoot in our Southern Brooklyn neighborhoods, including exciting shorefront areas from Bay Ridge and Canarsie. Anyone with a good eye for photos who wants to learn how to make an image effrectively tell a story can apply! To do so, click on the above link! Good luck, Jimmy! Read more…

Residents: Reclaim derelict Gowanus playground — before it is too late!

Meadows of Shame: They have to get the inside track on Under the Tracks! Comment

Corps curriculum: Vets give Dyker students a history lesson

Dyker Heights: These kids got the history lesson that the state isn’t giving them. Comment

New digs! Brooklyn schools building indoor farms

Bushwick: Call them nursery schools. Comments (2)
Changing Brooklyn: But Community Board 2 did not, and Community Board 1 just couldn’t get its act together. Comments (9)

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