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They’ve got it ‘Made’: New book celebrates Brooklyn’s culinary creators

Books: Locavores have some new required reading! Comment

Kick the can! Lenore implores kids to learn old games

Rhymes with Crazy: Look, once in a while its okay for parents to interfere in thier children’s playtime — especially when it comes to ‘Ringolevio.’ Comments (1)

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

Carmine eats his way through Altantic City

Big Screecher: The penny slots again paid off big-time for the Screecher and his lovely wife Sharon as they celebrated her birthday Carmine-style in the restaurants of Jersey South. Comment

A lift to the train

A lift to the train

Coney Island: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority must build an elevator at the F train’s Neptune Avenue stop or hundreds of disabled and senior residents living nearby will be left stranded and vulnerable the next time Mother Nature comes calling, locals say. Comment
Editor’s Picks: Brooklyn is gearing up for Halloween, with monster sitcoms, pumpkin festivals, and a creepy ape in a cage. Also: beer! Comment

Will you survive the Bay Ridge Nights?

Bay Ridge Nights: Aliens, Brits, and meteorites are invading the neighborhood this weekend. But follow our directions and you can make it out alive — and with a buzz to boot. Comment

Bicycle blues: Greenway would kill Ridge parking spaces

Bay Ridge: Community leaders in Bay Ridge want the city to put a bike path on a stretch of Second Avenue and Wakeman Place near Owl’s Head Park, but not if they have to lose 46 parking spots to do it. Comments (26)

Pales-whiners don’t want a state, they just want to destroy Israel and kill Jews

A Britisher’s View: Bogus propaganda and a grimy PR campaign fuels the Palestinian objective of annihilating Israel and Jews, writes our columnist. Comment

Checkin’ in! Sunset Park is Brooklyn’s new hotel Mecca

Sunset Park: The semi-industrial 39th Street — just steps away from the majestic Gowanus Expressway — may seem an out-of-the-way destination, but you can’t beat rooms with nightly rates more than $100 cheaper than Downtown and Manhattan, guests say. Comments (5)

Full-service flop house busted in hooker sting

Photo Galleries: Cops raided a 39th Street hotel in Sunset Park and cuffed the owners and a manager for allegedly running a brothel on Oct. 15. Comment

A bumpy ‘Ride’: Amusement park play dizzies but doesn’t dazzle

Theater: This horror show is light on fright. Comment

Talking tour: Writers create stories out of visual art show

Art: Visual art gets a voice this week. Comments (2)

A bumpy ‘Ride’: Amusement park play dizzies but doesn’t dazzle

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: This horror show is light on fright. Comment

Show me the green! Golf honchos want city-funded well

Marine Park: It’s a match made in Golf Heaven! Comment

A time to speak, and a time to bite your tongue

Fearless Living: The boys are getting older, and now they have to make their own decisions. Comment

Clean up, everybody do your share

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

The mini Mad men of Canarsie

Canarsie: They go in kids, but they come out Mad men. Comment
Digital editions: You’ve stuck with this paper for years, even when others thought you were crazy, but it has finally paid off — The Brooklyn Paper is now the world champion of newspapers and we couldn’t have done it without you, the fans. So raise your arms in victory and keep hustlin’ Brooklyn! Read more…

Whitehead seeks new beginning with positive vibes

Joe Knows: Isaiah Whitehead believes the power of positivity will bring a new day to the Seton Hall men’s basketball team. Comment

Grand arm-y plaza! City plans two-story bronze arm statue for Tillary Street

Downtown: We already know Brooklyn is number one — and this is the artwork to prove it! Comments (2)
More than 100 motorcyclists motored through Brooklyn for the ninth-annual Ride2Live tour to benefit Maimonides Breast Cancer Center on Oct. 17. Comment
Cobble Hill: The dormitories could bring up to 800 students into the neighborhood, according to civic leaders. Comments (8)
Williamsburg: They’ve tried protests, they’ve tried lawsuits — and now they’re turning to cartography. Comments (2)

Whale of a tale! ‘Moby-Dick’ adaptation performs on the water

Theater: They are fresh on the boat! Comments (1)
Coney Island: Rabid sports fans throw parties during big games all the time, and now the Rangers — New York City’s other hockey team — are returning the favor. Comment

An Eek! preview of Halloween costumes

Coney Island: Coney Kids got to try out their Halloween costumes a few weeks early at the Fall Festival in Kaiser Park on Oct. 17. Comment

How can rich ladies gripe about inequality?

Not for Nuthin’: After the women of “The View” thrill at Bernie Sanders railing against income inequality, our columnist wonders why they make so much money. Comment

F-ast and F-urious: Coney Islanders demand return of express F train

People’s Playground residents say it’s time to restore express F train service to the busier-than-ever amusement district. Comments (7)

Finally! A video game about the Battle of Brooklyn

The only way to win this game is to lose. Comment
Gowanus: It tasted and smelled less poop-y than last time, says Christopher Swain. Comments (6)

Mind my business! Entrepreneurs tell Stringer how to fix burdensome biz regs

They just want to get down to business. Comment

Jarrett’s score sparks unbeaten South Shore to big second half

High School Sports: Omar Jarrett knew he needed to send a message to his team — and he delivered it load and clear. Comment

Daring Devils’ shot from left field nabs win

A long-shot goal created the momentum Poly Prep needed to best defending champion Riverdale 2–0 in Ivy League boys’ soccer NYSAISAA play last Wednesday. Even the player who made the 30-yard score knew it was a wild idea, he said. Comment

Pucked up! Riveters drop home opener

They wanted to make an impression on their new fans — but not like this! Comment

Costumed capers at Maimonides

Maimonides Medical Center’s pediatric patients transformed into princesses, Power Rangers, and other fantastical characters at the Spirit of Children Halloween party on Oct. 14. Comment

Get the lead out!

Get the lead out!

Canarsie: Cops bust Canarsie man’s alleged gun-running ring. Comment

Title nein! Students protest NYU-Poly’s new name

Brooklyn Is Angry: It is a case of mis-taken identity. Comments (2)

Police: Sicko sexually assaulted Bushwick woman at knifepoint

Bushwick: Police are looking for a man they say sexually assaulted a woman at knife point in a Bushwick apartment building in the early morning hours of Oct. 15. Comment

Who was Coulter pandering to?

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our columnist considers Ann Coulter’s excuse for her anti-Semitic remarks, the appeal of Will Smith and Louis Farrakhan, and the foolishness of Republican sniping. Comment

Park and deride

Sheepshead Bay: Sheepshead Bay residents refuse to park their complaints about a controversial rezoning plan. Comment
Transit: The blue bike-rental program wants to roll out these new docks in Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Gowanus, and Park Slope starting next spring. Comments (16)
Community News Group donated the proceeds from our Oct. 2 Pink Paper issue to the American Cancer Society to raise awareness about breast cancer. Comments (4)

Long-stalled Greenpoint Hospital redevelopment wakes from coma

Greenpoint: And it is opening some old wounds. Comments (4)

Number two! Toxic avenger will make second attempt to swim Gowanus Canal

Cleaning Our Waterways: Call it a doodoo over! Comments (5)

Once-toxic site to become healthcare facility

Brighton Beach: Turn that brown upside down. Comment
Transit: Ferry good news! Comments (2)
Dining: We’ll have what she’s having! Comments (2)

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