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Books: Call it a Southern Brooklyn Gothic. Comment

Galley cats! Talk dives into feline seafaring history

Art: Don’t call them sea dogs! Comment

Cancer makes these survivors best of friends

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, stories of women who fought breast cancer together. Comments (1)

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

Screecher blasts TV ads, praises Pope & Powsner

Big Screecher: He’s done it again! Carmine has done it again! Comment

What to read this week

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comment
Greenpoint: Our drinking illustrator visited the Brooklyn Pour beer festival with his sketchbook in hand. Comments (4)
Editor’s Picks: New York’s hottest borough has everything: dogs drinking beer, erotic fan-fiction, a presidential candidate with a boot on his head... Don’t miss it, Brooklyn! Comment
Cinema: It’s a vision of the future! Comment

Get your lederhosen, Bay Ridge!

Bay Ridge Nights: Two Ridge bierhalls will each host a stein-hoisting competition in honor of Oktoberfest — and our pals at have all the details! Read more…

Get your lederhosen, Bay Ridge!

Bay Ridge Nights: Raise your glass to Bay Ridge — and hold it hoooold it Comment

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are paving the politically correct way

A Britisher’s View: The Republican presidential frontrunners are a breath of fresh air in the dung heap of political correct politics, writes our columnist. Comment

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Why we’re pink

Breast Cancer Awareness: Starting today, and for the rest of the month, out website will come to you on a pink background to help raise breast cancer awareness. Comments (1)

Brooklyn volunteers are key players on the anti-cancer stage

Breast Cancer Awareness: Here are some local vollies who go the extra mile for breast cancer patients. Comment

Become a volunteer and give the greatest gift of all — yourself!

Breast Cancer Awareness: Give the greatest gift of all — yourself — to help someone battling cancer: Comment

Check out a ‘pink month’ event

Breast Cancer Awareness: There are Breast Cancer Awareness Month events happening around town. Here are a few to get you started! Comment
Mill Basin: Mill Basin residents are very uncomfortable with plans to build a Comfort Inn. Comment
Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

Booze-ical comedy: ‘Alcoholic Movie Musical’ mixes up film, stage, and real life

Theater: Making a movie can be a whiskey business. Comment
They’re pumping up the case to make this forgotten Coney Island structure a landmark. Comments (3)

The importance of check-ups for our daughters

The Dad: This week, the Dad tells the difference between his trips to the doctor’s office and his daughters’. Comments (1)
Digital editions: In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all of the Community News Group’s editions, including your beloved Brooklyn Paper, will be printed on pink paper this week (see paper at left). It’s just another way The Brooklyn Paper does its part to make the world a better place, and keeps you hustlin’ Brooklyn! Read more…

Erasmus defense returning to elite form

Joe Knows: The D in Dutchmen stand for “Defense.” Comment
Cleaning Our Waterways: If it can grow there, it can grow anywhere. Comments (5)
Coney Island: It was a street nearly 94 years in the naming. Comment
When the Islanders decamped from Long Island to Brooklyn, the team brought along a piece of its history — the original organ from the Nassau Coliseum. Comments (2)

Room and motherboard: Techie turning Crown Heights brownstones into dorm-style digs

Crown Heights: Boarding houses are back — now with high-speed wifi. Comments (5)

Jury: Bushwick man murdered, butchered his boss

Bushwick: Luis Perez was caught on tape telling his daughter he choked Bruce Blackwood to death then chopped his body up with a machete in 2006. Comment

Police: Creep groped Greenpoint dog-walker’s butt

Greenpoint: Police are looking for a guy who they say groped a woman’s butt on a Greenpoint street while she was out walking her dog in the early morning hours of Sept. 23. Comment

Jo: Did a 5-year-old really write that letter?

Not for Nuthin’: Our columnist has a few questions about Sophia Cruz, the little girl who ambushed the Pope with a suspiciously precocious letter about U.S. immigration policy. Comment

Jefferson’s Ponds choses to stay home with St. John’s

High School Sports: St. John’s fans will have anotherr lefty from Brooklyn to root for next year. Comment

Madison tops Tilden in first-place battle

High School Sports: James Madison’s two-headed rushing attack proved too much for Tilden in a battle of unbeaten teams last Saturday. Comment

City to grab unused Coney Island land

A city plan to seize unused shorefront land in Coney Island doesn’t go far enough, say local leaders. Comments (13)

Hemp-est in a teapot: Williamsburger sells pot-infused teas

Leaves of Grass: Talk about high tea. Comments (3)

Cod fry for you: Seafood joint coming to Ridge riffs on Bon Jovi

Bay Ridge: There’s a hunger burning in the heart of their souls — for fried anchovies. Comments (1)
BoroBeat: It takes the funnel cake! Comment
Red Hook: It took thousands to follow in one hero’s footsteps. Comment

Hall right: E-Hall crusies past Midwood for third-straight win

Erasmus Hall is once again living up to its reputation as one of the city’s elite football teams, thanks to a simpler approach to the game. Comment

Hun School crashes Poly Prep’s homecoming

Every step forward the Poly Prep football team took last Saturday, it took four steps back. Comment
Gerritsen Beach: On Sept. 17, under cover of night, some surreptitious sailors scuttled a 25-foot boat just off Gerritsen Beach, creating major headaches for nearby homeowners and a hazard for the environment. Comment
Park Slope: It’s alive! Comment
Dining: Call it barber-cue! Comments (3)

Stan on spuds

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our commen-tater considers fresh potatoes, dangerous bananas, and some very special oysters. Comment
Harbor Watch: Soldiers and patriots remembered prisoners of war and those missing in action protecting this country during a memorial held on Sept. 18. Comment

Gravesend murder suspect arrested

Gravesend: Police have arrested a Manhattan resident for the May 26 murder of a Gravesend man and attempted murder of another. Comment
Elhadi Ndiaye took a chance on football three years ago, and now he’s giving people reasons to take a chance on him. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Ferries between the two shores will come twice as often on holidays and festivals — and seafaring straphangers will get a preview of the expanded service this Sunday. Comments (5)
Greenpoint: It is a bridge over surprisingly calm waters. Comments (4)
Brooklyn Heights: He is no cheap skate. Comment

Video: Yahoo shoots at car in the middle of Crown Heights street

Crown Heights: Police are looking for a maniac who shot at a moving car in the middle of a Crown Heights street earlier this month. Comments (2)

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