Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015

The Brooklyn Papal

Welcome to New York, Your Holiness

New York CIty, meet the People’s Pope! Comment

What’s it like to be a Pope? A day in the life of Francis

You need the stamina of a workhorse, the patience of Job, and the endurance of an Alvin Ailey dancer to be the Servant of the servants of God — at least judging from the diverse and demanding duties of a Pope. Comment

Read all about the Pope!

New book focuses lens on the Pontiff. Comment

Venerable Vatican is the world’s tiniest nation

Monaco is widely regarded as the world’s smallest country, but that tall honor belongs to a micro-state an eighth the size of Central Park, located 400 miles away in the Italian capital of Rome. Comment

Popes and their food — an interesting bill of fare

The disciple Matthew said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ ” Comments (2)

Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015

Monday, Sept. 21, 2015

Spiritual successor: Americana jamboree revives old music and old festival

Music: Americana is bigger than country. Comment

Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, our intrepid columnist hops on the Seven train and takes it to its new last stop. Comments (13)

Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015

What to read this week

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comment

Friday, Sept. 18, 2015

Editor’s Picks: Take advantage of the great weather while you can, Brooklyn! This weekend, it’s all happening outdoors! Comment

Finally! Fodor’s releases travel guide to Brooklyn

Books: It is a guide to the only place that matters. Comments (3)

Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015

Jersey City

Jersey bounce: Islanders fans dis new Brooklyn uniform

Islanders: What’s black and white and got Islanders fans seeing red all over? Comments (3)
✔ Poll

Poll: What do you think of the Islanders’ new Brooklyn jersey?

✔ Poll

Poll: What do you think of the Islanders’ new Brooklyn jersey?

Islanders: These colors remind us of something... Comments (13)

Behind the Wheel: Film fest doc celebrates Coney carnies

Cinema: They are working for the weekend! Comment

The destructive force of a Kentuckey County Clerk

The Dad: This week, the Dad takes on Kim Davis, who cited religious belief and refused to marry a same-sex couple. Comments (4)

Police looking for Bushwick attempted rapist

Bushwick: Cops are looking for a guy who they say tried to rape a woman on a Bushwick street in the early morning hours of Sept. 6. Comment
Page 1: Our hearts this week go out to the poor G train, which is in recovery after a nasty run-in with a wall last week. The borough has to take care of its local locomotive — after all, it is the only one we’ve got. So keep the G train in your prayers and keep hustlin’ Brooklyn! Read more…

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015


Public display of confection: Food museum opening in Williamsburg

Williamsburg: Call it food for thought. Comments (2)

Police: Dirtbag tried to rape, strangle woman on Court St

Cobble Hill: Police are hunting down a guy who they say tried to rape and strangle a woman on Court Street on Tuesday morning. Comments (2)

Tonight: Have your say on PS 8, PS 307 school rezoning

Vinegar Hill: The city will host a town hall meeting in Vinegar Hill tonight, and in Brooklyn Heights next week. Comment

Legendary gardener Adam Purple dies cycling over Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg: The environmental activist and Williamsburg resident died from a heart attack while riding his bike over the bridge on Monday. Our pals at the Villager have the full story. Read more…

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015

Music: The ’90s over? As if! Comment
Red Hook: Now the artists are, ironically, removing the work. Comments (4)

Red Hookers will race 3-D-printed boats at Valentino Pier

Event: The mini cargo-delivery race will honor the neighborhood’s working waterfront. Comments (1)

Monday, Sept. 14, 2015

Epic wrap battles of Court Street

Taco brawl! New burrito chain challenges Chipotle Downtown

Dining: It’s a Mexican standoff! Comments (4)

Tale of the tape: Dos Toros vs. Chipotle

Dining: It is pico de gallo at 20 paces. Comment

Adams: Jouvert here to say

Borough President Adams said he wants to form a task force to quell fears about the annual Jouvert fests that occur overnight before the annual Labor Day Parade down Flatbush Avenue. Comments (4)

Brooklynites remember 9–11 victims at Borough Hall ceremony

Downtown: It was the borough’s first official remembrance ceremony for the men and women who died in the 2001 attack. Comment

MTA: Wall collapse caused G train derailment

Downtown: Thursday’s G-saster was the result of the train ramming into a buckling wall, the transit authority says. Comments (4)

Friday, Sept. 11, 2015


OM–G! Brooklyn Local derails Downtown

Downtown: They were going off the rails on a crazed G train! Comments (6)
Brooklyn Heights: Borough President Adams does not care for the city’s current plan to develop the Brooklyn Heights library branch — but he has many, many ideas for improvement. Comments (20)
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: Neighbors say the skyscrapers will leave them with no view and no room to move. Comments (12)

Shore it up! Board tells city to find new Hook ferry stop

Red Hook: They’re applying some pier pressure. Comments (6)

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