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Teaches of peaches: Local food writer focuses on the summer fruit

Books: Going to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches? For that you need recipes! Comments (3)

Urbane dictionary: The new New York City slang

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, our columnist defines the words we’ve all been using — or will soon. Comments (9)

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

New York City Slang for a new generation

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, the Screecher is sick so our guest columnist defines the new words she heard around the Big Apple. Comment
Editor’s Picks: Brooklyn is the borough of nerds this week, with cartoons, fantasy authors, and a chat with superhero-obsessed director Kevin Smith! Comment

Individual ‘Ayn-them’: Ayn Rand adaptation aims for middle ground

Theater: The theater is getting a little Rand-y. Comments (3)

‘Hunger Games’ appetizer

‘Hunger Games’ appetizer

If you’re hungry for a taste of “Mockingjay,” head over to Prospect Park on Wednesday. Comment

Bay Ridge attacks the weekend

Bay Ridge Nights: Free flicks, tons of music, and a party in the park are waiting for you in Bay Ridge this weekend. Comment

Bay Ridge attacks the weekend

Bay Ridge Nights: Our pals at have scouted out all the best events in Bay Ridge! Read more…

Forced shunning a silent killer

A Britisher’s View: Faigy Mayer committed suicide because her ultra-religious family shunned her — a form of aggression that is pervasive and virtually ignored, writes our columnist. Comment

Standing O is at it again!

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

In the market for convenience: Brighton Beach seniors clamor for supermarket

Brighton Beach: Brighton Beach’s senior citizens have not had an American supermarket for nearly three years — and they are hungry for some convenience. Comment

Agency wants to move Coney flood barrier up the creek

Could Coney Island Creek become the Great Barrier Creek? Comments (5)

Sound of violence: Anti-lynching play uses audio footage of Eric Garner

Theater: In this play, the present haunts the past. Comment

Claw-Back: The Sequel

Months after Sandy victims fended off a push by federal agencies to claw back relief payouts from those who got help from more than one source, the government is making another grab. Comment

Wonder Dad, or the guy that did everything right

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie wonders if a guy she met raised his kids the right way, and if she’s doing it all wrong. Comment

Cancer ‘Crusaders’ raise cash on 17th Street

Awesome: They came from near and far for a good cause. Comment
Diamond Dave’s Cyclones Report: With a long roadtrip, it was easy to lose focus on our beloved Boys of Summer. But not all focus. Comment

Former Ford star set to put hoops career back on track

Joe Knows: Chaz Williams is ready to move past a forgettable start to his professional basketball career. Comment

Heights and dry: Montero’s Bar building is up for sale

Go There Now While You Still Can: The 76-year-old Brooklyn Heights tavern is one of the borough’s last real longshoremen’s bars. Comments (4)
They’re going on the organ trail! Comments (2)

Loading zone out: City quietly nixes parking spots on 5th Ave.

Sunset Park: It’s a communication gap so big you could park a truck in it. Comments (16)

Dabka dance party in the Ridge

Bay Ridge: The 9th-annual Arab American Bazaar at Shore Road Park in Bay Ridge on July 26 marked the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with a celebration Arab heritage. Comment

Talib Kweli DJing silent dance party in Downtown alley

Music: Dance like no one is listening! Comment

Joanna is on Team April after latest ‘Sharknado’

Not for Nuthin’: Some people may think that three spins in the Sharknado is enough. But our columnist answers, “Oh hell no!” Comment
Ditmas Park: So, how do you become a good person? Comments (1)

Sailors claim softball victory

Harbor Watch: Fort Hamilton Army Base hosted the fifth annual First Responders Picnic and Softball Competition, pitting military teams and cops and firefighters against each other. Comment

Oh, man. Cyclones lose again

The Ride: These guys have got to get home. Comment

Top Flight: Aviator youth hockey program reaches Tier 1

The city’s best young hockey players no longer need to leave the five boroughs to play at the highest level. Comment
Coney Island: Courier “Speak Out” columnist Lou Powsner will be immortalized in his beloved People’s Playground, as the city votes to name a street after the iconic ink-slinger and dedicated community activist. Comment

Long paw of the law

Gravesend: Call it puppy payback. Comment

Mega hurts! Kids build, battle bots at Slope summer camp

Boro of Nerds: They’re doing the robot! Comment

Pop shots: Performer takes aim at the history of American music

Music: This costumed chameleon is breathing new life into some threadbare tunes. Comments (1)
BoroBeat: Red Hookers toasted their neighborhood at the second annual Celebrating Red Hook festival at Erie Basin Park on July 25 — this time with actual booze. Comments (3)

Cops monitoring streets for computer-screen crook

Williamsburg: A burglar swiped a 27-inch Apple monitor, along with several credit cards, say police. Comments (1)

Jacobs wants focus on bright future instead of inspiring past

Danny Jacobs wants to be known as more than the first fighter ever who survived cancer and went on to win a world title. Comment

Harris-Legree adjusting slowly to fast-paced Grand Street

High School Sports: Sharif Harris-Legree found out pretty early on how different life will be in a Grand Street uniform. Comment
Coney Island: Gettin’ down with Coney and the Gang! Comment
Brooklyn Is Angry: Neighbors say putting 50 sex offenders in one place is a recipe for disaster. Comments (12)

Doc-ument details new $204-million LICH medical center

Hospitals in Crisis: And one doctor says it is not what he ordered! Comments (2)

Class on Coney’s coast

Class on Coney’s coast

Coney Island: They’re exploring the mystique of Coney Island Creek. Comment
Sunset Park: The Brooklyn tech darling that laid off 100 people in April has just opened its new factory in Sunset Park — and now the company is hiring. Comments (1)

Stan gets pazzo about his pasta

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our columnist reveals his family’s traditional pasta sauce. Comment

In a funk, Cyclones lose again

The Ride: Man, what these guys need is a rain out. Comment

Cops: Guy groped woman on Q train

Downtown: Cops are on the lookout for a man who they say groped a woman on the subway last Tuesday morning, according to a report. Comments (3)

Marriage material: Local author discusses attending 30 weddings

Books: Weddings: fun-filled festivities or matrimonial misery? Comment
Cyclones: Last year’s Cyclone is this year’s newest Mets’ superstar. Comments (1)

Cyclones end losing streak with 2–1 win

The Ride: Thank goodness! Comment

Clones drop fourth in a row!

The Ride: This is starting to look like a bad road trip! Comment

Sampson guilty, faces 20 years in prison

Canarsie: State Sen. John Sampson faces up to 20 years in prison after a federal jury found him guilty on three charges on July 24. Comment

Cops seek sneaky thief

Coney Island: Police are asking for the public’s aid in finding a woman suspected of sneaking into a 28th Avenue home in broad daylight on July 14 and making off with $120. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: What a slam! Comments (4)

Lead Hook: Ball fields laden with heavy metal, says EPA

Meadows of Shame: Now the agency is forcing the city to clean it up to the tune of $50 million. Comments (5)

Sayon-R-a: Late-night R trains won’t reach Ridge next two weeks

Bay Ridge: The Rarely will be even tougher to find for the next two weeks. Comment

Bear city! Cyclones get swept in West Virginia

The Ride: It’s easy to get mauled by Bears. Comment

Cops: Help us find racist skateboarding brutes

Williamsburg: Police are looking for two brutes who they say attacked a 25-year-old Hispanic man with a skateboard in Williamsburg in the early hours of Sunday morning. Comment

Grog jog at Aviator

Grog jog at Aviator

Marine Park: This is a great way to get rid of your belly — without missing out on the beer. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: The developer plans to make some changes, do some restoration, then turn it into a gym. Comments (9)

Blackham and cheese sandwich! Cyclones devoured by Black Bears!

The Ride: This is starting to look like a bad road trip! Comment

Subway violence!

Cops: Teen punched 15-year-old girl in the face

Gowanus: Police are asking Brooklynites to keep their eyes peeled for a teen who they say punched a 15-year-old girl in the face on a Gowanus train platform earlier this month. Comments (2)

Police seek scoundrels who allegedly bashed man on subway

Carroll Gardens: Cops are on the lookout for a group of ruffians who they say beat a man unconscious on a train after an argument turned violent on July 12, according to a report. Comments (2)

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