Shoe and tell: New exhibit discusses sneaker culture

Fashion: This is a show to sprint to! Comments (2)
Art: They are images that bear watching. Comment

Killing yourself isn’t always suicide

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, our columnist speaks out for those who choose to die when suffering from the effects of a terminal disease. Comments (3)

Canarsie museum is history

Canarsie museum is history

Canarsie: The neighborhood’s Quixotic chronicler — who created a museum, wrote a book, and produced a documentary all to celebrate Canarsie history — has closed shop and moved away, citing locals’ lack of interest. Comment

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

Police Commissioner Tom Selleck has disgraced his badge!

Big Screecher: I’m madder than a school of fish in a California reservoir over the fact that my favorite police commissioner has gone behind our backs and done something that I never thought he would do: steal water! Comment

Lay on hands: Interactive art show features trashy altars

Art: This show has a touch of the divine. Comment
Editor’s Picks: Brooklyn heads outside for music, movies, comedy, and more music. Comment

Congratulations to the newest Plebe

Tassels off to Dorienne Peters, a graduate of Brooklyn College Academy, for her induction into the Naval Academy Class of 2019 to begin a challenging week of basic midshipman training as part of the Plebe Summer program. Comment

Speak of the devil: Morbid Anatomy Museum has a satanic anniversary

Event: It has been one hell of a year. Comment

Ol’ professor: Gamboa teaches and teaches and teaches

Diamond Dave’s Cyclones Report: With a team full of rookies, the Cyclones skipper often wonders “Can anybody here play this game?” Comment

‘Black lives matter,’ claim black leaders, but apparently only when the culprits are white

A Britisher’s View: The black-lives-matter mob is rampaging against whites, while ignoring America’s black crime and delinquency epidemic, writes our columnist. Comment

Massively multi-player

Massively multi-player

Sheepshead Bay: A start-up competitive video game league comes to a Sheepshead Bay theater. Comment

Go to hell-icopter! Brooklyn pols renew push to ban tourist choppers

Brooklyn Heights: The city should tell tourist helicopters to buzz off, say Brooklyn waterfront residents who are cheering a new campaign by local lawmakers to jettison the joyrides. Comments (4)
Coney Island: It was an inside-the-park home fun. Comment

Standing O says, ‘Mazel tov!’

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

Kids with clubs

Marine Park: Marine Park Golf Course offers free lessons for youngsters. Comment

Not playing by the rules

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie wonders if her laissez-faire parenting style is good for her boys. Comments (10)

Stars align for Betances with Yanks

Joe Knows: Coach Melvin Martinez certainly isn’t surprised by former player Dellin Betances’s success with the New York Yankees. Comment

Safety seminar for seniors

Safety first! Comment

Elderly woman raped in her home

Coney Island: A man raped an 82-year-old Brighton Beach woman in her home in the early hours of July 13, and police are asking for the public’s help in finding the culprit. Comment
Greenpoint: The city’s composting program stinks, say Greenpointers. Comments (9)
Sunset Park: They’re worried a rotten apple would spoil the bunch. Comments (12)
Mean Streets: A car fatally plowed into a cyclist on Fourth Avenue on Monday — and Borough President Adams says it will happen again if the city doesn’t do something. Comments (21)
Bedford-Stuyvesant: The implosion injured a handful of people and sent emergency services scrambling to find anyone who might be in the building. Comments (6)

Jo says those flag-burners have it all wrong

Not for Nuthin’: Protesters recently burned the American flag saying it was a “symbol of oppression,” but our columnist reminds them that, on the contrary, it’s a symbol of their right to be “numbskulls.” Comment

Library unveils new television studio at Coney branch

Lights, camera — Coney! Comment
This was the fun fans were looking for! Comment
Sheepshead Bay: Save room for Iftar dinner mints! Comment
BoroBeat: Feast your eyes on this! Comment

These colors do run

Marine Park: The sky was black over Floyd Bennett Field the night of June 11, but it looked like a box of crayons had spilled on the ground. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: But first it needs approval to make changes to the landmarked building. Comments (14)

Strained glass: Opinions mixed over glassy condo replacing convent

Bay Ridge: It’s a religious conversion! Comments (4)

Islanders in Brooklyn

Downtown: They were cheering for the home team, but most of the fans were still visitors. Comments (31)
Barclays Center is making its newest tenants feel right at home. Comment

Clones drop second in a row to Aberdeen

The Ride: Friggin’ IronBirds! Comments (1)

Congregating with creation

Marine Park: Members of the congregation from Progressive Temple Beth Ahavath Sholom got back to nature on July 11, gathering at the Salt Marsh Nature Center in Marine Park for an outdoor Shabbat service. Comment

Cops: Man’s death outside Williamsburg bar was a homicide

Williamsburg: The guy died of severe head injuries three days after someone knocked him out in front of a Bedford Avenue watering hole in June, police said. Comment

The year’s best in Brooklyn high school sports

High School Sports: Who were the top clubs in Kings County regardless of sport, and the best of them all? Sports editor Joseph Staszewski gives you his picks for the best of the best for the 2014-15 school year. Comment
Gravesend: This principal got all Fs — as in fudged, fixed, and now — fired. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Brooklyn Law School is selling 2 Pierrepont St. on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, but contrary to local fears, the building is unlikley to be replaced with condos. Comments (2)

Cops: Teens go on Downtown groping spree

Downtown: A group of pervy punks went on a groping spree in Prospect Heights and Downtown last Friday morning, according to police. Comment

Cops: Slasher cut man’s face in Williamsburg bodega

Williamsburg: Cops are on the lookout for a lout who slashed a Williamsburg bodega customer across the face last Tuesday morning, according to a report. Comment

Bad as in bad: Badamo falters, Clones lose

The Ride: Perez scored both runs in Saturday’s win over Aberdeen, with mom and dad in the stands. Comment

Some quotes from Stan’s notes

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our columnist considers several overeard remarks that he jotted down in his notebook. Comment

Brooklyn boxing

Consistent, focused training has Malignaggi confident heading into Garcia fight

Turning back the clock in his training has Paulie Malignaggi confident he can do the same with his boxing career. Comment

Lick and move: Ice-cream parlor names flavors after local boxers

Cobble Hill: I scream, you scream, we all scream for … boxing? Comment
BoroBeat: It was a free show with no strings attached — except the ones on-stage. Comment

P’Park Residence raised fees, tried to evict seniors amid court battle

Park Slope: And other updates from the ongoing litigation. Comments (22)

Councilman hosts Sheepshead Bay job fair

Sheepshead Bay: Councilman Chaim Deutsch (D– Sheepshead Bay) held a job fair for locals at his district office on June 6. Comment

Pedro Perez makes parents proud

The Ride: Perez scored both runs in Saturday’s win over Aberdeen, with mom and dad in the stands. Comment

Cyclones spin out in close loss to Hudson Valley

The Ride: Mistakes cost the Cyclones in a hard-fought, 12-inning loss to the Renegades. Comment

Collateral damage

Bay Ridge: Corner-cutting contractors forced an innocent Bay Ridge restaurant to close when a house they were working on next door threatened to fall on the eatery on July 9. Comment

Gun scare at Madison High School

Sheepshead Bay: A Brooklyn resident was arrested at James Madison High School on July 8 for allegedly trying to bring drugs into the troubled Sheepshead Bay school. Comment

Pol gets city to pay for promenade fix

Bay Ridge: The Parks Department has finally found the dough to repair more than two dozen sinkholes that riddle the Shore Road Promenade. Comment

Blake lively in first outing as a Clone

The Ride: Newly acquired pitcher Blake Taylor throws three shutout innings for the Cyclones. Comments (1)

Cops arrest alleged heroin and crack dealers in Williamsburg raids

Williamsburg: Police arrested more than a dozen people for allegedly selling or possessing heroin and crack cocaine. Comments (1)
Changing Brooklyn: He just doesn’t knead the dough anymore. Comment

Cyclones run Renegades out of Hudson Valley

The Ride: David Thompson and Michael Bernal combined for seven of the Cyclones’ 10 hits in Brooklyn’s 5–3 win against Hudson Valley. Comment

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