Color coordination: Rock stars and color guards team up

Music: These artists are changing the color guard. Comment

Trace the music

Art: Call her the artist from Down Under — the Manhattan Bridge. Comment

Get the scoop

Books: New book blows the lid off artisan ice cream! Comment

Wrongly convicted of rape and murder, Jeff Deskovic fights back

Rhymes with Crazy: The New Yorker spent 16 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit — but was forced to admit he did. Comments (1)

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

Carmine: Give the vets what’s coming to them!

Big Screecher: This week, the Screecher demands — no, DEMANDS — veterans get treated with the respect they deserve. Comment

Star-spangled ban — err

Flatbush: An American flag posted outside of the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps since shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, has drawn the ire of the Department of Sanitation, but corps members were able to dodge the citation because of a strange mistaken-identity mishap. Comment
Editor’s Picks: The Mermaid Parade, beer cocktails, Patrick Stewart — Brooklyn has it all. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: The city floated a plan to Community Board 15 to turn part of Sheepshead Bay Road one way, and close a stretch of E. 15th Street altogether — but the idea sank like a rock. Comment

Sport of kings: ‘Invisiball’ stages a faux soccer match

Dance: These performers have no balls. Comment

One reason to go to Staten Island tonight: The Cyclones are playing on the Rock

The Ride: Look, we don’t normally tell you to go to the Rock, but tonight the Cyclones are playing there. Thankfully, our boys will be back in Brooklyn tomorrow. Comment

In Bay Ridge, it’s time for Pop Rock

Bay Ridge Nights: Dad’s rockin’ the Ridge. Sunday is Father’s Day, and there’s nowhere better to hear music much loved by “men of a certain age” than Bay Ridge — the home of the dad rock cover band. Comment

Bay Ridge is the home of pop’s rock

Bay Ridge Nights: Our buddies at have the scoop on dad rock bands playing on Father’s Day weekend. Read more…

Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and most of Brooklyn’s Council members love a terrorist

A Britisher’s View: The city’s second top official — and all but one of Brooklyn’s Council members — want remorseless Puerto Rican terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera to be released from prison, but their sordid solidarity is a slap to his victims, writes our columnist. Comment

Senior disappears in Gravesend

Gravesend: Police are asking for the public’s help finding a missing Gravesend senior. Comment

Goodbyes, hellos and summer tips

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

Rainbow coalition: Colorful play a school collaboration

Brighton Beach: It was a color-aborative effort. Comment

Five ways to re-re-purpose Boardwalk timber

Wood from the Coney Island Boardwalk is currently on display at an Italian world’s fair. What should happen to it after the fete is over? We have some ideas. Comments (1)

Shreds of truth: New doc follows metal band Unlocking the Truth

Cinema: This movie features a full metal racket. Comment

Not yet a grandmother, but getting there!

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie realizes her tween and teen don’t need her as much anymore. Comment
Sunset Park: This procession has made serious progress. Comments (6)

Blackbirds commit Camilo earns Mayor’s Cup MVP honors

High School Sports: Most-valuable-player honors were the furthest thing from Andy Camilo’s mind as the rain began to fall at MCU Park. Comment

Tougher task awaits Malignaggi in new return bout

Joe Knows: Paulie Malignaggi’s long-awaited return to the ring just got a whole lot more interesting. Comment

Young woman vanishes in Coney Island

Coney Island: Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a young Coney Island woman who disappeared on June 12. Comment

Following Dattilo’s way

Gravesend: A Gravesend street was co-named over the weekend to recognize a woman for her service to a local church where she mentored young adults and volunteered in the surrounding community. Comment

Unholy rollers: Vandals knock over Virgin Mary statue in Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights: The priest at St. Charles Borromeo Church says the church will have to pay thousands of dollars to restore the statue. Comments (8)

Seize the daycare: Senate passes bill to save W’burg preschool and senior center

Changing Brooklyn: Score one for the little guys — and their grandmas. Comments (7)
Art: A group of teens have uncovered the secrets of the sewers. Comments (6)

Jo on fake black lady: Whatevs

Not for Nuthin’: Considering the real problems in our country, our columnist thinks that Rachel Dolezal isn’t worth the fuss. Comment

Students dance about ‘Life’

Sheepshead Bay: Dance students at IS 234 offered a moving lesson in life. Comment

Cops: Man now suffering brain injury was in multiple scraps at W’burg bar

Williamsburg: Staffers or patrons of the Charleston called police twice in two hours to deal with scuffles involving the man, authorities said. Comments (2)

Patriots with paddles: Vets canoe in Jamaica Bay

Marine Park: Veterans and their families came to Jamaica Bay’s Gateway National Recreation Area on June 14 for a Flag Day event filled with water-bourne fun. Comment

Xaverian hurlers lead stellar Catholic league pitching in Mayor’s Cup win

High School Sports: Xaverian’s John Bini didn’t know what he was getting himself into while warming up in the Catholic league bullpen before entering the Mayor’s Cup baseball all-star game. Comment

Telecom softball stars show off arms at Mayor’s Cup

High School Sports: Don’t run on Telecommunications’s Emily Bianchino and Susen Gutenkunst. That’s what the Catholic league players learned early in the Mayor’s Cup softball all-star game. Comment

Little willy style: Smallest-penis pageant celebrates good things in petite packages

BoroBeat: Men with puny peckers and big personalities took to the stage at the King’s County Saloon in Bushwick on Saturday to compete for the coveted title of the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn. Comments (7)

Float on!

Pod people: Sensory deprivation center opens in Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens: They’re floating a new therapy, and that therapy is floating. Comments (1)

Double trouble: Cyclone gets stuck — again

Luna Park’s Cyclone roller coaster stalled before the first drop for the second time this season on June 13. Comments (1)

Confusing exit signs will stay on Gowanus Expressway until August: State

Bay Ridge: Keep calm and stay straight. Comment

Trick play ensures Goldstein flag-football crown

High School Sports: The play devised just for the championship delivered Leon Goldstein’s first flag-football title. Comment

Dancers trip the light fantastic at Flatbush Avenue Street Fair

BoroBeat: They were dancing in the street! Comment

Worth the wait: Recruiting journey lands Naz’s Jackson at Detroit

High School Sports: Brittney Jackson’s patience was finally rewarded — just about when it was running out. Comment

Punch sucker: Cops seek attacker in Ridge bus beatdown

Bay Ridge: Cops are searching for the cretin who clouted a straphanger on a bus at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 72nd Street in Bay Ridge on April 25. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: It is too late for the activists to fight the development, the judge ruled Friday. Comments (26)

Chalk it up to art

Dyker Heights: McKinley Junior High held its third-annual Chalk Art Competition on June 10, allowing participating students to spend the entire school day out on the playground creating their own compositions with multi-colored chalks. Comment

Man in critical condition after Williamsburg bar brawl

Williamsburg: A man is clinging to life after an early-morning fight at a popular Williamsburg bar on Sunday, police said. Comments (5)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: The dancers at this prom had two left feet. Comment

Flag philanthropy: Local biz donates star-spangled banners to school

Marine Park: One Marine Park school celebrated Flag Day early thanks to a donation of flags. Comment
Marine Park: These kids rocked Pride Rock. Comment

Class act! Donors go back to school for kids’ arts fund-raiser

BoroBeat: They put the fun in fund-raising! Comment

Stan: Fasten your seat belts

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our columnist plays a guessing game, ponders a beautiful mind, and offers his Oscar pick. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: Heroes are now “hand-fried chicken cutlet sandwiches.” Comments (14)

The gig is up! Trash Bar will close at the end of the month

Changing Brooklyn: They’re finally taking out the Trash. Comments (4)

Star power: J. Lo and Ray Liotta film in Ridge

Bay Ridge: Don’t be fooled by the Bay Ridge shot, she’s still Jenny from the block. Comment

Local support, federal cuts for Brooklyn veterans

Windsor Terrace: Locals raised money for veterans in Brooklyn last weekend, even as budget cuts in Washington are forcing part of the borough’s veterans’ hospital to close. Comment

Daytime shoot-out in Bushwick

Bushwick: A pair of yahoos got into a daytime shootout on the streets of Bushwick on Wednesday. Comments (4)
BoroBeat: They let the wild rumpus start! Comment

Cops: Teens robbed and killed Williamsburg man

Williamsburg: Police arrested four teens in the April 27 shooting death of a Williamsburg man, according to a report. Comments (2)

Fin-der bender: Coney-bound shark dies in Florida car crash

Coney Island: It was like a real-life Sharknado. Comment
Photo Galleries: Brooklyn’s “Women of Distinction” received trophies and tributes at Sirico’s Caterers in Dykler Heights on June 10, and we covered all the action! Comment
Our sister publication, Courier Life, honored 25 of Brooklyn’s best last night at Sirico’s Caterers in Dyker Heights, and Brooklyn Daily has the story, so check it out! Read more…

Fin-der bender! Coney-bound shark dies in Florida car crash

Our pals at have all the details on this real-life Sharknado. Read more…

Judge: Lopez must pay his $300K sexual harassment fine

Politics: If he doesn’t, the attorney general can start seizing his assets. Comments (1)

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