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Pols: Make Boardwalk a landmark

Coney Island’s iconic Boardwalk is getting a do-over on a botched bid for landmark status to save its threatened boards. Comments (2)

Writers to give marathon reading of pro-vaccination book in Dumbo

Books: They are taking a jab at the vaccination debate. Comment

It was a week ago today that Carmine went to Walmarts

Sunday Screech: That and other interesting anger in this week’s Carmine, which may be one of his last. Comment

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

Carmine’ Easter Sunday trip to Walmarts

Big Screecher: All we really have to say here is the Screecher has done it again! Comment

The ultimate Brooklyn Bloody Mary!

The ultimate Brooklyn Bloody Mary!

Dining: We blend the best and worst — and occasionally fictional — flavors of the borough together in one delicious* cocktail. *Results not guaranteed. Comments (1)

Build It Back Audit

Build It Back audit: Recovery caseworkers under-qualified, under-staffed

Sandy victims already knew Build It Back was broken, and now an audit of the city’s superstorm recovery program reveals exactly how the city dropped the ball. Comment

Unqualified contractor made a mess of Build It Back: Audit

The private company that the city hired to run the billion-dollar Build It Back Hurricane Sandy recovery program told auditors from the Comptrollers office that it wasn’t able to competently administer the program because the company lacked disaster recovery expertise. Comment
Editor’s Picks: Meet Octavia Spencer, tour historic Coney Island, test your Brooklyn trivia bona fides, and more things to do and see in the borough of Kings, April 10–16. Comment
Bar Scrawl: Bartoonist visits new brewpub Threes Brewing. Comments (6)

Open your heart — and wallet — in the Ridge

Bay Ridge Nights: Fund-raisers? More like fun-raisers! Comment

Open your heart — and wallet — in the Ridge

Bay Ridge Nights: Fund-raisers? More like fun-raisers! has all this hottest philanthropic events in Bay Ridge this weekend. Comment

Rot in jail terror groupies Noelle Velentzas and Asia Siddiqui

A Britisher’s View: Toss the two women accused of plotting to bomb fellow Americans into jail and throw away the key, writes our columnist. Comment
Flagrant Fowl: It’s getting closer to playoff time, and Crummy is doin’ the pigeon! Comment

City: Ridge rezone plum for seniors, not developers

Bay Ridge: If you build it, they will stay. Comment

Whizzed away: City to move beachfront bathrooms from Oceana

Brighton Beach: The city announced plans on Monday to move new high-rise restrooms from in front of pricey Brighton Beach condominiums to a nearby community center in a controversial decision that locals see as the city pandering to wealthy residents. Comment

Impulse karaoke: Comedians improvise new musicals with familiar tunes

Theater: They’re just making it up as they go along! Comment

Maimonides on the cutting edge

Standing O: Here’s a big Standing O for the hospital’s Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery. Comment

Ridge Easter egg hunt draws droves

Bay Ridge: Hundreds of kids scoured Shore Road Park during Bay Ridge’s annual Easter egg hunt on April 4. Comment

Yes … Yes … Yes! Steph has the answer for everything

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie figures it is better to say “Yes” than “No.” Comments (1)

Flatbush’s Mullin to use St. John’s past to shape its future

Joe Knows: A Lord of Flatbush is hoping to be King of Queens again. Comment

Kittens rescued in Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay: Three kittens trapped in a shuttered storefront in Sheepshead Bay were rescued by passersby who heard the cats’ cries on April 4. Comment

Yes man! Hero councilman gets honored, engaged

Williamsburg: He keeps popping questions, and she keeps saying “Yes!” Comments (2)

Huge loss: ‘Little Jimmy’ dies at 67

Coney Island icon and Bay Ridge fixture James “Little Jimmy” Mastrangelo passed away on April 6. Comments (12)

Cat’s meow! Kittens saved in Sheepshead Bay

Fuzzy Brooklyn: Our pals at have this fur-raising tail of young cats being rescued by the skin of their whiskers! Read more…
Courts: A federal grand jury has indicted a fourth Brooklyn man on terrorism charges in connection to an alleged plot to send fighters and money to the Islamic State. Comments (1)

Occult classic

Weird of fortune! Artist creates tarot cards featuring smiling poop

Weird Art: The future is in his hands. Comments (1)

Decked out! Our reporter gets her cards read

Art: Play your cards right and you might just learn what the future holds. Comment

Hunting for eggs at Aviator

Marine Park: Hundreds of youngsters hunted for eggs at the Green Meadows Farm Easter Egg Hunt at Aviator Sports and Events Center on April 4. Comment

Pass the Dutch meat on the left-hand side

Dining: Sample the cuisine of 1650s New York at a dinner party in Williamsburg. Comments (1)

Clearly, Joanna needs to get back to work

Not for Nuthin’: A day-long retreat to the world of television has our columnist crying out for the old days, when mom took care of everything, and you could watch “Happy Days” five times on a Tuesday. Comment

PSAL not yet in the clear for sending teams to Dick’s Nationals

High School Sports: South Shore and Wings Academy playing in the Dick’s High School Nationals Tournament puts them out of bounds, according to the director of the state’s sanctioning athletic association. Comment

Cops hunt robbers in Flatlands

Flatlands: Police are asking for the public’s help finding the three men they say robbed a convenience store at gunpoint in Flatlands on April 3. Comment

At whits end! Greenpoint woodworkers pushed out of shared factory

Changing Brooklyn: A Greenpoint woodworkers’ collective that has been around since the 1970s is breaking up because its landlord wants to tripled the rent on its space and the coop is yet to find a new place to whittle while they work. Comments (21)

Stranded Cyclone thrill-seekers get belated first ride

A group of Cyclone fanatics who got stranded on the Coney Island coaster after it malfunctioned during its March 29 opening returned a week later to take the ride they missed out on. Comment
BoroBeat: Tots from across the borough convened Downtown on April 2 to comb Albee Square for Easter treasure. Comments (1)
Art: It’s no two-bit idea — more like eight bits! Comment
Weird Art: A group of rogue artists mounted a large statue of National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden in Fort Greene Park early on Monday morning, but Parks workers had covered the bust with a blue tarp by 12:30 pm and removed the statue by 1:30 pm on Monday. Comments (10)

Gutter gusher

Gerritsen Beach: A water main break in Gerritsen Beach caused chaos on April 1 when a torrent spilled into the street on Keen Court near Madoc Avenue. Comment

Mayor’s Cup: Xaverian’s Larcher still seeking recruiting respect

High School Sports: Najee Larcher is still playing the waiting game with his basketball future. Comment

South Shore’s season ends in national tourney

High School Sports: South Shore’s bid for a national level upset quickly got away in the fourth quarter. Comment

Religious leaders convene at BAM for interfaith gala

BoroBeat: A who is who of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim leaders descended on the Brooklyn Academy of Music on April 4 for an interfaith gala honoring Passover, Easter, and the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Comment

Medgar Evers hoops star Patterson headed to Mary Louis

High School Sports: One of Brooklyn’s best girls’ basketball players is leaving for greener pastures in Queens, according to her father. Comment

Opening say! Coney Island’s Nelson Figueroa takes the mic to talk Mets

We check in with former Mets pitcher and newly minted SNY analyst Nelson Figueroa about growing up in Brooklyn, the transition to on-air commentary, and getting called out by iconic Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld. Comment

Opening say! Coney Island’s Nelson Figueroa takes the mic to talk Mets

We check in with former Mets pitcher and newly minted SNY analyst Nelson Figueroa about growing up in Brooklyn, the transition to on-air commentary, and getting called out by iconic Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld. Comments (4)

John Loscalzo, founder of Brooklyn Heights Blog, dies at 52

Brooklyn Heights: John Loscalzo, the trail-blazing Brooklyn blogger and occasional Brooklyn Paper contributor known to Brooklyn Heights residents as Homer Fink — his pseudonym on his popular website the Brooklyn Heights Blog — died suddenly on Wednesday at Brooklyn Hospital. He was 52. Comments (4)

Art twerk

The Greatest Story Ever: She likes little pictures of butts and she cannot lie. Comment

Name that butt painting!

Weird Art: Can you identify celebrities based only on a painting of their posterior? Take our quiz and find out! Comment
Williamsburg: An ankle-wrecking hole in the sidewalk at the corner of Bedford Avenue and N. Eighth Street that no one has bothered to fix for almost a month has become an impromptu garbage can for passers-by to throw their junk. Comments (10)
Marine Park: Senior citizens on a tight budget have a way to break a sweat without breaking the bank with free fitness classes this spring in Marine Park. Comment

Headed to Florida? Better bring money!

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our columnist points out that the many Northeastern snowbirds flooding into the Sunshine State will need lots of cash. Comment

Sheepshead Bay cop-shooter convicted

Crime: A Sheepshead Bay man who shot at five police officers and injured three after the cops tried to break up a fight in his Sheepshead Bay building three years ago was convicted of multiple charges on April 1. Comment
Greenwood Heights: A group of car wash workers in Greenwood Heights are back on the job with a union contract after a bitter, four month-long strike. Comments (1)

City worker accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from 94-year-old woman

Greenpoint: A city employee who swore to look after elderly people allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Greenpoint nonagenarian, reports the district attorney. Comments (2)
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Verizon’s Tuition Assistance Program helps employees pursue their dreams

Aura Delgado was only 19 years old when she began her career with Verizon in the Corporate Service Department in December, 1999. It was a small team, but one with a lot of experience. Read more…

Carmine’s still here — until you replace him!

Sunday Screech: Look, we asked for a Carmine replacement last week, and still haven’t found one yet. So here’s this week’s instant-classic! Comments (2)
Marine Park: The autistic man who vanished from his home in February was found dead on a Marine Park golf course on April 2, a spokeswoman for the family confirmed today. Comment

Art twerk

The Greatest Story Ever: She likes little pictures of butts and she cannot lie. Comment

Name that butt painting!

Weird Art: Can you identify celebrities based only on a painting of their posterior? Take our quiz and find out! Comments (4)

Murder in Flatbush

Flatbush: Police are looking for three men wanted for questioning in the murder an 18-year-old man in Flatbush on March 21. Comment
Brighton Beach: Senior citizens celebrated the spring season with an early Seder in Brighton Beach on April 1. Comment

Recycled! Beloved Trash Bar still rockin’ after threatened closure

Go There Now While You Still Can: We all hate to take out the Trash, and for now, we don’t have to. Comments (1)

Deadly shooting in Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay: Police are investigating the murder of a man who was shot in Sheepshead Bay on March 24. Comment

Construction worker falls to death

Brighton Beach: A construction worker is dead after plunging more than 50 feet from a building under construction at the corner of Neptune Avenue and Brighton Third Street on April 1. Comment

Food fest serves up regional delicacies of Fifth Avenue

BoroBeat: Talk about street food! Comment

No quarter: Thief swipes $500 in change

Sheepshead Bay: Police are asking for the public’s help finding the thief who stole hundreds of dollars worth of quarters from a man in a bizarre robbery in Sheepshead Bay on March 11. Comment

Cops: Boerum Hill woman kidnapped daughter, may have fled to Germany

Boerum Hill: Cops are on the lookout for a Boerum Hill woman who they say may have illegally fled the country with her 7-year-old daughter amid a custody battle with the child’s father, according to police. Comment

Cops: Duo stabbed two men during street brawl

Williamsburg: Police are looking for two fiends who stabbed two other men during a street brawl in Williamsburg on Tuesday evening. Comment
Red Hook: Face it. Kids can’t swim across the Buttermilk Channel. It is too dangerous. Comments (7)

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