Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015

A special feature from our pals at NYU: Coney Island’s letters man

Books: Here is the winner of a competition pitting students from New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute against one another to see who could write the best preview of a new book about Coney Island. Comment

Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014

Monday, Dec. 29, 2014

Comedians to share their most shameful stories in Park Slope

Nightlife: The name of the game is shame. Comments (3)

Vital organist: Judd Nielsen says dancing is key to his keys

Music: This guy is harvesting organs — for great grooves! Comment

Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014

Carmine on his loneliness

Sunday Screech: Look, everybody needs somebody sometime — even Carmine. Comments (1)

Friday, Dec. 26, 2014

Dumbo music fest features new work on ancient flute

Music: Here is a concert you can really barge in on. Comment

Five things to do in Brooklyn this week!

Nightlife: Celebrate New Year’s Eve, Kwanzaa, and Deer Tick’s birthday in one big week in Brooklyn. Comment

Where there’s a D-Will, there’s a way out

Flagrant Fowl: Our curmudgeonly Nets columnist contemplates unloading the team’s achy-breaky point guard. Comment
Circuit Lord: Here is something to get wrapped up in this holiday season. Comment

Holiday time with — and without — my daughters

The Dad: This week, the Dad wonders how much time he should demand his kids hang out with him. Comments (1)

Thursday, Dec. 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, Brooklyn!

Merry Christmas, Brooklyn!

Have a happy and safe day. We’ll be back on the beat tomorrow. Comment

Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2014

Downtown: The Downtown station house that lost two officers to a deranged gunman in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Saturday will get a memorial wall inside commemorating their lives, care of its community council. Comments (8)

Neapolitan nativity outshines Dyker lights

Dyker Heights: Amidst the glare of the Dyker Heights lights, one humble Christmas tribute stands out. Comment

Merry Christmas! Work begins on southern Brooklyn trash station

Gravesend: The battle over spreading Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s trash load to Gravesend has entered a new phase, as the city begins work on a controversial waste-transfer station just in time for the holidays. Comments (1)

Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014

Grimm: I cheated the tax man

Bay Ridge: He pleaded guilty to a felony this afternoon, but could still avoid jail time and remain in office. Comments (11)
Borough President Adams was the first to call for protesters to stay off the streets while families of the police officers slain on Saturday mourn. Other elected officials have joined in, but some area activists are unswayed. Comments (9)
Gov. Cuomo has vetoed a bill aimed at halting a controversial plan to exterminate all mute swans in the state by 2025. Comments (8)

Cartoon networking: Comic drawing night comes to Brooklyn

Art: If your super power is drawing comic book characters, this could become your new secret lair. Comment

Monday, Dec. 22, 2014

New Year’s revolution: Countdown to 2015 coming to Coney Island

Champagne, a midnight kiss, and a … Nathan’s hot dog? Comments (1)

Spare a Dime? Iconic Downtown bank hits the market

Downtown: There is money in this bank, sure, but there’s money above it, too. Comments (1)

Pols push petition to save Boardwalk

Is wood good? Here’s a chance to make your voice heard on the Boardwalk. Comments (5)
Greenpoint: A group of rent-stabilized Greenpoint tenants are still out of their apartments a year after their Nassau Avenue building’s utilities were rendered inoperable — by their landlords, they suspect. Comments (1)

Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014

Bedford-Stuyvesant: A gunman shot and killed two police officers in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Saturday before turning his gun on himself in what New York’s top cop called an “assassination.” Comments (24)

Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014

Success! Charter chain convinced city to give it middle-school space, honcho says

A powerful charter school chain has successfully pressured the city into giving it space to set up new middle schools and fifth-grade classrooms within public-school buildings in Williamsburg and Cobble Hill, an executive with the company said. Comments (11)

Friday, Dec. 19, 2014

Sunset Park: A Sunset Park recycling facility is putting the finishing touches on Brooklyn’s first major windmill since the 19th century, and the city’s largest ever. Comments (3)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: Here comes Santa Paws. Comments (1)
Williamsburg: A group of elementary school kids had a blast on Wednesday evening at the McCarren Park ice rink, where they tried out new, handicap-accessible ice sleds. Comments (1)

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