Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014

Theater: When this couple was separated by 3,000 miles, they did not write each other love letters — they wrote a musical. Comment

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014

Reporter co-opts the grocery aisle

Books: An investigative reporter and Park Slope Food Co-op vet will bring his four-year exploration into the processed food industry to the grocery store on Jan. 17. Comments (1)

‘A Long Day in November’ is a young adult book for everyone

February Houses: This locally-published novel has a lot to offer readers of any age. Comment

Monday, Jan. 13, 2014

Out of Africa: Filmmaker revisits his trip to Angola in live performance

Theater: It is a long way from here to Angola. And, apparently, it takes even longer to make a film about going there. Comment

Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014

What to read this week

Books: Neighborhood booksellers give their recommendations. Comment

Friday, Jan. 10, 2014

Bartoonist gets cheesy

Bartoonist gets cheesy

Bar Scrawl: Our drinking illustrator enjoys his beer with a side of kitsch at Park Slope’s American Cheez. Comments (8)
Nightlife: Got plans for this coming week? No? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Comment

Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014

Amusement advocates making noise over new Coney deaf center

People’s Playground leaders say a new facility for the hearing-impaired on Surf Avenue is violating the amusement district’s building codes — but the center’s founders say they just want a fair hearing. Comments (1)
Music: In many parts of the world, the civil rights movement never ended, and one band is still singing the soundtrack to freedom and equality. Comments (2)

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

The Dad: This week, the Dad figures it is time to get certain particulars worked out — even if it kills him (no pun inteneded). Comment
Page 1: Why, it’s free, of course! That’s been The Brooklyn Paper cover price since we brought the free local weekly to New York in 1978, taking a cue from restaurants giving away toothpicks and matchbooks and paving the way for all the free things that followed, including that calendar from the dry cleaner and internet pornography. So put your money back in you pocket and enjoy our latest free isssue. And keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment

Big men down! Big men down!

Front Court: This week, our columnist figures Audray Blatche is the key to the Nets continued success in 2014. Comment

Nets get small, and start to win

Back Court: Pressed into service thanks to injuries, the Nets Backcourt has answered the call. Comment

Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014

The polar vortex that descended over Brooklyn on Tuesday pushed temperatures down to a record-breaking 2 degrees, according to the iconic Watchtower sign. It was the coldest day in the borough in 118 years, shattering the 1896 record of 6 degrees like an icicle. Comments (10)

Brooklyn’s 14 to watch in 2014

Brooklyn’s 14 to watch in 2014

The future is unknowable, but we are students of the recent past and, based on the analysis of our in-house team of experts, we have an idea what the next year might hold. Comments (3)

Spokescop sez blotter blackout stops with him

Crime: If at first you don’t succeed, police headquarters will tell you that you weren’t trying right and you should try, try again. Comments (4)

285 Kent goes out with a song

Changing Brooklyn: A Williamsburg indie venue is saying sayonara with several blowout concerts over the next two weekends. Comment

Brutal murder in Kensington

Kensington: The body of a Kensington business owner was found by his family after his shocking murder. Comments (2)

Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014

Gowanus: The state is set to dig the toxic dirt out from around the Gowanus Batcave, the hulking former subway powerhouse a millionaire wants to turn into an arts complex, but a more pressing problem is keeping out urban adventurers, the rich guy’s spokeswoman said. Comments (9)

River Cafe set to reopen for first time since Sandy

Dining: An iconic restaurant on the Dumbo waterfront will reopen on Feb. 1, more than a year after it got soaked Hurricane Sandy, according to staff members. Comment
Park Slope: A Park Slope hospital’s controversial expansion plan can move forward, but not without even more tweaking and some guarantees, a local panel said on Monday night. Comments (2)

‘Zumba Daddy’ breaks own record

Mill Basin fitness activist Joe “Zumba Daddy” Gillette broke his own record for largest indoor zumba class in New York City on Sunday — thanks to the help of some gymnasts he recruited at the Aviator Sports and Events Center, where the attempt was staged. Comment
Politics: Political reporter extraordinaire Will Bredderman was a guest on yesterday’s edition of BK Live over at Brooklyn Independent Media. He served up some incisive analysis about who is still living the Hurricane Sandy recovery, what the future holds for Democratic power couple Charles and Inez Barron, and what new Borough President Eric Adams has hanging over his head. He was joined by our pal Kenton Kirby, editor-in-chief of Caribbean Life, and Jarret Murphy, editor-in-chief of City Limits. You can catch all the action right here. Comment

Bowled overseas: Brooklyn Bowl to open London, Vegas locations

Williamsburg: The owners of Brooklyn Bowl will open two more branches of the rock and roll bowling alley this year — one in London and the other in Las Vegas. Comments (2)

Monday, Jan. 6, 2014

Stormed on the Fourth of July: Racist cops brutalized Crown Heights barbecue-goers, residents say

Crown Heights: An annual Eastern Parkway cook-out turned into a war-zone last summer when police barged in and started spraying people with Mace and calling them “monkeys,” according to revelers who are now demanding the cops be held accountable. Comments (6)
Park Slope: A new police hut in front of the freshly-minted mayor’s Park Slope townhouse has neighbors wishing he would move on up to Manhattan already. Comments (33)
Transit: The G train is going to be even more of a pain for night owls this week. Comments (4)

Cops: ‘Knockout’ attacker nabbed

Crime: Cops busted a 35-year-old Brownsville man suspected in a string of ambush attacks across Brooklyn that were supposedly part of the so-called “knockout game.” Comments (3)
Park Slope: New York Methodist Hospital has scaled down its controversial expansion slightly ahead of a second audience with Park Slope’s community board tonight, but the revised plans have few fans amongst persistent project foes. Comment

Traffic tragedy: 75-year-old killed crossing 65th Street

Dyker Heights: It was a sad start to the New Year when a car struck and killed an elderly man on Jan. 2 as he crossed 65th Street at Seventh Avenue. Comments (2)

Lost in the Barrons? Special election could assure couple’s continued reign

Will’s Watch: Will Bredderman is at it again. In this week’s column for our pals over at, he digs into Charles Barron’s claim that a special election would help East New York avoid “taxation without representation.” The firebrand councilman was just replaced by his wife Inez and is aiming to take her seat in the Assembly. Without a special election, the neighborhood will go a year with no voice in the state legislature, but if one is called, a Barron rival will likely be cut out of the running. Comments (1)

Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014

The Screecher is off to the funeral parlor

Sunday Screech: No, Carmine has not passed, but he has lost a few friends this holiday season. Comments (4)

Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014

It’s the weekend, the ground is blanketed with snow, and the mercury is sitting well below 32 degrees. It may not be the easiest time to traverse a crosswalk or steer a bike, but it sure is good for sledding. Comments (2)

Friday, Jan. 3, 2014

Missing Williamsburg man whisked away in van late Thursday night: Cops

Williamsburg: Reports say he was duct-taped and dragged away, but cops have not yet declared the missing landlord kidnapped. Comments (16)
The Greatest Story Ever: Vote for your favorite in this round-up of some of our best work of the past year. Comments (5)

PHOTOS: Snow Day!

PHOTOS: Snow Day!

Photo Galleries: Brooklyn kids got their first snow day of the new year on Friday after a massive winter storm dumped six inches of snow on the borough, bringing bitterly cold weather with it. Comments (2)

Civic group in tweet spot over DeBlasio’s appointment of ‘would-be LICH killer’

Cobble Hill: Mayor DeBlasio’s Tuesday appointment of a businessman who once presided over the gutting of Long Island College Hospital to an advisor position sparked outcry among anti-hospital closure activists this week, then silence. Comments (18)
The city’s new school chancellor is Brooklyn to the core — and the former Bard of Boerum Hill would give her another apple if he could. Comments (2)
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: Marty Markowitz begins the new year as a borough president, minus the “p.” Comments (7)

Zero tolerance: Grieving Slope parents say they’ll hold DeBlasio to his promise to end crash deaths

Mean Streets: Street safety advocates and Park Slopers descended upon Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Jan. 1 inauguration ceremony to remind the freshly-minted executive that he promised to bring traffic deaths in the city down to zero by 2024. Comments (33)

Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014

The city’s first newborn of the year is from Brooklyn! Adorable Shannon-Lee Willis jockeyed for attention with the Times Square ball drop when she made her dazzling entrance at New York Methodist Hospital — right at the moment the calendar page turned. Comments (3)
Shopping: Which is really the best place to buy your Greek yogurt and kombucha? We found out! Comments (6)

Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014

Dying Slope lawyer freed from prison comes home today

Park Slope: Former Slope lawyer Lynne Stewart, convicted of passing messages for a terrorist client, got a get-out-of-jail-free pass on New Year’s Eve and is headed back into her family’s loving arms. Comments (42)

Road to Borough Hill: Fancy fried chicken joint opens quietly Downtown

Dining: Downtown fried chicken fans are getting a taste of how Manhattan does the down-home staple. Comment

Reyna’s reign moves Downtown

A term-limited Williamsburg councilwoman is staying in politics, making the seamless transition into the position of deputy to brand-new Borough President Adams. Comments (6)

Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013

McGuinness pedestrian death stokes calls to make the street safer

Mean Streets: Two vehicles killed a woman trying to cross McGuinness Boulevard in Greenpoint on Sunday night and leaders and activists are ramping up the push to slow the busy road. Comments (16)

UPDATE: The city takes it all back, says the contractor for Brooklyn’s soon-to-be-tallest building had a permit to take hydrant water all along

Development: A spokesman for the Department of Environmental Protection now says his office could not find the paperwork at first because it is short-staffed for the holidays. Comments (6)

Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013

Go-wan hear this: The five most Gowanus talks at TEDxGowanus

Gowanus: Fans of Gowanus, your time has finally arrived! Comment

Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013

Brooklyn’s 14 to watch in 2014

Brooklyn’s 14 to watch in 2014

The future is unknowable, but we are students of the recent past and, based on the analysis of our in-house team of experts, we have an idea what it might hold. We’re confident these borough gadflies, locations, bosses, and upstarts-made-good will give our resident scribes plenty to write about in the coming year. Comment

Brooklyn’s 14 to watch in 2014

Brooklyn’s 14 to watch in 2014

The future is unknowable, but we are students of the recent past and, based on the analysis of our in-house team of experts, we have an idea what it might hold. We’re confident these borough gadflies, locations, bosses, and upstarts-made-good will give our resident scribes plenty to write about in the coming year. Comment

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