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Ballet with bits: Artist makes computer program that makes art

Dance: Park Slope artist Ranjit Bhatnagar can’t paint and he can’t sculpt — but he knows how to make ones and zeroes into something beautiful. Comment

Watch your mouth: Language expert exposes history of sexual words

“After he g--------- her for over an hour, George suspected Sally didn’t want to s---- and so he went to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal instead.” Comments (2)

Carmine’s awards start today!

Sunday Screech: This week, the Screecher begins his annual tribute to those he admires the most. Comments (10)

Stan remembers Holo-horrors so we won’t forget

Letters: Diversity washes our soapbox, as readers take the opportunity to air their opinions on a wide range of issues — from the Holocaust, cash solicitations at store checkouts, and the ghostly B37 bus, to parking hogs, the Second Amendment, and Mayor Ed Koch. Comment

Carmine’s cheering on this year’s Parent of the Year!

Big Screecher: This week, the Screecher begins his annual tribute to those he admires most. Comment

Tassel building

Event: Pamper yourself with some pasties. Comments (1)

Do the write thing: Oscars watching party gives to literary charity

Nightlife: Forget winners and losers — everyone knows the Oscars is really about doing good old-fashioned charity work and saying thanks to the “little people.” Comment

Slope is up for the BID: Vote is on for new tax funding Seventh Avenue improvements

Park Slope: Seventh Avenue merchants are picking up steam in a push to levy a new tax on landlords on the strip — but before they can start collecting dues they must win support from the property owners who will foot the bill. Comments (20)

No, Jews did not have their say at Brooklyn College

A Britisher’s View: At last check, this was America — not the West Bank or Gaza — writes our columnist about the anti-Israel event at Brooklyn College that delivered a lesson on forbiddance, not free speech. Comment

Our drinking illustrator reviews a Ditmas Park staple

Bar Scrawl: The Brooklyn Paper’s roving bartoonist checks out the best that Cortelyou Road has to offer. Comments (2)

Golden Jubilee ticket

BoroBeat: Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes and his wife joined the ranks of Brooklyn’s couples married for more than 50 years — and celebrated at the annual Brooklyn Sweethearts Celebration on Feb. 14. Comment

Sounds, sights of ’80s

Art: It’s like if Marty McFly and Doc Brown were artists. Comment
Park Slope: On this episode of “This American Life,” playing poker with Ira Glass. Comments (5)
Clinton Hill: It was a sad brushstroke of fate. Comments (2)

If you live in Kensington, ride the F train this weekend

Weekend Watch: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will again run the much-hyped F express this weekend, but don’t get to accustomed to the orange bullet, because these changes, like so many things in life, are temporary. Comment

News analysis: If LICH closes, housing towers could rise

Cobble Hill: The State University of New York’s plan to shut down Long Island College Hospital would turn a swath of Cobble Hill into a real estate gold mine that would give developers everything they dream of: location, location, and location. Comments (10)

Brooklyn Lyceum inching towards foreclosure, closure, venue owner claims

Changing Brooklyn: The Brooklyn Lyceum will shut down next week if the proprietor of the Fourth Avenue venue can’t halt foreclosure proceedings against the bath house-turned performance space. Comments (30)
Music: Times are tough at the quirky Bushwick music venue Goodbye Blue Monday, but the staff at the struggling performance hall refuses to say hello to a tried-and-true method of making money at a concert hall: booking bands that people want to see. Comments (26)
Digital editions: We can’t tell you the secret ingredients that make The Brooklyn Paper so delectable — and trust us, if we could, you wouldn’t really want to know. But we can share a few important facts about how all these articles get ground up into one fantastic, 100-percent authentic news product. First, our editors make choice cuts, picking out the best stuff, and casting aside any trimmings. Then, our design team upholds quality control, ensuring that every Brooklyn Paper you pick up this week looks and tastes the same. Finally, our web crew adds online preservatives, guaranteeing that our news stories will last forever on the internet. So start chowing down and keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…
When Hurricane Sandy tore up boardwalks and soaked basements, it also swept away memories — in the form of thousands of irreplaceable photographs damaged by floodwaters. A group of volunteers calling itself the Cherished Albums Restoration Effort, or CARE for Sandy, is working to repair that damage by scanning and digitally retouching family photos soaked by the storm. Comment

Grimm news for Democrats?

Bay Ridge: Southern Brooklyn Republican leaders say Councilman Domenic Recchia’s decision to run for Congress in 2014 will guarantee Rep. Michael Grimm’s re-election — and even Democrats in the district are afraid that the term-limited city pol will wreck their chances of recapturing the seat. Comments (2)

These circus performers have some snake oil to sell you

Theater: It’s the cure for all ailments, including gingivitis, the common cold, and even that pesky cancer, depending on which huckster you ask. Comment

Guitar Center’s end is nigh, two artsy indie rockers claim

Art: Two rockers have a vision of the future of music — and there aren’t any guitars. Comments (3)

Army stops burning Sandy debris at Floyd Bennett Field

Mill Basin: Ladies and gentleman, Floyd Bennett Field is burning — no more! Comment

There’s no hiding from these girls anymore

The Dad: This week, the Dad realizes he’s not Superman, and that’s OK with his kids. Comment

For South Shore, a chance for greatness

Joe Knows: This year, South Shore High School girls basketball team has its best shot an winning a championsip, says our columnist. Comment
Williamsburg: Call it the hipster rush hour. Comments (64)

De-Forest City Ratner! Barclays builder wants to chop down 20 trees on Pacific Street

Atlantic Yards: Forest City Ratner isn’t living up to its name on Pacific Street. Comments (4)
BoroBeat: Dads had so much fun with their daughters at the annual Dads and Daughters Ball at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum that moms were feeling a bit left out. See our slideshow for all the doting dads and darling daughters. Comment

Coach says league has it in for player

By Joseph Staszewski Comment

Let’s scale down the meanness

Not for Nuthin’: This week our columnist wonders when we got so darn mean. Comment

Hey Nets front office: Let’s make a deal!

Front Court: Nets general manager Billy King says there’s only a “10 percent chance” the Nets will make a trade before the league deadline on Thursday — and that means there’s a 90 percent chance that Brooklyn won’t make it past the Miami in the playoffs. Comment

Dump the Hump: Nets should drop underperforming big man, get Ben Gordon

Back Court: Even the most loyal of Nets fans — justifiably thrilled that the team is well on its way to a playoff berth to cap its first season in Brooklyn — know something is amiss. Comment

Neighbors: No more beds at mental home!

Coney Island: Coney Island residents say that a plan to expand a W. 33rd Street home for the mentally ill is just plain crazy! Comment

Cancer stricken St. Edmund girls hoops coach stepping down at season’s end

High School Sports: St. Edmund girls basketball coach Dan Doelger will step down at the end of the season because his battle with leukemia has become too physically draining for him to endure the rigors of coaching, he told this paper. Comment

Rats raid roadsters

Brooklyn Heights: Some Brooklyn Heights motorists are discovering a creepy, costly surprise under the hood of their cars this winter: an infestation of rats. Comments (12)
A new high-intensity funzone called Big Mark’s Action Park will open this season in Coney Island, featuring a 50-foot rock climbing wall, an obstacle course, a skydiving simulator — and its own bar. Comments (8)

Assemblyman wants Council seat

Canarsie: Assemblyman Alan Maisel wants to quit Albany to replace Lew Fidler on the City Council. Comment

Quaint Greek eatery moves into former home of legendary dive Joe’s Superette

Dining: Arrivederci rice balls, yiasou spanakopita! Comment

Cops hunt Baltic Street screwdriver burglar

Cobble Hill: Cops want the public’s help catching a quick-handed crook who broke into a Cobble Hill apartment building and stole a package late last month. Comments (2)

Sandy brings end to Governor’s term in DUMBO

Dining: Hurricane Sandy has blown a well-reviewed DUMBO restaurant out of the water. Comment
Cleaning Our Waterways: The federal government may turn sludge dredged from the toxic Gowanus Canal into a concrete landmass extending off the shore of Red Hook — and gift that treated terra firma to a neighborhood concrete tycoon. Comments (53)

Hit the brakes! Mayoral candidates talk bike lanes

Mean Streets: Forget soda bans, term limits, and high-rising development — Mayor Bloomberg’s biggest contribution to the city is the proliferation of bike lanes. But what will happen when Hizzoner’s time in office comes to an end? Comments (106)

Stan remembers Mayor…uh…uh…Koch

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, our columnist looks back fondly on our deceased mayor. Comment
Williamsburg: A hot-shot urban planner who cut his teeth designing pedestrian plazas for the Department of Transportation will take a new job overseeing North Brooklyn’s parks and leading the influential Open Space Alliance — six months after the group’s controversial executive director got canned from both gigs. Comments (4)
High School Sports: The Clippers couldn’t keep up with the Cardinals Friday night. Comment

Nazareth, minus suspended top player, beats first-place Christ the King

High School Sports: Nazareth’s best player is our for the season, so others stepped up to earn the team a big win. Comment

Brooklyn Dems drink to Obama in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge: Mayoral and borough president hopefuls gathered with the Bay Ridge Democrats to have a pint and watch the State of the Union on Feb. 12. Comment

LICH clings to life

Don’t write the obituary of Long Island College Hospital just yet. Comments (10)

FEMA centers shut their doors

Gerritsen Beach: All but one of FEMA’s Brooklyn disaster recovery centers will close at 3 pm today, leaving the Coney Island location at MCU Park as the agency’s last outpost in the borough. Comment

The Kings County speech: Mayor’s last lecture lavishes praise on boro legacy

Bloomy in the ’Hood: Mayor Bloomberg chose Brooklyn as the centerpiece of his legacy during his 12th and final State of the City address delivered on Thursday at the Barclays Center — touting the gleaming arena as the reward for three terms of large-scale development and bashing critics as naysayers who tried, but failed, to stand in his way. Comments (37)
Williamsburg: A Williamsburg garage is turning out high-end art cars to benefactors in the city made by a recent West Coast transplant. Comments (3)

Sitting at the front of the Cyclones — Donnelly to lead team for third year

It’s one, two, three seasons he’s in, for old Rich Donnelly. Comment

Marty Golden’s aide wants Councilman Gentile’s job

Bay Ridge: John Quaglione checks in and tells us why he is the man who should represent Bay Ridge. Comments (4)

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