Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013

Where to GO this week

Stumped about what to do this week? Need to know the night spots where you can ease the pain and the ones that will tease your brain? Look no further than our editor’s picks. Comment

Book picks for those cold nights

Books: Neighborhood booksellers give their recommendations about which books to curl up with as fall sends its last leaves fluttering and winter begins closing in. Comment

Friday, Nov. 15, 2013

President-elect on line one

Politics: State Sen. Eric Adams (D–Flatbush) won the election to replace Borough President Markowitz with more than 90 percent of the vote. We sat with the president-elect to talk about Marty’s broad-if-not-long shadow, and find out some of his plans for the office in the first of a monthly check-in with Adams: “The President on line one.” Comments (8)

Bartoonist goes to Manhattan — just kidding!

Bar Scrawl: Our drinking cartoonist claims to sometimes trek out to the island across the East River for a drink, but we all know he was waiting for this cocktail bar to come to Williamsburg the whole time. Comment

Macaulay Culkin grows up for one night

Nightlife: You cannot make Molly Ringwald or Macaulay Culkin young again, but a group of comedians is doing the next best thing — acting out their 40s. Comment

Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013

Too many buses! Community board says 4th Ave. depot unsafe

Bay Ridge: Talk about a bus-y intersection. Comments (10)
Page 1: Got a hot scoop? Is there something on your mind that you need to talk about to clear your head? Does the world need to hear what you’ve got to say? Well forget those unfiltered products such as Twitter and Facebook that will have you reaching into the mailbox the next day, hoping you’ll get that letter out before the mailman delivers it. Instead, talk to us. You can be sure our trained staff of gatekeepers will make certain that only the most important, relevant information gets out there, and that you’ll always be able to keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

How can I keep my kid from killing herself?

The Dad: This week, the Dad wonders if he can ever do enough. Comments (2)
Crown Heights: The Crown Heights armory is finally locked and looking for a load. Comments (3)

Here's our opinion on the Nets

Garnett’s slow start shouldn’t worry Front Court fans

Front Court: The Big Ticket is the big question through six games in Brooklyn. What is wrong with the Nets’ key offseason acquisition, Kevin Garnett? Comment

For Kidd and Williams, the pass is the thing

Back Court: This week, our Back Court guru compares some of D-Will’s skills to his coach’s. Comment

Moppet show! Children’s circus takes Coney

These kids did not have to run away to join the circus. Comment

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: The zoo just introduced its newest residents — twin red panda cubs — and we will be gosh-darned if they are not just the cutest things we have seen all year. Since the basset hound meet-up, anway. Comments (16)

How’s that for gratitude?

A Borough Park lawmaker wants to strike a blow against gratuitous gratuities. Comments (6)
Brooklyn Heights: The few blocks of Court Street that have long stitched Downtown to Brooklyn Heights are undergoing a corporate overhaul and the opening of chain makeup store Sephora in the ground floor of a municipal building and the downsizing of neighborhood staple Bruno’s Hardware signal that the stretch’s transformation from a mom-and-pop oasis to brand central is almost complete. Comments (5)

‘Doctor Who’ likes to party?

Boro of Nerds: Brooklyn nerds are gearing up to celebrate a half century of the sci fi show with costumed bashes across the borough and, if all goes well, a special light show on a certain iconic New York skyscraper. Comments (7)

Call this new theater cafe Shakespeare Shack

Dining: Shake Shack owner Danny Meyer will open a cafe in the Fort Greene Theatre for a New Audience in late November and we are demanding vanilla Shakespeares. Comments (1)

Daddy’s little secret: Leg warmers!

Shopping: Nothing says “I care” more than a handmade gift, even if the hands that made it belong to somebody else. Comment

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013

Brooklyn bishop still an ‘active voter’ 22 years after death

Clinton Hill: Brooklyn’s late bishop has found eternal life — on the New York State voter rolls. Comments (9)
Williamsburg: They fled authoritarian censorship in Iran to seek rock stardom in Williamsburg but their quest came to a grisly end on Monday. Comments (6)
The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: The performance opened on Oct. 19 and marks a comeback for director Julie Taymor, whose last production was the disastrous “Spiderman: Turn Out the Dark.” This staging has its high points — and not the kind that injure cast members the way “Spiderman” famously did. Comments (1)

Hiccuping through history

Hiccuping through history

Before today’s Brooklyn beer renaissance, there was a time when the borough was one big beer garden. Comment

Refracted light is ‘Blinding’ in new novel from Gowanus small press

Books: A new translation of Mircea Cartarescu’s novel tugs the reader down the twisted lanes of Bucharest and of memory. Comments (1)

Monday, Nov. 11, 2013

Williamsburg: An indie rock musician shot and killed nearly all of the members of a Williamsburg dance-punk band from Iran before turning the gun on himself at the band’s practice space and apartment early on Monday morning, cops said. Comments (2)

Brooklyn celebrates Veterans Day

Gravesend: Brooklyn could not wait for Monday to honor its veterans, as servicemen and school kids gathered across the borough late last week to hear tales of bravery and sacrifice and to reflect on the impact of American wars. Comment
Sunset Park: A Bay Ridge Arab rights activist group celebrated its 12th anniversary last Thursday with a bash honoring neighborhood leaders and a prominent civil-rights attorney. Comments (62)

State restores ambulances to LICH, but staffers ask, ‘Why did they ban them in the first place?’

Cobble Hill: Ambulances returned to Long Island College Hospital at 4 pm on Friday after being banished for two days, according to the fire department, which dispatches emergency vehicles, but hospital staffers aren’t forgiving the state just yet. Comments (8)

Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013

Carmine’s so old, he can’t remember what he’s angry about!

Sunday Screech: This week, the Screecher remembers all the things he forgot at his latest soiree! Comments (7)

Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013

Top advisor to Public Advocate-elect Letitia James discovered hanging in his Brooklyn apartment

Crown Heights: Tragedy marred Letitia James’ election triumph, after cops found the lifeless body of her top aide hanging in his home, in an apparent suicide. Comments (7)

Friday, Nov. 8, 2013

Sunset Park: Talk about getting carded! Comments (19)

State says its second LICH ambulance ban will be lifted today

Cobble Hill: The State University of New York said it did not end ambulance service at Long Island College Hospital on Wednesday night and throughout Thursday — it just gave it a break. Comments (2)
Downtown: Downtown is headed for a classroom crisis if it does not get a public elementary school soon because children in the fast-growing residential portion of the neighborhood have all but filled the available slots in nearby schools, parents say. Comments (13)

Bartoonist gets his British fix on Atlantic

Bar Scrawl: In the last three weeks, our roving cartoonist bar critic has belched in a Welsh bar, sipped Scotland’s native spirits, and made friends in an Irish public house. Today he completes his budget tour of the British Isles with a visit to a chip shop that flies the Union Jack. Comments (5)
Shopping: It is probably the only place in the world where shoppers can find a gold leather chaise lounge from the 1980s sitting next to a 2,300-year-old bronze censer. Comments (2)

The tall and the short of it: Bill DeBlasio vs. Abe Beame

Park Slope: Big Bill DeBlasio is the first mayor to call Brooklyn home since tiny Abe Beame sat in City Hall for one term from 1973 to 1977. The most noticeable difference between the two is clearly height, but how do the two stack up otherwise? Find out in this week’s breakdown. Comments (6)

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