DUMBO: Brooklyn is home to a dizzying number of art galleries, spaces, and collectives, and it is arguably the place that sees the most usage of the word “curate” to describe everyday tasks such as choosing a bottle of wine or flipping between football games, but last week the borough added an artists center with a quirk that manages to stand out from the crowd — a stamp of approval from the city. Comment

Silver Star shines on

Silver Star shines on

Sheepshead Bay: Even on the best of days, a butcher’s job is never easy. And right now the Silver Star Meat Market is fighting through tough economic times — and competition from the recently opened German-based Aldi supermarket — but if history is any indication, this little meat market will remain a cut above the rest. Comment

Sound Off to the Editor

Our commentariat sounds off on one of the best soapboxes around! Comment

Where to go this week

Got plans the coming week? No? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Comments (1)

Charter plan slammed at Roy H. Mann

Mill Basin: Hundreds of residents blasted a plan to shoehorn a charter school into Roy H. Mann middle school during a crowded hearing at the Mill Basin school on Tuesday night. Comment

Silver idols sing for Golden

Bay Ridge: One Brooklyn senior’s voice rose above the rest at the seventh annual Senior Idol competition in Bay Ridge on Oct. 5. Comments (2)
Music: Honk if you love flugelhorn solos. Or subway musicians. Comments (2)

Federal shutdown is easy money for Brooklyn’s elected oaf-icials

A Britisher’s View: The government shutdown hasn’t stopped Brooklyn’s congressmembers and senior senator from holding themselves to a higher standard, writes our columnist, whose survey revealed that Brooklyn’s representatives on Capitol Hill were holding onto their fat salaries for the course of the shutdown, despite being off the job. Comment
Bar Scrawl: He came for the $8 40-ounce bottle of Miller High Life in a brown paper bag, but he did not stay for the food. Comments (4)

Hynes makes waves in Bay Ridge race

Bay Ridge: The red-hot contest for district attorney is spilling over into the Bay Ridge Council race. Comments (32)
Sheepshead Bay: If you want to know what has to be done to prevent disaster after the next superstorm, just ask the folks who lived through the last one. Comment

Sunshine-y day! Ridge group holds benefit for leukemia-stricken infant

Bay Ridge: Volunteer group Bay Ridge Cares raised thousands of dollars for Sally “Sunshine” Noel Kabel, a 13-month-old local girl struggling to overcome leukemia. Comment
Mill Basin: A Mill Basin dance center that was devastated by Hurricane Sandy is ready for its second act. Comment
Williamsburg: A large Williamsburg center for artists and do-it-yourselfers abruptly closed on Wednesday, a restaurant owner who shares space in the complex’s industrial building said. Comments (29)
Page 1: At The Brooklyn Paper, old habits die hard. Why else would we continue to print news, photos, and advertisements on large pieces of folded parchment and hand-deliver them all over our glorious borough? But it’s that dedication to the past that makes us the best choice for news about your neighborhood, for as the old saying goes, those that don’t know history are destined to reapeat it. Yeah, we have that institutional knowledge that tells us the Boys of Summer will go all the way, and tells you to keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

Hallelujah to the St. Francis Cabrini Church Choir

Standing O: The house of worship has a new choir - and that’s something to sing about. Comment

Should our columnist be naked in front of her kids?

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie wonders if it it is okay to let the little ones see a lot of her. Guess what. She thinks it is. Comments (12)

Brooklyn native Vince Lombardi’s wisdom still applies today

Joe Knows: Vince Lombardi hasn’t been on a football sideline in more than 40 years, but the principals that the Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers coach preached about are still relevant today. Comment

Fall kicks off in Bay Ridge with parade and street fair

Bay Ridge: The Ragamuffin Parade — a classic costumed kiddie cavalcade — got bright sunny skies for its 47th run on Oct. 5, but the 40th annual Third Avenue Festival the next day wasn’t so lucky. Comment
Park Slope: Sammy Cohen-Eckstein. who was set to celebrate his bar mitzvah in a few weeks, died Tuesday night. Comments (42)
Politics: If it walks like an elephant and talks like an elephant … it might still be a donkey! Comments (26)

Protestors kick Hynes rally

Protestors kick Hynes rally

Politics: Call them surprise witnesses. Comments (7)

Sub-Urban Outfitters: Board denies W’burg store’s booze plan, says no bar needed in place ‘like a mall’

Williamsburg: Board members behind the no-vote at a meeting on Tuesday night said they were incredulous about the proposal to mix wine spritzers and iPod DJ mixers because the chain store that prides itself on its inner-city cool actually has a pretty suburban ambience. Comments (16)
Cobble Hill: One of Brooklyn’s most car-congested thoroughfares is now being re-branded as a haven for bikes, though two-wheel advocates say they do not see an end to auto rule happening any time soon. Comments (18)

It’s time our politicians paid the piper

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our national issues columnist takes on the government shutdown, and the people that made it happen. Comment

One of a kind! One-act play festival takes the stage in Bay Ridge

Theater: One hidden Bay Ridge talent did not get a chance to fully shine during his lifetime, but he lives on thanks to a theater festival in his neighborhood and in his name. Comments (1)

Buon Appetito! Italian Restaurant Week starts tomorrow and we know just where to feast

Dining: Partcipating Italian restaurateurs say that the promotion is the perfect reminder for food-loving Brooklynites to savor the red sauce simmering right under their noses. Comments (1)

Poly Prep rallies against Horace Mann

High School Sports: Poly Prep completed a second-half comeback against Horace Man on the strength of three late goals. Comment

Clippers comeback falls short

Clippers comeback falls short

High School Sports: A valiant comeback attempt by Xaverian unraveled late in the fourth quarter last Saturday. Comment
Nightlife: These thirsty Brooklynites want their drinks shaken, and stirred. Comment

Kensington man found dead, floating in Rockaway Inlet

Manhattan Beach: A 41-year-old Kensington parasailor was found floating in the waters off of Kingsborough Community College’s Marine Center shortly before sundown on Sunday, according to police. Comment
Gowanus: Gowanus park activists threw a glitzy, 1920s-themed benefit party in the toxic neighborhood on Saturday and mixing it up in the dapper crowd of 100 was R & B icon Usher, who organizers say made them wanna … thank him for coming. Comments (1)

From food to fitness

Sheepshead Bay: Now you can buy your carbs — and burn them — all under one roof. Comment

Soldier reunited with her pooch

When Capt. Jessamyn Jempson returned to Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington this summer after a year-long deployment to Afghanistan, her best friend wasn’t there to greet her. Comment
Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: Trees that came crashing down during superstorm Sandy and their un-dead arboreal brethren have been chopped up and had their body parts scattered around a secluded area in Prospect Park to form a newly opened children’s play space. Comments (2)

Home run! Stickball Old-Timers return to Ridge for classic street game

Bay Ridge: On Sunday, oldsters on one Bay Ridge block walked, ran, and stole their way down memory lane. Comments (10)

Nazareth forward Belk picks VCU

High School Sports: Nazareth forward Yazmine Belk has decided she has more in common with Virginia Commonwealth University than the other schools vying for her — in fact, she said it offers everything she was looking for. Comment
High School Sports: The Dutchmen defense has turned the end zone into a no-man’s land. Comment

New Utrecht falls to Flushing

High School Sports: New Utrecht football coach Alan Balkan wanted to go on the record with his opinion his team’s preformance against host Flushing last Friday. Comment

Furry and feathered congregants flock to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

Fuzzy Brooklyn: Dogs, carts, birds, and other critters received a new leash on life, after participating in pet blessings across Brooklyn to honor St. Francis, the patron saint of animals. Comment

Tea break! Coney Republican candidate hits rival on stop-and-frisk

Coney Island: The Council hopefuls battling to represent Coney Island clashed over policing tactics at a recent forum, and the Republican candidate managed to drag his Democratic opponent decidedly to the right. Comment

Container crackdown

Midwood: The city has launched a crusade against illegal storage containers outside local Midwood businesses, and is poised to unleash a ticket blitz any day now. Comment
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: So much for waterfront living. Comments (62)

Stan spells it out, and its chutzpah

It’s Only My Opinion: This week our columnists says it takes some gall, nerve, and audacity to do some of the things people do. Comment

Enter the kill zone: Owner of collapsed Carroll Gardens brownstone says he’s scared to live in its replacement

Carroll Gardens: A townhouse is being built on the site of a Carroll Gardens brownstone that fell down last year and was cleared away brick by brick, but the owner of the property says he is not sure if he will move his family back in to the new home because they are still reeling from the shock of the collapse. Comments (6)
Cobble Hill: A two-alarm fire injured two firefighters and shut down a block of Atlantic Avenue on Friday afternoon, fire officials said. Comments (8)

Magna Carmine: Screecher wants to end mayor’s tyranical school policies

Sunday Screech: Look, if you didn’t know where Carmine stands on Charter Schools, you will in a minute. Comments (8)
The controversial music and food festival that wrecked Prospect Park for two years in a row will not be invited back to party, a Parks Department official told city council at a Thursday hearing. Comments (33)
Politics: Brooklyn’s 23-year-incumbent district attorney — thought vanquished in the Sept. 10 Democratic primary — is making a shocking second coming as a Republican and Conservative candidate. Comments (37)

Get your glass-bottled milk in this glass-walled Williamsburg Whole Foods

Williamsburg: They are going to need a lot of scent-free, plant-based glass cleaner. Comments (7)

Smog alert! Rock doc follows gloomy songsmith on tour

Fort Greene: This guy has his head in the clouds — and it is making him cough. Comment
Gowanus: The battle may be won, but the war is not over yet. Comments (2)

Over the Edge: Upscale W’burg day care loses toddler

Williamsburg: The city closed a Williamsburg day care center last week after teachers left a toddler alone in the park. Comments (18)
Clinton Hill: A 24-year-old mother was shot and killed near Pratt Institute in Clinton Hill on Tuesday morning — and cops say they know who did it. Comments (7)
Fort Greene: They will come, but will you build it already? Comments (3)

Fileds of flags and honor

Harbor Watch: The rain fell for the first time in 36 days on Sept. 12. Someone at Rock Island Arsenall in Illinois, commented that it could be tears. Comment

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