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Jamming in your boots

Music: She’s a songstress bringing pizzazz to a pizza parlor in Park Slope. Comments (1)

It’s for the kids

A street theater coming to Brooklyn combines family-friendly hijinks with topical world issues. Comment

Gowanus going gourmet

Gowanus going gourmet

Dining: Delicious things have unappetizing beginnings. Comments (16)

Readers ‘Sound off to the Editor’ about what’s on their minds

Letters: Check out our letters’ page for unique takes on topics of the day. Comment

Atlantic City is trying to kill Carmine!

Big Screecher: This week, our hero agian heads to Atlantic City, and again almost dies a horrible death. Comment

Checking in with Dan Deacon

Music: The wildly creative musician chats with the paper. Comments (11)

Striking a pose

Cinema: New documentary at BAM tells story behind famous photos that defined a generation. Comments (2)

Editor’s picks

What to do this week. Comment

Can do no Kong

Can do no Kong

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Musical comedy’s take on classic tale of giant ape has no giant ape. Comments (5)

Bartoonist goes looking for a dark and stormy

Bar Scrawl: Our drinking illustrator goes back to Battery Harris to see about a drink. Comments (2)
Bushwick: The gentrification of Bushwick needs to stop now, say a group of former Occupy Wall Streeters who plan to change the world by opening an event space in the on-the-rise neighborhood. Comments (25)

Affronted masses should respect the George Zimmerman verdict

A Britisher’s View: Race-baiting mobs tarnished Trayvon Martin’s memory, when they looted, rioted, and dissed cops in the days after George Zimmerman’s acquittal, writes our columnist. Comment
Ten people were arrested during a “funeral march” over the Brooklyn Bridge for Cobble Hill’s Long Island College Hospital on Wednesday evening after they stopped traffic on the Manhattan side near City Hall. Comments (3)

Lone Ranger

Books: An army vet is the main character of this new spy novel, and he’s going back into action — this time, solo. Comment

A crash course in the language of baseball

Fast & Furious: Mickey Mantle once said, “It’s unbelievable how much you don’t know about the game you’ve been playing all your life.” Comment
Digital editions: Old habits die hard. Take the staff at The Brooklyn Paper. Should we really break the news? Well, we’ve been doing it for years, and when you are hooked on something capable of influencing people and winning friends, it is pretty hard to stop. Each new edition of The Paper gives us all a high we haven’t felt since we picked up last week’s. So we don’t care what you think, because we’re going to keep doing it. And you? Well you can keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

A splinter reveals the past, present, and future

The Dad: There are no screams when The Dad tries to remove a spinter from his 18-year-olds foot, and the silence speaks volumes. Comments (1)
Sea Gate: Seagate police stop a truck carrying 1,000 gallons of gasoline in the bed of a pick-up truck. Comment
Gerritsen Beach: One couple in Gerritsen Beach has taken it upon themselves to redefine what a shared driveway means by claiming “their half” for storing garbage and junk, thus blocking any kind of traffic — and making their neighbor’s life a living hell. Comment

Medger Evers’ Broughton could be city’s next track star

Joe Knows: Medgar Evers is losing one of the nation’s top track and field athletes in the country in Kadecia Baird. Luckily, as the Nebraska-bound sprinter exits, a new star has emerged, in rising sophomore Shayla Broughton. Comment
Bay Ridge: Turns out, you can be too clean! Comment
Changing Brooklyn: The classic Eagle Clothes sign that has loomed over the historically industrial landscape of Gowanus for more than 60 years is being torn down as you read this. Comments (9)
Williamsburg: Who needs the Catskills when you can camp out under the stars on a Brooklyn rowhouse? Comments (30)
Fort Greene: Some soccer players in Fort Greene Park are demanding that the city install a permanent soccer field on a grassless patch of dirt near the corner of Washington and Dekalb avenues that they claim got that way because of overuse by a bunch of soccer players who illegally use the area for pick-up games every Sunday. Comments (17)

Rock and Stroll! Third Avenue street fair draws big crowd

Bay Ridge: Thousands defied Friday’s heat and came out for the first of four “Summer Strolls” — a street fair that kicked the cars off Third Avenue and transformed a stretch of the thoroughfare between 80th and 90th streets into a European-style pedestrian plaza. Comments (27)

Food fight? I’d rather put that on my BLT

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our columnist wonders why people make poor use out of a perfectly good tomato. Comment

Stray bullet injures owner, kills underground music club

Williamsburg: A stray bullet severely injured the owner of Big Snow Buffalo Lodge in front of the venue last week, essentially killing the underground music hall. Comments (3)
Ups & Downs: A look at the stories behind the stories at the ballpark in Coney Island. Comments (3)

Man oh man, Cyclones lose again!

The Ride: Let’s face it. The Cyclones are not having a good season. Comment
Fort Greene: No one was injured and all pets are safe after an electical fire sparked two explosions in Fort Greene. Comment
Event: Six, brave short-membered men defied a culture that says bigger is better, and showed off their small schmeckles in the first “Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant”. Comments (14)

Death of recent saplings doesn’t stop Parks from planting more

Sheepshead Bay: The Parks Department is sentencing countless innocent saplings to death. Comment
Event: A fleet of remote-controlled, camera-equipped miniature boats got up close and personal with the toxic Gowanus Canal during the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance’s annual City of Water Day celebration on Saturday. No bodies were found. Comments (10)
Photo Galleries: A hapless owner’s vain attempts to coo down his three-month-old tropical bird from 18 hours in a tree Saturday evening ended with a call to the New York’s Bravest, who valiantly retrieved the colorful fowl the next day. Comments (3)

G, that’s great! Brooklyn Local to get faster

Save the G: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced Monday that it has come up with the $700,000 needed to increase G train service on weekday afternoons and evenings. Comments (2)
Event: The Aviator Sports and Events Center played host to the first-ever NYC Tomato Battle on Saturday, where dozens of paying contestants drove from far and wide to pummel each other with ripe, red missiles plucked from a massive stockpile of tomatoes. Comment

Cops hunt man who stole cash and booze from former bosses at Columbia Street eatery

Columbia St Waterfront: Cops are on the hunt for an ex-employee of a Columbia Street Italian restaurant who broke into the eatery and looted a sum of cash and a bottle of tequila earlier this month. Comment

Cyclones drop another, 2–0

The Ride: Jared King had the only two hits of the game for the Cyclones and the Batavia pitchers constantly frustrated the home team to record the 2–0 shutout at MCU Park. Comment

Nazareth hoops duo picks Manhattan College

High School Sports: Samson Usilo’s college choice was made a lot easier by Nazareth teammate Samson Akilo. Comment

State approves closure plan, hospital says judge’s order to keep it open will be ignored

The state Department of Health on Friday approved the plan to close the 155-year-old Cobble Hill institution — concluding a long battle by the state to close the institution for good — and hospital officials say a judge’s temporary restraining order demanding the hospital stay open will be ignored. Comments (13)
Cobble Hill: A beloved Cobble Hill grocery store being forced out its storefront to make way for global clothing retailer J. Crew won’t go down without a fight. Comments (31)

Sandy may have created air pockets under streets, buildings

Development: Retreating floodwaters from superstorm Sandy created underground air pockets just waiting to become sinkholes beneath streets, buildings and backyards across Southern Brooklyn, and most people aren’t aware of the danger under their feet, say local architects and companies specializing in subterranean scans. Comments (2)
Nets: The Barclays’ lack of banners will take some getting use to, but Paul Pierce has made it his mission to make sure the Nets have more banners by the time he leaves. Comment

Concepcion’s single wins it for Clones

The Ride: Julio Concepcion’s RBI single with the bases loaded in the 10th to let Justin “The Machine” Turner score the walk-off run at MCU Park. Comment

Cymbrowitz gets state, city to halt construction of drug treatment center

Health: Construction on a Sheepshead Bay substance-abuse treatment center was halted after Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz and Community Board 15 chairwoman Theresa Scavo took state officials to task for approving the rehab facility to locate in an apartment building on E. 21st Street filled with children. Comment

Stan gets all Larry King on you

It’s Only My Opinion: To the readers who enjoy the many thoughts that are scribbled on those tiny scraps of paper I find when I empty the pockets of my shirts and trousers — these are for you. Comment

Carmines forgets to throw out the first pitch — again!

Sunday Screech: The Screecher can’t wait to get to MCU Park for his yearly honor, but he once again gets carried away with the food to do his duty. Comments (9)

Three runs in first enough for Clones

The Ride: The Brooklyn Boys of Summer scored three first inning runs and the pitchers earned their payday as the Cyclones cruised to their third shutout of the year over one of the league’s hottest teams. Comment

Mahoning Valley nips Clones

The Ride: Mahoning Valley’s Martin Cervenka hit a two-run double to left field in the seventh inning and the Cyclones came up just short in losing a second straight game to the Scrappers. Comment

State approves LICH closure

Cobble Hill: The State Department of Health today approved key parts of the plan to close Long Island College Hospital, marking the beginning of the end of a long battle by the state to shutter the institution for good. Comments (16)

Nurses: LICH will be closed by Sunday

Cobble Hill: Long Island College Hospital will be closed and padlocked by Sunday on orders of state officials who care little for the health and well-being of Brooklynites in the midst of an excruciating heat wave, claim hospital workers. Comments (8)
Greenpoint: Tiny mockingbirds are attacking people walking through Greenpoint’s Transmitter Park during aerial displays that are eerily reminiscent of scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film “The Birds.” Comments (29)

No ‘Kemistry’ — state denies liquor license to controversial nightspot

Dining: The State Liquor Authority shot down a bid for a liquor license from a planned controversial nightspot, called Kemistry Lounge, on Wednesday. Comments (4)
Event: A new weekly greenmarket hosted by the Barclays Center launched Wednesday on the Flatbush Avenue side of the 18,000-seat arena between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street. Comments (32)
Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry are in Brooklyn for only one reason — to bring the Nets a championship. Comments (10)

Clones mediocrity streak continues

The Ride: The last-place team needs to get it together if it wants to move up in the standings, says its manager. Comment
A new city plan will extend wireless Internet service to four parks in southern Brooklyn, but in a far reduced capacity compared to the program rolled out in northern Brooklyn in 2011 Comment

Cyclones score early, hold of Mahoning Valley

The Ride: The Clones finally got a big lead — and held onto it for the win. Comment

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