Zen and the art of flute performance

Music: Get your “om” on! Comments (4)

Ministry of silly dances

Ministry of silly dances

Dance: Sometimes breaking a leg is the best way to tickle your funny bone. Comment
Art: Feel free to touch the art in this walking tour led by an ex-graffiti artist who is treating the streets of North Brooklyn much the same way vandals do — like an art gallery. Comments (4)
Music: The night before April 20 is a celebration all on its own. Comments (2)

The Big Screecher almost drowned in the shower

Sunday Screech: Last week’s screech was almost Carmine’s last — find out how he escaped death in Atlantic City. Comments (10)

Thanks — and no thanks - Shavana

Letters: Readers take on the important issues of the day — on the best letters’ page around! Comment

The Big Screecher survives a shower of terror

Big Screecher: I’m madder than a Titanic survivor who choked on an ice cube and fell in a puddle, where he was promptly struck by lightning and bit by a malarial mosquito over the fact that water safety just isn’t a priority at some hotel bathrooms in this country. Comment

Caesar on the move

Theater: When in Africa, do as the Romans did — kill Caesar. Comments (2)
Bay Ridge: Getting to Staten Island won’t require as many wheels as it used to if a group of cycling advocates gets its way. Comments (62)

Di Fara’s full menu returns

Di Fara’s full menu will return after a decade-long hiatus. Comments (3)

Pedestrian killed on Flatbush Avenue

Mean Streets: A tractor trailer struck and killed a pedestrian on Flatbush Avenue in front of the Barclays Center on Wednesday, police said. Comments (24)
Bar Scrawl: The Brooklyn Paper’s drinking illustrator shares his thoughts on a 125-year-old Berry Street watering hole that has been in Williamburg since before it was cool. Comments (7)

Noodles in the sky

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Lunch can be an exercise in carb-dodging and the healthy option, like a salad, pales in comparison to the satisfying option: a steaming bowl of noodles. Comments (5)

Jwoww, the Housewives, and DA Hynes? It’s time for a reality check!

A Britisher’s View: Brooklyn’s top crimefighter lost the case for sanity when he agreed to star in a reality TV show about the district attorney’s office, according to our columnist. Comment

Night cap! Bushwick mulls midnight last call on Sundays

Bushwick: Last call might come early in Bushwick. Comments (13)
Rule-breaking dog owners who let their canines on Prospect Park’s horse trail put both human and animal lives in jeopardy, equestrians claim. Comments (29)

Seashore comes to Atlantic

Seashore comes to Atlantic

The dim tunnels of the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station and the enticing lights of Coney Island can seem worlds apart at times — but a new art installation from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is bringing them closer together than ever. Comments (3)

How kids made parents my pals

The Dad: This week, the Dad realizes that his children dictate his friends. Comment
Page 1: There’s nothing like those first days of news season, when reporters come back from their long break eager to write and thrilled to make the first pitch to their editor. As a fan, it’s the best time of the year to sit back and take in the beautiful practice of community journalism: the double-truck headers, the wordplay waiting on deck headlines, and the speed and efficiency of a great lede-off to a story. Reading The Brooklyn Paper is the borough’s pastime, because it always keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

Cramping their style

Cramping their style

Music: It takes a fan to start a fire. Comment

Priest laid to rest under cloud

Marine Park: His body has been buried, but his legacy has not. Comment

Poly’s Zapata acing leadership test

Joe Knows: It is easy to understand why Poly Prep’s Andrew Zapata is the city’s most dominant baseball pitcher without even watching him throw the ball. Comment

Brooklyn legal eagle joins NYPD charity

Standing O: Brooklyn lawyer joins the board of New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund. Comment

Locals still fighting ‘monstrous’ synagogue expansion

Marine Park: Grass-roots opposition to the dramatic expansion of a Nostrand Avenue synagogue remains sharp, despite a recent vote by Community Board 18 to recommend that the Board of Standards and Appeals approve the Jewish center’s super-sized plans. Comment

Month in Review: The stories that shaped March

Perspective: We look back at the month that was. Comment

Mirror, mirror, off the wall

Bay Ridge: The Bay Ridge Manor took a good look at itself — and decided to throw out its mirrors! Comment

How the Nets can beat the Heat

There’s no place like homecourt

Front Court: The Nets appear destined for a fourth-place finish in the East, a first-round matchup against either the Hawks or the Bulls, and, if all goes well, a second-round against the formidable Heat. Don’t give up hope yet — the Nets have a chance of making it past Miami. Comment

To win, the Nets must lose — intentionally

Back Court: This season has borne out a hard truth about the Nets: they simply can’t compete with the Heat. So as the playoffs near, Brooklyn must to do whatever it takes to avoid playing Miami for as long as possible. Comments (1)
Red Hook: Manhattan cyclist Neil Bezdek rolled his way to victory Saturday night in the first leg of the Red Hook Criterium — a four-part international cycling series that began as a Brooklyn street race. Comment

Cyclones honor Ebbets Field with 1913 ticket prices

A century later, and Brooklyn’s still swinging! Comment

Can women priests be far behind?

Not for Nuthin’: Holy smokes Not for Nuthin’ takes on the Holy See Comment
Carroll Gardens: A Carroll Gardens sidewalk is fully walk-able once again after workers hauled away the remains of a massive Hurricane Sandy-toppled tree last Friday. Comment
BoroBeat: Thousands of tots came out for the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Shore Road Park! Comment
High School Sports: No matter whom you talk to from the Poly Prep baseball team, his assessment is the same: this is a club based on pitching — deep, talented pitching. Comment

New coach to lead inexperienced Xaverian baseball team

High School Sports: A lot has changed for Xaverian’ baseball team in a short time. Comment

LICH activists sue the state, again

Cobble Hill: The angry health care workers of Long Island College Hospital are suing the state for a second time, now claiming that the Department of Health — which gets the final say on whether or not to kill the 155-year-old Cobble Hill medical center — has an unconstitutional amount of power in the closure of hospitals. Comments (9)

On the beaten path: Park trails are walkways to the danger zone

Meadows of Shame: A walk in Fort Greene Park is anything but a walk in the park. Comments (4)

Game on!

Bay Ridge: The next phase of intergalactic conquest and post-apocalyptic adventure will be brewing right here in Kings County with New York University introducing a slew of new programs dedicated to developing the video games of the future as the univeristy consolidates of all its digital media degrees under one roof at Metro Tech Center in Downtown Brooklyn. Comment

Game on!

Downtown: The next phase of intergalactic conquest and post-apocalyptic adventure will be brewing right here in Kings County with New York University introducing a slew of new programs dedicated to developing the video games of the future as the univeristy consolidates of all its digital media degrees under one roof at Metro Tech Center in Downtown Brooklyn. Comments (2)

On the hunt — for eggs!

Marine Park: It’s hunting season in Brooklyn. Comment

Another pedestrian hit in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge: A car struck a woman as she crossed Fourth Avenue near the corner of 86th Street on April 1 — the latest in a series of collisions in accident-plagued Bay Ridge, and on a thoroughfare the city has targeted for a controversial overhaul. Comments (32)

Williamsburg native leads Louisville to Final Four

Williamsburg’s Russ Smith will have a lot on his mind when hits the court for the Final Four this weekend, after mourning the death of his high school coach and watching his teammate suffer a horrifying injury. Comment

All-Brooklyn girls basketball honors

High School Sports: Brooklyn produced plenty of Division-I players and champions this season. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: The city is cobbling together a plan to replace the historic-but-crumbling bluestone plaza in front of Borough Hall with sturdier granite blocks. Comments (12)

Park vs. parking: Plan to expand McCarren isn’t getting a greenlight from drivers

Williamsburg: Would you rather have an open space or a parking space? Comments (47)

New chapter: Red Hook library turns the page on Hurricane Sandy

Red Hook: Don’t close the book on the Red Hook branch library. Comments (1)

Bath Beachers: Gird us against another storm surge

Bensonhurst: Residents of Bensonhurst and Bath Beach, and their local leaders, say it’s high time they get their own sea wall before the next major storm brings another high tide over the Belt Parkway. Comment
Mill Basin: Seats for straphangers are coming to Mill Basin — but will vandals use them more? Comment

One-man show honors Jewish Nazi hunter

It’s Only My Opinion: An award-winning stage portrayal of Simon Wiesenthal informs, moves, and reminds. Comment

Plumb Beach to shut for repairs

Sheepshead Bay: The US Army is invading Plumb Beach this summer — to make the world safe for the Belt Parkway. Comment

Screecher preaches about teacher’s sweetness

Big Screecher: I’m madder than I was back in high school when the Brooklyn Tech yearbook club failed to name the then Young Screecher “most likely to Screech” about the way people forget how education shaped their minds and the minds of tomorrow. Comment

Roll N out

Sheepshead Bay: As many as 100 Con Edison customers in Sheepshead Bay were left without power Friday after four sections of overhead power lines were damaged in a fire near the Emmons Avenue Roll N Roaster restaurant, which was forced to evacuate. Comment

Bar back: Greenpoint’s Coco66 reopens after NYPD raid

Nightlife: The Greenpoint bar Coco66 has reopened nearly two years after cops conducted a disputed liquor license bust and poured out nearly $8,000 of booze in a Prohibition–style raid. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Here’s the first plot twist in the proposed sale and redevelopment of the Brooklyn Heights branch library. Comments (14)

New bid to save W’burg’s Swingin’ Sixties Senior Center

Williamsburg: North Brooklyn activists hope to buy Williamsburg’s Swingin’ Sixties Senior Center in an attempt keep the under-funded community facility open. Comments (12)
Red Hook: A Brooklyn bike race will expand into an multinational cycling series — proving once again that the borough leads the pack when it comes to two-wheel culture. Comments (8)

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